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Lake Superior Love


Lake Superior has never looked better. Years ago I had heard about a little chunk of land the was seven miles out of the nearest town, and right on the water. I was unable to get it at that time, but I always kept it in the back of my mind. Now I am alone again and looking to make a new life, so I looked into if that land was still available. It was, so I bought it and opened a log lodge style get-away. I cater to families, but every now and then a single person would come and stay for a while and that is fine, but families are what I really cater to. When I first saw this land I fell in love. It is all wooded and I can see why the lumber industry was so prevalent in years long gone by.

One day, one of the hottest in the summer, most of my guests were at the beach. I was doing some cleaning up around the outside, and I had just a swim-suit top and a pair of shorts on. Under the shorts I had the bottoms to my suit on because I had figured to join my guests on the beach later on. I can see the Lake from where I am and I pause to look at the glistening water. Out on the horizon I see a freighter going past.

Suddenly everything goes black as someone places their hands over my eyes. Before I freak out I catch a whiff of cinnamon and I know that it is a guy that has been coming to the lodge now off and on all summer. He always has cinnamon gum. Laughing, I grab his hand and turn around in his arms.

"Jeff, if you are going to sneak up on someone, you have to lose the gum." Looking down into my eyes, I see a change come over him very quickly. I feel his arms get slightly tighter and gently he pulls me in to an embrace that, I must say, I am only to eager to go into.

"Jasmine, do you have any idea how long I have been wanting to feel you in my arms? There is one reason that I continue to come back here. Besides that, I can't find another place in this whole country that is as relaxing as your beach during a sunset. I sit there in the evening and wish that you were there as well. I have often imagined that you are there with me, and we sit together and watch the sun set over the Lake. When the dusk falls, I imagine, you and I walk up to the lodge and into the sitting area where a fire has been started and blankets have been laid out on the floor in front of it. Slowly you and I start to make out and then you fall asleep in my arms. All night I hold you and watch you sleep. A couple of times you wake up a little bit, but you must feel relaxed, because you fall back asleep."

I must say that listening to his voice has me relaxing in his gentle embrace. I put my head forward onto his very strong shoulder and just rest there for a moment. "Jeff, you know how to romance a lady, don't you? Most guys just want one thing, and that is to fuck me. That is why I am here. I just want to get away from all of that."

"Jasmine, I would be lying to you if I told you that I do not want to make love to you, but I don't JUST want to make love to you. I want to cherish you. I already love you for the things that you do around here to save the earth. I love the fact that there is no electricity here and no phones. When you walk in and see the oil lamps and fire places, you feel like you have stepped back in time. I know that a couple of times a week you go into town on your bike to get the reservations that have been emailed to you. I must admit to following you on a couple of occasions. Watching you run this place and making it as "green" as you have amazes me."

Just at that moment one of the guests comes up from the beach and Jeff and I break apart. Watching him walk away I know that he is someone that I could easily fall in love with.

Later that day, after everything has been made ready for the evening and all of the lamps have been filled, I wander down to the beach where earlier in the day I had pile a some drift wood. I see that Jeff has moved some chairs from up by the lodge so now there is plenty of room for everyone to sit. Looking up, Jeff sees me coming and lights the paper that I had placed under the wood. Before long all of the guests are around the fire, but the only sound is that of the crackle of the fire and the sound of the waves. Some of the younger children fall asleep on their parent's lap.

Slowly all of the guests wander back up to the lodge, leaving Jeff and I on the beach together. Without really thinking about it, we end up sitting together. I feel his arms around me and it feels right.

"Jasmine, please, let's go to my room. I need to love you. Please, let me hold you and love you. Let me show you what it is just to be held and cherished." Without letting myself think about it I get up and let him lead me to his room. When we get there I remember the fire and realize that it had been out before we left the beach. "Jasmine, please, take off your clothes. I would love to see you naked and waiting for me in my bed. I long to fee your body against mine. You have nothing to worry about though. I will not pressure you to do anything that you do not want to do."

"Can you turn your back? It has been so long that I must admit to being a bit shy." I feel a blush stain my cheeks as I admit it.

"No problem, Jasmine. I fully understand." Turning toward the fire place he gives me the privacy that I had requested. Quickly I take off my clothes and climb into the bed. Turning back toward me I see a smile on his face. "Are you ready?" Mutely I nod. Smiling he starts to remove his clothes. I already knew that he has a very muscled chest because he will go without a shirt on the beach during the day. His legs are also very muscular. It is no wonder that he could shadow me on my ride into town and I never knew it. When he starts to pull the waistband of his trunks down I have to admit to being very embarrassed, so I close my eyes. I hear Jeff chuckle, but it is not a jeering laughter. It is more kind. I feel him get into bed and turn toward me. Opening my eyes I look into his and I see nothing but kindness.

"Jasmine, tonight we have no agenda. If we end up making love, then so be it, but all I am looking to do is cuddle with you." Snuggling up to him I can feel his hard body up against mine. I tense up. "Jasmine, please, relax." His voice is so soothing and his hands that are touching me are so gentle that I feel myself start to relax and I must say that it feels good.

Turning toward him in his arms I snuggle up to his chest. Feeling him sigh I look up at him.

