tagBDSMLadies Tailor Ch. 04

Ladies Tailor Ch. 04


Sonia entered slowly and paused as the door chime sounded on her entry. She admitted to herself that she was a little nervous, even though this was just a tailor's appointment. But she had never been to a tailor's with an appointment before.

This was done by Mrs. Mittal for her. She said this guy was the best. Sonia had heard he was the best from other sources as well and he was the official tailor to most of the elite ladies in the city. She was apprehensive as to how he would look at her, she was just a secretary, not a rich, society wife of a multi-millionaire businessman.

She wouldn't even be here if Mrs. Mittal hadn't given her a dress as a gift for her party and told her specifically to get it done from this guy, her own tailor. She was flattered in a way but also a little ill at ease.

For all the fame Raj had as a tailor of the rich and famous, she had heard some wild rumours about him that made her a little guarded in her approach, she didn't know if they were true or not but well, where there's smoke...

She found herself in a big, well-lit reception area with no people in it. As she stood there undecided and wondering if anybody had really heard the door chime, she looked around and started to examine the art on the walls..

"Hi, can I help you?", the voice spoke behind her and made her jump. She turned abruptly to face Raj.

"Oh, hi!" she recovered quickly from the surprise, "I am here to see Mr. Raj. I have an appointment."

He smiled and she felt an immediate lessening of the tension in her gut, "Oh, you are Sonia. I know you. We met at the Mittal mansion."

She smiled with relief, "Yes. Exactly. I am here about the dress."

"Yes, of course. Please come with me."

He led her into a small room that looked like it was made for consultations with esteemed clients. There was a bright yellow sofa set with a red coffee table and a long orange side table along one wall with various drink implements on it. He sat her down on a sofa and sat opposite her.

Sonia started talking about the dress again but he stopped her with an upraised hand. He refused to talk business until he had made his client feel comfortable.

"You know this business of dressing an individual is not just mechanical, a lot more goes into a dress than just cloth and thread. I refuse to talk about the dress or anything else, until I am sure you are comfortable and relaxed." He looked around, "Now what would you have – coffee, juice, soft drink..." he lowered his voice to a conspirational level, "..hard drink?"

She laughed at his tone of false intrigue, "Can I just have some water please?"

She found herself liking this man, he was handsome but not vain, quite charming in fact. He was treating her just like a valued, rich client even though he knew she was just a secretary to Mrs. Mittal.

"If that be your wish, then of course!" He put water in front of her a with small plate of mints and lozenges.

"Now, let's hear what's on your mind." He said after she had taken a sip of her water. His tone was a blend of a therapist and friend rather than a tailor and she found herself talking more than she had intended to.

"Well, you see, Mrs. Mittal gave me this dress, unstitched of course" she looked at him and he nodded his ready understanding, "and she wants me to wear it to her next bridge party which is also her birthday. She referred me to you and said that I must get it done by you."

"That is very kind of her." He bowed slightly.

"Yes, she does admire your work greatly and frankly so do I," she smiled and her cheeks dimpled, "but I am not sure that I could afford your services. And...it's not something I can ask her, you know?"

He looked very understanding of her dilemma, "Not a problem. This is not something you ask. How about this, we'll do the dress and send the bill to her. Then the ball will be in her court. And I am sure she intended to gift you the whole dress which would include my services. Don't worry about a thing!"

She heaved a sigh of relief, "Wow! That would solve my dilemma. How clever!"

He smiled and bowed, "Could I ask you a favour in return, Sonia?"

"Yes, sure?" she looked confused.

"Please don't wear jeans when you come to me next time?" she looked surprised as he sounded hurt.


"You have such beautiful, exquisite legs and you hide them in this ugly cloth, it hurts my sensitive nature."

She smiled, "Ok, deal! And thanks!"

He smiles back, "I love that dimple in your cheeks as you smile! You should smile more."

She blushed at his compliment.

"Now, let's see that fabric."

She placed it in front of him.

"Ah, sequin. Mrs. Mittal likes sequin, does she not?"

She nodded.

"Okay", he continued, "Tell me your vision for the dress."

"My what?"

"Your vision, my dear, what do you see the dress as?"

"Um, I don't know!" She felt like he was dragging her into deep waters.

"Okay, I'll help you. What kind of party is it going to be?"

