Last Dance


This is an original story. I have not used anyone else's ideas.

Okay I know it's corny, but I saw her across a crowded dance-floor and I knew that I had to have her! I had been watching her for a while, she was with a group of younger women, but she was the most beautiful. It looked like a hen party and she was playing the mother hen, but none of the others compared to her. I put her at about 45, with curly brunette hair, an oval face with sparkling blue eyes and a generous mouth made for kissing. Her breasts were still firm and proud and full, her waist was still trim and her hips were broad and rounded, her legs, encased in black stockings(I hope) go on forever, tapering down to trim ankles and small feet encased in 5" heels that stretch her legs even more. Her little black dress finishes just above the knee and clings to every curve of her ripe body, especially her big firm breasts and her tight round ass, I must have her!

I see the lustful glances she is getting from some of the older men as she talks and laughs with the younger girls, her breasts bouncing up and down in time with her laughter. But they are cowards, none of them has the courage to ask her to dance. She will be mine, and I will do all the things she asks me to do! The loud music finishes and the live band takes to the stage, they play latin music, covering the likes of Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin and Michael Buble. Music you can dance to! and music you can make love to! As the band strikes up me stride over the dance-floor towards her, I see a couple of men heading in her direction so I speed up and reach her first.

I take her hand and say "come with me."

She is talking with the other girls and doesn't hear me the first time, so I bend down and whisper in her ear "come with me."

She turns, her glass halfway to those delicious lips and looks into my face and sees the desire in my eyes!

She puts down her glass, and with a smile which lights up her face and makes her blue eyes sparkle even more, she turns to the other girls and says "I won't be long, this young man wants to dance with me."

The women carry on their conversation, one or two casting jealous glances when they see me. But I am not interested in them, they are silly girls, it is her I want! She takes my hand and follows me to the dance-floor through the crowds. It is full of people doing the samba, the rhumba and the salsa, but I am not interested in them.We will do our own dance of love as though they did not exist!

I take up a position in front of her, one hand on her left hip the other in the small of her back. With gentle pressure I close the gap between us, so that our crotches are pressing together as one, and we move together sinuously like palm fronds in a tropical breeze or water flowing over stones. Her eyes open wide when she feels my hardness pressing into her, but I simply smile and continue to rub my body against her ripe, womanly body.

The hardness will come later, for now all I have in mind is to seduce her through dance. The music changes to a slower rhythm and I pull her closer, I bury my face into her hair, inhaling the scent of an exotic shampoo and her heady perfume deep into my nose. They mingle together making me dizzy, all the while my hands are on her voluptuous firm ass, pulling her closer so that I can feel her rub against me and smell her gorgeous scent. She looks up at me and sees the desire in my eyes and she smiles; just with the corners of her mouth and I know she is mine!

The song finishes, and she stands with her head on my chest, getting her breath back. I see her breasts heave within the confines of her dress as she breathes deeply, they are milky white and soft yet firm, there does not appear to be anything supporting them, but I will find out later.

The music starts up again, faster this time and I twist and spin her, throwing her out to arms length then pulling her back into me, pressing her body against mine. I slide my hands down her back caressing the naked skin, I feel her shiver at my touch but she does not say anything. Then I spin her out again, but this time I drop to one knee and bend her over it, exposing her voluptuous body to my lustful gaze. I know that people are looking, but I couldn't care less, she is all I am concentrating on, they may as well not exist!

I raise her up and stand up just as the music finishes, she is flushed but happy as she regains her composure again ready for the next dance. The evening continues like this until the early hours, we stop occasionally for a drink of water, but otherwise we dance non-stop. I see her friends looking over and some are pointing, but I know it is envy on their part. They wish that it was them out here and not her. In a pause in the music I hold her at arm's length for a moment, I take in the stunning creature before me from her dark curly hair now messed up and stuck to her face with sweat from her exertions on the dance-floor, to those sparkling blue eyes which seem to have a fire of their own, to her cute nose and those kissable lips shining with a bright red lip-gloss which looks as though she has run her tongue over them.

