tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLaundry Room Stranger

Laundry Room Stranger


Isabella Moretti is the epitome of the gorgeous working single girl. At 23, she has a lot going for her. She is a successful freelance photographer in Vancouver, BC, and owns her one-bedroom condo outright. Her friends often tell her that she is so pretty she should be the one in front of the camera, not hiding behind it. She is a petite 5'-7" Italian woman with long dark wavy hair, olive skin and hazel eyes.

Isabella's work keeps her pretty busy, so she does her household activities at really odd hours of the day. Today she found herself going for a run with her iPod at 10 o'clock pm only to come home around 11 o'clock to do her laundry. Still dressed in her black lululemon yoga pants and a pink tank top, she piled her towels in one basket and a load of dark sweaters in another. With a basket loaded under each arm she headed to the other side of the building where they had a small communal laundry room with private access. Distracted by her iPod, she forgot about the large sign reminding her to lock the door behind her to keep herself and her stuff safe. She was usually pretty careful about locking the door, because she didn't live in the poshest neighbourhood (certainly not the worst, but she wasn't into taking risks). However, today, because she was distracted with her iPod and had both arms full she forgot to lock it behind her, and left it more than slightly ajar.

Isabella was stuffing her towels into the front-load washing machine when she got the feeling that someone was watching her. She gently pulled one of her earphones from her ear, and then thought she heard someone breathing. She turned around and her breath caught in her throat and she jumped slightly. There was a tall man with dark brown hair and eyes, probably in his early 30's, standing in the small laundry room with her. She also noticed that the laundry room door was no longer open.

Hand clasped over her chest she said, "Wow! You scared me! I didn't hear you come in!"

The tall stranger hesitated for a moment before saying, "Sorry. Didn't mean to startle you. I was walking by when I saw you drop a towel."

Isabella took the towel from his outstretched hand with wide-eyes and a gracious grin, and said, "Thank-you so much! That was very kind!" He just shrugged his shoulders and gave a nonchalant sort of half-smirk. This made her notice again how ruggedly handsome this man was, and her eyes lingered on his chest, which was visible through his open shirt, just a second longer than she meant to.

She then proceeded to bend over and stuff the last towel into the machine. While she was bent over she felt something graze left butt cheek. She was startled at first, but thinking it could have been an honest mistake, she remained bent at the waist to pick up her empty laundry basket. As she was doing this, she felt a hand on her right cheek, firmly this time. A second later, it was both hands, and his pelvis began softly groping her as well. By this point, there was no question that it was deliberate!

Her mind and heart began to race. She wasn't sure how to handle this. She couldn't leave; he was blocking the only exit. She could scream, but with the traffic roaring by, no one would hear her... She didn't know how to get away from him... or even if she wanted to get away from him. "I can't say I wasn't warned about locking that door," she thought to herself.

She decided there was no other way to handle this but directly. She stood up and spun around quickly to face him. "Wh-what are you doing?" she asked, angry with herself for letting her fear come through in her voice.

He didn't say anything, but showed the same half-smirk he had earlier, and slowly stepped closer to her, making her back up until her ass was against the countertop. When she had nowhere else to go he stepped close enough that she could smell a mixture of his cologne and sweat and feel his warm breath down the side of her neck. She gave an involuntary shudder.

He reached up and ran his callused fingers of his right hand up the back of her neck and through her hair. He returned his left hand to her left butt cheek and pulled her up against his body, so that she could feel his hardness press through his jeans and against her stomach, and she gasped.

Isabella tried to pull away, but he held her close. She felt so tiny and helpless against her stranger. "Please," she started to say.

"Don't fight it," came his gruff voice, as he pulled her tank top over her head, exposing her front-clasped sports bra. He used both hands and roughly massaged her breasts before undoing it. She was surprised to see how hard her nipples were considering how warm the room was. He started massaging them again and she let out a tiny, but audible moan. She couldn't believe herself.

He began to undo his belt and unbutton his jeans. This brought Isabella back to the severity of the situation and tried again to push her way past him. He was too strong. He pushed her back against the countertop and pulled her pants roughly down to her ankles. She was now standing completely naked in front of him. He finished undoing his pants and shoved them to the floor with his boxers, allowing his large cock to spring free. Isabella couldn't help but stare. It was only barely above average in length, but the widest cock she had ever seen. She gasped in spite of her self, and this brought his attention to her staring at him.

"You like what you see?" he asked, smirking again. She just continued to stare.

Her eyes were wide with fear and anticipation, as he put his hands around her waist and pulled her naked body against his. In one seamless motion he picked her up and lowered her pussy down right onto his cock. Isabella let out an involuntary groan as his width filled her completely. She wasn't expecting it to happen that fast, nor was she expecting to be so wet! As he began thrusting deep and hard into her pussy, she continued to fight against her desire. She attempted to push herself away from him, but the attempts grew weaker with each thrust. She attempted to scream for help, but they sounded more like screams of passion. It wasn't long until he hit just the right spot and she let out a deep moan and instantly decided to give into the moment, odd and fierce as it was, and fuck back!

She wrapped her long legs around his back and squeezed, pulling him in deeper. Her stranger stopped for just a second and glared at her, confused. He grabbed her ass and continued to pump his cock deep inside her snatch. She could sense that he appreciated her newfound eagerness when the half-smirk returned to highlight his chiseled features. He locked his eyes, smoldering with desire, onto hers and then reached his right hard up behind her and wove his fingers into her hair. He continued to hold their intense stare as he pulled her face roughly against his to kiss her with a strength and passion that shocked Isabella. She was not shocked by the power of it, but more so the power it had over her.