"Well, it'll be a small party, about 30 of her female friends. An extension of her monthly bridge party. The full party will be at the country club in the evening."

He looked into her eyes, "I will be perfectly frank with you, may I?"

She nodded, puzzled why he looked so grave.

"Look, Sonia, we have to have a careful vision of this dress. You want to look good but you don't want to outshine your boss and her friends, check?"

"Check!", she nodded as that sounded sensible.

"But in your own right, you are a beautiful girl," she blushed again, "and you should look fit enough to inhabit that exalted company, I'd like to call it... Subdued Brilliance." He said with a flourish.

"Wow! That actually sounds very good."

"And another thing. Mrs. Mittal likes her sequin, but be honest with me, do you?"

She found herself shaking her head, "Umm, no, not really, to be honest."

"How about if we do the dress in satin instead?"

"Can we?" she loved satin, "But Mrs. Mittal, she gifted me this dress..."

"Don't worry about a thing, I'll convince her. And we'll keep the sequin fabric for another dress for you, for her next party, trust me, she won't object."

She felt she could trust him.

"Ok. And thank you!"

"When is the party?"

"In 2 weeks?"

"Oh, two weeks, that's very short to do a good job and I am actually swamped with work."

She looked sad, "Oh, I was afraid of that."

He turned to look at her full in the eyes, "Okay, I will promise you to do this if you co-operate.."

"Sure. Anything."

"You will have to come for fitting 3 maybe 4 times, during this. Can you?"

"Yes, I will." She promised.

"Great! Let's not waste time then. I want to take your measurements." He led her to an inner room through an unmarked door, "Please follow me."

This room was about the same size, but with almost no furniture, except a couple of shelves along the walls and a wooden bench with a notebook on it. The light was orange, slightly dimmer than the outer room and easy on the eyes.

He had her stand on the rug in the centre of the room and picked up a measuring tape for himself.

"Would you take off your shirt please?" he asked casually as he approached her with the tape.

"What? Why?" she asked shocked.

"Well, I want to make the dress fit you and not your shirt, my dear." He sounded perplexed that she would even ask. "That's how I always measure a client."

Well, if the rich and elites did it that way...she felt less inclined to argue...she hated to make a scene for nothing...she unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. He took it off her hands and dropped it on a bench behind him. Her bra was a very feminine pink and tastefully cut, covering her ample breasts fully.

He started to take measurements, talking all the while, "Do you like a halter neck or do you prefer straps?" His fingers brushed her soft bare back as his hands moved around her neck with the tape.

"Ummm, halter, I think." She found herself thinking about the soft tingle she felt travel up her spine as his warm fingers touches her bare skin.

"Good. You have a very shapely neck," he caressed the side of her soft neck with his thumb with his hot palm rubbing the back of her neck softly, "a halter would look really good."

Sonia felt a lump in her throat as his hand caressed her neck like that, she swallowed it and murmured, "Thank you."

He moved in front of her and moved the tape with his finger, measuring for the neck cut, "Do you like a deep neck?" He asked, as his fingers moved deftly around her cleavage, almost touching her breasts, tracing invisible lines on her chest, "Here? Or maybe deeper, like here?"

Sonia felt her gut tightening as he continued to talk and touch and replied softly, "Mmm, not too deep."

"Of course not, we don't want to overdo it." He traced an invisible V from her neck to right between her tits, "Maybe here, sexy enough to show off some cleavage but not so much that it looks like we are trying too hard."

Sonia held her breath as his fingers moved between her tits, and nodded. She knew he was right, she wanted to look sexy without looking like a slut.

"Good, I am glad we are on the same page. Let's talk about the length, would you take off the jeans for me please?" He made the request sound so very casual and business-like as he walked to the bench to jot something down in his notebook.

She turned to look sharply at him but found that his back was to her.

"M..my pants?" she stammered, "W..why?"

He came back to her, "Oh, please." His tone had just a touch of impatience, "You are not going to wear the dress over the jeans, so why do we keep the jeans in the equation?"

He looked her straight in the eyes, "This will go a lot faster if you didn't stop to ask why every 2 minutes. Believe me, I don't have any hidden cameras. Do you want a tour of the building to reassure yourself?"

