tagLoving WivesLadies Book Club Ch. 01

Ladies Book Club Ch. 01


Comment from the author.

Of all the brain dead people that make negative inane comments, most of those comments don't seem to fit the story, one of my stories, they mentioned something about a western. What? Sorry anonymous, seems you can't read and I doubt that you can write. They won't give a name, so I suppose that they don't want anyone to comment on their crappy stories, if they even submitted any. Maybe they don't realize that most of these stories are fiction for the reading enjoyment of erotica. I do cherish the constructive criticism many give on my stories, thank you.


My mind reeled as I tried to reason how I got into such a mess. My life was crashing down around me and the man that I love and has been my husband for over fifteen years is rejecting me in a vile and unspeakable way.

I am Alice and my husband is Bill. We are both in our mid forties and met in our senior year of college. We married a year after graduation and set out to have a wonderful and loving relationship. Everything about our lives together was perfect, both with good jobs, a fabulous home and no monetary troubles. Our sexual relationship was fantastic with at least two or three love making sessions each week, usually twice he would fill me with sperm, causing my super orgasms each time. We had what I could call a perfect marriage. Since we both worked, we shared work around the house. Everything we did was for each other. We were on cloud nine when the rumor was out that Bill was due for a large promotion. We had planned that when he was in the Vice President position, we were going to begin to enlarge our family with me stopping taking birth control pills.

Happy as a lark and with such a beautiful day, I decided to spend my lunch hour at the park close to work. I sat on a bench along the path and began reading my book. I was startled when I heard, "Excuse me, I've run five miles and would like to sit and share the bench if you don't mind."

I looked up and saw a very handsome black man, sweat on his brow, his jersey was soaked and he was wearing tight stretch nylon running shorts. My eyes became riveted on a bulging outline of his cock. I'm sure my eyes were wide and my mouth began to water as I estimated that monster cock was about nine or ten inches long and about two inches in diameter. It ran from his crotch down one leg of his shorts. Now, my husband is no slouch in the cock department, about eight inches long and about an inch and a half in diameter. I never had any complaints of my husbands' size. This cock seemed to draw my attention and my pussy was beginning to excrete vaginal juices for lubrication.

My face was ashen looking at his cock and then turned bright red when I looked up and he was smiling from catching me ogling over his cock.

I choked a bit and said, "I'm sorry, did you say something?"

He chuckled and said, "I was asking if I could share the bench with you. I am a bit tired from running five miles and would like to rest a bit."

I moved to the end of the bench and said, "I'm so sorry, I was wrapped up in my book. Of course you can sit." He then sat, but at an angle with his legs toward me. It was if he wanted me to continue looking at his cock outline.

"I'm Alice, I work a block away and wanted to enjoy the beautiful day on my lunch hour."

"I'm glad to meet you Alice. I am Jerome and new in town. My brother, Sam, and I moved here a week ago. We are both in sales, but Sam has a region where he has to travel. I am the lucky one to stay here in town." Jerome said that he was out of shape and usually five miles was an easy run. We chatted about things in general. He and his brother were buying a house. He was very easy to talk to and was intelligent in many subjects. Not only was his cock beautiful, but his personality was too.

Right then, the church bell chimed one and I had to get back to work. I said, "It was really nice to meet you Jerome. I have to get back to work, but we might chat again some time." Reluctantly I got up and headed down the path toward work.

My pussy and mind were running wild. I must have looked a sight wearing only a sun dress with no cleavage showing. But without a bra, my breasts were standing out from the stimulation and my nipples were poking like pencil erasers against the flimsy dress. I then realized that I saw him looking at my nipples quite often. I became more excited and quickened my pace to get to the restroom and wipe my pussy dry before work.

I returned to the same bench the next day on my lunch hour, but Jerome did not show up. I was disappointed as I purposely wore a blouse with a low cut front showing a lot of cleavage. No bra again and if I twisted quick one way or the other, my breasts would be out for the whole world to see. My mini skirt was very short and showed a lot of my shapely legs. If I stooped a bit, my panties would show. I just wished that I wasn't overweight, maybe about ten pounds. Maybe he didn't return today because he would rather chat with a thinner woman.

