tagErotic HorrorLady Arachnes Ch. 01

Lady Arachnes Ch. 01


I went to the house of Lady Arachnes upon my twenty-first birthday. I had been a boy up until that point, and rumor had it that the lady made boys into men.

I strode past the gates right up to the door of her entrancing house, shaded by willow trees on all sides. I raised the heavy brass knocker and pounded three times on the tall mahogany door. I waited a few seconds until the door quietly opened.

"Come in." A voice beckoned.

I strode in, seeing my greeter at the far end of the foyer. Lady Arachnes herself. As she moved closer to me I saw instantly the most strikingly feminine features I had ever seen; her face mature yet ageless, her lips pouting, sensual and deep red. Long red hair fell behind her in a loose braid, and her body was covered by a thin robe of white silk, revealing curves that the women of my village would kill for. She walked forward and slid an arm around my waist, pressing her body against mine. My loins had fluttered upon first seeing her, and now my cock straightened beneath my trousers.

"Good, you're ready to begin." She tossed her braid behind her. "Take hold of it. Follow me."

I followed her past the foyer, into the large room at the end, seemingly the only other room in the house. She loosed her hair from the braid and it spread around her back, and her breasts hung free as as she shed her robe. My erection throbbed wildly and she motioned for me to disrobe, fumbling as I took in her beauty. Her nipples were almost as red as her lips, and from the waist down her skin was black as ink, and shiny. She turned and on her spherical black buttocks were red markings, resembling an hourglass. I felt drawn to her of power that was not my own. She did not speak, merely motioning.

She put me on my knees, standing in front of me, facing away. She bent and parted the globes of her backside, and I noticed with excitement that her asshole and cunt were both the same red as her marking. Perhaps these markings were additional erogenous zones? I spread her cheeks with both hands, my fingers stroking the red marks. She shivered and moaned as I touched them. My tongue slipped out to meet her puckered asshole, sliding in. I explored the walls, the taste sweet, even sweeter than a village virgin's cunt. I kneaded the markings between my fingers as I swirled my tongue in her asshole, my cock rigid.

I put my lips to the red zone on her ass cheek- the skin hard, almost chitinous around it, but soft in the red spot. I kissed it, my tongue leaving a glaze over it, my Lady groaning with delight. Her long hair touched my face as i kissed her rump, and i could see that the black skin went up her back as well, with an hourglass red pattern on her back. I kissed my way up her back to the hour glass pattern. I looked down and could see thick wet drippings from her cunt. My cock brushed her rump, the hard skin feeling charged with an erotic electricity.

I walked around to her front and took in the sight of her gorgeous body. I took her hand and kissed it. "My Lady. Please, take me as your student. Teach me you arts."

A smile crossed her crimson lips. She bent down to kiss me, her lips sticky. Her red cunt dripped with a foamy white juice. Her tongue entangled and ensnared mine, and her strong hand gripped my cock tight. Her experienced fingers sent waves of pleasure through me that nearly made me lose my balance. The strong, fair hand guided my cock to her red wet cunt lips, and I glided into heaven.

I thrust into her. It was unlike any experience I had yet had- it was tight as a maiden's, even tighter at mid thrust, unusually hot, and exceptionally sticky. With every thrust, her white foam welled and whipped. I cupped her heavy breast, rolling the nipple under my finger as I felt that tight, kinked cunt around my cock. Instead of shrinking, her nipples seemed to enlarge as they hardened. My Lady groaned, salivating, as her breasts bounced. I was building to a climax almost too fast. She reached under me and gripped my balls hard. I lurched, paused, then continued, the pleasure outweighing the pain. I rammed my cock deep into that kinked cunt, ready to spill my seed into her.

With a final thrust I exploded. My seed emptied into her body, and I cried out. Her cunt gripped me, and squeeze me, tighter and tighter, pumping my cock. I had finished my load but she still squeezed me. More and more seed spewed into her, her face in angelic pleasure as I unloaded myself. My balls ached as she pulled more and more from me. I screamed out in pain, collapsing. I had no more. I was emptied. I fell to the floor, her cunt foaming with the sticky substance she produced.

She held me up. She began turning me around in the air. I could see the sticky fluid was webbing, secreting from her cunt. She was wrapping me in her web!

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