tagNon-EroticLaid into the River Ch. 01

Laid into the River Ch. 01


This is a story about my best friend Jillian who is now almost nineteen years old. This is pure fantasy and I do NOT support violence/evil like it is descripted in this series. This series has descriptive violence/gore/swearing and may offend some readers. Lastly, this series isn't about things happening to Jill, it's how she evolves from her problems. Characters are under 18 years old in this story but DO NOT engage in sexual acts. Again, this is pure fantasy and for entertainment. Comments/Ratings are welcomed, thank you!



Jillian has lost her whole family. They were killed in a fire at their house while she was over at her friend's house for a sleepover. Jill was 13 years old when the incident happened. Her life was shattered. She had no idea of what she was going to do because she lost her older sister, Abigail, and her two parents. Jill was a really soft girl, she was sensitive and always looked up to Abigail. Whether Jill was upset at school or having a bad dream, Abigail was always there for her. Her two parents loved her very, very much too and Jill had a hard time accepting the fact that her routine with her family was destroyed forever and beyond.

Jill loved to watch movies with Abigail, every night they would pick out a movie and watch. Whether it was a sad movie or a horror movie, it was a very enjoyable one that both sisters loved watching. After the movie ended, Jill and Abigail would be snuggled into each other's arms only to fall asleep to the next morning. Abigail was 18 years old and she had a job at Best Buy. Her parents both worked at major companies. Her mom, a telemarketer for a newspaper company and her dad, a worker in an aircraft building facility.

Jill loved to go to school, she loved her teachers, her friends, and the atmosphere. All of this has changed for her now that her family has fallen. Her grandparents passed away and there weren't any relatives around for her to go live with. There was only one choice for her in which she was forced to take, to go into a foster home.

"Oh, Jill, I'm so sorry about the misfortune in your life, sweetie!" Her new mother said to her while shedding a few tears.

Jill didn't say a word but looked down only to know that her own eyes were bloodshot with tears and sadness. She slipped out of her shoes and neatly organized them next to everyone else's shoes. Jill walked over slowly to give her new mother, Angela, a hug. Angela had straight black hair, green eyes, and was fairly tall. She was about 5'9" tall and was very athletic. Jill loved the feeling of being hugged because it gave her a feeling of happiness and hope once again. It was Christmas time now and Jill's feelings were really torn apart. Jill once again, had to accept a really harsh fact that she won't see any of her family ever again.

Next, Jill was welcomed by 2 foster brothers, Jason and Daniel. Jason was 15 years old while Daniel was 17 years old. They both gave their new sister a hug and their greetings. Jill smiled and looked up at both of the boys. Knowing her eyes were blood red and teary, she let out a little smile and a 'thank you' to the two boys. Jason had shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, and black clothing. Daniel looked the same though his hair was a bit wavier. Both were around 6 feet tall and looked athletic, just like their mother.

Jill looked around the house pretty amazed. It was a big house. It had 4 bedrooms, 2 washrooms, a kitchen, a big living room, and a basement that Jill hasn't seen yet. The carpet was a soft beige colour. It pleasured Jill's feet as she stood on it. There were couches around the television and a whole bunch of chairs in the kitchen.

Her new older sister, Grace, then grabbed Jill tightly. Grace was 18 years old, she had nice long dark hair that went past her shoulders with beautiful green eyes. She was about 5'5" and slim.

"Oh, Jill, I'm so happy to have a sister! I'm so sorry for your losses and I hope that things will turn out the best for you, sweetheart!" Grace said joyfully.

"Oh...why...thank you so much...I really appreciate it..." Jill said in a very sad tone.

"Dad's going to be working late tonight so you'll meet him later, Jill. Grace, show Jill her new room! She must be tired from this huge fiasco."

Jill was led into a fairly big bedroom with two beds 3 feet apart, side-by-side, almost up against the wall. Jill is about 5'2" tall and she's a fairly skinny girl. She's generally a small girl like her older sister was. Jill sat on a bed and looked at her fingernails.