I am on fire as I take in her curvaceous body, from her heaving bosom down which droplets of sweat run until they disappear into the cleavage between those soft yet firm mounds. How I wish my tongue could follow them to that dark and secret place, but I must wait a little longer! I continue my journey down her body to her waist and stomach, which is quite flat for a woman her age.

From there I move down to her hips which are broad and rounded, indicating that she has children. But this only helps to make her even sexier. I turn her slowly so that I can take in her firm round ass once more, it is a wonder in itself and I have difficulty tearing my gaze from it but I do and then I take in her legs.

Encased in sheer black hose, they are long, very long for a woman her height; of course I cannot see all of them yet but I can guess that the thighs are strong and firm, then from the knee they taper down to shapely firm calves and trim ankles, ending in small neat feet encased in patent stiletto pumps. Taken together she is the perfect woman for me, as I will show her later. The bandleader approaches the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please take your partners for the last dance of the evening!" he takes his place and the band goes into "Careless Whisper" by George Michael. This is the moment I have been waiting for as we settle into a slow, sexy rumba.

She turns her back to me and presses her gorgeous ass into my crotch and reaches up and puts her arms around my neck and pulls my face down for a deep kiss. Then to her neck, graceful like a swan's and exposed to my tongue lips and teeth. First of all I use my nose, inhaling her perfume and the soft, warm scent of her body, it is an intoxicating mixture and I feel drunk from the smell, but there are other delights yet!

I slide my hands down her body, starting at her full breasts. I linger for a moment, feeling the weight and size of them in my hands and then I move on, down her waist to her full womanly hips and that gorgeous firm round ass. She sighs as she feels me exploring her but she does not say a word, keeping in time with the music. As I explore her I bury my face in her neck like a vampire from the "Twilight" series of films about to possess a beautiful maiden.

But instead of fangs, I first use my tongue, licking the salty deposits from the base of her neck where it meets the collar bone.

"Oooh" she gasps, "don't stop!"

"I have no intention of stopping my love, this is just the beginning!" then as she looks up into my face I bend down and lightly brush my lips over hers, it is one of many and it sends a tingle down my spine at the thought.

At the same time I feel her give a little shiver as she lies back in my arms and presses that fabulous ass harder against my crotch. She feels my hardness pressing into the crack and she moans "mmmm, nice!"

We continue our dance, swaying and moving with the music, everyone and everything else forgotten. I continue my exploration of her body down to her crotch, resting my hand on the swell of her mound, even through her dress I can feel the heat. I press harder and she gasps and turns her face up to me for another kiss.

This one is longer but not too long, as I have not finished yet and the song is nearly over. My hands slide down her strong firm thighs, and I can feel through the material of her dress that she is wearing stockings! My heart skips a beat, I was right! I feel the strength in her thighs and smile, she will be able to wrap them around me as we make love later. For now there is the dance to finish.

I lower my mouth to her neck once more but this time I gently kiss it making her squeal "ooooo." I continue kissing up her neck until I reach her ear and I place a kiss behind it and she groans "ohhhh yesss."But even with all these distractions she continues to move against me, rubbing herself against my hardness, which is crying out for her but will have to wait a little longer. Finally I bring my mouth back to her neck and gently I sink my teeth into the base of her neck, I can feel the blood pumping through the carotid artery as her excitement builds. She opens her mouth but no sound comes out, and so I cover it with my own, tasting those warm soft lips once again.

As we break our kiss the music ends, I hear the bandleader thanking the crowd and wishing them a safe journey home, but it as though from a distance, as if through water. I am concentrating on what is to come as I stand with my arms around her, her head on my chest. I can feel her breathing deeply as she gets her composure back, still within my arms she turns, looking up at me seeing me as if for the first time.

She starts to speak; "Who...." but I put a finger to her soft lips.

"Shhh" I say "later when we are alone" and with that she puts her face to my chest and closes her eyes. As we stand there I see that the dance-floor is emptying, assignations have been made, couples head for the exit hand in hand.

Groups of girls laughing loudly and men on their own start to leave, but they do not interest me.

