tagNovels and NovellasLaFemme Michele: Paris Noir, Ch. 08

LaFemme Michele: Paris Noir, Ch. 08

byDeckard Kincaid©

As the remainder of the evening passed, Kincaid was looking forward to observing the final erotic test of the evening. At around midnight Kincaid announced to Michele that it was time to go to another club, however she should stay and wait until he returned with the car. He told her that he would not be long, and left her with a 100 Euro bill to tide her over and buy a drink to anyone who came over and kept her company. After Kincaid left Michele was left alone with the sharks of the club who circled around her like she was live bait as she bought them drinks and made conversation with them. As the money became less and less, Michele realized that it was taking much longer than it should have for Kincaid to go to the restaurant and retrieve the car.

By the time her money ran out, the bouncer announced that the club was closing; however by then Michele, who was quite tipsy, but instead of waiting any longer, she decided to search for Kincaid. Once she was outside, Michele decided that the best course of action would be go back to the restaurant, but she was not sure, partially because of the mix of the Mahala, alcohol and sex in her system, as to where that was, so she simply decided to start walking toward the music that emanated from another street nearby. By this time of the evening there was now a slight chill was in the air as Michele walked while a light mist quickly turned in to a steady downpour as she made her way toward the sound of jazz that emanated from an underground station several blocks away.

As Michele walked, several people gawked at her as they scurried past her, searching for cover, as the rain soon drenched her, causing her dress to melt to her body, exposing every inch of her bare skin underneath. As the rain poured down harder Michele stepped up her pace as she realized that it was probably even later than she realized, and that this was not the time or the place for her to be waking around near naked with no identification or male protection. By this time Michele was very cold, wet, and tired to the bone, as all of her sexual activities of the last several days had now drained away her will to both resist or put up a fight.

Eventually Michele made her way to an underground walk way, but by this time she was crying like a child, for she realized that she was truly lost. Eventually, as she had progressively gotten herself lost in the confusing maze and labyrinth of Paris's dark and dangerous streets, she saw a place where she could rest her sore legs, in a dimly lit alley way. By now Michele, who sat on a wet bench and now closed her weary eyes in despair, was is in a state of panic as she wondered if anyone knew that she was now lost and missing. After Michele closed her eyes she dozed off a bit, never once hearing footsteps approaching, until a shadow blocked out the dim light bulb above Michele's head.

However, Michele did realize a presence, but only after she brushed a falling droplet away with a finger, after which she looked up into the face of a surly, young and menacing Arabic man named Mohammed. After Michele had opened her eyes, the two of them stared blankly at each other for a few seconds; as Michele, now stricken with fear looked deeply into his emotionless gaze. However, despite the fact that she sensed danger, Michele, for whatever reason, could not understand why she was feeling the familiar wetness that was now building up inside of her, but when she looked down to Mohammed's waist, she understood exactly what type of danger she was in.

Mohammed's hands were at his waist, but as Michele she rose to her feet, he drew a gun, as she raised her hands in fear, while he just looked at her nude body, which was quite visible through her rain soaked satin dressed and smiled, for the man in the Armani suit had never mentioned to him that she was dressed like this, after having been paid to follow her, and, as the well dressed man had said, "eventually she you will catch up to her, and when you do I want you to scare her, fuck her, and rape her; but don't hurt her! For if I find one bruise or cut, I will skin you alive!".

The money alone was enough to convince Mohammed not to hurt this beautiful and sexy foreign woman; however, that did not mean that he was going to be gentle, especially since he loved to regularly rape the young veil clad women back in his home country. As Mohammed gazed at the fear building in Michele's eyes, which were hypnotic in their blueness, he knew right then and there that he would make the most of this once in a lifetime possibility and rape her and fuck her in every possible and imaginable way, the session of which, thanks to the blue pills the man in the Armani suit had ordered him to swallow, was going to last quite a long time.

It was at that moment that Michele started to stand, as Mohammed said in French "asseyez-vous!" However, when Michele, who was confused at what he said, did not obey his command, he grabbed her by the shoulder and shoved her backwards against the coarse brick wall, the suddeness and force of which caused Michele to scream in fear. The sounds of which reverberated off the brick and around the corner, where Kincaid and Luc watched in silence, with their guns at the ready in case the immigrant thug decided to do more than had been asked of him early.

