tagRomanceLady in Black

Lady in Black

byH piltdown©

It’d been a long night. I packed my old Voodoo Strat back into the worn leather case. My throat was raw. I didn’t like to do vocals, but Jamie had a gig in Central City. Somehow, Ron, Pete and me survived the twelve drunks and sixteen hick tourists that strolled into the club to make dumb assed requests and down gallons of cheap booze - Just another rainy weeknight in the Quarter.

Finally, I was ready to hit the road. The rain had stopped, and a fog was rolling in off the river. Ron and Pete left a few minutes ago. I looked up toward the front door, squinting through the smoke from my cigarette. I damn near let go of my guitar. The cigarette fell from my lips. My mouth dropped open.

Like a gothic princess appearing from the mist, she stood; an ominous silhouette framed by the antique doorway. The fog rolled around her black high heels, and curled up her black stocking covered legs. She wore a short black dress, and a black leather jacket protected her delicate frame from the damp New Orleans night. Long, straight, black hair draped across her shoulders. Her skin was clear and somewhat pale. She held onto the strap of a black leather bag with both hands. Dark but wary eyes flashed quickly around the little bar. They fell on me for a brief moment. I must have looked like an idiot still squinting from the smoke, and leaning forward with my mouth open.

She sashayed over to the end of the bar nearest the front door, ordered a red wine, and lit up one of those long, thin cigarettes.

‘What the hell,’ I thought, ‘One beer.’ I leaned my guitar case against the bar a couple of seats away from the dark goddess, and had Charlie the bartender bring me an Abita. I took a swig from the beer, and turned toward the lady in black. She was already up, and moving toward the jukebox. I took a few more swigs to work on my nerve. Buddy Guy’s ‘Did Somebody Make a Fool Out of You’ moaned up from the speakers. The lady knew her music.

She came back to her seat. I watched her intently the whole way. Her body moved with the grace and sensuality of a cat. She looked into my eyes. The corners of her deep red lips turned up in a half smile.

I had my nerve.


“Hey, Jack! What’s up, man?” I knew that voice, dammit. My hopes were shattered. Jeff Theriot stepped in between me and my lady in black. His hand was outstretched. “Man, you still playin’ these dives?”

I took his hand and shook it. Jeff played Sax in an old Jazz band we put together just out of high school to try to earn a few extra bucks. We spent more than we made. Anyway, Jeff went on to tour with some big name Bebop acts. He always liked to brag about jamming with the likes of Duke Jordan and Max Roach. All I knew was that he lived out on the west coast, and seemed to have found that few extra bucks to throw around every time he came back to the Big Easy.

Me, on the other hand, I had a pretty good local rep. My great granddaddy played Ragtime piano in the old Storyville brothels, and my granddaddy somehow survived being a white woodwind player in the Back O’ Town and South Rampart sections of the city. My old man played bass with some of the best Dixieland bands in the Quarter. I carried on the family tradition, even though I broke away from my Jazz roots to do Blues. Jeff liked to give me a lot of guff about my choices, but I didn’t have any regrets.

“Hey, Man. Where you been?” I inquired, still trying to figure out a way to meet that mysterious woman in black.

He proceeded to give me the whole damned story of the last two years of his life. I smiled and nodded a lot, all the time looking over his shoulder to check out that dazzling lady. I did whatever I could to speed up his anecdotes, but knew that once Jeff got started nothing could stop him short of total inebriation. I plied him with a few shots of Cuervo, but knew time was short.

The lady glanced at her watch. She shook her head slightly, and snuffed her third cigarette out in the ashtray. She looked over toward me and smiled as she slid her small, sultry frame from the barstool. She wheeled around as she slung the leather bag over her shoulder. The tight black dress outlined a perfect ass beneath that waist length leather jacket. I watched her sashay out the door onto St. Phillip, and head toward Decatur. She turned to give me one more of those half smiles, and walked right out of my life.


Jeff rattled on about the west coast. I listened, now intent on drowning my frustration in beer. Suddenly, two shots broke the silence of the night. Jeff paused. We were surprised. This sort of thing just didn’t happen in the Quarter. New Orleans was certainly not known for its low crime rate, but gun fights were rare in this part of town. Even the local hoods don’t like to scare away the tourists. You just don’t bite the hand that feeds you, and a paranoid mark is harder to rob.

