tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara and Christina Ch. 02

Lara and Christina Ch. 02


Part 1

Lara had never been happier. She had managed to secure her job, even though her "extra duties" were still to be specified, and she had met a gorgeous young girl who was like a doll for her to play with and enjoy. When she had brought Christina to work this morning both of them were still smiling from the pleasure they had given each other and both took as long as possible in the changing room so that they could enjoy the sight of the others body in her underwear. Even this latest summons to Matron's office held no fears for her as she looked forward to being with Christina for the rest of the day.

She knocked on the door and, on hearing her boss's call to enter, she went in, still smiling, still oblivious to the punishment she was about to receive. The smile was wiped off her face almost immediately when she saw Matron and Mr Sanderson standing in front of the desk, as if they had been waiting for her. They weren't smiling; in fact, they looked very, very angry.

"What is the meaning of this?" barked the nursing home owner. "I agreed to let you keep your job and all I asked in return was that you took care of my niece. And this is how you repay my kindness?"

He stood aside, as did Matron, and Lara was shocked to see a very clear video running on his laptop. It had obviously been filmed secretly in the changing room yesterday. It showed Lara sitting next to Christina, topless, her hand inside the girl's knickers. Christina was obviously enjoying whatever her older colleague was doing to her and her uncle could tell by the look on her face that she was about to cum. Lara's face burned bright red as she remembered how much she had reveled in teasing the younger girl at that point.

"Well, have you got anything to say?"

Lara couldn't have spoken if her life depended on it. There she was on the screen, quite clearly seducing the young girl she had been asked to protect. Her face burned in embarrassment yet, somehow, she remembered how wonderful it had been with Christina yesterday and that memory, combined with her humiliation was causing her pussy to tingle all over again.

"Well, it doesn't matter anyway. You're fired. Just be thankful I'm not sending a copy of this filth to your husband or Christina's parents. You should be ashamed. Now get out; I never want to see you again."

These were the words that brought her back to reality and forced her to drag her eyes from the beautiful image of Christina on the screen. She couldn't lose her job; she just couldn't. She would never get a reference from Matron or Mr Sanderson and without one she would never find employment anywhere else. She had to fix this, somehow.

"Please, sir. Don't do this. I promise I'll never do anything like this again. I'll be a proper mentor to Christina and never touch her -- ever. Please don't tell my husband or her parents. Give me one last chance, sir. Please, I beg you. I'll do anything."

With these last words, Lara sealed her fate.

Mr Sanderson sat down at Matron's desk as the other woman stood to his side, both of them glowering at the poor woman in front of them.

"Open your tunic."

Lara hesitated. The only thing she wore under her uniform top was her white bra and it did little to hide her gorgeous breasts. Looking at Matron for support, she was met with an angry frown from the older woman and the tears began to form in her eyes. She had never shown her breast to any man but her husband and her doctor, of course, but she knew men often stared at her in the street or at the beach and she knew her breasts, as well as her face and bottom, were what they were staring at. Did she really have to do this to keep her job? Her face burned bright red again as she knew she had no choice.

She started to fumble with her top, her nervous fingers struggling to open it, but all too soon she stood there with her arms by her side, her uniform top open, hanging from her shoulders, her bra and her breasts revealed to these two wicked people who had so much power over her.

"Take your tits out."

She hated his crude language; she hated her breasts being referred to as "tits" and she hated the fact that each new humiliation was causing her pussy to flood her knickers even more. But she did as she was told. Lifting each breast in turn from the lacy cups of her bra, she presented them to her tormentors and, for the first time this morning, she saw a hint of a smile on their faces.

Mr Sanderson got up from his chair and walked round the desk. Then he walked round her, staring at her breasts first then walking round to her back, standing so close she could feel his hard cock pressing against her arse through both their clothes. He reached around her, gabbing each tit and squeezing them both, enough to make her squirm in discomfort. Then he reached for her nipples and squeezed them tightly. After a few seconds he released them but her relief was short lived.