"Spread your legs you whore!! I am going to fuck you!!" Mohammed said in English as he suddenly remembered what the man in the Armani suit had said about her being a foreigner. He then stepped back in order to get a better look at Michele, who now trembled with fear as she watched her attacker, with one hand, drop his pants to reveal his throbbing cock.

After Mohammed had removed his pants, tears of both fear and inappropriate desire slid down Michele's swollen cheeks as he then reached down to spread her legs. However, while he was distracted, Michele suddenly made a blind attempt for the gun, but Mohammed's reflexes were much quicker as he snatched it up before she even touched it. He then put one hand on Michele's stomach to hold her, just for security measures as he then held the gun against her throat, the force of which caused Michele to swallow hard and whimper in fear, while he then pressed the metal of the barrel into her flesh. Smiling at Michele's fear, Mohammed then slowly dragged it along her wet satin covered torso, first between her breasts, along her stomach, then through her small patch of pubic hair that he now accessed after he peeled up the front of her skirt, until he pointed it directly at her pussy.

From several feet away Kincaid and Luc watched, both in awe and concern, as the hired thug began to slowly rape Michele in the dark and deserted alleyway. The reason for having Michele defiled in this way, Kincaid explained, was that her diaries he read were full of several fantasies that contained descriptions of her being raped in a dark alleyway by a stranger.

Thus, Kincaid had taken advantage of the confusing layout of the alleyways around the club, by hiring the immigrant thug to see just how well Michele would respond sexually when she was confronted with a real life rapist. In her diaries, Kincaid had read how Michele would do whatever it took to save her life, even if it meant giving into her deepest and darkest carnal desires, and after having seen for himself Michele's positive reactions to the erotic scenarios that he had already arranged, including her earlier double penetration at the club, he was confident that Michele would pass this new and dangerous test of her sexual will.

With tears running down her cheeks, as she pled in French, "veuillez ne pas me blesser, je fera n'importe quoi, satisfont juste ne me blessent pas!" Michele shook with fear and the pain of her attacker's weight against her, as he teased her with his loaded and cocked weapon, running it along her slit, slipping it a couple centimeters inside her glistening pussy. The massive long nosed chrome weapon hurt inside her, and muffled cries slipped from her lips every so often, as Mohammed slowly shoved the whole thing in, the actions of which he repeated again and again, ignoring her moans and cries of protest.

For what seemed like eternity, the gun moved In and out, in and out, in and out, as the rapist fucked her with the cold long nosed and nickel plated weapon, all the while watching in delight as Michele closed her eyes, clenched her teeth, and tried desperately not to breathe as the lowlife took away the last of her dignity. Yet, as he fucked her slowly Michele wondered at her attacker's motives, successfully distracting herself from the motions she was so terrified of, while at the same time slowly deriving great pleasure from.

Eventually, a dull and evil chuckle that emanated from Mohammed's throat returned Michele to the cold against her bare back and the steel between her thighs. Her breath was cut short, unintentionally this time, as she realized that her own hand was resting on her pelvic bone, and she was caressing what he was abusing. Michele silently begged herself to stop but couldn't resist the forbidden stimulation, yet, when she opened her mouth to scream, aside from the beginnings of a moan of desire, no sound could come before the man noticed her attempt and clapped a hand across her face.

As Kincaid and Luc watched from afar, the rapist left the gun inside her, stifled her whimpering with one hand, and then began to remove his pants with the other. After some trouble, and amazement that the Michele hadn't bothered to make use of her opportunity to escape, Mohammed succeeded and took his hand away from her mouth, and said to her in fractured English, "suck me," as pushed her down to squat precariously on her unsteady stilettos, while he himself sat on the ground, and then shoved his cock between her reaching lips.

At first, Michele reflexively gagged and nearly regurgitated everything she'd eaten and drank for the past six hours, in disgust, but, with the rapist now holding his strong hand around her throat, she coaxed herself into keeping it down. At this point Michele actually began to find the rigid cock in her mouth comforting, while the loaded gun that was still inside her cunt made her ache with a desire that she couldn't help but admit to, especially since she had long fantasized about such a moment, which she in turn had written into her diary.

