tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 04

Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 04


The prim and proper housewives have been transformed into wanton lesbian anal sluts after two weeks of almost non-stop anal sex. They have also been exposed to group sex, orgies, and all manner of perverted sexual acts. At first, all they could think of was escape; now, at times, they even dread the time when their husbands can gather the funds necessary to buy their freedom. Their captors have agreed to allow the women's spouses to another week to get the ransom collected… Another SEVEN WHOLE DAYS to take full advantage of the captives lush, delectable bodies…

Lorna The two women are separated now, each in a different room. These rooms are much nicer, with wide bunk-like beds and wood furniture. Centrally heated, as well. Lorna dresses in the slutty underwear that had been left on the bed, as instructed. When Lulu returns, naked except for a huge, thick (12"x2.5") black rubber strap-on cock, Lorna is dolled-up in a black and red "merry widow", black stockings, and red spike heels; no panties. Lulu is filled with lust at the sight of the fantastically-stacked blonde bitch in her sexy lingerie. "Come here, baby, And show me how well you've learned to polish a knob. That's right ; down on your fuckin' knees" Within seconds Lorna is on her knees in front of her dominant captor, staring up at the impressive horse-cock jutting from the kidnapper/trucker's waist.

She eagerly accepts the solid length of hard, pliant rubber into her mouth. It completely fills her mouth, with the plum-like tip threatening to jam into her throat. Her lips form a semi-tight seal around the latex stalk; a bright red "O" was not quite restrictive enough to prevent the pseudo cock from sliding slickly in and out of her gorgeous oral orifice. When having sex with her husband, the big-titted blonde usually set the pace; her captors believe in being the "aggressors" when it came to oral sex, and so she'd had to adjust to having her mouth used like a cunt (or arse-hole) over the past few weeks. The only sounds in the room are the lewd slurping sound of Lulu's sliding cock and the trucker's quiet encouragement. "You've become quite the cock-sucker, baby…I might have to keep you around, even if hubby pays-off"

She orders Lorna onto her hands and knees, then bellies-up behind her, hot for another crack at the luscious kidnap victim's backdoor. She's too hot to engage in one of her favorite pastimes (rim-job), she's ready to dish-out another of a string of back-door bangings she and her partners have engaged the two women in over the past 14 days. Though now a "seasoned veteran", Lorna still flinches as strong fingers draw her buttocks open and drizzle more baby oil into her crack and onto her sphincter. Lulu positions the tip of her big penis in between the widely-splayed buttocks, rubbing her shaft in the oily lube. The flanged tip comes to rest against the blonde's slightly-gaping anal grommet, and the female trucker presses forward a bit, bullying the tender brown pucker open as the groaning blonde struggles to relax it. The voluptuously-titted blonde is acutely aware that Lulu would not stop until the whole of her salami-sized dong was fully-seated in her horny bottom.

Tiny sparks of lust begin to ignite in Lorna's belly as the rampant latex cock slides back and forth insistently with smooth, measured strokes. Lulu, thankfully, is taking it easy, but the dildo-skewed wife and mother knew that would not last much longer: Lulu liked her butt-sex hard and nasty, and Lorna would soon be enduring a country-style butt-fucking before her kidnapper was through.

Lulu slides one hand from her partner's meaty, wobbling hip and underneath; the horny bitch is sopping-wet! As usual! Lorna's breathing tenses, fluttering in and out as two fingers enter her, moving strong and slow while the tip of a thumb nubs playfully against her clitoris. She gasps, her thighs clenching against the intruding fingers and their expert manipulations. Lulu loves nothing more than the sight of a pair of full female buttocks spread wide around her thick truncheon, jiggling like jelly to her relentless thrusts.

Pulling out with a long shuddering breath, Lulu thrusts straight back in, causing both women to groan aloud. As Lulu picks-up the pace and begins to establish a steady rhythm Lorna works herself back and forth, jerking out of time, grinding her buttocks gainst Her partner's thighs and giving her the chance to push in deep.

"AhhhhOhhhh", Lorna groans helplessly, jerking as the oily knob of her partner's massive anal intruder butts-against the ball of soft, slushy shit at the entrance of her lower intestine. The stink of anal sex fills the room; the fact that she can smell the rich, earthy aroma of her own inner bowels ignites a series of erotic tremors within the hapless housewife.

The dildo-strapped female trucker's hips loop in wide circles, as if she's wearing a Hula Hoop about her waist. The huge-titted blonde's eyes roll back in her head as Lulu's assault quickens even more. The poor Sunday School teacher's fundament is (as yet) no match for Lulu's savage style of buggery, and the sobbing whimper that escapes the suffering blonde is loud and guttural, almost animal.

Both women are very close now to climax, Lorna sweating and grunting like a sow and Lulu is sweating profusely as the first cum overtakes them at almost the same instant; each successive one increases in intensity until neither woman is able to suppress twin howls of delight and raw lust as the final explosion takes them over the edge.

Chapter 5 is hard on the heels of Chapter 4!

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