tagIncest/TabooLap Dance By Granddaughter

Lap Dance By Granddaughter


How can I start this. I guess the best way is to just start off by saying that I'm 54 years old. I got married when I was 20. My wife (Karen) was 18 and had a daughter (Cathy) that was one. When Cathy was 18 she had a girl. Her name was Karen after her mother, my wife. My wife passed away about 15 years ago in a car crash. This left me with my daughter and granddaughter to take care of. My daughter got married about 4 years back and moved to another city with her new husband and daughter. This left me all alone. I started to go to a few clubs. Adult clubs that is. We have a few in Cleveland that do more then give a lap dance. More like a lap and hand dance. And more if you care to pay for it.

I had been blessed with a long cock. I think so. I have been told that it is long. About 7.5" cut. Not all that big around. It is a little bigger the an empty roll of toilet paper. I can push it in to it and it holds it tight. Just the right size for a girls hand. And that I love. A girls hand on it that is. Something about a girl jacking me off. I love it, What a turn on. And since I go to the bars that do that I enjoy it more.

My granddaughter moved back from Toledo to go to Cleveland State about a year ago. She is now 18 years old. She stands about 5'8" with a nice pair of tits. I would say 36B and a great ass. Not the best ass I have seen but nice and tight. She stays with me and goes to school and works at a store from 4 till 12 if not later. She gets home later then I would like but then what can I do.

Most Thursdays afternoons I go to this one club. I have lunch and a few table dances and then off to the back for my lap dance and hand job. I have been doing this for a for a few years and know most of the girls. Best of all I know the ones that give the best hand jobs. This one Thursday I went to a club that I haven't been to in about 6 weeks. Mary came out and did her stage show and we talked some. One great thing about Mary is that she loves to give hand. That is what I call it. She would tell me how great my cock looked and how she would love to try to deep throat me. Most of the time she would just kiss the tip a few times and then jack me off. But twice she gave me head over the years and I must say she did try to take it all.

"Bob you have such a great looking cock. I can not figure out why you only like hand jobs. I'm clean and I know you are. I have taken it in my mouth a few times and I know you like it. Do you like guys? Is that it".

"No I do not like guys. My wife would do it to me when we had sex and I just like to watch it. Love to see her hand going up and down. Then just as I cum she would take it in her mouth. Then smile and swallow it. I know that the girls here won't do that. So I don't ask them to".

"Bob you haven't been here in such a long time you have never met the new girl called 'B H', it is said that she can gives the best hand job here. But she does not take it in the mouth. You should still try her. She works later on in the day . I think she comes in about 4 PM". I smiled at Mary and was just hoping that I would get one of her great hand jobs.

"I was looking forward to you today my dear. I just love when you jack me and take my balls in your hand. Place your finger near my ass, you know"? Something about this girl sent me over the edge. A few times she would stick her finger up my ass. Finger it as she jacked me off. I loved the way she watches me as I cum. I would cum all over her hand and on me. Sometimes she would put her cum covered finger to my mouth. I would act like she was forcing me to lick it. But we both knew that I loved it as much as she did.

"Tell you what Bob. Next time I see B H I'll tell her about you and then you can come down and meet her. Who knows you might like her. Most guys tell me she is great with her hands and if she can not make you cum in one song she keeps going till you do. Not bad. Now lets go in the back for your dance".

We both got up. Walked in the back, I gave her $55 and she gave me a lap dance. It was $20 for the dance and $35 for her hand job. She took off her top and let me kiss her tits. Then off came the bottoms. She has a shaved pussy and her finger played with her lips. She would then offer them to me to lick. Most of the time I would. But today I was playing with her. Telling her.

"You would love to watch that other girl, what's her name B H. You would love to watch her jack me off and then just as I cum have her take it in her mouth. I bet you would love to lick her lips when she is done. Taste my cum from her lips. Maybe suck it from her mouth. I know I would like to watch you do that. I might even let you watch me lick her lips and kiss her after I came in her mouth. Maybe even let you suck my cock". I was getting into this role play. My cock was hard and I took it out. She took it I her hand and was jacking me off. Her hand moving up and down my cock telling me how long it was and how she would do anything to watch us.

