LaFemme Michele: Paris Noir, Ch. 08

byDeckard Kincaid©

Wordlessly Michele watched as the head of Kincaid's cock moved up and down, his balls pressed into her skin beneath her breasts, the sight of which caused her nipples to grow even harder under her fingers. She then leaned back and released him, still holding her breasts, cupping them, as he held his cock for her as she used his nipple to play over the underside of his head, using her nipples to smooth out his oozing drops of precum. As she knelt there, leaning back on her heels, she then pressed her breasts together and let her nipples touch each other, after which she cupped each breast from underneath and held them up to lick. Licking her nipples, Michele's tongue reached them and circled them, flicked over them, all the while holding his eyes with hers, watching him watch her.

It was at that moment that Michele realized just how powerful a weapon her body could be, as she she took his cock again between her breasts and fucked him as before.

"I want to watch you cum," was all Michele said in a commanding voice.

To which Kincaid smiled and nodded, knowing it was okay, knowing it wouldn't take long, as his cock moved easily through her wet valley.

"Soon," he told her, feeling it coming.

Michele then released him and leaned back on her heels.

"Show me, NOW!" she ordered.

"Yes Mistress," Kincaid said with a smile as he took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it for her with faster and longer strokes as his forefinger moved over the underside of the head. By now, after having witnessed Michele's alleyway rape, his cum had built up painfully inside him until finally he could no longer hold it. From below Michele watched as his hand pumped his cum from his cock, pushing the white splatters upward with each stroke of his hand as they landed on his stomach and abdomen.

As he came, in a loud moan, Michele's eyes followed each one, each splatter, each hot, white pool, until finally his hand milked the last drop of cum from his cock, letting it drool down the side, over his fingers, into his pubic hair.

When he was finished, Michele smiled and then leaned in and began to lick away his cum. As the tip of her tongue moved through the wetness, her eyes held Kincaid's gaze, watching him watch her tongue play in his cum. The sight of Michele feasting on him forced Kincaid to catch his breath as she slowly finished capturing most of his cum, until finally, after her lips were shiny, and milky wet, she leaned up to kiss him, forcing him for the first time to taste what was on her tongue as she pushed her tongue deep in his mouth.

After breaking their kiss, Michele, who still had large droplets of cum on her lips said, "Ready for a shower?"

To which Kincaid replied with a smile, "Can you carry me into the bathroom?"

Michele just chuckled, got up from the floor, turned, bent at the waist, and looked at him from between her legs. However, before Kincaid could reach out to touch her glistening pussy and ass, she stood straight and walked to the bathroom. When he heard the water running in the shower, Kincaid just smiled, looked down at his still hard cock and got up to join her….

Later, after their session of tender love making in the shower, during which Michele swore her love and begged to be the mother of Kincaid's child, as they laid in the silk sheets Michele broke down in tears as she looked out of the bedroom toward the lights of the Eiffel Tower. As she sobbed, Kincaid held her tight as she finally told him that, in her heart, she felt her marriage was over. Michele then told Kincaid how unhappy she had been in her seven year marriage and that she could not believe that Barry had allowed her to take a lover and come to Paris.

"Doesn't he love me?" Michele asked Kincaid over and over, but it wasn't a question that he had an answer to, since he, Kincaid, now held the future of both Michele and Barry in the palm of his hand. All Kincaid said was that he loved her and that should Michele want to stay permanently in Paris, he could ensure that she would never be unhappy nor feel unloved. With his reassurances, Michele just continued to lay in Kincaid's arms, as suckled her lover's strong fingers that gently probed her soft lips and face as they both slowly drifted off into a deep and contented sleep. The last thought that both of them had, as they talked about their time at the gym and the jazz club, was that it truly had been a wonderful day....

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