Laundry Day


Because of some events I saw at my neighbor's house earlier today, I was quite excited. The events happened around 9 am. I was taking the dogs out to the back at that time, and in order for me to do it I first open the garage and then go around to the side of the house and to the gate. After leaving them back there I came back to the front and as I rounded the corner I saw Lacey, my neighbor's daughter, and her boyfriend, Chad,on the porch. She was all snugged up against him, reminding me of the fun I used to have with my boyfriend when I was that age. I started to wonder if they were already sexually active, and as those naughty thoughts crept into my mind I was already walking into my house, and had pressed the button to close the garage door.

Once inside I went about doing some cleaning, and had eventually forgotten about what I had seen earlier.

About an hour later I headed to the back to get the dogs, since it was kinda hout out, and just as I made it to the deck (I was planning to toss the tennis ball for a bit before I brought them in, and the dog's toys are in a bin on the deck) I heard a loud commotion coming from my neighbor's house. Lenny, my neighbor's son who was home for the summer from college, flew out the backdoor with some sunglasses in his hands and right behind him was his sister chasing him, presumably because he had grabbed her shades.

The odd thing was, I could have sworn Lacey's left boob was exposed. Not just exposed, but bouncing gently as she rushed forward. If that were too have been my exposed boob it would have flailed about obscenely, something my husband Mark would surely love to see, lol.

Behind Lacey was Chad, and he looked to be tying his shorts as he walked out, also laughing with the other two. The first thing I thought of I quickly tried to dismiss, and instead tried to convince myself that Lacy's top slipped and Chad was just fixing his shorts.

But like most people, the mor eI thought about it the more naughty things I started to think. The last thought I had was that little Lacey was being double-teamed by Lenny and Chad, and by this time I was sopping wet. I hurried back inside and continued the laundry I had started.

By 12pm I couldnt take it anymore and put on some group vids on my tv (I hook up my phone to it) and started going at it. I even brought down one of my little long toys to help me. And I was using it well.

Ten minutes later it was soaking wet, but luckily this time I was smart and placed a dirty shirt under me. Since I was doing laundry the basement was piled with dirty clothes.

I hadn't gone over the edge yet, when I heard the dryer stop. Obviously, during this time I had my birthday suit on.

So I went to the laundry room, which is in the basement. The way my house is set up, you open the door to the garage (from the garage) and the laundry room is to your left. To your right is a closet and next to that is a staircase. Straight ahead it opens up to the useable basement. Once in that living area in the basement, you have a couch to ur left. At the far left corner is the flat screen, cornered on the wall. Theres also a sofa chair kinda in front of the TV but not in the way of the couch. Hopefully I explained it well.

I had been playing with myself on the couch.

So I heard the dryer finish and I painstakingly stopped what I was doing, pressing pause on my phone, which incidentally left the image on screen of a girl on all fours having her mouth stuffed with a meat pole, and her behind about to be invaded by another. The view was at an angle from behind herand to the side. The camera was at her 5 o'clock position, I guess. Still in my birthday suit I went to retrieve the clothes and put it in the clean clothes bin.

As I was taking the clothes out I noticed some marks on the side of the dryer. Once empty I looked closer, essentially getting on my knees and my upper torso inside of the dryer, and saw it was like wax. Colorful...crayola...wax...

Then I remembered I had watched my nieces a couple days before and must have forgotten to take the crayons out.


So, feeling lazy and also not wanting to waste time looking for a rough rag since the washing machine was still going and Im sure soon to finish, I started going at it with my fingers and nails.

There was a lot of debris out there. Melted debris that got into the holes and hardened up by now.

Then the door to the garage opened. But I was oblivious to it. With the loud washing machine next to me and my head enveloped by the dryer, I couldn't hear anything.

It was until a little later I visualized how these events unfolded, and though the timing may be off, it still occurred.

My husband opened the door to the garage and was laughing. He walked past the laundry entrance and when he got to the opening to the basement he froze.

There on the screen was the image I described before, and it caused his member to stir.

Behind him was a coworker of his. With my husband stopping at the opening, this left his coworker standing right at the doorway to the laundry room. And of course, since to the right was a boring closet door and set of steps, he naturally looked left, to which I'm sure his eyes got huge.

He decided not to poke my husband in the back to alert him of the sight and just stayed watching me.

The way I was positioned, there is probably no more innocent way to have been that I could have exposed more than I was exposing right there and then.

Remember, I'm on all fours, well more like I'm on my knees and bent forward. I'm also moving around quite a bit inside. Now they can't see that, which I'm kinda glad because I'm sure the girls were swinging, but my backside is flexing quite a bit. Occasionally it shakes when I really push against the melted crayons.

My legs are slightly apart. This causes my two cheeks to be slightly apart. Not only can he see my kitty (which is slightly open from the previous abuse, and still glistening) but my rosebud is peeking out every now and then. He even sees it wink every now and then when I tense my body to get out a stubborn piece of crayon.