"I'll tell her all about you, how kinky you are. How you want her to jack you off into her mouth or my mouth. I'll tell her how long your cock is. I know she will love it. Now cum for me"! My hips pushed up and I knew I was going to shoot soon. I felt her finger go to my ass and her finger push in and then back out.

"Yes. Now my sweet take it now". I watched her head bend down and I felt her lips on my cock. It had been weeks since I let someone take my cum that way. And I shot a load into her mouth that I felt come from my toes. I placed a hand on her head and pushed down. Then I came once more, then again.

"My god Bob that was great. I do hope that you will come back next week. Forget about all the other places that you go and I'll be waiting for you with open arms and mouth with B H. I'll tell her about your cock and how you love to have it jacked off. Then if she doesn't take your load I will. Damn you are great".

I gave her $15 more. I know I'm a sucker when it comes to that but she was fun. And she did do more then just a hand job. We sat and talk for about 15 minutes.

"I hope to see you next week my dear. And please tell your friend, what's her name, B H That I'll be back". I got up walked to the door and went home. The week went by fast. Soon Thursday would show up and I would go to the club and once more get a hand job. But this time I would have two girls to do it.

Karen and I talked before she would leave for work and if I was up after she got home. It was Wednesday afternoon and I was thinking about Thursday afternoon. What I was going to do. If I was ready for this "two girl" thing. Sure why not? Karen was home from collage and was getting dressed for work.

"You know honey. I wish you didn't have to work so hard".

"I know. It's not that hard". She had a smile on her face. "Well not all the time. It gets hard sometimes but then I like that part". She was laughing some as she was talking. "It's okay. I guess if I did nothing I would just sit around here and take your time up. I'll be okay. See you later if your up". Karen got up and left the house.

I went into my room and put a XXX movie on. I was thinking of the next day. My got cock hard I started to jack off. I was thinking of how it was going to be with two girls. I was just about to cum when I stopped. I wanted to keep it for Thursday.

"Hi honey". As I walked into the club the first person I saw was Mary. I bent some and kissed her on the cheek. Then gave her a hug.

"Your late Bob. Your always here at 1PM I thought you forgot about me, and B H. Did you forget about B H"? Her smile told me that she was playing with me.

"Tell me my dear. I know what B J stands for. What does B H stand for"? I was sitting across from her and she was smiling at me. I felt hands on my shoulders right next to my neck. I could feel someone's breath on my ear. Then a kiss on my ear. A very sexy voice.

"It stands for Best Hand" my dear. I have to do three dances and then the three of us are going into the back so we can have some fun. Okay"? One more kiss and the warm breath and hands were gone. I turned and looked at an ass that was just sticking out of a thong, long black hair, and long, long legs on top of 6" heels and inside of stockings held up by a garter. I was getting hard thinking of this. What was I going to do with two of them?

Mary held my hand and the song started. I watched as this girl called Best Hand came on the stage. I watched as she danced around and then took her bra off. Soon I felt a hand on my cock and I looked over.

"My your cock is so hard right now. Does it get that hard for me when I dance"?

"Yes it does! Just knowing what your going to do to it makes me hard. If you keep doing that and B H keeps doing that I'll cum right here"! I felt her hand squeeze my cock.

"Just watch her and think of how it is going to feel with me watching her jack you off. And you know what? I'm not going to take no for an answer today. She is going to jack you off into my mouth! How does that sound"?

All I could do was watch , and feel her fingers squeeze me. I watched this B H dance and then I looked at her face in the light.

Fuck, she looked just like my granddaughter. That made my cock harder. It must be a twin or something. She was dancing around so much I could not see her face all the time. She had her back to me and was pulling her thong down. She bent over and all I could see was her ass and pussy lips. She bent more and opened her legs and now her pussy opened with it. Shaved, smooth. I could see her lips and then a finger going to them. She bent more and her face came into view. Her head upside down , between he open legs. What a sight. I was looking right at her face. Fuck. It had to be a girl that looked like her. If it was Karen she would never had come out and danced like that for me. I light was not that great so I could not tell the truth. But the fantasy of it made my harder then I ever been. I placed my hand over the hand on my cock and started to jack off with both hands.

