tagGroup SexLady Belinda's Bargain

Lady Belinda's Bargain


(After seducing Johnnie, the Theatre Director, in the back of her car, and being herself seduced by her good friend Lois for the first time, Belinda arranged a coffee morning for four friends and Johnnie, for a sex party. Two earlier stories cover these events.)


After her lesbian experience with Lois, to her amazement, Belinda realised that she was, after all, bisexual. It had never occurred to her that Louis was sexually attractive, until that morning when she spilled the beans about her affair with Johnnie. Knowing that it would make Lois green with envy, she gave every detail of how they had made love in the back of her car, which only succeeded in turning them both on. She planned to have Johnnie fuck her friend, with two of his other ex mistresses, at a special coffee morning. It was then she saw Lois from a different perspective. That of a lover!

Encouraged by Lois, the two had stripped off and had spent some time discovering and enjoying each other's body, bringing about several wonderful orgasms. They agreed that, though a good firm cock took some beating, when it came to cunnilingus, a woman knew best how to satisfy another woman. But they decided that they would go ahead with their plan to have Lois fucked by Johnnie.

And so it came about that the following Friday, in the middle of the morning, Johnnie was lounging in Lois's sumptuous apartment, with the sun streaming through the polyester gauze ivory curtains, flooding the room in a golden glow. Flowers were everywhere, filling the room with their exotic scent. Belinda and Lois were fussing over coffee, whilst Jean and Penny sat on the soft leather sofa, chatting about the upcoming auditions for The Mikado. All the ladies were dressed in fine kimonos to add atmosphere and to stimulate Johnnie's imagination. Music from the operetta was playing softly in the background.

Lady Belinda was in her well-organized, efficiency mode, clearly in charge of the proceedings. She had warned Johnnie that he would be expected to entertain the four of them and, if necessary, to pander to their whims. She had also told him that there would probably be some kind of dress parade for him to consider.

The ladies had in fact met a half-hour earlier, to change into the sensuous range of underwear that Lois had provided for them, each with beautiful matching Japanese kimonos. Lois was a highly paid society dress designer, who had some years ago designed Belinda's wedding dress for her marriage to the Duke, so she knew all about getting women to look their best. The underwear hid little of their figures, with tantalising views of breasts, hips and pubic areas. It was arranged that each one would parade before Johnnie in the style of a model showing off their clothing. Whilst changing, they exchanged experiences with Johnnie.

Penny was a college friend of Belinda's, and married to a wealthy, hard-drinking twit – for his money and position of course – and secretly despised him. Little Dick, she called him, on account of his diminutive cock and his lack of sexual finesse. That was in contrast to the Duke, whose monster cock was the cause of Belinda's abstinence. Other women were welcome to sample the freak penis! And they did!

'Monster cocks are not to be admired – particularly when they rip you apart,' Belinda had complained to the others. 'Average in all things sexual is my preference.'

Like Belinda, it seems that Penny too, had enjoyed a groping session whilst sitting on Johnnie's lap at a party, whilst her husband stood drinking with his pals in the kitchen. It had been her aim to get him to ejaculate whilst sitting in the chair, but he managed to turn the tables on her and she had to get up to avoid a betraying orgasm! It was then that she planned to get him into her bed during their London trip.

It was whilst she and her friend, Mary, were spending a weekend in London, that Penny had invited him to spend the evening at the theatre with them – which ended with Penny and Johnnie between the sheets together. Even so, he had not seen her naked body, since she got into her nightwear in the bathroom, and insisted on having the light out whilst they fucked. She thought it more romantic and wicked that way, but in reality she was dissatisfied with her small boobs and didn't want to show them. But she was able to confirm to the others that he had an exceptional sexual appetite. Johnnie had maintained his erection for over three hours, fucking her continually. He ejaculated, to her certain knowledge, four times during the night.

'Pull the other one, darling!' was Lois' response.

'He's a sexual athlete,' she told them. 'Always had a high sex drive, he told me. And, boy, did he have a strong drive! He came into me and just went on fucking 'til he came again!'

So, it was with a high expectation that the four waited for his arrival. Johnnie came in looking very clean, elegant and suave in his white silk open-necked shirt, linen jacket, wearing cream mohair trousers. After welcoming kisses on cheeks, he took a seat in a large armchair, wondering why the ladies were dressed in Japanese attire.