She believed him. Her hands went to her belt and soon the jeans joined her shirt on the bench. Her pink lace panties matched the bra. He went and turned the thermostat on the wall up a few degrees and she felt deep gratitude as warm air touched her long, bare legs. He was a very considerate man.

He had her stand in the same place with her legs slightly open as he walked around her.

"Finally!" he said with a touch of relief in his voice, as he stood behind her, "a client who works out. Now I don't have to make the dress do nature's work."

She felt proud as she realized he was talking about her firm, well-toned buttocks.

His hand caressed her soft, firm ass, feeling the firmness of both tight cheeks and she almost jumped out of her skin. "Oh, I am sorry." He apologized, quickly, "It's just that....well...damn, it's just perfect!"

She smiled at his outburst of praise and reassured him quickly, "It's alright, Mr. Raj."

"You can call me Raj. And thank you. "

"Thanks, Raj." She found herself smiling again. She liked this guy. He was so down-to-earth and open. And just nice!

His deft hands started to touch her thighs and behind them, just below her ass as he talked about how long the dress should be.

"A long dress is more pretentious and in your case, you are young and vibrant, a short dress would suit you much better. We just need to find the right length."

She nodded.

"You have such long, shapely legs, I am sure we can go as short as this." His thumbs touched her mid-thighs, rubbing lightly as he indicated the length of the dress, then moved around to her back, touching her well-rounded, firm cheeks , "But then, in the back it won't cover your ass fully. Now you have a great ass" he laughed and she smiled, "but, maybe that's not the right tone for this party."

She nodded. She felt as if her stomach was filling up with butterflies. Her breathing was getting heavier.

"I think this would be best to start with then, we'll talk more about it in the fitting sessions." He indicated a length with his fingers just below her mid-thighs and moved her hands around her legs, just below her ass to show that this hem would cover her ass and be about 4 inches lower.

She nodded, "Ok."

"Let's talk more about the backless part and the fitting around your breasts." Her breath caught as he mentioned her breasts so casually.

"I am going to take off your bra, don't scream or anything, ok?" he warned her as he started to unhook her bra clasp.


"Don't ask me why now, please?" he said in a tired, fed-up tone as he pulled her bra off, down her arms, while she cooperated fully, and dropped it on the bench.

Sonia found that she didn't have a word to say.

He stood behind her and his fingers went down her bare spine, caressing slowly as he talked, "A hanging strap down to here." His fingers stopped right between her shoulder blades and his thumb continued rubbing down on her spine, "and another one here."

Sonia felt a chill travel down her spine and a tingle between her legs.

"Two criss-crossing straps here" his expert fingers circled her body around her waist, and a soft moan escaped her lips.

He moved to stand in front of her, "The reason I needed to see these" he looked right at her bare breasts, "was that you can't wear a bra with a backless dress, so the dress will have to support them."

He took them in his hands, "But they look like they support themselves," he smiled as he fondled them, Sonia was breathing heavily and her eyes were almost closed.

His thumbs started to rub the nipples, they were already half-erect, "Would you like the nipples to poke through or be covered better?" He asked casually as he rolled them in his thumbs and forefingers and Sonia moaned before answering, "Mmmmmmm. Whatever you like."

"I think they are very nice nipples," he pinched them softly, "for a young girl like yourself, they'd look better poking through."

"Ok." She nodded, without caring much about what he was talking about, her tits were hot and they were enjoying his attention. It had been a long time since her sensitive nipples had been pinched by strong, masculine fingers. Her pussy was filling with juices, almost oozing.

She got a strong whiff of his intoxicating cologne as he leaned in and kissed her cheek, then whispered in her ear, "Take off your panties and open your legs, Sonia."

She didn't even ask why. She just bent over to slip her thong off and then stood up with her legs wider than shoulder width.

He took her in his arms without speaking and his hot, hungry lips found hers. She pressed her luscious, red lips on his and kissed him back with a hunger that had been repressed too long.

She groaned as his thick finger entered her hot, drenched pussy. His tall, strong, manly frame pressed against her soft naked body was driving her crazy, pushing her to a frenzy she hadn't felt in ages. But in one corner of mind, a doubt was still alive, she was in a tailor's measuring room, she was kissing a man she had practically just met. His finger was in her pussy... he pulled it out and pushed in again, and she lost her train of thought.