Who knows how long it took for my husband to look away from the screen, and then he turned to the couch and saw my toy there all wet and glistening. And his dirty gray shirt I had put under me had some serious staining from my juices. He finally turned back and then saw what his coworker was seeing. But he didn't alert me or stop his friend from having his way with me with his eyes. Instead he stood there and watched. And even bobbed his head whenever parts of me shook.

His friend turned to him and mouthed, 'Nice' and they just watched some more.

Knowing how our laundry machine works, he knew it was about to finish, so he motioned for his friend to be quiet and to stay there, to which his coworker didn't really need convincing, and slowly went up the stairs.

Just as he reached the top step the washer stopped, and he started shouting, "Honey, honey! Where are you? Hun?"

I kinda heard him so through the dryer I shouted back, "Down here!" but he couldn't hear me, even after three shouts.

I stuck my head out of the dryer to shout once more, still facing away from the door (meaning I couldn't see it) and then he responded, "what?"

Annoyed, I thought I would just let him find me on his own. If he's gonna miss out on watchin me shake it, so be it.

Just as I was getting ready to put my head back in, I heard a cough.

It did not come from upstairs.

It sounded like it was right behind me.

There's no way my husband could have made it down here that fast.

I realized I was still frozen in place as I kept thinking things.

My position was me sitting back against my heels. My back was to him, but my cheeks were completely open.

It's possible everything was visible. Especially if whoever was back there had lowered their head.

As I slowly turned, I gave out a little yelp when I saw someone who was not my husband, but still looked a little familiar.

"What's wrong honey?" my husband 'innocently' yelled in response to my yelp.

I quickly wrapped one hand around my girls and the other hand tried to make me look semi decent down in front. But he would not move, and the tent he sported looked like it wouldn't go down any time soon either.

So I skedaddled out of the laundry room, right past him, and bound up the stairs, leaving my arms to the side since I always grab the rails for safety, allowing him to feast on, I'm hoping, one of the best bounces he'll ever see. Though he couldn't see my girls from the front, there was plenty of sideboob for him to enjoy. That or he decided instead to look at my bouncing bum. With every step my butt cheeks shook and flexed violently. In a way I'm kinda disappointed he didn't slap one cheek as I hurried past him. For a second I thought it didn't look good enough for him and he had no desire to do so.

So I ran past my husband, who was near the top of the stairs, to which he still tried to innocently say, "Honeyyyyy, what's wrong?"

I would have kicked him in his shins if I weren't worried his friend would come up and see me some more.

'Why didn't he follow me up the stairs?' I thought to myself, dejectedly. 'Was I not good enough to follow?'

Then I put on the baggiest pjs I could find. And even threw on underwear. The most unflattering kind I could. The one way in the back of the drawer that my mom gave me when I was young and that I had never worn in my life. You know, the old kind.

My embarrassment wasn't to end there, though. As I quietly went back down the stairs I saw both men sitting on the sides of the couch. In between them was something I left behind. It had dried by now, but the stain on the shirt was quite evident.

At the very least they turned the tv off. So the image of the two guys and one girl wasn't there. When I went to stand next to my husband, who was sitting on the right side of the couch, I saw his coworker with my phone in his hand. I could see movement but couldn't tell what it was. Then he reached over and picked up my toy. He brought the tip to his nose and took a good whiff across the whole device.

"Damn, that smells good!" my husband's coworker said. "Wish I had one of these at home."

I'm not sure what he meant by that, but I was getting ready to bolt up stairs when my husband grabbed my shirt and stopped me swiftly.

"I'm sorry honey," my husband apologized, "I asked him to do that. Just thought it'd be funny."

"Well it's not," I cried.

"Hey, you have nothing to be ashamed about," his coworker told me, "you look amazing."

That actually made me feel a little better.

"And also smell amazing," he added, to which I playfully slapped his arm.

"Don't worry honey," my husband said, "we'll be out of your hair in a second. I just wanted to grab some papers I forgot here from work and show him that model boat I've been working on while we're here," and both of them trotted upstairs to the office.

When I went to grab my phone I noticed it was still playing. The scene had gone far enough that now there were three guys servicing the girl. I'm just glad I chose to watch some regular stuff and not the stuff that I've made.

That was so embarrassing, but the scene was also getting me hot again. For a split second, just a split second, I had thoughts of continuing to do what I was doing earlier, before I checked on the dryer. To have them come downstairs and catch me like that as they headed out, wow, what a thought.

But no. I gathered the toy and shirt and took them with me to the laundry room. Then I closed the door and went to work on the dryer again. As they shouted bye as they were leaving, I shouted bye back. Just simple, with no more excursions occurring.

{This may be a shorty, but it was a simple adventure I went through that doesn't really have more to say}

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