Shortly, sirens interrupted the calm outside. Then, they faded away.

The night slipped once more into eerie quiet. The cool damp November weather kept the tourists at home.

Jeff continued relating his idiotic adventures. After a few more minutes, I bought him one last Cuervo, downed my Abita, and gave my farewells to him and Charlie. I half-heartedly waved at the few remaining drunks and tourists, grabbed my axe, and headed outside into the winter fog. I turned toward Chartres where I left the old Buick. I hoped that it would start. I had learned my lesson. Never buy a used car from a musician, or a friend. You may have to play with that musician again, and friend rapidly changes to ex-friend.

I shuffled down the brick sidewalk and turned down Chartres. The old Buick was parked only a half block away. I lived in the Marigny within walking distance of the Quarter, but preferred to drive. Carrying an instrument case down the back streets screams out two things. One is that you have an instrument that may fetch a couple of hundred bucks at the local pawn shop, and two is that you probably work for tips, and have some ready cash. I don’t like being a victim.

I unlocked the door to the Buick, threw the strat in the back seat, and slid under the wheel. I was pleasantly surprised when the cold engine turned over right away, and started purring like a cat with asthma. At least it ran!

I had just put it in ‘drive’ when I heard a banging on the rear window right behind my head. I nearly croaked right there – Scared me shitless! Somehow, I repressed the urge to gun the engine, and get the hell out of there. Maybe, I thought, the old Buick would probably stall on me. Never the less, I choked up some courage, and turned to see a dark figure banging frantically on my rear window.

I squinted into the darkness. It was her!

“God Dammit!” she screamed. “Open the fuckin’ door!”

I hesitated one more instant before reaching back to unlock the door. She threw it open, threw the leather bag in, and dove in behind it. “Go! Go!” she yelled hysterically.

I gunned it. The old Buick responded with all the power the big V-8 had to offer. We neared Ursuline in a matter of seconds. Just as I was feeling proud that this piece of junk automobile actually worked for once, it began to cough and sputter. That’s when I noticed two dark figures quickly appear in the rear view mirror from back on St. Phillip. All at once, I heard rapid popping noises, and saw flashes of fire come from the two men.

“Dammit! Get me outta here!” rang out from the back seat.

I heard a thunk mixed in with the popping noises. The old Buick had taken a round. As if on cue, the old girl roared to life again.

“I’m tryin’!” I shouted back. I couldn’t believe it. The woman of my dreams was in my back seat, and a couple of gorillas were trying to kill us!

The Buick howled past Governor Nicholls. The shooting had stopped. The two dark figures disappeared back down St. Phillip. I slammed on the brakes, and whipped the big old car left down Barracks. The lady climbed quickly into the front. She plopped down into the passenger seat, straightened out her short dress, and looked up at me with that same damned half smile.

“Hi,” was all she said.

I had no idea how to respond. I’ve never been shot at before. I slowed the car down a bit, so as not to draw any unwanted attention from the police. I could already hear the sirens wailing in the distance. Finally, I asked where she was headed. I didn’t know what else to say.

“I dunno,” she replied. “Any suggestions?”

I glanced over in time to see her slide a Derringer into the leather bag. “You gonna shoot me?” I asked. Me and bullets never got along too well.

“I hope not. That gets a little sloppy.” She offered her hand, and that smile. “I’m Kelly”

I took her hand. “Jack,” I said, holding her hand firmly.

I held her small hand as we looked into one another’s eyes for just a second. Then, I let go, and turned back to the road just in time to keep from slamming into the back of a drunk in an Audi. I rode his bumper for a few more seconds before swinging the car right on Bourbon.

“How ‘bout my place? It’s just around the corner.”

She appeared to be thinking for a second. “They’ll be checking the neighborhood, and they’ve already seen this car.”

“No problem,” I said. “Private gated parking. They’ll never know.”

I swung right on Kerlerec, and stopped in the street. I jumped out, punched in the access code for the automatic gate, and hopped back in the car. I pulled beyond the gate before it swung closed on its own. I parked the car in my spot in the back corner bordered by the walls of three brick buildings, and declared us to be home. Then, I sat there for a moment wondering what the hell I’d gotten myself into. One moment of reflection made me realize that I had just been shot at. Men with guns were probably looking for me, and a beautiful woman with a gun sat next to me.