As he laid her down on the rug and started kissing her breasts, sucking on her sensitive nipples, she thought this had gone far enough, she should stop, she should ask him to stop..

Raj took off his clothes without pausing for a second as his mouth enjoyed and relished her gorgeous, young, shapely body, his teeth grazing on her erect nipples as his tongue played with them, flicking them.

She bit her lip as he started to enter her, his swollen cockhead was too much for her small, tight pussy, she felt her eyes moistening, a tear dribbling out of the corners of her eyes as he stretched her with the slow but firm stroke, his massive, thick shaft forcing himself into her small, tight cunt.

She exhaled loudly as he pulled his cockhead out, and then held her breath as he thrust in again, this time deeper than before. She could feel his bulbous, hard cockhead lodged in her vagina, and the sensations were wild, she could feel hot currents flowing all over her body.

She debated with herself if she should ask him to stop. Will he stop? Did she really want him to stop?

This was wrong. Oh, so wrong! He pulled out a little and then pushed in again, going deeper, fucking her wet, tight cunt in a nice, strong rhythm of ever-increasing thrusts that pumped her juicy wet cunt with forceful strokes, again and again.

Oh, it was a long time since she had felt this way. No, she had never felt this way. Her last sex was with her boyfriend Jimmie. He had fucked her many times, but he had never driven her crazy like this. Jimmie was nowhere near this thick ..and this long!

She groaned loudly as she felt him invade her deeper, and she knew he was not yet fully inside her. He grabbed her shoulders firmly in his strong hands and kissed her hard... his hot, demanding lips sucking her lips, tasting her mouth...she opened her mouth and accepted his hot, probing tongue as it invaded her sweet mouth.

As the passionate kiss grew more passionate, Sonia realized that Jimmie had never kissed her like this. He had always been so considerate, so nice, so gentle...when all the time she wanted a man who would take charge of her and just take her..

"Oh, fuck me..please...fuck me hard...harder, oh Raj!" She knew deep in her heart that this is what she wanted. This man, on her, in her, taking her, fucking her like she was meant to be fucked...hard and without mercy.

Raj sucked her lips, with his tongue playing with her hot, sweet tongue. His thick, hard cock continued pumping her juicy wet cunt, deeper and deeper until with one forceful, rough thrust he jammed it all the way into her and her loud scream was suppressed only by his dominant mouth sealed on hers.

As Raj started to fuck her with long, deep thrusts that invaded her young, tight body fully deep, she started to buck her hips, enjoying the unprecedented feelings of excitement coursing through her body like Octane-93, setting her whole body on fire.

His mouth was now on her neck, sucking her soft, warm skin as his strong, muscular body pinned her down to the rug and he took her like a brute. She surrendered to his hard use. Her hungry, wet cunt welcomed his massive shaft and squeezed it as he jammed it deep into her.

She tightened her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. She felt a jolt of current as his bare, manly chest ground on her soft, firm tits, crushing her soft mounds under his weight as he pounded her mercilessly.

She dug her teeth into his neck as she felt every cell in her body screaming for release, the temperature rising to the boiling point.

"Oh, God! Take me! Yes, yes..." her breathless moans filled the small room alongwith the noise of his muscular thighs slapping against her smooth milky thighs.

His hard, throbbing beast was pummelling her into the ground and she was accepting each assault of his rough, hard cock into her delicate soft pussy. She clasped her legs around his hips in an attempt to pull him in even deeper to satisfy her hungry pussy.

A loud whimper escaped her lips as he changed his angle of entry and his thick, solid shaft touched her excited clit as it entered her dripping cunt. The electric sensations were much stronger now and she was losing all control on reality as her mind went into a sense of euphoria.

"Yes! Yes! Please let me cum! Harder, make me cum, please?" she pleaded for release as his slamming shaft jammed deep into her cunt, driving her practically crazy with each forceful thrust.

"No, not yet!" he whispered in her ear and proceeded to bite her earlobe, keeping his cock fucking her hungry, excited cunt but slowing down his thrusts.

She felt a sense of panic and desperation, Oh no, he couldn't stop now, didn't he know how badly she needed it?, "No! Please fuck me! Harder? Please?"

His wet, hot tongue touched behind her ear, "No, baby. You'll cum when I allow you to cum. Not yet. You'll ask like a good girl when you want to cum, and I'll let you if I think you are being a good girl."

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