As Belinda handed him his coffee, she gave Johnnie a pill to swallow, telling him that all would be revealed to him shortly, much to the other ladies' amusement. He was, naturally, curious about the pill she gave him. Nevertheless, he trusted her.

'Don't worry darling. It's to improve your awareness. Trust me.'

It was, in fact, a ciallis pill that Lois had stored in her drawer in case of erection failure on the part of her lovers. She swore to the other ladies that it would have Johnnie erect in a few minutes flat. Coffee cup emptied, Belinda relieved him of it, and sat on the arm of his chair.

'Now Johnnie, we are going to show you a display of underwear. And perhaps a little more if you show keen interest.' Belinda explained. 'Jean has agreed to be the first model for us.'

Jean was not in the same elegance class as Lois and Penny, being rather short and more than a little overweight. But she had handsome features – not exactly pretty – and a head of shining auburn hair that fell in curls to her shoulders were her best feature. Johnnie remembered her asking him which of the women in the theatre group he had made love to. They were both tipsy, and Jean was pulling up her knickers as she asked her question, whilst Johnnie zipped up his trousers. He had just finished fucking her very hard from behind, hidden vy the garden shed in the grounds of the group's Chairman, one dark evening during an after-show party.

Johnnie looked round at the four women. Three of them he had fucked, it's true. But Lois had eluded him. He thought she was rather proud upper class, and a bit above his expectations, so he hadn't really tried. But then, he had thought the same of the Duchess until a few days ago. It was she who told him, whilst she was fucking him in the back of her Merc, that Lois fancied him.

Belinda's voice brought him back to the present.

'And here we have Jean in a skin tone basque by Candice, delicately cut in claret silk, with the finest Belgian lace trimmings, with matching sheer silk stockings and the briefest of thongs.'

To the melody of 'Here's a howd'ye do', Jean deftly untied the belt and slipped the kimono from off her shoulders, to drape behind her from the elbow. The basque she was wearing was of a sexy transparent mesh, with a disguised centre zip fastener, delicate frilled edging and trim. The matching thong had side bows and suspenders held up the silk stockings. It was all very revealing and stylish. It suited Jean's figure, giving gentle support to her pendulous breasts whilst accentuating her large areolas and brown nipples. She sashayed in front of Johnnie, showing first one profile, then the other before swiftly unzipping the bodice and opening it out. Her large breasts sprang out, swaying before his eyes. Jean caressed them seductively before untying the bow of her thong.

'A wonderful pair of boobs, with plenty of flesh to fondle. Very large, but suckable nipples and a lovely plump, warm pussy to fuck. But then, you know all about that, darling! You've sampled the delights of Jean already.'

With a graceful swing of her arms combined with a pirouette, during which Jean disrobed, she ended in a second arabesque position, breasts dangling from the ribcage, arms held out in triumph, naked in front of the girls and Johnnie. The arabesque gave them a glimpse of her plump genitals, the puffed, thick heavy labia thrusting from the hairy slit and her substantial clit.

Belinda was astonished by this act. Not by the act itself, but because she realised that she was looking at Jean with new interest. It was as though she was seeing her as a sex object, as through a man's eyes. She was suddenly different from the friend she gossiped with over coffee. She was voluptuous and desirable. Big breasts, large areolas and thick thighs. And a succulent set of labia. As Jean completed her arabesque their eyes met and both knew immediately that they wanted to make love, to explore the other's body. The look between them lingered, making quite sure that Belinda had read the message correctly.

Penny was the next to take the floor. Her kimono was gold in colour, embroidered with a colourful scene from the Karma Sutra, depicting a prince toying with four attractive ladies. She danced a few steps to the right, then to the left before throwing open the kimono to show off her underwear. In contrast to Jean, her figure was slight and her boobs petite.

'And Penny is wearing a sheer silk bodice in ecru, edged with exquisite gold lace, having a built-in, uplift padded bra to bring out her boobs, which as you know Johnnie, are rather small. Matching French knickers with complementary gold lacing, complete the set. These are nice loose fitting pants, with a discreet super-absorbent pad, to allow easy access to prying fingers at parties and to absorb any unavoidable telltale discharge.'