"You can go to sleep if you like, Jill, sometimes it's best just to sleep all the terror away and welcome new greatness into your heart." Grace said to her softly.

"Thank you so much...I can't even begin to start on how...grateful I am...to be here with you guys...thank you." Jill said back in another sad tone.

Jill pulled off her shorts and top and let the warm covers take over her cold body. Jill started thinking about her family again, it was going to be hard for her to get them out of her head. Things would never be the same for her ever again. She then closed her eyes and slept the terror away, just like Grace told her to.

Chapter 2

"Awww, hello, sweetie."

Jill opened her eyes to a soft voice and a hand slowly touching her brown hair.

"Hello, Jillian, I'm your new father, Owen."

It was dark in the room, nightfall hit just like that while Jill slept away her sadness. Jill smiled at her new father and let a few tears fall from her eyes onto the pillow.

"I...just want to thank you for everything you guys have done for...me. It means so much...to me...thank you so much." Jill said in another sad, tired tone.

Owen smiled and ran his hand over Jill's tears.

"It's okay, sweetie, you're safe here, we love you very much." He said.

Jill smiled again and closed her eyes as her father left the room.

A few days passed and Jill started to know her new family members. Jason and Daniel were part of an air soft team as well as a paintball team. They both loved to play video games and listen to metal music. Jill was into metal music as well, though she never really knew anyone else that was into it. Jill talked with her two brothers about metal for a while. Grace was into cooking. She was really good at it too. She also loved to go sledding outside in the snow, she wanted to take Jill sometime. Jill was very happy with the new family that she was accepted into although she was still attached to her original family.

Christmas day came and everyone opened up their presents. Jill sat on the soft couch. Jill was holding back her tears forcefully knowing that she wouldn't be able to tell her own family 'Marry Christmas'. Daniel threw a present at Jill.

"This one's for you, sweetie!"

Jill looked at her present. She looked at the nametag and found out it was from 'Santa'. Everyone looked at Jill as she gently tore the wrapping paper and let the object fall into her lap. It was a nice soft thick knitted sweater. Jill smiled right away.

"Wow, oh my goodness, this is so sweet you guys, thank you so much!" Jill said in excitement.

Jill got up in an instant and hugged everyone in her family and gave them all a kiss on the cheek.

"Put it on, Jill!"

Jill pulled off her tank top and slid on the warm sweater. Jill smiled right away and gave everyone another hug.

Jill also received a couple pairs of jeans that fit her pretty tightly and a couple of new shirts. She was also given new panties and bras from her mother while she was given a couple metal-labeled t-shirts from her brothers. They were bands that she loved and she gave both of her brothers a big hug and a big kiss. Grace had given her a couple of movies and a very pretty ring.

Jill was so happy with everyone, she gave everyone another big hug and another big kiss. Christmas passed through along with New Year's. It was the middle of January now and that's when the horrors started coming back to haunt Jill, except this was a new horror.

Chapter 3

Jill was happy with all of her new things and how she was welcomed into her new family. Jill helped out around the house, she cleaned up the kitchen every day, she tidied up, and cleaned the washrooms. Jill even shoveled snow outside for her family.

One day, Jill was outside in her new sweater shoveling snow to only be interrupted from the voice of her mother.

"Jillian! Where's your coat!?" Angela said angrily.

Jill walked inside.

"I don't have a coat, mum. The sweater you guys gave me works out very well." Jill said softly.

"That's fucking hogwash! Are you fucking nuts? You'll get so sick if you go out in that weather!" Angela screamed at Jill.

Jill's eyes filled with tears as her mum screamed at her. Jill has never been yelled at like that before. Jill tried to shed her tears with her hands but before she knew it, her mother had slapped her right across the face leaving a large cut from her ring. Jill flew into the wall as she let out a little scream.

"Go to your fucking room! When you can actually think, come back out and talk to me!"

Jill kicked off her boots and ran to her room crying very quietly. Jill took off her clothes and climbed into her bed. She went to sleep as throbbing pain attacked the wound on her face. Jill has never been hit before in her life, she was in a lot of pain. Blood seeped out of her wound onto her pillow as Grace walked into the room.