The nursing home owner walked back to his seat behind the desk and ordered her to follow him. Before she knew what was happening, he grabbed her arm and pulled her over his lap so that she had to stick out her hands on the other side to stop herself from falling on her face. She knew she was about to be spanked again, and this time by Mr Sanderson himself as Matron watched. She could see nothing but the floor in front of her but she had sensed Matron creeping closer and, even though they couldn't see her face, she was as red as she had ever been.

"Matron, if you would kindly get her ready?"

Lara looked round to see her boss kneeling immediately behind her, her face blocked by the swell of her own round hips.

"Take off her trousers and knickers."

Matron needed no encouragement as she loved the way Lara's uniform trousers stretched across her tight bottom. She was always thinking of ways to get inside the younger woman's knickers and seeing her employee seduce the owner's niece on the CCTV camera he had installed only last week was a godsend. Mr Sanderson had assured her it was to stop the spate of recent thefts from the changing room but she knew that he was enjoying the added benefit of being able to watch the female staff strip down to their underwear each day.

From her position on the floor behind their wriggling captive, she reached round Lara's sexy body and opened the drawstring on her waistband. Pulling down the uniform trousers, she revealed Lara's tiny, white thong to Mr Sanderson's greedy eyes and to her own. The thin strap at the back had settled deep between the frightened woman's cheeks and it looked as if she was naked beneath her trousers. She soon would be.

"Her knickers too, Matron," instructed the evil, powerful man, delighting in the amazing view of the younger woman's upturned arse.

Even though Matron couldn't see Lara's face, hidden as it was by her thick dark hair falling down, she could hear the sobs of her favourite employee and knew that her face would be burning red. Pulling Lara's trousers off over her feet, one at a time, she reached up again, took the small thing in both her hands and began to pull it out of Lara's cheeks. As her bottom became more and more exposed, Lara felt Matron practically peel her sodden knickers away from her dripping pussy and she knew once more that her arousal would be clear for them both to see.

"I'll take those," demanded Mr Sanderson as he greedily snatched the knickers from Matron's outstretched hands. He lifted them to his face, luxuriating in the musky aroma of Lara's pussy. Matron would have loved to have sniffed those knickers herself but she knew who was the real boss here; she also knew there were even greater rewards to come if she played her part right.

Mr Sanderson caressed the smooth skin of Lara's sexy arse and marveled at the sight of her two perfect cheeks, each as round and as full as the other, both just waiting for his hand to strike. Lara tensed as she awaited the strike that was sure to follow his apparent tenderness, but this caused her cheeks to clench and served only to inflame his passion even more.

The first slap still took her by surprise, landing on her right cheek, landing hard and noisily. The sound of his meaty hand on her poor cheeks filled the room as he alternated between them both; now the left, then the right. Again and again he slapped her and Lara could feel the heat in her cheeks, the pain in her cheeks and the tingling in her pussy. She couldn't believe her body was betraying her again and she shuddered at the thought of her juices running out and staining Mr Sanderson's trousers.

Mr Sanderson was also slightly concerned about staining his trousers but it was his own pre-cum that he could feel leaking out that he was worried about. He had felt his cock starting to stir as soon as he had pulled Lara over his lap and now, with her still struggling, he was as hard as he had been in a long time.

As he finally seemed to grow tired of punishing Lara, Matron reached and slowly opened her employee's legs just a little wider. Mr Sanderson slowly slid his hand down from Lara's red cheeks and dipped his fingers in the juices running from her pussy. Offering his sticky fingers to Matron, she gladly opened her mouth to suck those juices quickly and once again savour the sweet taste. As he saw how eager the older woman was to please, he nodded his head and allowed her to proceed with their pre-arranged plan.

While Lara was still held across the owner's lap, Matron leaned forward and touched the dripping cunt before her with her soft tongue. Lara tried to struggle but it was no use; Mr Sanderson held her securely while the other woman was licking where only her husband had ever licked before. Matron started as near the top as she could and slowly started to lick up and down her favourite's already wet slit, drinking in her sweet juices, sure in the knowledge that it wouldn't be the last time.