Yet, despite the eroticism of the moment, Michele also knew that she had to at least feign fear, which was why she tried to reach for the weapon in her pussy; however Mohammed saw what she was doing and quickly had her hand pulled away. As a result of Michele's hand movement, he gripped the weapon firmly and began thrusting the revolver into her hard, as Michele's toes curled and her body shook with a joy her rational intellect didn't want to be feeling. However, at this point her intellect was not in control, as in one hopeless burst of longing, Michele gave in and lifted her hips towards the sky, so that the gun could be forced deeper inside. She tried to scream her moans, but the flesh in her throat, which responded to the vibrations quite pleasantly, stifled them with intense speed and strength with which he tore away the last of her dignity until he moaned, pulled out, and sprayed everything he had onto her rain soaked body.

The well dressed man's order's were very clear, he was to cum on her now rain soaked face, after which he was to let her go. However, despite Mohammed's orders, Michele wanted to swallow, as she tried to lap up, like a child at a fountain, the spunk that now ran down the front of her face, hair and chest as she continued to milk him and squeeze out every last salty drop. At this point Michele was so thirsty for her attacker's salty jizz that she wouldn't let him go when he tried to stand. The rapist's legs buckled with the touch of her soft tongue, as he worked the metal inside her again, until he gave all that he could. As the speed of the gun in her pussy intensified, Michele threw her hips into the air, longing for more, but not before she looked up and saw Kincaid's vehicle speeding down the dark alleyway in the driving ran, It was at that moment that Michele's paid attacker pulled his cock out from between her lips, pulled up his pants, and tried to run away down the alley, taking his gun and the sweet smell of her pussy with him.

At first, as Kincaid's car slowed, Mohammed smiled with the knowledge that the American whore in the satin dress was the easiest money he had ever made. However, before he could turn the corner, Luc had approached from the other direction, effectively trapping the man in the narrow alleyway as he suddenly realized that he was not going to walk away a happy man. It was at that point, out of fear, that Mohammed fired a round at Kincaid, the aim of which narrowly missed him and ricocheted off a wall. In response to the shot of desperation, Kincaid and Luc instinctively drew their weapons on the hired thug and watched in awe as their hollow point rounds caused his head to explode in a burst of red and gray.

Meanwhile, several feet away from Kincaid's car, Michele watched the spectacle before her as Kincaid and Luc avenged her honor, even as her body continued shaking with delayed satisfaction as she stayed squatted and leaned back against the wet brick wall licking up the remnants of her attacker's cum from her fingers on one hand, while at the same time her other hand and fingers were at work stroking her pussy. As she closed her eyes, she whimpered and sobbed as she worked her clitoris hard in a desperate attempt climax, until finally, at the same time she heard Mohammed's head explode, she came and collapsed against the wall in a shivering and sobbing slump.

Several moments later, despite the sight of her attacker's lifeless body before her, Michele basked in afterglow as the skies suddenly opened up as the rain washed the stranger's salty jism from her body. As the lightening and thunder sounded, Michele looked up and saw, as if in a dream, her lover, who was now walking toward her, with his gun drawn, in the dim light, after having avenged her honor. For Kincaid, prior to he and Luc's arrival, the site of his lover's desperate body seeking relief, as he watched in the shadows, told him that Michele possessed the desire and the courage to be a part of his new team, for that night he had witnessed first hand her spiritual conversion to the dark side of sexuality.

As she looked up at Kincaid, the sudden realization of what had happened hit her like a ton of bricks as Michele suddenly began to cry and sob large tears of fear and relief. It was at this point that Kincaid, who by now was drenched looked down at Michele, pulled her up, embraced her wet and shivering semi nude body, and then kissed her deeply and said simply in French, "craignez non mon amour, il plus de. Je vous promets que personne ne vous blesseront jamais. Pour je t'aime plus que la vie elle-même. Laissez-maintenant nous vont à la maison." To which Michele simply nodded and said to him, "I love you too," after which he carried her to the car and they drove off, followed closely from behind by Luc.

