Lactating Lesbian Lady

byTawny T©

When she came back I had taken my panties off and lay thighs spread, my fingers playing with my pussy, pulling my lips wide. She grinned and shed her clothes in record time and slipped into bed with me. We kissed passionately, and I told her to turn around. She turned and we moved into a 69. I had gotten Jim to try this a couple of times, but he was always finding excuses to end it and just fuck me.

"Teach me how to make love to you Rosita!" I begged her softly. She moved, turned and came back up to kiss me. I was somewhat surprised at her movements.

"Senora, must learn to take the time to make love. Not to rush the wonderful feelings of making love to a woman. Kiss, Rosita's face, neck, and ears slowly and passionately before moving to the breasts. " She said smiling at me. Her brown eyes almost sparkled and I felt myself drawn into their depths.

I did as she asked, kissing her face, eyes, neck and ears, places I wished Jim would kiss when we made love. I kissed lower coming to her beautiful breasts licking and sucking her nipples.

She pushed me away for a moment, turned, lay back and motioned me to begin kissing her again. This time we were turned. I got above her and smiled down at her as my breasts, still full and swollen hung above her mouth. I leaned down and sucked and licked her nipples, licked her hot flesh as she went from one breast to the other sucking my milk from my swollen breasts. It was so erotic and exciting to be kissing her breasts while she suckled mine and drank from them. My pussy was on fire. She sucked the last of my milk from my breasts and by a gentle pressure indicated that I should move downward. I laved her stomach smelling her wonderful pussy so near, it's excited scent, along with the odor of her exotic perfume filling my nostrils.

She was kissing me all the time and by her little nudges, told me where she wanted my lips and tongue to move. I bypassed her pussy and kissed her thighs, lapping her sensitive skin while she did the same to me. Finally she spread her thighs wide for me and I looked again at the dark petals of her womanly flower. Again I marveled at how perfectly lovely it was. Deep pink, almost red, and at the center, was her vaginal opening, puckered and almost pouting. I spread my thighs wider for her as she stroked them, pushing gently for me to open them wider for her.

Her vagina beckoned me and I kissed her wet intimate flesh lightly and heard her gasp. I sucked gently and her juices slid deliciously into my yearning mouth. I kissed it over and over sucking harder with each kiss. Then I slid my tongue out and into her center, probing her, plumbing the very core of her femininity. She cried out, her voice muffled by my body.

Then it was my turn to cry out as her lips covered my center and she sucked on me. Her hot long tongue slowly slid it into me, parting my flesh wiggling inside me. I pushed my face down hard, almost trying to burrow into her center. Her hot thighs and flesh surrounded me and the scent of her excitement seemed to fill my while body till I thought I would burst from the sensual overload. I pressed against her body and felt hot liquid from my breasts run down between us.

I looked at her sex, and saw it red and open before my eyes, then looked at her brown anus, a lovely rosette. I put a finger into her slick pussy, wetting it and slid it slowly and carefully inside her ass. She cried out and her hips thrust against my face. I watched as my finger slid into her back passage, till my finger was swallowed completely by her bowels.

Rosita moved her lips slightly and I cried out as her lips sucked on my swollen clit and she slid two fingers up inside my aching wet pussy. She seemed so knowing, as if she could read my mind, wanted her fingers deep inside me, deeper than her tongue could possibly reach. Her fingers slid deep inside me, curved and found my g-spot. I cried out as her fingers pressed against it, kneading the small spot, pressing against it. She was the first person who had ever touched it except for me when I had masturbated. I felt so wonderful to have her press against it and it gave me a feeling like no other. Her lips sucked my clit pulsing with her suction in and out, over and over. Her fingers kept up their rubbing on my g-spot. It felt so wonderful and added with the suction on my clit made me gasp with excitement and my body became almost explosive.

I sucked her delicious pussy and slid my finger in and out of her lovely ass. She moaned and cried out as I moved my head just a little and found her large firm clit and began to suck and tongue it the way she had done mine earlier. I simply could not get enough of her delicious pussy or making love to her wondrous sex.