"Come with me" I say, she looks up at me and I see doubt on her face but something else in her eyes.

"What about the girls?" she says "I'm supposed to make sure they get home safely!"

I have already thought of that, earlier I gave one of the bar staff a 50 and told him to organize a cab for her friends. As I look over her head I see him talking to her friends telling them about the cab, as they leave, a few cast backward glances but then, more than a little drunk, they head for the exit and we are by ourselves.

"Come with me NOW!" I say again and this time she does not object, I put my arm round her waist and she puts her head on my chest as we head for the exit...........


Outside the air was cool and crisp, and I could see the little peaks in her dress as her nipples hardened in the cold air. I walked her to my car and we stopped for another lingering kiss before getting in. Once inside I put on the heater and then leaned across to fasten her seatbelt, as I did this I kissed her again, a deep lingering kiss with tongues, mine searches for her warm wet one and intertwines with it. She puts her arms around my neck and pulls me closer, flicking her tongue in and out of my mouth rapidly in her excitement.

Eventually I break our kiss and sit down and start the engine, "my place isn't far" I say, so we drive for 10 minutes and pull up in front of my apartment building. "we're here!" I say, gently shaking her awake "you dozed off with all the dancing and the warmth from the heater."

"Mmmm" she says stretching and yawning and giving me a big smile that lights up her face. As she stretches, her breasts push out the material of her dress again and I can see the shape of those soft yet firm mounds.

"Come on" I say "let's get inside!"

It has started to rain as we get out of my car. I take off my jacket and drape it over her head to stop the worst of the rain, of course this means that I get soaked but never mind, I won't need these clothes for long! We run up the steps and I open the door and let us inside. In the lobby are a set of stairs and some elevators.

She looks at them and asks "which floor do you live on?"

"Fifth" I reply.

"Then we'll take the elevator, I don't think my legs could carry me!" she says and presses the call button.

A few moments later the elevator appears, the doors open and two people get out leaving it empty. As soon as the doors close I take her into my arms and plant a deep kiss on her luscious mouth, my hands roaming across her voluptuous figure. She giggles and kisses me back her tongue searching for mine.

"You're all wet, you'll have to get out of those clothes or you'll catch pneumonia" she laughs.

"I intend to!" I say, "I've made you wet as well though, so we'll have to get yours dry before you can go home!"

The elevator doors open and we step out onto my floor. My front door is opposite to the elevator so we don't have to walk far, I let us in saying "welcome to my humble abode!" with a mock bow "after you, ladies first!"

This is a ploy so that I can watch that fabulous ass of hers wiggle its way into my apartment! I shut the door and follow her inside.

"Nice apartment" she says.

"Thank you it's all my own work," I say as I step up behind her and put my arms around her waist and lower my face to her neck, I smell the warm heady scent of her body and I kiss her neck making her shiver.

"Fix us something to drink while I get out of these wet clothes" I say heading for the bedroom.

I can hear glasses tinkling as she pours our drinks "do you want ice?" she asks.

"No thanks just as it comes" I shout back.

I take off my wet clothes and dump them in the laundry bin and put on a silk robe, it feels cool and sensuous next to my naked skin and my cock begins to stiffen at its touch. "Down boy!" I say and the impending errection goes down and I walk out of the bedroom. Her eyes widen when she sees what I am wearing, but soon we are comfortable on the sofa in front of a fire which I lit before going out.

"Now where were we?" I say, "oh yes your wet clothes need drying off, come on then off with them!" with that I put down my drink and stand up "come on then, stand up and I'll help you."

She stands up and I take hold of her zipper and start to unzip her dress, as I do creamy white skin is exposed and then the strap of a lacy black bra. I kiss this exposed flesh with just the lightest graze of my lips and she shudders, I slide the zip further paying the same attention to each inch of newly exposed flesh.