Fortunately, for Kincaid and Luc, there were no witnesses to the death of Michele's rapist. However, after having brandished a gun in front of Michele, he knew that eventually he was going to have to tell her the truth of who he and Luc where, and how they hoped that she would become the third, and indispensible, member of their espionage team.

As they drove back to his apartment, Kincaid explained to Michele that shortly after he left the club he was dragged into an alleyway and attacked by a group of skinheads who took his wallet and his money, but not before they left him so dazed and confused that he had to lay for several hours until his strength returned and he could find her. By the time, he said, that he returned to the club, he found that she was gone and had called Luc to help him find her. When Kincaid asked if the rapist had hurt her, Michele simply said "no", never once mentioning that he actually fucked her with a loaded revolver, and that she did not need to see a doctor.

It was at that point that Michele, who was both cold and, after witnessing the death of her attacker, scared, then asked Kincaid why he and Luc did not simply wound him. To which Kincaid simply replied that he would kill anyone who harmed her, and from what he saw, death was the only option to the man who had raped her. It was at that moment that Kincaid squeezed her hand, then kissed it and reassured her that justice had been served. At this point, all Kincaid wanted to do was to go home and make love to her while he recounted to her all that had happened to her at the gym and on the dance floor at the club. By now Michele, who was still dripping wet, smiled at Kincaid and then rested her tired and wet head on his arm and said to him, "I love you," after which she closed her eyes and imagined that she was still being filled with the cold steel of her dead attacker's revolver...

After their arrival home, a sore Kincaid sat in the chair tending to the wounds he had deliberately inflicted upon him by Luc outside the club, as he watched Michele peel out of her rain slicked tight and shrunken satin dress. Michele didn't speak as she undressed, while he didn't speak as he watched. They had talked enough, and at this point more talk wasn't necessary.

He was naked as he sat in the chair, for Michele had watched him undress first. His cock, despite the energy draining physical punishment Kincaid claimed his attackers had inflicted upon him, was now rock hard, throbbing, needful, as he stroked it slowly while watching her undress. At that moment, it wasn't clear who was doing what for whom. As Michele undressed, Kincaid watched, while at the same time she watched his hand move over his cock all the while taking time to notice the drop of precum at the tip grow bigger. She then watched the head of his cock swell even larger, redder, and more crimson, after which she then noticed his scrotum grow taut as the skin was stretched by his massive cock.

When Michele was completely naked, she stood in front of Kincaid and used both hands to slowly pull back and clip her still damp hair. Underneath the full moon, Michele noticed that her breasts were full and luscious with each nipple already hard and pointed. Her trimmed pubic hair seemed to point down to her shaved pussy, the same shaved pussy that at least six cocks and one pistol had fucked just hours before and the same pussy that had wet his fingers in the car as he drove them to back to his apartment.

Michele, who by now, despite all of the previously cocks she had fucked earlier in the day and evening, was now insatiable for Kincaid's love and liquid. Wordlessly she silently knelt in front of him as he spread his knees to give her room. His hand was still moving slowly over the length of his cock, as he caressed and readied himself for her, showing himself to her. Their eyes were locked onto each other as they each anticipated what was to come without knowing any details of what would happen. Whatever would come they both would welcome it, embrace it, and savor it as best they could. Michele then leaned into him to kiss him, as he leaned forward to make it easier. Their lips touched softly and their tongues embraced, and he could feel her breasts pressed against his groin, touching his hand and his cock at the same time.

With that touch, after all she had experienced and he had witnessed, they both knew instinctively that there was now no going back to the lives they once knew. Michele then broke their kiss and leaned back, still holding his gaze, as she licked her fingers slowly and wiped the wetness between her breasts. She then licked her fingers again wetting herself more and then leaned forward, after which Kincaid scooted down in the chair until she took his cock between her breasts. Michele's hands then held her breasts from the sides and held his cock. Her fingertips then touched each of her nipples as she looked down at Kincaid's cock and watched it move between her breasts as he moved his hips with each of her strokes until soon they were fucking each other in rhythm.

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