During the description, Penny slid the kimono from her shoulder allowing it to shutter to the floor behind her, leaning forward to afford Johnnie a view of her nipples before placing one foot on the chair beside him. This move allowed him to focus on the leg of the open knickers, where he could see clearly her vulva encased in its frame of dark hair, with the thin lips of the inner labia separating the outer bulges. He remembered with pleasure the fucking he had given it.

During the exhibition, Belinda looked down at Johnnie's trousers, to see that his cock was stimulated by the exotic sights. It pushed hard against the fabric of his slacks. She laid her palm along its length and smiled sweetly at him, but his eyes were fixed on Penny, whose thumbs were now inside the elastic of the knickers, slowly pushing them down.

'Penny too is beautiful in a different way. Small, elegant boobs topped with well-defined areolas and chunky nipples, narrow-waited with a lightly covered groin in dark brown hair.'

As the knickers reached her pubic region, she swiftly turned her back to them, lowering them to expose the rounded, taut cheeks of her pert bottom. She wiggled them to dislodge the knickers altogether whilst unclasping the fastening of the bodice. Stepping out of the knickers, Penny removed the bodice with an elegant gesture, turning to face Johnnie and Belinda, arms thrown out. Her small boobs showed their swollen dark areolas and large hardened nipples. Her narrow waist accentuated the mound with public hair growing sparingly over it and into the creases, down the sides of her vulva. Her thighs were slender and set apart so that her genitals were open to view at all times, though the inner labia were completely concealed in the gash.

Belinda squeezed Johnnies cock. 'That feels very interesting, darling. We'll examine it in closer detail a little later. Because now, it's my turn to display the sexy underwear.'

Belinda had stood in front of Johnnie, untying her sky-blue kimono, embroidered with another erotic scene from the Karma Sutra. She opened the garment to expose her body. Her firm breasts were supported by a wispy, under-wired bra of the palest blue, decorated with fine embroidery in silver threads. Her loins were covered with a triangular piece of delicate open lace – an almost net-like thong enclosing her vulva. As she twirled round, Belinda unfastened the bra, which fell to the floor, before untying the thong. She stood, hands on hips, facing Johnnie.

'There. You weren't able to see what it was you were penetrating the other night. Here it is. Take a good look at the aristocratic torso that immersed your cock in it.'

Johnnie was engrossed in studying the figures of the three naked women. All different in shape and size, but all adorably attractive. He could hardly believe that his cock had entered each one of their secret parts – that they had allowed him see their orgasmic writhing and contortions. His cock was, of course at full stretch. It was at its most rigid. Almost painfully so.

'And now for Lois. She is our Aphrodite of the day. Our beautiful goddess of love.' Belinda stood to one side, allowing Lois to step forward in her nil green kimono. She did a few twirls, right and left, until finally she slipped the kimono from her shoulders when her back was to Johnnie. She had a loveliest of the figures. Gently sloping shoulders, superb buttocks and perfectly shaped thighs and legs.

When she turned to face Johnnie, he gasped in delight at the sight of her creamy, pear-shaped breasts, hanging low, perfectly round areolas topped with hard dark brown nipples. In fact, just as one read about in romantic tales.

'There you are Johnnie,' Belinda smiled. No underwear because Aphrodite doesn't need any. She is our sacrifice today. You are to worship her body and make love to it with our help. She will then be one of us. Fucked by Johnnie. But first, it's your turn to undress.'

As she spoke, she took Johnnie by the arm and stood him up facing the naked Lois. The other two women joined Belinda to unbutton Johnnie's jacket, shirt and trousers. They slowly stripped him of all his clothes. As Belinda slid his underpants over his hips, she grasped the rock-hard shaft, marvelling at its hardness, until he stood naked before them, his solid erection swaying.

He was glad he kept his figure in trim. No overhanging beer belly! Taught buttocks and neatly trimmed mousy-coloured pubic hair. His chest from free from body hair, giving him a smooth, clean appearance. His pale cock was straining hard, straight and hard, pointing up to his chin.

The women stood gazing at it with rapt attention. Belinda fingered it lightly.

'What a piece of work is a man, as Hamlet said. How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty, in form how admirable, in action how like a god - the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals!'

'Was he referring to man's genitals?' Penny laughed.

