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Laughing Naked


There's a man on the lawn of a public park naked. The nearby swings hanging from filaments of silver, like a pendulum blown by the wind, empty. A laser beam of incandescent colours, shimmers green to violet then gold rising from a pink elephant statue. It occupies every nook and cranny of your mind if you dare to stare. Running from the tip of the elephants trunk, it arcs high above the ground and returns to it's anus, disappearing inside.

He's laughing as his cock twitches between his legs. Great billows of belly laughter double him over. Crawling from the edges of the park, from under shrubs and small trees are scores of naked women. 17 of the most beautiful athletic bodies, tits taught with perfect nipples erect come alive. As they slither in the grass heading towards the pink elephant, their scissoring legs open and close to divulge the glistening wetness of their cunts.

That twitching cock is lifting it's weighty meaty flesh, rising like a ton of iron girders being hoisted to the top of a skyscraper. His hands dangle at his sides. Lumbering towards the elephant he plants himself into the descending arc of the laser; it's piercing his abdomen just before entering the anus. He glows gold. His attraction spell binds the women who've been granted this moment to have their thoughts reprogrammed; the stunning visual clearing their minds of all thought.

The scene is surreal. Slowly, one by one they approach the man. It's not possible for all 17 women to touch him at the same time but their attempt is laudable. Every time they come in contact with his body they respond to the golden shaft of light. It enters their very being electrifying every cell. One at a time they feast on his manhood. His erection is enormous. He's in a state of mindlessness. Only aware of one feeling: orgasm.

The man is gifted with the means to fulfill anyone's fantasy as long as he stays in the piercing ray of the laser. His ass is stuck to the elephants sphincter. The benefit to him is an ever-flowing infinite stream of seminal fluid. He's a liquid river of cum. The unctuous gooey spurts of sperm flow from his giant shaft bathing the women as they glorify his cock. He's completely dissolved into a solid state of hardened, throbbing gristle, the only part of him jerking spasmodically as it erupts continuously.

One after the other they prostrate themselves to his golden shaft of love. As they come into contact with any part of his body they start to shudder and quiver the heat rising from their cunts like ripples of heat off the tarmac blistered by a blazing summer sun. Searing from the heat, the women only find relief when they are blessed by the orgasmic stream of jism flowing endlessly from the tip of the mans cock. Some approach with their legs spread wide, their pulsing cunts splayed open. Angling themselves under the geyser of cum, they bath in it. Those shapely lithe legs capped by throbbing slits widened to accept the juices splashing around them like a fountain at a waterpark.

The tension mounts as the women all hunger for the same thing: his eternal touch. They are slithering over and under each other their mouths and fingers attempting to quell the blinding lust they are experiencing by sharing every part of their body with whomever happens to be near. Many fingers are sluicing, excavating the gushing cunts arrayed all in close proximity to the elephant. 17 mouths are either open, drinking directly from the spewing golden shaft, or exploring the inner folds of all the labia pressed to their faces. Great gobs of cum rain on them like a cloudburst soaking the ground on which they crawl turning it into a slick sticky pond now ankle deep. The spreading of legs exposing the churning and twisting pussies resolutely focused on being satisfied, fill the box surrounding the elephant.

Drenched from head to toe each woman gets to pull herself up from his feet to finally close their mouth around his cock. They don't have to do anything once there. The ejaculate simply flows like jelly shots at the bar, filling their tummy and leaking from their cunts and assholes. There's so much sperm that it's not possible to rub your eye without it getting it stuck closed. As one woman quenches her thirst her lips suctioned to the end of his obelisk of gold others start to drink the cum passing through her body sticking their mouths to her cunt and anus. Spreading her anus the spurting love fluid passes through her creating a slippery wet chain binding them.

