tagGroup SexLady of the Manor - In The Garden

Lady of the Manor - In The Garden


This submission was reviewed and edited with the kind help of WhiteWave48. My thanks and gratitude are extended to her.

The tale is one of a series of stories where an anonymous woman has taken possession of a manor house and all its trappings. She is exploring both her new possessions and also her new found heightened sensuality.

I hope you enjoy and look forward to any comments you may care to leave.


It's the morning following your swimming pool adventure. It's a beautiful morning and you decide to walk through your grounds wearing nothing but your robe. The chill in the air makes your nipples rock hard and the breeze caresses your bare thighs as you walk, marvelling that all you can see is yours.

As you walk past the tall hedge you hear giggles and laughter. Peering through a gap in the hedge you spy the gardener stripped to the waist, his strong, sun-browned shoulders being massaged by the maid. It's her day off and she's wearing a skimpy yellow bikini.

You watch her standing behind him, rubbing his back, her hands reaching round to touch his nipples, gently brushing against them, pinching them.

She moves round in front of him and runs her hands over his chest, then she cups his buttocks as she kneels in front of him. She unbuttons his jeans and you give a little gasp as she releases his cock from its confines. It's huge. You've never seen one as big before.

She takes it in her hand and slowly wanks it, loving the sight of it in front of her. She extends her tongue and slowly licks the tip of it. He places both his hands on the back of her head and pulls her to him, wanting to be deeper inside her.

She opens her mouth and sucks the tip of it into her, her hands running beneath him, touching his balls, rubbing the base of his stalk where it joins. She sucks him deeply into her mouth, taking him fully inside.

You feel emboldened and approach them.

The maid looks up, sees you and stands up. She takes your hand and leads you to him.

You fall to your knees in front of him and take him in your hand. Close up his erection looks even bigger and you feel a little nervous, but you pull him towards you and lick gingerly at the head of his cock.

As you suck him into you, you sense the maid kneeling behind you. She's opening your robe, exposing your nipples to the biting air. There is a pause and then she touches them. A charge runs through you as the combination of the biting cold of the air and her touch creates a spark which seems to link your nipples together. It runs through your body to your pussy and you feel your lips begin to swell and the moistness within you grow.

Trying to concentrate on the gardener, you take him deep inside your mouth. He's too big to take all the way and you feel full with him, his manhood, his masculinity in your control.

Her hands are running all over your body now and she parts your robe further as she moves her hands down to graze against your pussy.

You push back against her as she enters you, just a single finger probing at you, lightly touching your clitoris, feeling its hardness, its arousal, feeling the dampness between your legs.

She stops.

You turn to watch her as she unties her top and slides her bikini bottoms down her legs. She is completely shaven and you can see the outline of her pussy as she lies on the grass.

Turning from the gardener now, you lean towards her and begin to lap at her wet pussy, feeling her respond to your tongue, feeling that she feels like you do, feeling that she wants you to love her.

Her hands lie on your head and she pulls you into her, wanting you to lick her faster, harder. You find her clit and suck on it as if it were a small cock, gently at first then harder, your tongue licking back and forth over it, wishing it were yours, wishing she were pleasuring you.

You feel rough hands on your bottom as the gardener lifts your robe, his breath on you as he kisses your cheeks, his hands between your buttocks and slipping inside you.

Again he kisses your cheeks, running his tongue between them, over your ass, down to your pussy, one long stroke then back up to the small of your back.

Again and again he runs his tongue over your secret place. You buck backwards against him as you lick and suck on the maid in front of you.

You push two fingers in her, wishing you were being filled. She responds by pushing her body back against you.

The gardener moves away, but before your disappointment is realised, you feel the hard nub of his cock pressing against the entrance to your body. Slowly his eases himself into you, and you don't think you can take it as inch by inch he pushes inside you.

When he is fully in, you feel stretched - fuller than ever before. Your whole body is wrapped around him as he begins to move in you, moving slowly out and then pushing himself back into you.

As your body responds to his size, it relaxes and moistens around him and his speed increases within you.

Your body feels as if it's on fire, full and complete.

You want to come and you continue to lick and suck the maid, her hands pulling you hard onto her, her pussy in your mouth, her juices flowing down your chin.

He thrusts into you now, wanting to fill you with his cum. Quicker and quicker he pushes into you, as you match his tempo by sucking, probing and licking the maid as her own orgasm builds.

He has to come; he cannot take any more and he pushes deep inside you as his cum explodes from him. You feel it deep within you, pulsing through your body. It seems like gallons.

Pulling away from him you turn and place your pussy over the maid. She licks you, pushing her fingers into you, filling the void where his cock was. She sucks the cum from you as you come; your juices spill from you as she licks them up.

She comes hard against you and you feel her muscles tighten around you as you collapse on her, still gently lapping at her as she gently laps at you.

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