I looked over to Kelly. She seemed a bit shaken, too. She gave me that half smile, and asked me if I was “goin’ to invite a girl in for a drink?”

I nodded, and said, “C’mon.”


‘What the hell was I doing?’ I thought as I led her through the breezeway, across the courtyard, and up to the apartment. ‘Didn’t this all seem a bit too bizarre for real life—for my life?’ I kept thinking. I was thinking too much. I should have been running for the hills.

Once inside, she walked around the small apartment, and said, “Nice place,” while she stared up into the loft. She threw the leather bag onto the Lazyboy.

I handed her a glass of cheap merlot, and told her the building was family property. I took a drink of my beer. I told her that this was my day job. I ran the place for my family. We had eight high rent apartments, not counting my own. Most were leased by rich folks from up north or over seas.

Kelly shut me up with a soft, passionate kiss. I nearly dropped my beer. She kept kissing me as she pulled the leather jacket from her delicate shoulders. Then, much to my dismay, she broke off the kiss, and took one step back. I watched as she seductively reached behind her back, and unzipped the short, sleeveless, black dress. She wiggled her shoulders a little. The dress fell to the ground. She stepped out. I stared. I think my mouth was open, again.

Kelly was petite—almost frail, but nothing about her demeanor suggested weakness. Her skin was soft, smooth, and very light. She wore a sheer black under wire bra that pushed firm and well proportioned breasts upward and inward. Her stomach was flat and smooth. Her slim waist led down in clean soft lines to small but perfectly round hips. A black thong hid her furtive cleft. Thigh high stockings darkly covered the pastel flesh of her long legs. The black high heels made all the lines of her exquisite body come together in a masterpiece culminating in the realization of all of my dreams…

“Got a shower?”

Her words ripped me from my reverie. I pointed toward the bathroom.

She turned, and headed toward the head. Her ass was as perfect as the rest of her body. The thong separated two silky little globes. My knees got weak.

“You comin’?” she asked as she passed the doorway.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Yeah,” I answered. What else could I say?

I quickly guzzled my beer. Got another. I put on a Bobby Bland CD. Then, I nearly ran into the bathroom.


By the time I reached the bathroom, she already had the water running, and was just removing the last of her undergarments. She stepped out of her thong, grabbed me firmly by the crotch, and pulled me toward her. I had only gotten a glimpse of her naked body, but that was enough. Several tattoos adorned her shoulder, tummy, hips and ankle. Her breasts were a little more than a handful, and her areolas were pink, and well sized. Her nipples were erect, and stood out a bit more than I had expected. Small golden nipple rings dangled alluringly. A small triangular patch of black hair crested her little muff. The tip of her clitoral hood barely peaked out from beneath the black triangle where another ring sparkled in the dim light.

She pressed her naked body against mine. She kissed me deeply. I was just trying to keep my balance when she playfully pushed me away. “You gonna get undressed?”

I replied with another “yeah.” What else? My mind wasn’t exactly functioning normally. I dropped my clothes like they carried the plague, and followed Kelly into the shower.

I ran my hands up and down her gorgeous curves as she wet her body. I nearly lost it every time my swollen member brushed against her fine little butt or her round hips. She stepped from the stream of water. I entered. Kelly helped me to wet my body. Then, she turned around, put her hands against the back of the shower wall, and shoved her fine little ass out. She ordered me to wash her back.

I happily complied. I rubbed soap onto her back and butt until I had a good lather going. Then I washed her shoulders, and down the front toward her breasts. I slid my dick up and down the well soaped crack of her ass. I lathered her pretty tits. I cupped them in my big hands, and rubbed my palms in circles of varying size. I lightly pinched her pert nipples, and teased the nipple rings.

She pressed her rear end against my hips. I pressed back, sliding my cock up and down her crack. My hands dropped to her flat stomach with the soap. Then I lathered down to her hips, and between her legs. I ran my soapy fingers up and down her pussy with her clit between my middle and ring fingers. She was moaning, but I was ready to explode. I pulled away from her gyrating ass, and dropped to my knees to wash her elegant legs, and sexy little feet.