When I returned to work, I was in a bitter mood. When I got home to Bill, I was still in a bitter mood until he pulled me close to where I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. He nuzzled my neck and said he loved me more each day. We had a nice dinner and Bill helped with the dishes. Bill poured some wine for us and we went into the den to relax. He was intent in watching the news, but I was preoccupied with the thought of the outlined impression of a big black cock.

I rationalized that the love that Bill and I had for each other was solid and our sexual relations were based on love. If, on the other hand, I satisfied my aching desire to feel a big black cock deep in my pussy, it would only be lust. Being that there was no love involved, then I would not be cheating on my husband. I let this thought run in my mind. The more I thought about that reasoning, I also told myself that it would only be once to satisfy my curiosity, no harm done. What's wrong with me, I thought. It would be cheating, it would be wrong. I just couldn't have sex behind Bill's back, it would be wrong.

Bill and I had exceptional sex that night. My orgasms were strong and my mind kept thinking as his cock pulsed in my pussy as he spewed his cum deep in to my womb, it was Jerome in my mind and not Bill filling me. My mind began to picture Jerome and the feeling of his cock pulsing against the walls of my vagina and pushing hard against my cervix. I then shuddered to another climax as I visioned his seed being pumped deep in my womb. What is wrong with me? Why am I thinking this way?

I went to work, again dressed seductively with the intent to have my lunch break in the park again. I wanted to see the outline of his cock again. I was beginning to obsess over his cock and the feeling it would bring to my pussy. My mind went back to the old 'love vs. lust' reasoning. I again rationalized that being fucked by Jerome, was just lust and did not involve love. After all, it was only once and Bill did not have to know. I loved Bill and the way he makes love to me, he was the love of my life and I would not be cheating. My marriage vows would be intact and our love for each other was still strong.

Jerome did show up. My pussy began to juice up as Jerome was wearing his running shorts again. The vision of his cock outlined deepened my desire to have that cock deep in my pussy. Jerome and I walked through the grass field and as we reached a stand of trees, he took my hand as we walked deeper into the woods. He then stopped and turned me toward him and held me tight. I felt his cock against my thigh. I twisted so my pussy mound was against that beautiful cock. He ground hard and rubbed his cock back and forth against my pussy. He tilted his head down. I knew he was going to kiss me and I just opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to enter my mouth in a very passionate kiss.

He then nuzzled his lips on my neck. His lips and tongue licking and nibbling my neck, then up to my ear lobe where he sucked my lobe and then said, "I want to feel my cock inside you."

My knees weakened and he held me tight. I said, "I want that too." What was I thinking, why did I say that? I couldn't believe it, I only met him, I didn't know him and here I was telling him I wanted him to fuck me..

Just then the church bell rang one and I had to return to work.

Jerome handed me a card and said, "Thursday night, come to dinner. My brother is usually home on Thursdays and I want you to meet him. Come at 7 pm."

As I was walking back to work, his card had his phone number and address. I needed to again dry my pussy before returning to work. My mind told me that I was going to get that cock into me, but how was I going to get out of the house. I had to have an excuse for my husband. All I needed was a couple of hours for dinner and a quick fuck. I was really turned on now. My mind was working on a plan. But my mind kept going back to cheating. This was wrong, wrong, wrong. Then, I had the vision of that big black cock deep in my pussy. Now I was rationalizing again that it was only once and only to satisfy my curiosity, just lust, not love.

Bill and I went to bed after the dishes were done and the house secure. Bill made fabulous love to me, as usual. I had several orgasms and was filled with his sperm. His cock slowly softened and pulled from my pussy. We laid together and I asked him, "What is your fantasy, what do you think when we make love?"

Bill thought a moment and then said, "

Some times I really get turned on thinking of you fucking another man. I don't know why, but I don't seem to get jealous that you are taking another man's cock in your pussy."

I was stroking his cock and asked, "So, how do you picture me if I was being fucked by another man?" When I asked, his cock was hard again, I mean rock hard.

Bill rolled me onto my back, spread my legs and said, "I see him looking at your pussy just like this. He slowly moves up and places his cock at your labia and then slowly enters your pussy. I see you moaning and then telling him to put it all the way in and fuck you hard. I watch you having a strong climax as his cock pushes against your cervix, then you scream with pleasure as his cock swells and pulsates as he pumps his sperm deep into your womb."