As they all have a turn feeding directly from the fountain of his cock, the pressure in their cunts begins to mount. It's an orgasm that will rip through the starving pack of women as one. It vibrates deep in their bellies, the throbbing increasing in intensity. Their cunts pulse together each of them now pulling at their clit. 17 women all exposing their clits at the same time. 17 Goddesses at the peak of their sexual arousal start to climax as one. The breathless moans of ecstasy are carried away on the hot summer breeze gently caressing their every pore. The obsession with diddling their clits splayed wide is cranked to a frenzy. Furiously fast fingers trip the clit like a strobe light. Hands start to cramp as everyone of them crashes through the damn releasing a flood of Goddess juices to dilute the ocean of semen surrounding them.

The orgasm literally rips their bodies open, they are turning inside out. Their faces and necks disappear into their chest, turning the womens tits into giant balloons with monstrously erect nipples like schrader valves on an inner tube. Shrinking legs puff out their cunts into massive swollen slits splitting open like an overripe cherry. As their convulsing subsides the only part of their being that still exists is their cunt. Their tits have morphed into their cunts. 17 volleyball sized pink squishy pussies all massed together like spikeless sea urchins. All of the collective cunts are shuffling side-by-side, gelling together into one giant sponge.

The man has conquered. One jet of his everlasting orgasm pours straight into the giant slit open before him. It's one huge cherry red pussy with two sentinels on either side, labia that stretch before him completely exposed. The rush of seminal fluid is directly entering the vulva splayed wide open, it's cavernous entrance accepting the river of gooey fluid like a bathtub draining water.

The laser flickers threatening to extinguish. The man is coming unstuck from the elephant's anus. His engorged penis is purple red and looks like he took sandpaper to it. It's raw and sore. The ground around him is no longer bathed in cum and pussy juices. He stands there confused holding his 6" penis in his hand. "What happened?" he asks himself.

The sound of a car coming to a halt somewhere beyond the sphere of the elephant box draws his attention away from his special obsession. It's dark out and he realizes he's naked. "Where are my clothes?" he wonders. Two men are getting out of the car and are walking towards him. "Maybe they know where my clothes are" he mutters to himself.

"Hi," says the first officer as he approaches. "Are you OK?" he asks.

"Uh, ya, I just don't know what happened to my clothes. Did you see them?"

"If you come with us, we'll find you new ones. OK? Do you want to go for a ride in our car?"

"Well I don't know where I am," the man says. "Do you know where I am?"

"Sir, you're in a park and it's late at night. If you come with us we can get you dressed. Are you hungry?"

"Ya, I am hungry," he says. "I can come with you?"

"Ya come on. We'll help ya find some nice clothes and get you something to eat OK?"

"Ok." He follows them to the car holding his cock in his hand. He doesn't feel anxious just confused.

They drive to the police station and through a back door escort our God of Love into a holding cell. Disoriented he says, "Where are we going? Why are you putting me here?"

"Don't worry," says the second cop, "It's just for the moment until we can get someone from the hospital to come pick you up. Are you feeling better?"

He replies, "I feel fine! I'm just mixed up. Where am I supposed to be? Who's coming to pick me up?"

"It'll all be clear soon. I'll be right back with some clothes OK?"

"OK." he mumbles, sitting on the threadbare cot.

The cop returns with clothes that fit tight in the chest and loosely around his waist. It's a relief for his cock that the pants aren't too small as his dick is rubbed raw.

An hour later a van pulls up and two women dressed in official looking uniforms pick him up. They drive in silence to the outskirts of town. Entering a long driveway arched under towering trees they drive for another minute. In a space about as large as a soccer pitch looms a large mansion.

Our man Stan is in the back whistling. He's humming the tune "Everything is going to be alright". He disembarks, and jiving and two stepping towards the main entrance, he takes the hands of the two women who've parked the van and leads them on. They laugh with him and with arms swinging together on either side, climb the steps facing enormous ancient oak doors. Noiselessly the door opens on hinges of butter. Waiting in the foyer are 15 naked women with smiles bigger than their slits.


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