I felt her fingers move out of my pussy and I cried out against her sex as her talented slick fingers played over my throbbing clit, her mouth covered my pussy, and her tongue slid into me. She sucked my opening hard, as her fingers danced a magic spell over my clit. I screamed out as I climaxed. My body seemed to turn inside out against her sucking mouth and her tongue sliding in and out of my pussy. What I did not know, until later, was that she had anticipated my climax and moved her mouth over my core. Her fingers inside me, rubbing my g-spot had made me climax like I had never done in my life and my juices gushed out and into her eager mouth. She told me she could feel the juices pulse out and into her waiting mouth.

I screamed out my pleasure against her wet flesh over and over as I seemed to explode again and again. I shook and twisted, my face against her wet pussy. Finally I came down, and lay panting, till I regained my senses and devoured her sweet sex with a renewed vigor. My finger slid inside her ass and I sucked her clit and moved my other hand to her pussy and slid two fingers inside her. I sucked her clit, tongued it and finger fucked her with both hands as fast as I possibly could.

Rosita screamed against me and climaxed, her body bucking under me as she came. I sucked her clit and tongued it as the dark-haired beauty came under me. I held on as best I could as her body writhed and her hips thrust against my head. I felt her nails dig into my ass as she held onto me in the throes of passion. Her juices flowed out around my pumping fingers and the squishing sounds filled the room punctuated by her cries of ecstasy. Her climax seemed to go on and on, much to my delirious delight. I was making her scream with passion - me, who my husband had spurned as a lover. I moaned my own pleasure against her pussy as I tried to make this wonderful woman escape the world through the pleasure I was bestowing upon her. Her pussy muscles clamped down on my fingers, as did her rectum as she came again and again. No one can climax forever, and finally she pushed her hand down between my face and her pussy to stop my eager mouth. I kissed her thighs and then we fell apart.

I turned around in the bed and pulled her to me, holding her. She lay panting for a while then turned her head and we kissed softly and gently. Our bodies moved closer and I felt wetness against my stomach. I pulled back a little and laughed. In the throes of passion, we had pushed our bodies so tightly that my breasts, though she had almost emptied them, had expelled milk all over her stomach. She laughed and leaned over and lapped at my wet flesh, licking my milk off of my stomach. She went back and sucked my breasts again, going from one to the other till she had emptied them completely. She came up to kiss me and when she did, her tongue slid into my mouth and she expelled some of my own milk into my mouth. We let it slide from mouth to mouth back and forth till we swallowed it finally. The feeling of intimacy and love for her was so intense that I had never felt anything like it for anyone in my life, my husband included. I began to cry I was so happy.

It took a while before I could relay to her the feeling and intense love I felt for her, and that my tears were not of sorrow, but of love, joy, and happiness. Then tears of joy slid down her cheeks too, and we lay kissing and whispering terms of endearment to each other. We lay together for a long while till we finally heard cooing noises from the nursery over the monitor beside the bed. We laughed and said it was a good thing that the noises only traveled from the nursery to the bedroom instead of the other way around. I looked into the nursery, put Jimmy's pacifier in his mouth and checked his diaper.

I went back to the bedroom and Rosita had already stripped the bed. I took her by the hand and pulled her into the bathroom and we took a quick shower together. I loved the way her slick body pressed against mine and we washed each other quickly and then got dressed again.

I made a quick decision and called a good friend of mine and asked her if she could take care of little Jimmy that evening. She agreed quickly as she loves him, and had begged me to let her keep him any time I needed her. She knew nothing of the trouble I'd been having with Jim.

Later that evening I took Jimmy to my friend's house and dropped him off. I went in quickly and returned to the car before she could ask any questions except to tell her what time I would pick Jimmy up. I slipped back into the car with Rosita beside me. She looked absolutely magnificent. We had dressed simply but elegantly for the evening. I was taking her to dinner and dancing. We had both put on our best evening clothes, and I had lent her some of my jewelry that suited her darker complexion. We had piled her long black hair up in a very flattering and elegant hairdo. I wore a simple low cut dress that showed off my bosom and a simple pearl necklace. I knew her dark beauty would turn heads wherever we went. I pulled into the parking lot of a small but elegant club I had only heard of. We went in and Rosita's eyes went wide when she saw that there were only women in the club. All were dressed well, and obviously of means. No bull dykes allowed here. Looking around, I actually knew some of the women there and they seemed startled to see me there with another woman, and one so obviously exotic and beautiful as Rosita. She was a raven-haired temptress tonight. She turned heads as we came in, as did I with my full breasts displayed tastefully. I loved the stir of attention we caused. A beautiful young lady whose breasts were scarcely covered by her top seated us. When she bent over to hand us our menus, we could see the jutting tips of her nipples as her low cut top bowed away from her body. Her eyes looked us both over and she smiled her approval. We ordered drinks. I pulled Rosita close to me and put my arm around her waist. She smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek.