Lara could feel herself getting more and more wet and she knew it wasn't just from the older woman's tongue. Up and down, up and down, deeper, and deeper, Matron's tongue probed as the younger woman squirmed on Mr Sanderson's lap, praying that she would not embarrass herself by cumming in front of the two of them.

"Please, Matron, please stop! Please don't do this to me."

The older woman had no intention of stopping. Even though Lara was protesting she could feel the young woman pushing back against her, covering her own face with her juices. Matron wasn't complaining as she knew she loved the taste of her employee's pussy juices. Lara wasn't the first girl to be seduced in this office but she was certainly the sexiest and her juices were certainly as sweet as she had tasted in a long time. Once again, however, Mr Sanderson began to get impatient so she decided to speed things up a bit. She continued to tongue deep within Lara's beautiful pussy while, at the same time, she prised the younger woman's clit from its hood and started to flick it with her left hand, as Lara's legs were now wide apart on their own accord.

"No, please don't touch me there! Please stop. Please stop!"

But Matron wasn't finished yet. Just when Lara thought she couldn't take any more, the older woman slowly, inserted one, then two, then three fingers into her sopping cunt.

"NO! NO! NO!" Lara screamed. But her body was saying something else entirely as she trembled in Mr Sanderson's tight grip and suffered the biggest orgasm she had ever had on another person's tongue. The fact that it was her employer, the fact that it was another woman, the fact that she was lying on a man's lap all seemed to add to her shame and humiliation.

Mr Sanderson finally released her, staring at the damp patch she had left on his trousers, and Lara slumped to the floor. She lay there for a few moments, still recovering from her orgasm, and then struggled to her feet. She looked around for her clothes and wasn't surprised to find only her trousers. She knew that the evil man staring at her would have pocketed yet another of her thongs. What he was going to do with it she didn't want to think about. Instead she pulled her uniform trousers on, felt the seam rubbing against her very sensitive clit and lips, before refastening her tunic and prepared to leave.

"Not so fast, Lara. Christina has her medical exam this afternoon and I want you to escort her to the doctor's office and stay with her throughout. You have one last chance to protect my niece. Do not disappoint me."

On hearing this, Lara's attitude changed from subservience and shame to anger. She would look after the young girl, she thought. She would make sure she got exactly what she deserved. Lara knew she could do nothing to get back at her employers but Christina was another matter.

Part 2

Christina sat nervously in the doctor's office. She knew she had to undergo this examination for insurance purposes but she was not looking forward to it. She was used to visiting her own doctor at home but he was a kindly old man she had known for as long as she could remember. She didn't know who this doctor was and, even though Lara was with her, she couldn't help feeling a great deal of apprehension.

In fact, Lara was making her worse. She had spent the most incredible evening with her older colleague yesterday when Lara had taught her all there was to know about giving pleasure to another woman. And she had seemed happy to see her this morning but, ever since Lara came back from her meeting with Matron, she had seemed angry and very strict with her. Now the beautiful woman sat beside her waiting for the doctor but she was not offering her any solace at all.

About fifteen minutes later the doctor finally appeared. Christina was shocked; he was much younger than her own doctor, quite handsome in fact and she blushed at the thought of the things he was about to do to her. He sat down on the opposite side of the big wooden desk, read some notes then looked at her with a comforting smile.

"I see you are new here, Christina. Very well; so you know why you are here?"

The anxious girl simply nodded and looked to Lara for some support but her colleague was enjoying the company of this young doctor too and sat looking at him, totally unaware of what Christina was feeling.

"Good. Now first I have to ask you a few questions. Some of these will be personal, Christina, but I want you to know that all of your answers will be strictly confidential so you can be totally honest with me. Understand? Good. Now, first of all, I need to know if you are sexually active."

Christina blushed immediately, remembering again how she had made Lara cum only the night before and how she had returned the favour for her gorgeous colleague. Her voice was almost a whisper when she spoke.

"No, I've never been with a boy, in that way." "And I don't suppose you've been with a girl either," he laughed. "No, don't worry, you don't have to answer that; I was just joking." Although he was intrigued by the way the girl looked at the older woman beside her and blushed an even deeper shade of red.