Here she was, practically assaulted by a stranger and now she was lip-locked in the middle of the most intense kiss, and sex, she had ever felt - and she loved it! She felt a spasm of tingles and heat right down into her toes with every thrust he drove into her now dripping pussy. She couldn't believe the intensity of the animalistic orgasm she could no longer deny that was building deep inside her cunt.

As her stranger (as she was beginning to think of him) continued to ram into her, deeper with every thrust, Isabella reached over and turned the washing machine on. She was not concerning herself with the efficiency of her chores (although that did present an added benefit), but wanted to set the cycle to 'extract spin'. As the machine got going, Isabella reluctantly released him from her legs' deathgrip around his waist. Even more reluctantly, she slowly attempted to pull herself off of his wanton cock. He did not allow this easily at first. She looked at him seriously, but passionately, and whispered, "Trust me."

He could plainly see the lust and desire in her gaze, so he grudgingly obliged. Isabella hesitated for the briefest moment to look him up and down. He looked more than ruggedly handsome to her now. He was extremely sexy standing there, naked, wanting her. She took a second to contemplate the sudden turn of events that left her the one in control, and him standing there, vulnerable. Before she could even begin to consider relishing in her newfound power over him, she realized that she would never be able to use that power, because she wanted him so completely. Before he even noticed that she had hesitated she turned around abruptly and bent herself over the cold washing machine. She gasped at the sensation of the cold metal against her heated, sensitive skin, especially as she pressed her breasts into the machine. She presented an inviting image to her stranger: bent submissively over the washing machine, slowly shaking her supple skin with each spin of the clothes inside. Her ass and pussy were beckoning to his cock, inviting him to do what he wanted with them. She knew it wouldn't be long before she would have him inside her again.

She heard him moan as he stepped toward her, placing both hands firmly on her ass cheeks, in a now familiar, but this time not a surprising way. Unlike the first time he entered her, he was slow, but deliberate with his movements. First, the head of his cock skimmed lightly along the length of her pussy. She could imagine his tip glistening in her wetness and she tried to push herself onto him. He held her firmly in place against the machine as he, again ran his head along her slit, slowly, back and forth a few more times. Isabella's hips bucked toward him, and she almost cried out for him, but she bit her lip instead. Her stranger chuckled once, and the image of his face, with his half-smirk, danced in Isabella's mind. She had shown her cards and she knew he was very aware of the power he did in fact hold over her. She had gotten in wrong. - he was still, and would always be the one in control. It was just a different kind of control than what he might have anticipated when he stepped into the laundry room.

He slipped his head slightly into her wet hole once again, and this time she couldn't help but moan aloud. He slipped in another inch or so, and then pulled himself back out, holding her hips in place. Once again, he ran his wet tip along her slit, and this time flicked it across her clit until she couldn't take it anymore.

"Please," she begged. She reminded herself of the first time she uttered this plea to her stranger and that at the time it had been to stop. That was now the furthest thing from her mind. "Please, just fuck me again," she breathed.

He just chuckled again, and continued to rub his head across her slit. Then he pushed himself into her, a few inches more than the last time. She moaned. This time he kept himself inside her, but he teased her with his thrusts. He would push himself in deeper with one, and with the next he would almost pull himself out. In and out, until her hips were bucking furiously under his firm hold.

She could feel the washing machine vibrating stronger under her, and it was only adding to the intensity of the orgasm that was building inside her. He must have felt her tightening herself around him, because he let out a moan himself and disbanded his teasing. Isabella was almost as surprised by her delight in his pleasure as she was by her own. He once again, thrust the entire length of his cock deep into her until her ass slapped against his stomach. She gasped at the intense fullness she felt again, and her pussy tightened around him, even more. He moaned again, and continued thrusting, hard, and fast into her pussy. Isabella's hips continued to buck into his, but he timed his own thrusts opposite to hers, so that he was pulling her hips down onto him with loud, hard movements each time.

In one perfectly aimed and timed thrust her laundry room stranger threw her into a frenzied orgasm so intense she couldn't help but cry out at the pleasure so great that it was almost painful. As the orgasm continued to course through her veins, her pussy clenched tighter around his cock, until he let out another moan. As her orgasm coursed through her veins, she held onto his cock with her pussy for dear life. She could feel him grip her hips tighter with his fingers, until it almost hurt, before he let out a more guttural moan, more like a grunt. Then she felt him pull himself out of her in one quick motion, before she felt the first spurt of his hot cum land on the small of her naked back. She felt him let go of her hip with his right hand as he pumped more and more of his hot cum out of his cock and onto her body. She felt it in splashes on her back, her ass, and her shoulders. When he had finally pumped the last of it, she could hear him pulling his boxers and pants back up, rebuttoning them and then he spun her around to face him. He had a new look in his eyes. He was satiated and amused. He smirked again, and ran his eyes up and down her naked frame before he pulled her toward him for another, passionate, heated kiss. Then he let her go, and stepped back towards the door.

With one hand on the door, eyes still locked on hers he said, "I guess I'll see you around." And with that her stranger left the room, and closed the door behind him. Left her to clean herself off, get dressed and finish her laundry.

Isabella was still shell-shocked by the events that had transpired tonight. As she finished her load of laundry, and left the room, she noticed the sign hanging by the door, for the first time that evening.


She already knew that she would never lock that door again, hoping her stranger meant what he said.

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