tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 03

Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 03


Donna cannot believe how she has caved-in so easily to this black woman's advances. She should be fighting her, struggling to prevent this horrible rape....but is it rape? She's never been with another woman and never wanted to. She tells herself if not for the situation she would not give in to these perverted, sinful, WONDERFUL sensations coursing through her. Magic is reaching places deep inside her cunt that no man, including her husband, has ever been able to reach. Donna lets herself go: all conscious thought ceases, subdued by the delicious friction of the beloved rubber prick stretching the liquid, squelching core of her femininity.

Deep in the heat of lust, they fuck like a pair of minx. The vigorous humping is taking its toll on the sexy, lusciously-built housewife.


* * *

Lulu is giving Lorna the best, most through fucking she has ever received. Feminine juices sluice from the gasping blonde's soaked cunt as she is pounded repeated by her captor's lovely huge prick.

"Aw, God, fuck me!" she screeches, completely out of control. "God help me, I need your cock!"

Her full, round buttocks are spread naturally by her position, and Lulu takes full advantage, probing her thumb against the pink starfish she sees there. A hiss of surprise comes from the clenched lips of the cock-stuffed kidnap victim as Lulu hawks a thick gob of spit onto her asshole, allowing the probing digit to slip past the tight ring of her anus. No stranger to anal sex, Lorna is a bit worried about the size and thickness of the dildo; it is by far the largest object is has ever taken anally.

The thumb is able to penetrate deeper, and is moving in time to the pistoning rubber phallus. Lulu is a bit surprised when the puckered muscle seems to suck gently at her questing digit. This staid and proper is a little more freaky than her appearance lets on! She adds a second finger, and this time Lorna is more vocal in her approval. A low growl escapes her as those wriggling fingers twist around, filling and stretching the hot, damp entrance around them. "You like that, huh, bitch?", Lulu taunts, increasing the pressure of her exploring fingers. Lorna can only grunt in response. "You want me to fuck you in the ass? If you do, say it"

Lorna wants it so bad she can taste it, but she can't bring herself to say the words. Lulu's thumb is circling the darker, striated flesh surrounding her stuffed orifice. That does it! "Y-Y-yes; I want it"

she whispers, blushing like a bride on her wedding night.

"What was that? I can't hear you " Lulu chortles, delivering a medium-hard slap to the blonde's sweet round left buttock.

"FUCK MY ASS, DAMN YOU!" the frustrated housewife screams.

* * *

Donna's tight sphincter stings and burns as the wide, flanged head of the Cajun woman's glistening man-made dick gains entrance to her well-lubricated back-door. Magic had rimmed her for the past twenty minutes, sucking, nibbling and fingering her seldom-used rectal passage. The woman is very aptly named; her energetic tongue-fucking, combined with the added stimulation to the brunette's erected, throbbing clit, has Donna hungering for anal sex as she never has before-like magic!. Sure, she'd given-up her anal cherry long ago, but it took a lot of convincing, cajoling, and begging from her husband, and the last time they did it that way was months ago, on their anniversary. The act is never her idea, just a way to keep the peace.

This is different. For one, Bill never licks her asshole like this, would never consider it in a million years (hell, he barely can be convinced to give her head, except on special occasions). Part of it, she realizes, is due to the taboo of woman-to-woman sex. All these factors combine to convert the conservative wife and mother into a wanting lesbian anal slut. Her back arches as the burrowing cock-tip pops past the loosened but still-tight barrier to her rectum; she knows that the worst is over, and strives to relax her ass-muscles to make the entrance easier. She sobs softly as her slick rectal passage admits the rest of the greasy rubber shaft with a quiet slurp. No preliminaries; Magic begins to pump and thrust: short jabs, at first, then progressively longer and deeper strokes until her partner is yelping and groaning with each delving thrust. Lorna is in a similar situation down the hall...

* * *

Lorna has gotten her wish: Lulu is "ball-deep" in her hot, horny poop-chute, her shaft gliding easily in and out of the tight, welcoming sleeve as she pumps the blonde's plump, womanly rump at a leisurely, almost lazy pace. She figures she has all night to give this mouth-watering mom an ass-fucking she won't soon forget! She decides to step-up the pace a bit, and Lorna reacts as expected: "Ooooo, Ahhhaaw, Gawd thatssofuckingBIG!" she wheezes, her tone a mixture of pain and pleasure. A sudden, cramping pain knifes through her bowels, and she is suddenly panicked by the almost overwhelming urge to take a dump. Lulu knows she has hit 'paydirt': the evidence is in the faint brown streaks staining her "cock". Viscous strings of cum drip from the besieged wife's inflamed cunt as nasty buggering continues....

* * * **

"Dear, sweet , Jesus" the outrageously-endowed brunette whines, as the massive rubber prick continues its relentless pounding of her aching bowels. Bill never lasts anywhere near this long when doing her in the butt! Obscene farting sounds issue from her over-worked shit-factory with each hard, deep, in and out thrust. Now Magic has reached under and is cupping and kneading her bouncing, wobbling udders while her hips go into over-drive, savagely buggering the dazed, whimpering kidnap victim without mercy. Donna writhes and wriggles, one hand furiously slapping at her own swampy twat like a woman gone mad. The room is filled with the earthy aroma of Donna's inner bowels.

* * *

Lorna is huffing and puffing like a locomotive. She is covered in sweat, her normally lovely blonde locks are matted and tangled. A particularly deep thrust shocks her so much that she pisses herself:

A hot, yellow stream sluices out of her, splashing the floor and slathering her inner thighs. She is too hot, too anal-hungry, to be ashamed of losing control of her bladder. If the church choir could see her now, they would shit their pants and then keel over!

* * *

Donna is in a bit of torment: the urge to take a crap is now urgent, but Magic has shown no signs of slowing her pace. The cramping is worse, and now her bladder feels full as well! The marauding cock withdraws suddenly, and she doesn't even try to suppress the tremendous, bowel-contracting gas that blats from her ruined rectum. BLAAAAAATTT!FFFWWWWWT!PPPPPUUUUUUUoooT! The smell of the foul flatulence fills the room within seconds. Before the release of the potent gas inspires a bowel movement, Magic is driving back inside her, and resuming her relentless ass-wrecking.

She can't hold it anymore: the piss erupts from her like an un-damned flood. Her legs nearly buckle as a massive, blinding climax follows on the heels of her pissing.

Lorna is working on her third orgasm; never aware before did she know that one could orgasm in her ass! Lulu is finally through with her: an obscene slurping noise follows as she withdraws her oily, slimy rubber dong from the blonde slut's widely-gaping poop-chute and moves around in front, dragging her heavily-breathing partner up onto her knees. Before stuffing the soiled weapon into her throat she thoughtfully wipes it off with a towel, then slides it into Lorna's accepting, lipstick-smeared mouth. The taste repels her, but she has just been ass-fucked into senselessness by this dominant woman; what is one more debasement?

Donna is also sucking a dick fresh from her ass; she, like her friend, submissively submits to the depraved act without resisting. She ignores the taste and smell, suckling the thick butt-buster like a calf at its mother's teat.

CHAPTER 4 as soon as I can write it!

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