Kelly turned to face me. The streaming water quickly rinsed the soap from her vagina. Sitting back on my heels, her vivacious little pussy was only inches from my face. I looked up, into Kelly’s dark eyes before diving into her sweet muff. I ran my tongue around and lightly across her pussy before I slipped it inside to stroke her g-spot. She worked herself up and down, and back and forth rubbing her clit against my upper lip. Soon my gothic princess was moaning and squirming with abandon. She put her hands on either side of my head to control her thrusts, and to help her keep her balance. I worked my hands all over her still soapy ass. She finally pulled my head hard into her hot cunt, and froze, screaming her passion. I continued to run my tongue over her g-spot, and to massage her tight little ass as she rode her orgasm to wave after wave of delight.

Finally, she let go of my head, and told me it was my turn. Kelly’s little hands firmly explored every inch of my body with the soap. She saved my dick and balls for last. I almost fainted when her hot, slippery hands ran up and down my engorged cock, and swollen balls. After she directed me under the shower head to rinse, she kissed me deeply. Our tongues explored one another’s mouths. Our bodies pressed tightly together. Our hands gently skimmed along the other’s body, and through our hair. Finally, I stepped back to look at the water glistening from Kelly’s lithe frame. I couldn’t help but tell her how beautiful she was.


We dried off from our shower, and I led Kelly up to the loft. We kissed, and I lowered her gently to my bed. I moved up and down her body kissing every wonderful inch. I lingered patiently at her wet pussy before moving back up. I kissed nibbled and licked back up to her belly button, and to her voluptuous breasts. I ran my lips softly across the nape of her neck, and nibbled tenderly on her earlobes. I kissed her cheeks and her forehead, and her cheeks again before falling back to her full lips. Once more our tongues swirled around the other’s.

Soon, Kelly was tired of this game, and coaxed me to roll over. She moved over the top of me working her sensual magic over my entire body. She found each nerve ending. Her lips and tongue brushed my shoulders, my chest, my stomach, my sides, my hips and my legs. I floated in bliss. There was no hurry. This moment could last forever.

Eventually though, she reached my manhood. Kelly let her practiced lips and tongue show her skills as an enchantress. She licked my balls, and nibbled my sac. Her hands worked my pulsating tool. Soon, she moved her tongue to the bottom of my shaft. She licked up and around until she reached the head. Her hand never stopped leisurely stroking the shaft. Her tongue swirled around my throbbing cock head. Finally, she kissed the tip lightly before engulfing my entire shaft in her warm mouth.

I worked hard to keep from exploding. She must have sensed this, and stopped for a few moments while she looked directly into my eyes. Her deep dark gaze calmed me.

Kelly continued to work my cock over. She moved her supple mouth and her deft hands up and down, twisting and swirling around the head and the shaft. Soon, the pressure was more than I could stand. Kelly squeezed my shaft hard, stopping my rise toward completion.

In a moment her hips hovered above my rigid pole.

Again, I looked into those beautiful dark eyes. Her passion and desire was evident. She mesmerized me with her radiance. Never had I known a woman so stunning, and so full of longing. I told her that she was the answer to all of my dreams.

She lowered herself onto me ever so slowly. We stared into one another’s eyes as her sex slowly engulfed mine. Little by little we moved together. She was so soft, so warm, and so wet. She moved her hips up and down almost freeing my cock of her tight pussy, and then completely burying its full length within her tender warmth. Slowly at first, then steadily gaining speed, she thrust her hips over me, and on me. Soon, I began to thrust in time. I would push up and her down. Then I would move down, and her up. Faster and faster we fucked. More and more we shared our passion, and our love.

We never let our eyes move from the others’. Our movements became quicker and more urgent, falling more deeply within the other’s soul. Kelly was moaning more intensely by the moment. Her fair flesh began to turn a light pink as the waves of orgasm began to wash over her. The more she fell into the glory of her desire, the more the pink rose until it finally covered her entire body with the flush of ecstasy.

Her joy drew me with her, up and over the hill. I exploded inside her. Together, we were lost in the pleasure of the other, allowing our mutual passion to wash through us until we were one with our desire.

We rolled over and over each wave of our shared rapture. We had become one in our pleasure, and did not want this moment to end. But, at long last, Kelly collapsed onto me, our loving gaze finally broken. Her soft cheek fell against mine.

She whispered breathlessly into my ear that she would never forget me, and we slept peacefully in an affectionate embrace.


I awoke with the afternoon sun shining brightly through the window. The smell and the taste of Kelly still overwhelmed me. I wondered if life could ever get any better. With Kelly, I knew it would.

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