Eventually the zipper is right down, nestling in the curve of her back just above her ass. Without being told she slides her arms out of the straps of her dress and lets it fall to the floor, she stands in front of me in just her bra, panties stockings and heels. My god she is gorgeous! I take in the swelling mounds of her large heavy breasts, barely contained in their soft lacy bra. From there my eyes travel down her belly to the black garter belt holding up sheer black stockings, fine as a spider's web clinging to her long legs. Finally I reach my goal, her pussy, it is covered by a thin strip of material which barely conceals the swelling mound, beneath which is shaved smooth. The material passes between her legs and between the twin globes of her ass. She stands there, unsure of what to do or say and so I take the initiative and put my hands on those ripe melons and caress them through the material of her bra.

I take hold of each one in turn and ease it out of the confines of her bra, and into the full light of the room. They are spectacular for a woman her age and I take each one in turn into my mouth, encircling each nipple with my tongue until it starts to harden and lengthen.

At this she throws back her head, her hair cascading down her back and she opens her mouth and moans "ohhh that feels soooo gooood!" She takes hold of my head and presses my face into her cleavage. I feel the soft skin on either side of my face as I inhale the warm sweet scent of her perfume mingled with her sweat as she stands in front of the roaring fire.

I flick out my tongue and taste her, her mouth forms a silent "o" at this and her eyes close. I reach behind her and unclasp her bra and let it fall to the floor, then I go down on one knee and begin to lavish kisses on her rounded belly, very lightly, just butterfly kisses gently grazing the skin and bringing up goose-bumps. As I do this my robe opens to reveal my hardening cock, I look up and see her lustful gaze as she sees me hardening for her.

Kissing down her belly I reach her garter belt, it is black lace with little hearts on it, and it is stretched tight across her hips, the straps holding her stockings tight.

From there it is just a short distance to the black lace panties covering the delights within. I can see a patch of wetness appearing, and I press my face to it, tasting her juices and smelling her strong musky scent. She groans "ohh god" and buries her fingers in my hair, pulling me closer to the centre of her lust. I can feel the heat from her pussy and I gently rub the material against it, stimulating her clitoris to rise out of its hiding place.

While I do this her fist is in her mouth and she is biting it to stop herself screaming out loud. "Don't worry" I say, "the neighbours are away for the week you can scream as much as you like!" and she will before we have finished!

The wet patch on her panties grows bigger as her juices start to flow faster, and I know she is heading for her first climax of the evening.

"Oooooh yesss" she cries out as my tongue laps at her panties, pressing the material against her swollen mound, making the material gently scratch her clitoris and sending her over the edge.

"Ohhh myyy fucking godddd!" she screams, no longer caring if anyone can hear her, "that feels fucking fantastic" she puts a hand to her mouth, a slightly embarrassed look on her face "I'm sorry," "I don't usually talk like that!"

"No problem" I reply, "I hope it won't be the last time tonight!"

Then I hook my thumbs under the elastic of her panties and pull them over her hips, they slide down to the floor down her stockings with a whisper until they reach her ankles. Supporting herself on my back, she lifts one foot and then the other and steps out of them. Now I have an unobscured view of her sex, it is beautiful!

The lips form a petal shape and are shiny with her juices, there is a swelling just where her pubic bone pushes her clitoris out, and I can see her slit because she is shaved smooth. I can smell her arousal and little drops of juice form on the lips of her pussy. I lean forward and flick out my tongue, eager to taste and smell her hot sweet juices.

As my tongue traces the outline of her pussy she groans "oh fuck" and pulls my face closer so that I can introduce the tip of my tongue between the lips. By now she is well on the way to another orgasm as her juices flow onto my tongue, I let them roll down it and down my throat swallowing them hungrily.

Carefully I insert a finger into her wet pussy, meeting no resistance I insert a second, searching for her g-spot, the magical place which will make her shiver and shake and scream as her pussy floods in orgasm! I know that I have found it when she takes in a deep breath and her eyes roll back in her head.

She lets out a gasp, "don't stop, don't you dare fucking stop!"

I have no intention of stopping and I increase the pace, my fingers are moving in and out of her pussy in a blur.

"Ohhh yesss I'm coming, I'm fucking cumminnggg!" she shouts and a flood of juice flows down the inside of her thighs and onto her stockings.

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