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Lap Dancing


My wife and I were feeling adventurous and decided to go to a strip club. Neither of us had ever been but thought it would be erotic. As we entered, we noticed that my wife was the only non-working female in the club, which led to her being noticed as well.

We sat down and ordered a couple of drinks and started watching the show. A couple of guys at a table next to us would make funny comments with us and we joked around as the dancers and girls came and went. Eventually, one of the guys said he was buying me a lap-dance. I looked over at my wife and she just laughed and said, “Go ahead, it’ll be fun.”

A really nice looking woman came over and started dancing around me and finally made her way to my lap. I couldn’t believe there was a naked woman on my lap with my wife watching. Regardless, my cock had a mind of it’s own and was painfully stiff and only became stiffer as she leaned over and asked if my dick liked her grinding her pussy on it?

I could only shake my head yes. With that, she told me to move my dick so that it’s laying upright against my belly. She stood up somewhat as I reached into my pants and moved my cock up. I then noticed that one of the friendly guys at the table was whispering something to my wife and she was giggling. His hand was on her leg and she didn’t seem to mind as she watched the dancer grind into me. The dancer’s tits bounced as she moved and it was all I could do to keep from touching them. She again leaned over and asked if she could make me cum. She continued to whisper in my ear until I felt the liquid well up to the point that I couldn’t control it. I looked over at my wife and I could tell this was making her very hot, especially since the man’s hand was now petting her clit through her panties.

Once I had recovered and the dancer slid off of me, I moved my chair back to the table. My wife leaned over and asked if I enjoyed it. I smiled and gave her a kiss. I then asked if she was having fun with the guy that was talking to her. She said that he seemed really nice and asked her if she wanted to go to a hotel with him. She then said that maybe it’s my turn to watch. We had never done this before and I was a little nervous as was she, but agreed.

She got up and went over and whispered something to the guy. He looked over and smiled and said something back. When she returned, she said that he would like to bring his friend too.

We all got up and walked out of the building. As we discussed what hotel to go to, my wife said that she would like to go with them and have me follow. I agreed and we were off.

My wife sat in the front between the two. It was dark and I could see their silhouettes in the rear window. The hotel was about 20 minutes away and about 5 minutes into the trip, I saw my wife’s head disappear. There were only two visible heads. A panic took me as the realization of what she may be doing and being done to her took hold. Fantasy is one thing but reality is another.

After another 5 minutes, her head popped back up and then went down again toward the passenger side and didn’t reappear until we drove into the hotel parking lot.

I went in and took care of the hotel arrangements and then came back to find my wife being heavily fondled. I knew that she had given them both blowjobs and could smell the cum on her breath. She smiled and took the room key and headed for the door.

As we entered the room, she told me to pull up a chair and enjoy the show. She immediately started kissing one of the men. He was a tall muscular black man who she seemed to find particularly attractive. The other man was also black, tall but very skinny. In minutes, it seemed that her cloths were off and she was spread on the bed as one continued necking with her and the other starting eating her pussy. The contrast between them was hot. She has very white skin and large pink nipples.

As the one man continued to eat her out, the other man moved up and said, “Do want to suck my cock again bitch?” He then looked over at me and said that she was a bitch of a cocksucker. As he talked to me, I could see her licking and sucking his cock. Before long, she stopped as the other man brought her to orgasm. It was a light orgasm for her, but one that changed her breathing.

The man who was eating her stopped and looked up saying, “I think your pussy is ready for my meat babe.” He moved over and sat on the bed and told my wife that it was his turn for some lap time. As she stood, he positioned her facing away from him and then pulled her ass down to his prick. She reached under and rubbed his long, skinny dick up and down her wet pussy. I had mixed emotions watching my wife slowly rubbing another cock on her pussy, knowing that she wanted it and that he would be fucking her in moments. As she was rubbing his cock on her, he became impatient and pulled her down, impaling her on his dark pole. She let out a loud moan as she was stuffed to his balls. He then said, “OK you fucking bitch, start working my cock in you. I want you up and down on my cock.” As she bounced on his cock, his hands reached up and around and started pulling her nipples down hard. It was incredibly erotic watching his black cock disappear and reappear in her red pussy. I couldn’t believe I was watching my wife get fucked. As they fucked, his partner moved her hand to his cock and told her to start jacking him. His cock was fat and long. Her fingers couldn’t touch as they circled his pole.

In no time, she was screaming through another orgasm. The man fucking her said, “Now slip my cock out of your bitch hole and jack me.” She rose up and then sat back down to jack him. It looked like she had grown a giant black cock as she pumped his shiny, pussy juiced cock. In minutes, he started shooting thick ropes of white hot cum into the air which landed on the carpet with some hitting me. (I think she aimed it so it would.) Once she had milked all the cum out that she could, she licked her hand clean and then moved around to clean up his cock.

The other guy with the large, fat cock had decided that it was his turn as he told her to bend over and hold my legs to steady herself. From behind, “He told her that he was going to breed that white pussy and put some black cum in her fine white belly.” I couldn’t see him enter her but knew when he had because of the amazing expression she had as his fat, cock-head violated her pussy. She let out a gasp of air and managed to say “Oh God”, as he pushed deeper.

There I was, watching my wife getting the fuck of her life as she held me to keep herself steady. Her heavy tits swung back and forth violently as the man pumped his tool into her. My cock was almost cumming on it’s own. I held her head by her hair and pushed it down to my cock. The man behind me said, “That’s it slut, suck your hubby’s cock while I fuck you.” At this point, she couldn’t concentrate on sucking but it was enough that I was in her warm, wet mouth. This put her over the edge and she faltered as her knees weekend. The man grabbed her hair and pulled her over to the room table without ever letting his dick leave her pussy. Once there, he mashed her tits into the table with his thrusting weight. “How do you like my cock? Are you ready for my cum, bitch?” He did this for several minutes until pushed in hard. She shrieked, “YES, PLEASE” as his cock pushed her cervix beyond its limit. She could only moan as he emptied his seed into her ready womb.

He pulled out with cum streaking out of her pussy and down her leg. He looked over to me and said, “Why don’t you finish up in her slut pussy?” This was all too much. I got up and started fucking her loose pussy as she laid exhausted on the table. The thought of fucking my wife’s pussy with his cum inside sent me into a powerful orgasm, as I pumped my own cum into her.

More cum drained as I pulled out, but the other guy was ready again. He moved in and started pumping her again. In one movement, he pulled out and pushed into her ass star. Her hole was wet with cum which luckily acted as lubricant. All I could see was her open mouth as he started pumping her ass. In minutes, he pulled out and pulled her by the hair to his cock as he spurted his load onto her face. She then sucked his ass-coated tool until it was clean. She smelled like cum and crap.

From there, we moved her to the bed and each played with fucked her one more time before they left. As they were leaving, one of them told her that anytime she wanted a real fuck, just give him a call, leaving her with his number. Jokingly saying, “You’re my bitch now.”

Before we both fell asleep, I stuck my cock in her pussy and then pulled it out having her suck off the cum. I moved my cock between her pussy and mouth until I was ready to cum again. Not wanting to be left out, I turned her over and buried my cock in her ass as I came inside her hot, tight hole. As we talked after, we decided that her lap dance was decidedly more erotic and knew that we would be doing it again.

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