All the while Bill is fucking me, he described another man fucking me. I began picturing Jerome's cock fucking against my cervix and then the feeling of his cock juices, black baby sperm pumping deep into my womb. All the time, I am screaming while having the most wonderful orgasm. I was cumming so hard, my legs would spam, my back arching pushing my pussy hard against Bill's groin and my head thrown back in total bliss.

After gaining our composure, Bill asked, "I think you were just thinking about another man. You were living my fantasy as I described it weren't you?"

I then admitted to him, "Yes, I could feel another man's cock deep in my pussy. I feel ashamed, I feel I was cheating on you. I love you so much, I just couldn't cheat."

Bill said, "lf I knew, than it wouldn't be cheating. It would be something I would like to see, to be with you."

I then asked, "Then it would just be lust. Not the love that we have for each other?"

"That's right," Bill said, "we make love. It would just be lust with another man fucking you. It would be such a turn on to see the look of ecstasy on your face when he fills your pussy with cum."

Now I knew it would just be lust, but Bill said, he wanted to know, to be there and see me. How could I tell him that I wanted Jerome's big black cock fucking me? Technically it would be cheating if Bill didn't know, but maybe if I told him after I fucked Jerome, he would overlook that 'little' indiscretion.

I saw Jerome again in the park that next day. I told him that I would find a way to have dinner with him on Thursday. He told me to be ready, he was planning to fuck me. I was still in a quandary about letting Bill know I wanted to fuck another man and would it bother Bill if he knew the man was black. To tell or not to tell, I didn't know what to do.

That night when Bill got home, I told him that I had joined a ladies book club and we would meet Thursday night. He was happy of my interest, but I told him that I would just try this one meeting to see if I wanted to continue. I knew I was only going to let Jerome fuck me once, so one Thursday night was all I needed. My curiosity would be satisfied and it would all be over and done.

Bill fucked me twice that night. He used his fantasy again and he brought me over the top each time. I kept yelling, "YES, FUCKER, FUCK ME FOR MY HUSBAND. FUCK ME DEEP, FILL ME WITH CUM SO MY HUSBAND CAN SEE." All the time, I was picturing Jerome's cock plunging deep into me and pumping his seed into my womb.

Thursday night arrived. I was dressed in a white button front blouse and navy blue mini-skirt, nylons and 3 inch heels. Sexy, but not overboard for Bill to question. Of course, Bill wouldn't know I was not wearing panties or a bra.

Bill came in from work and I asked him if he could make his own supper as I was running late and would grab something on the way. Bill was in a great mood, hugged me and gave me a deep loving kiss. He walked me to the front door as he said he could make his own dinner. We kissed again and I told Bill that I loved him and turned and exited toward my car. I was hoping he wouldn't notice that my legs were wobbling as I nervously walked away.

I was standing at the door to Jerome's house. I could feel my vaginal juices beginning to slip down my thighs. Just as I was beginning to press the door bell, I panicked as I remembered that Jerome said that his brother, Sam, was home on Thursday nights.

When I went with Jerome to his bedroom, where was Sam going to be? Oh, my God, would Sam know Jerome and I were going to have sex? The bell rang without me realizing I pressed it.

The door opened and my mouth began to water seeing Jerome. He was wearing a cotton polo shirt and baggy shorts. He immediately pulled me to him and gave me a hug and then his lips merged with mine. It was a very passionate kiss. I felt his cock hardening just above my pussy. I raised up on my tip toes and made my pussy mound contact his cock.

We remained in that hold for a few minutes before he broke away and led me into the living room. I saw another black man rise from an easy chair as Jerome introduced me to his brother Sam. Sam took my hand and led me to the couch where he allowed me to sit. San returned to his chair and I noticed that Jerome's cock was rock hard and was obvious under his baggy shorts. He was smiling when my eyes finally looked up to meet his eyes.