"Jasmine, I want to kiss you." I reach up to meet his mouth as it comes down to mine. When our lips meet it is like nothing I have ever felt before in my life. It is almost like an explosion. His hands start to caress me with more passion than I have ever known. Rolling us so that I am on the top is no problem for him. "Jasmine, I want to love you. Please put me in you."

"No, Jeff, you need to do it. I have never done such a thing. Please, Jeff, please make love to me."

Without missing a beat he rolls us so that I am on the bottom. With one last questioning glance, he raises himself up and I feel him positioning himself. Slowly he presses his cock into me. I am glad that he did it slowly, because I have never felt someone that wide before. When he gets all the way in, he stops.

"Jasmine, are you okay?"

I look up at him and nod. "I'm fine, Jeff, but you have got to be the largest man I have ever had. Please love me, Jeff."

With those words he pulls out and presses back in, all the while watching me. When I get use to his size I nod my head and he picks up the pace. Even though he is slamming into me, his eyes never leave mine. At the slightest wince from me, he immediately stops. When I nod again, he gently starts thrusting back into me again.

"Jeff, I won't break. Love me in the most physical way you know how."

Stunned, Jeff stops in mid thrust. "Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you. I know that if I take you like that, you will be hurt."

"Jeff, I want to be yours tonight. Do what you want with me. I want to belong to you totally."

"Jasmine, I don't just want you for tonight. I want you forever. You are my perfect woman. You match me. If you are serious about it, then come with me back to the beach. No one will hear you scream if we are out there. Will you come with me?" I nod my head and push the covers back. Without saying a word he grabs the sheet off the bed and wraps me up in it. Picking me up he carries like a baby all the way to the beach.

"Jasmine, are you sure about this?"

"Yes, Jeff, I am very sure about this I want you to make me yours however you want to. I have wanted you ever since the first time that you checked in. You just have a persona about you that exudes compassion and caring. I have never met anyone like you before."

"Come with me." Reaching out his hand I gladly take it. Carefully we walk into the cool water. Rocks on the bottom of the lake make it very difficult to stand up straight. Picking me up Jeff lets me down against his front and impales me on his cock. I am surprised to feel that even in this cold water he has not shrunk at all. Pounding into me, I have to giggle because of the waves that we are making. "Jasmine, are you protected, or do you want me to pull out before I cum?"

I have to hesitate before I answer him. Do I tell the truth or do I lie? I tell the truth. "Jeff, I am not protected. " With that he pulls out and cums all over. When a little bit lands on me he gently wipes it off using some of the water from the lake.

When we make it back onto the beach, I glance at him and I am surprised to find that he is still hard.

"Now, Jasmine, it is time to scream." Finding a place that has very few rocks on it is somewhat difficult, but we find just the perfect spot. "Jasmine, if you do not want to do this, I will understand." "What position works best for you for this?" Inside I am terrified that this will hurt terribly, but I am going to see it through.

"Doggie style is probably the best for this position. Just get on your hands and knees. Jasmine, I am sorry, but this is something that is best done fast and hard. Feel free to scream as much as you want, but remember to push out. That will make it easier on you. Because of my size though, it will hurt."

I get on my hands and knees and right away I feel him behind me. Plunging his cock into my pussy a few times he gets it nice and lubricated, then pulls out and spreads my ass cheeks as far open as he can. When I feel his cock trying to press into my ass I start to breathe deeply. When he finally presses through I scream in pain. It feels as if I am being torn in half with a baseball bat.

"Just a little more, Jasmine. I never imagined that you would be this tight. Once I am inside, then it won't hurt near as much." Suddenly he pushes more into me and I scream again. Pulling almost all the way out, he rams all the way in and pulls out of me the biggest scream yet. Without stopping he pulls out almost all the way, and starts to fuck my ass harder than I thought it would ever be possible. Every time he rams back in I cry out because it feels like I am getting ripped apart every time. Within a few minutes though, the pain starts to recede and in its place it the most amazing feeling. An orgasm like I have never felt before tears through my body and leaves me limp. Unbeknown to me Jeff came inside my ass while I was having my earth shattering orgasm.

When we finally get some of our energy back we slowly walk back to the lodge and this time we go to my rooms to sleep out the remainder of the night.

In the morning I realize that I am incredibly sore and it is going to be hard to lead the group to the Au Sable Falls. As soon as I get outside in the fresh air though it is almost like I get re-energized. By the time the guests get up I have their breakfast all made and on the tables.

After everyone is done eating we load up the van and head out to the falls. Once everyone is away from the van and off to see the falls and the beach Jeff comes up behind me. Holding me gently from behind he cuddles me in close. "Are you okay? I can't say that I am sorry, because I'm not. I'm just sorry that it had to hurt you so much."

Turning in his arms I look up at him and smile. "I'm sore, but if you are up to it, then I am. Just the front door though. I know of a good spot that we have a little fun and not be found."

Amazement comes over his face as he says to lead the way. When I lead him to a clearing covered in soft moss he looks around a declares it perfect. Gently he makes love to me and all the while I feel as cherished as anyone possibly could. Making love outside in the open out of doors has got to be the best experience ever.

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