"I see you enjoy the show. This is the part that she pulls her legs up and puts a finger in her pussy. You'll love it! Watch"! I watched as she pulled her legs up. Open them wide and placed her hand on her pussy. With two fingers she opened her pussy lips and the pushed two fingers in. Pull them out and then back in. At this point I stopped moving my hand and her hand.

"Damn she is hot. If I keep this up I'll cum in my pants".

I felt her hand take my hand and start to pull me up. "Lets go in the back and wait for her. I know that your going to cum soon and I do want it to be in my mouth". We walked into the back. Mary told me to sit and she started to dance. I knew the last song was playing and knew that B H would soon be back. I watched as she took off her bra and panties. Tonight she was doing it faster. Her shaved pussy came into view and her finger played with her lips. She had her ass on my lap. With her hips moving back and forth I thought once more I would cum to soon. I felt her pull up and turn once more. Her lips were red and her face was red. She placed her finger on her clit and rubbed it. Soon I could tell she was going to cum. And she came. If not for real she put on one hell of an act. Her fingers all wet and sticky. She pulled them out licked them stuck them back in and then pushed them into my mouth. She fucked my mouth with her fingers as I licked and sucked on them. I had my pants down to the floor and my cock in hand jacking it off' The music had longed stopped and the door opened . In stepped B H and I got the first look at her face.

A smile came across her face. Her tongue came out and licked her upper lip. Mary still hand her two fingers in my mouth and her other hand down by her pussy. She was finger fucking herself. I went to say something but B H beat me to it.

"Oh my. You are a duty old man aren't you? I walk in on my best friend fucking herself with her fingers and her other fingers fucking your mouth. And sitting with his cock out , jacking off is the man I live with. Please don't stop".

Karen walked over to me and had this shit eating grin on her face. I had stopped jacking off and just looked at her. I went to say something once more but she put her finger to my lips to stop me.

She bent down and placed her mouth by my ear. I could look right down her top. Both her legs between my open legs. I could smell her body and my cock just stayed as hard as it was before she walked in. Once more B H (Karen) put her mouth to my ear. Kissed me and then said real low and soft.

"If you all me B H I'll call you Bob. But! If you call me Karen I'll call you Granddad . I can play it anyway you want it". With that she knelt on the floor. Looking me right in the eye.

"Mary told me that you had a big cock, but not that is was this good looking! I think I'm going to enjoy this. By the way. I knew it was you when I was dancing and thought I would love to help you out. I found your stash of movies. I even watched a few. You do get into girls jacking off guys. Is that what you would like me to do today"? She stopped talking , the look on her face told me what she wanted to know.

"Yes it is what I would like today, B H. And what ever you would like to add". I could feel her hand on my cock. It started to move up and down slowly. Her other hand went to my balls. I bent backwards some so her hand could get at them better. I watched her look at my cock lick her lips and smile when her fingers found my balls. She closed her hand on me and then gave them a soft squeeze. My eyes closed and then reopen when she squeezed harder.

"Bob, do not close your eyes. Keep them open so you can see me. So you can watch what I'm doing to you. Watch me jack you off. That is why you came today. RIGHT"? Her hand closed once more and I felt it tighten around my balls. I sucked in a deep breath and looked at her.

"Yes. Yes, that is way I came today. To watch you and Mary. To feel your hand on me and watch you please me. You are going to please me"?

I could see a smile on her face. A smile that told me I was in for something that I did not think about this morning.

"Yes I'm going to please you and I'm going to please myself. I'm going to do things to you that have been building up inside me". With that I felt her finger going into my ass. Her hand jacking me off and a finger in my ass. I could see Mary standing watching us. Her finger still in her pussy.

"Bob I'm going to do something I have not done in a long time. I'm going to please myself as well as you". With that I felt her start to jack me off faster. Her finger went in and out of my ass. I was going to cum. I pushed my hips up to meet her hand and never once closed my eyes. Watching my granddaughter jack me off was way over my threshold. I knew I was going to shoot soon. I looked over at Mary and she knew it also.