One of my acquaintances came over with her lady friend and said 'hello.' She seemed very interested in my dark exotic companion. I just introduced Rosita as a "very good friend," and let her wonder where I had acquired such a stunningly beautiful Latin lover. They drifted away as our drinks arrived and we sat sipping them and talking, holding hands above the table. Slow music started and I asked Rosita to dance with me. I took her onto the dance floor and pulled her close to me and led her around the room. It was a little strange for both of us at first, but we quickly adjusted and our bodies melted together and I found she was a very good dancer.

We returned to our table and sat close, hands moving under the table caressing and growing bolder in the dim club light. Several drinks later we were almost lost in each other, our hands had reached high to press against thinly clad pussies exciting us both. Finally, I could stand it no longer and pulled her to her feet and toward the ladies room. Once inside we came together passionately and I dropped to my knees and pulled her dress upward, slid under it, and literally attacked her. I slipped her panties to one side, too much in a hurry to pull them down. I pushed her back against the counter and slid my tongue into her steamy pussy. She gasped and cried out as I devoured her pussy.

I dimly heard the door open and could have cared less, as her dress covering my head. Her pussy was dripping and her excitement was evident as she thrust her hips forward and spread her thighs for me. I sucked her clit and thrust two fingers up inside her fucking her with a vengeance till she screamed her ecstasy and came. Her juices flowed out into my mouth and I sucked them up with relish. After only one climax she pushed my head away and I pulled her dress off of my head.

When I stood up, two of the women I knew were standing there watching us. Mavis, a judge's wife stood behind Bea, a doctor's wife holding her close, her hands covering Bea's breasts, and pressing her hips against Bea's hips as if fucking her. Their eyes were wide with excitement and lust at finding us making love. I just nodded a silent hello to them and quickly rinsed Rosita's juices off my face while she adjusted her panties, much to the amusement of the two ladies. I winked at them as we moved past them.

We went back and had a couple more drinks. Mavis and Bea came over to our table and Bea asked me to dance and Mavis asked Rosita. Rosita looked at me for guidance and I nodded and gave her a quick kiss on her lovely red lips and told her to enjoy herself. Bea took the lead and guided me around the floor, her body pressed against mine. She couldn't take her eyes off of my breasts, commenting on how much they had developed since I had last seen her. I told her that I was nursing little Jimmy. She had a million questions about that and also about Rosita. I just told her that she was a good friend. The lover part was obvious!

Mavis and Rosita seemed to be having a good time dancing together also. Mavis's hand stayed on Rosita's trim ass holding her close. At the end of the dance we swapped partners and Mavis and I danced together. She complemented me on my choice of a lover and tried to ply me with questions about Rosita. I demurred answering her questions, letting it be a mystery that seemed to consume her. I found that she and Bea had been lovers for a few years without their husbands knowing about it. I didn't volunteer any information, making her more desperate to find out about my relationship with Rosita.

We went back to the table and declined several invitations to dance and slipped onto the floor together just enjoying each other for the rest of the evening. We had a delicious meal and left feeling wonderful. I drove carefully, not wanting a ticket. We picked up Jimmy and decided we had both enjoyed a wonderful evening.

I undressed and fed Jimmy from my full breasts, then put him to bed. Rosita came in and we slipped into bed together. She moved to my aching breasts and drained them slowly, teasing me, and fingering my pussy that was drenched from the evening of teasing. I came explosively once as she sucked my breasts slowly, kneading them sensuously while she fingered my swollen clit, taking the edge off of my passion. My breasts now empty, she moved down to suck my pussy, slipping her fingers deep inside me and finger fucking me to another explosive climax that ended a wonderful day and erotic evening with my wonderful lover. I smiled as she cuddled against my back later, her warm wonderful naked body spoon fashioned against me, her hand lightly cupping my breast.