"Jill! Are you ok? Please don't take this seriously, mom is drunk again!"

Grace sat next to Jill on the bed.

"She hit me for no reason, Grace..." Jill said as she cried.

"Oh my god, you're cut, deeply! Come here!"

Jill got up in pain.

"Here, put some clothes on, we need to go to the doctor!"

Jill put on her clothes and looked at her pillow, her pillow was full of blood. Grace grabbed Jill's hand and pulled her through the living room. Grace stopped and pushed Jill over the coffee table. Jill smacked her head on the carpet.

"Oh my god! Jill! I'm so sorry!" Grace yelled.

Jill stayed where she fell. Her whole body ached now and her head hurt more than ever. Jill closed her eyes and tried to sleep all the terror and pain away.

Chapter 4

Jill opened her eyes. She was in her bed. She wasn't sure if what she experienced was a dream or real life. Jill had a splitting headache. She felt the side of her face and there it was, the stinging cut that Angela had given her. Jill got up and went to the kitchen. Owen was sitting down at the table reading the newspaper.

"Dad?..." Jill asked without trying to cry.

Owen looked up from the newspaper and looked at Jill's red eyes.

"What is it, my little angel?" He said nicely.

"Do...you...guys hate...me?" Jill said as she sobbed.

"No! Of course not sweetie! Listen...we love you very much but alcohol is a big thing for your siblings and mother, just let it go. Don't let it get to you okay? Please..."

Jill nodded as tears fell onto the kitchen floor. Jill walked back to bed in grief. Jill woke up a couple hours later. Not a word was spoken about what happened to her the night before.

Months passed as Jill went to school and moved on. It was Jill's birthday in the month of October. No one even looked at Jill that day and no one even said a word to her. Jill was upset because her original family treated her so nicely on her birthday. Jill didn't think anything of it, after all, nothing would be the same for her again.

It was November now. Jill did her fair share of chores around the house. She did her homework and paid attention in school.


"Yes, mum?"

"Why didn't you wipe up the counters after lunch?" Angela said in a very demanding tone.

"I...forgot, mum, I'm so sorry, please d---"

Before she could finish, she was slapped real hard across the face and landed on a glass cup that happened to be sitting on the table which shattered. Jill's face was cut up real bad. Her lower lip was cut and her right cheek was cut in several places. Jill's right eyebrow was cut deep, blood seeped into her eye. Jill had shards of glass stuck in her smooth skin. Her blood was spilling out of her like crazy. She ran into the washroom real fast and locked the door. Jill couldn't see out of her right eye because it stung with pain because of the blood. Jill looked in the mirror and looked at all the little pieces of glass forced into her face.

Jill grabbed a cloth and wet it with hot water. She cleaned out her eye and gently rubbed her bloody eyebrow. Jill whimpered really loud. Jill then heard pounding on the washroom door.

"Jillian! Open this door, right now!" Angela yelled.

Jill didn't hesitate because she didn't want to be hurt anymore so she opened up the door. Angela looked at Jill's bloody face and realized the pain she'd caused her own little daughter. Jill was sitting on her bottom as she cleaned out her wounds and pushed herself up against the bathtub as Angela walked in the bathroom. Jill looked up into her mother's eyes.

"Please mom, don't hurt me! Please! I've learned my lesson! Please just don't hurt me anymore, I'm in so much pain, I can't take it, please, mom!"

Angela gave Jill a very dirty look.

"I'm glad you learned your lesson. I swear to fucking god if you do this to me again I will fucking hurt you beyond anything you've ever felt, you little bitch!"

Jill thought her tear vaults exploded at that moment. Blood was all over her chest and jeans. Her white tank top was bloodstained red. Owen walked into the washroom and picked up Jill gently. He guided Jill to his car. Jill was barefoot as she walked. The rocks outside really hurt her feet.

"Oh my god, Jill! You're going to be okay! Stay with me!" Owen told her.

Jill cried all the way to the hospital and before she knew it, she was out just like a light. Jill then woke up to a whole new world and realized something very shocking.

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