"Ok, now, next question. I'm afraid it is also of a personal nature but it is important you answer honestly so I know what I am dealing with when I examine you. Understand? Good. Now, Christina, do you masturbate?"

Christina wanted to run out of the office, there and then, but she didn't want this young doctor to think she was a silly schoolgirl. She wanted him to look on her as a young woman so she took a deep breath and proudly announced, "Yes, doctor, I have done it many times."

"Good girl, in that case you should be able to relax during the examination. Can you climb on to the examination table, please?"

Christina lay down and stretched her legs out, her eyes fixed to the ceiling. She sensed the doctor beside her and waited for him to draw the screen around them both but he seemed to have forgotten about that; and he seemed to have forgotten about Lara sitting there watching them. She blushed once again as she felt the eyes of her colleague traveling up and down her young body, especially as she was only too aware that Lara had already seen every inch of her.

"Have you ever performed a breast examination on yourself, Christina?"

She felt her face was permanently red now as she shook her head from side to side.

"Don't worry, I'll show you how but first I'll have to ask you to lower your gown and to take off your bra for me."

Christina had thought it was embarrassing enough changing into the white, surgical gown in front of Lara before the doctor arrived. It tied at the back and she had had to ask the other woman to help her to tie it but Lara only agreed once she had taken a long, lingering look up and down the young girl's almost naked body. Now, it felt even more shameful to expose herself in front of the doctor and in front of Lara yet again

She told herself to stop acting like a baby and to be mature about it. She reached behind her and managed to undo the first tie, pulled the gown forward, then shyly unhooked her bra and slid it off. She blushed again as her pert young breasts appeared and, instinctively, brought her hands up to cover herself. The doctor smiled but gently pulled her hands down, reassuring her that he was a professional and that she had nothing to worry about.

In fact it was he who was becoming worried. This young beauty lying before him had been sexy enough just sitting on the chair in her gown. Now, as she lay there, topless, he could feel his cock stirring within his trousers and knew that the tingle in his balls was a direct result of her baring her tiny breasts for him to play with. He was sure Christina wouldn't notice the bulge at the front of his trousers but he wasn't so sure about Lara who was also staring hungrily at the young girl.

She lay there, trying not to think about how her nipples were sticking out, just as they had done last night when Lara had feasted on them. She nearly jumped when the doctor first touched her breasts, one after the other, holding them, almost squeezing them. She was amazed how good it felt but when his fingers moved to her hard nipples, she couldn't help gasping out loud. Her mouth had suddenly become dry and she pressed her thighs together, not really understanding why she suddenly felt tingly down there again.

When she opened her eyes she saw that he was smiling at her but still he kept on rolling his fingers around her outstretched nipples. When he suddenly pinched them between his thumbs and forefingers, she couldn't help herself but arched her back at the sudden sensations running all the way down to her pussy. He smiled once more before releasing them and walked back to his desk.

As he passed Lara still sitting in the chair, she couldn't avoid looking at him, his crotch at almost her eye level, and she couldn't help but see the unmistakable size of his erection creating a small tent in the front of his trousers. She couldn't blame him; if she had still been wearing knickers, they would have been soaking. As it was, she feared she would be taking another pair of uniform trousers home tonight to scrub clean of pussy juices. As the doctor made some notes, Lara was so tempted to slide her hand down between her legs but she knew he could look up at any moment and she knew Christina was still watching her.

Christina's nipples were still hard after his playing with them but she was also starting to get a bit cold. She started to cover her breast with her gown just as the doctor looked up.

"Leave your gown as it is please, Christina. I need to be able to see how your breasts react during the rest of your examination," he said, sternly.

The embarrassed girl, lay back down, her breasts exposed, her nipples hard, staring once more at the ceiling. The doctor got up from his desk, walked past Lara and stood at the foot of the examination couch. Without even asking, he began to slowly push her gown up her toned legs, up to the top of her thighs, up to the edge of her plain white knickers.

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