'Perhaps! But you must admit that the penis is a remarkable instrument. And there you are ladies. A perfect example That's what life is all about. That is what we women crave to have thrust between our legs. That is what nature, in her goodness, has provided for we women to play with. To bring it to its spurting conclusion.'

'Wow! Not a monster, Johnnie, but, boy! is it rock solid!' Jean also touched it with curiosity, the cock that had shagged her hard.

The cock was, indeed, stiffer than Johnnie could ever remember. A little over six inches, it felt to be bursting as it thrust upright against his navel, the testicles slung low below the base of the shaft. Penny and Lois also fingered the stiffness.

Belinda continued. 'To enter the private pocket, the secret we women carry between our thighs. Made to stiffen and harden. To allow deep penetration. It is the god that nature fashioned to enter the shrine of our goddess – that secret passage leading to the altar of untold delight. The ultimate bliss! And of course, we women are programmed for our imagination to react to the sight of such an idol. To prepare our bodies for its invasion.'

The four ladies were stood close to Johnnie, fondling him, stroking his testicles and cock. Caressing his body. Belinda drew their attention to the pearl of liquid that had formed at the head of his cock.

'He's eager, ladies. I think perhaps we are eager as well.'

Placing her hand between Jean's thighs, Belinda ran her middle finger between the chunky labia, lingering to take full pleasure in feeling the soft lips, to emerge with a dribble of liquid on the finger pad. She held it to Johnnie's lips. He opened his mouth and sucked it clean.

'Woman's nectar! There! Jean's portals are well oiled - prepared for worship.'

And Belinda then ran her finger between the slimmer thighs of Penny, inserting it up to the first knuckle into her vagina and twisting it around as Penny squirmed, before scooping the juices from her. She presented this to Johnnie's lips for him to lick clean.

'Penny's copious honey is certainly ready for a cock.'

'Mmm! Yes please,' Penny murmured.

Belinda's own juices were the next to be sampled and, finally, Lois's vaginal syrup was gathered on Belinda's two middle fingers. As she withdrew them, all saw that it was covered a plentiful taster for Johnnie to suckle.

'There, Johnnie. We are all properly lubricated, prepared for copulation.'

'Hmm! All very sweet and all rather different,' was his verdict.

'And all ready for the mighty sword to pierce their defences. But three of us have already tasted the thrill of your weapon, so it is only right that Lois, who has not had that honour, should be the first to be offered up. She is to sacrifice her body to the god of lust.'

She went down on her haunches in front of Johnnie, to plant kisses on the head of the handsome cock, licking away its pearl, whilst Jean and Penny escorted Lois to the bay window where stood a long occasional table, covered with several cushions, pointing into the room. They perched Lois on the end facing the room, before the women laid her back along its length. Her breasts sagged slightly to each side of her chest whilst her long legs hung over the sides of the table to display her heavily endowed hairy vulva.

The two women each took hold of one of Lois's ankles, hinging them wide open as they raised them high. Her wonderful vulva opened out, the outer lips stretching apart to reveal the inner valley, showing the crumpled flesh of the labia, which parted to reveal the dark secret recess of the private centre. It was already smothered in a starchy liquid. Jean's fingers gripped the generous slippery flaps of the dark supple flesh, carefully exploring every crevice and crease with delicate fingers, preparing the shrine for its worshipper. The dark opening of the vagina itself was protected by four smaller, pink lips, pouting and oozing. The source of the same starchy liquid.

Taking Johnnie by the arm, Belinda brought him to bend over Lois's reclining figure, thighs wide apart showing every detail of her entire private parts. Belinda bent over Lois's vulva to breathe in the delicious scent of her body, planted a loving kiss on the lips about to receive their guest. Taking his hard cock, she placed it against the opening of the vaginal shrine, slowly inserting the head between the soft lips. Lois gasped as the weapon intruded into the mouth of her passage. Johnnie looked down at his cock entering a heavenly paradise. There is nothing quite like that first encounter with a strange lady's genitals, wet and yearning. A new valley to explore and enjoy. Johnnie examined every feature of her beckoning inner labia, sensing the quiver in her loins at the touch of his cock. This was another dream come true. He concentrated. He took his time. Another ambition achieved! To be about to penetrate the lovely Lois.

'Aphrodite is anxiously expecting the arrival of a new warrior, to conquer her shrine and worship at her divine altar.'

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