"Didn't I tell you that she could make you cum in one song"! I watched as Mary knelt next to B H and licked her lips. B H just smiled and then bent her head down some. Oh my god was she going to.

"YES". I felt her lips on my cock and her mouth open. Her head went down and she took about half of me in her mouth. I felt her tongue move from side to side and then pull her head up. All the way to the tip and then back down. I felt more go into her mouth and then back up. I could feel her lips leave my cock and she looked up at me.

"Bob you do have one nice cock. And it has been a long time since I did this. I do hope I can get it all the way in. What do you think"? With that said B H took me back in her mouth. This time all but 1 ½ inches went in. I could hear Mary talking to her.

"Yes do it. Take it all in. That's a good girl. It is so hot watching you suck a guy. I would never had thought you knew how to suck cock like that. Do it"! I heard her gag but she took it all in. Her finger was still going in and out of my ass. I pushed up hard and felt it start to move from my balls to my cock. Not taking my eyes off her I started to cum. She pulled back a little so I was about half way in and I started to shoot. Cum came out of my cock as she pulled on it. Then her hand went down to the base and then pulled the next shot out. I felt her tongue move some. I watched as you looked me right in the eyes and pulled the next shot up and out. With my mouth open and trying not to scream she pulled the forth shot of cum from me. I watched as B H, my granddaughter suck my cock. What a sight. What a feeling. Her mouth came off me and I looked down at her open mouth. It was full of cum. My cum.

I watched as she closed her mouth and then opened it once more so I could see she had it all in one spot. She milked my cock and got a few more drops out of me. Then bent and put it in her mouth with the rest of it. She stood up and bent some towards me. Was so going to. The look in her eyes told me what she wanted to say. With my breathing faster then it has ever been I said.

"Yes my dear! Kiss me. Let me kiss you like I have never kissed you before. Make me feel like I felt years back"! With that I felt her lips on my lips. I felt her mouth push against my mouth. I felt her tongue push past my lips and into my mouth. I could taste a little of me on her tongue. I felt her push hard and her mouth open some. I bent my head back and opened my mouth. Her tongue dancing with my tongue and then I felt it being pushed into my mouth. I was sucking on her tongue and felt the first taste of cum in years. I pull as much as I could from her and then she was trying to suck it back out. I swallowed some but pushed about half of it back to her. She pulled back and looked at Mary. Mary just smiled and kissed her. I knew that she was going to share it with her. Mary tipped her head back and B H placed her mouth about 5 inches from her mouth and just let it drip out into her friends mouth.

"That is so fucking hot! I could watch that ever day". Then they kissed for real. Turned and looked at me ad both of them swallowed. B H closed her eyes as she did it and screwed up her face some.

"I forgot how it felt to swallow it. The taste of it is different with each person. Not that I suck cock that much. But it was different then what I remember. It has been a few years since I swallowed cum like that. And I must say you do have a lot of it. And I thought you jacked off to all the movies you have. You didn't know I knew about that"?

"I never thought you would find them. What else do you know about me"? Mary had be standing looking at us. She did not know that B H was my granddaughter. "Are you going to tell her"? I looked at Karen and smiled. Then Karen told her about her and me. When she was done Mary walked out with a big smile on her face.

"Bob or should it be granddad? We need to talk. If we are going to be seeing each other this way. I need to know that your not doing anything with anyone else. I'll give you my word that I have not done this!" With a smile on her face she swallowed. "With anyone in the last 2 years. And I will not do it with anyone as long as you say the same. You can get all the hand jobs you want. No blow jobs. No coming in any ones mouth like you just did to me. And I must say it was great. If you want cum on her tits, ass, face or pussy. As long as I'm the only one then we can keep this up. How does that sound"?

"Sounds great my dear. And when you get home would you like to be B H or Karen. It is up to you my dear. I'll still come and see you on Thursday late afternoon. By the way I never paid Mary or you. Is $300 okay for what happen"? Karen looked at me and smiled.

"I think I'll be paying this off in rent from now on. And if you like I can be both B H and Karen at home. You'll know by the way I dress and if I come into your room. Deal or no deal"?

B H had some cum on her face and as I licked it off I smiled at her.

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