Jerome excused himself to look in on dinner and was going to get me a glass of wine. I started a conversation with his brother, Sam. Sam, like his brother, was well educated and very easy to talk with. He was two years older than Jerome and just as handsome. Sam was wearing sweat pants and shirt making me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Jerome brought the wine to me and we talked of how Jerome met me in the park. We laughed when he said he had to ask me twice if he could share the bench. I turned red and said that I was deeply concentrating on the book I was reading. Jerome chuckled and said, "I don't think it was the book you were concentrating on." He then quickly said, "I believe dinner is ready." He took my hand and led me to the dining room and helped me to a chair.

Dinner was excellent and the wine was becoming intoxicating as I was talking about my life and wonderful husband. I even told them that he was up for a vice president position and we were both excited about the pending promotion.

With dinner finished, I said, "You cooked, so I get to clean the dishes." I got up and began taking the dishes into the kitchen. I scraped the plates and then began to rinse them before placing them in the dishwasher. I was leaning against the counter as I rinsed the plates when Jerome came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I felt his hard cock pushing the back of my skirt up between my legs. I let my legs spread a little and then there was only my skirt and his shorts the only thing between my bare pussy and his cock. His hand reached down my front and under my skirt. His lips were nibbling on my ear when he said, "I see you are ready. No panties."

Jerome turned me around and pulled me close as we began a very passionate kiss. My hands went down and I began to rub his covered cock. Suddenly, I felt my skirt being lifted from behind and then there was a bare cock rubbing against my ass and inching toward my pussy.

Sam and not Jerome, was going to fuck me. Jerome whispered in my ear, "Relax, we are going to teach you how big black cocks feel in married white pussies." As I felt Sam's cock rubbing against my labia, I was like rubber as I collapsed against Jerome and spread my legs wide to welcome Sam's cock.

My pussy had been producing much more vaginal juices since I saw Jerome's hard cock tenting his baggy shorts, so Sam's cock slipped easily into my pussy. I felt the stretching as he was only two inches into me. Jerome then bent me forward toward his exposed cock. His cock was very hard and big, but I took him into my mouth with pleasure. My mind was reeling as I realized that I was going to be fucked by two men, and I was going to let them use my body like a married white slut.

Being bent, Sam was able to easily penetrate my tingling pussy and fill me with his thick and long cock. He then was pushing against my cervix and my vagina began to spasm and I began to moan very loudly. My first orgasm was beginning and I started vacuuming Jerome's cock with excited vigor. Sam then began to fuck in and out of my pussy with deep thrusts as I was allowing Jerome's cock to inch toward my throat.

Suddenly, I pulled away from Jerome's cock, caught fresh air and began screaming as my orgasm hit with mind boggling force. My legs trembled and my ass pushed hard back against Sam's groin and balls. I looked up at Jerome and he was smiling and then said, "Enjoy our big black cocks, slut, you are our married white whore now." I took Jerome's cock back into my mouth. I grabbed his ass and pulled him until his cock fully entered my throat.

I kept fucking Jerome's cock with my throat and pushing hard back against Sam's cock wanting both of their cocks deep inside me. I then felt Sam's cock thrust hard and he held it tight against my cervix as I felt his cock swell larger. Then it began to throb and pulsate as I began to feel his hot seed being pumped deep into my womb. He held tight until Jerome then began to pulsate and pump his cum into my throat toward my stomach.

When their cocks softened a bit, they pulled out and led me to a fully glass enclosed family room where I was laid on my stomach on a small padded leather covered table in the center of the room. The table was at a perfect height where my pussy and mouth were at the right height for a man to stand and fuck either end, mouth or pussy.

Jerome was now rubbing his cock up and down against my labia as Sam was now presenting his cock to my mouth, but just close enough to where just the tip of my tongue could touch the tip of his beautiful mushroomed cock head. Both teased me as I was feeling Sam's cum oozing from my pussy. I was being tormented and began screaming for them to fuck me. Jerome then said, "Tell us what you want? Tell us what you are and who you belong to."


Suddenly Jerome's cock thrust all the way to my cervix pushing me forward. I then felt Sam's cock at my lips. I opened my mouth and took Sam fully to my throat. Both cocks fucked me, Sam and Jerome fucked forward at the same time. My throat and cervix were being pounded at the same time. I was in complete bliss as a shattering orgasm was exploding over and over. I knew I wanted big black cocks, I also knew the book club would continue every Thursday night. I wanted their cocks, I wanted their cum filling me.

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