We ate breakfast together wonderfully nude. I loved seeing her naked in the kitchen and she felt the same way about me. I fed jimmy and again after I had finished with him, my breasts were still heavy with milk. Rosita came and delightfully milked them with her sweet lips. I had almost become addicted to her wonderful lips wrapped around my hard nipples and the wonderful feel of her sucking the milk from them as we caressed.

It excited us both and we turned and slid into a fantastic 69 and were deep into making love when I heard a gasp from the doorway. I looked up from beneath Rosita's thighs and saw Jim standing in the doorway watching us. His eyes were wide. He didn't move away but stood there. I put my head back down and returned my attentions to Rosita's delicious and very wet pussy. Knowing Jim was there made it all the more exciting and erotic. I raised me head slightly several times to find him still there. Now I could see a bulge in his trousers and knew he was becoming excited from watching.

I moved Rosita's thighs slightly, spreading them so he could see her beautiful pussy, and my tongue slipping deep inside her, my lips sucking her red center. I slid one then two fingers deep inside her and moved my lips up to suck her firm clit. My fingers disappeared inside her, thrusting deep inside her. The little liquid sounds of our lovemaking were evident to him. I found Rosita's g-spot and kneaded it firmly as she had taught me over the last few days. I concentrated on bringing her to an explosive climax and when her moans and cries reached a fever pitch, pulled my fingers from her pussy and slid one slick finger deep inside her beautiful anus. My lips sucked hard on her clit and my tongue rapidly moved over here hard nub till she screamed against my pussy and came.

Her open pussy exploded and a jet of her abundant juices shot out. I let it squirt out this time for Jim's benefit and heard him groan. I looked over and he had his cock out, his hand flying up and down it's length and as Rosita climaxed and her juices shot out, he followed a moment later and his thick cum jetted out to fall on the carpet. I put my face back against her pussy and sucked her pussy till she exploded again, this time I caught her juices in my mouth and drank the sweet salty nectar from her depths.

She lay limp for several minutes catching her breath and then her lips and fantastic tongue worked their magic on my pussy till I exploded and screamed her name out, over and over. When I finally regained my strength minutes late and looked, the doorway was empty, Jim was gone. Rosita had never realized he was there watching us.

"Well, good!" I thought. Now he knows his wife is a real sexual being and can have an explosive climax as well as bring another woman to a screaming climax also. I didn't mention his being there to Rosita and after she had left the room, took a wet washrag and cleaned Jim's cum up off the rug.

That evening I got a call from Walter, Jim's psychologist buddy and counselor. He and Jim wanted to meet me for dinner at a quiet restaurant. I agreed hedging just a little so as not to seem too eager. I dressed elegantly but sexy too. I wanted Jim and Walter to know that I was still a desirable woman. I wore a dark colored shift with a low cut top that accentuated my bosom and showed a lot of cleavage. A single strand of pearls and pearl earrings set off the dress. My wedding ring and one simple cocktail ring were my only other ornaments. Simple and sexy!

The table Walt had chosen was in the corner, away from others. I gave Jim a quick kiss on his lips and one on Walt's cheek. Both men had a hard time keeping their eyes off of my creamy, well-displayed bosom. We had drinks and then a wonderful seafood dinner. The lobsters were superb. After we had finished Walt told me that he and Jim had been having long talks about our marriage and he had helped Jim get over his aversion to sex after the baby. He explained the reasoning behind it and I had heard bits of it before. The baby was almost like a rival and he had trouble reconciling that it had come from the place he loved to make love to. There was more, but that was the gist of the explanation.

Jim had been very quiet during the dinner and I knew that seeing Rosita and I making love had both excited him, and probably disturbed him also. Finally he opened up. "Honey, I'm sorry, I was a fool. I should have seen Walt when I first had an aversion to making love to you. I was all mixed up and I hope you can forgive me. Today when I walked in and saw you and Rosita were making love, it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I don't know if you knew it, but I got off watching you two. Walt and I also discussed that too.

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