Laura and Alex


I couldn't believe that after all these years my old desires were still as pleasurable as ever. Maybe it was something that had always lain dormant in me; something that I tried to repress, but it had only needed a slight trigger to rise to the surface again.

I am 29 and I have been married for seven years to a wonderful guy called Alex. Life was wonderful. I loved Alex and I loved our exciting sex life. He was a great lover. That was one of the reasons that I couldn't understand why I was still having these urges, the same ones I had ten years ago, the ones I thought my life with Alex had cured me of.

At the time, the doctor had explained to my worried mother that it was probably caused by my repressed sexual desires. This was probably due in some part to my strict religious upbringing and my rebellious teenage nature.

My father was a lay preacher at the local Methodist chapel; Sundays were a day of prayer. We all attended the chapel at least three times on Sunday: morning and evening services and bible classes in the afternoon. My father was always going on about the sins of the flesh, and I often wondered just how I came to be born in the first place.

As a young girl growing up, I accepted the strict rules of my parents, but when I reached my teenage years, problems started. I wanted to be like my friends, go out to clubs, and dress like they did. This of course caused problems. My skirts, according to my father, were always too short and my necklines cut too low.

By the time I was 18, my body had developed fully. My mother was a shapely woman and I followed suit. I wore my first a bra at 13, and by the time I reached 18, I had matured to a C cup. This was much to the delight of the many local guys, whom I allowed to explore my assets on the back row of the cinema.

It was also during my 18th year that I lost my virginity while on a college weekend. I did not have a regular boyfriend at the time. I preferred to mix with everyone. It happened while we were out on an orienteering course. I had been teamed up with two guys, Brad and Eric, and my friend Gail.

We all managed to get lost. I still don't know if it were done purposely or not, but we finished up miles from anywhere. It was a scorching hot day and we were all tired and fed up; then we found this little brook and some trees, a welcome shelter from the sun.

Brad and Eric took off their shoes and jumped into the cool water, and Gail and I followed suit. It was lovely in the water and a welcome relief. We made our way downstream and found a deep pool. The guys waded to the bank and removed there shirts and pants, and attired just in their boxers, dived into the deep water. They came up grinning and suggested we follow.

Gail looked at me and shrugged. "Why not?" she said. "There's no one else around." With that she made her way to the side of the pool and quickly stripped off her jeans and sweater, and much to the guy's delight, joined them in just her bra and panties. Although I was a little concerned at the time about displaying myself in the open, I quickly followed suit.

It was lovely in the water, but I could not help noticing how the guys were looking at me. It was Gail who whispered in my ear that I was exposing rather a lot of myself. I looked down and to my shock and horror, I realised that the water had caused my brief undies to become almost transparent.

At first I wanted to get out and cover myself, but then I started to feel quite excited to be on show like this. I know it was very naughty, but I was actually starting to enjoy it.

After a while, we scrambled back onto the bank. We had not brought any towels with us so we lay on the grass and allowed the sun to dry us.

Every time I looked over at the guys, I caught them looking at me. It gave me a very warm feeling, and I noticed with some surprise that both of them were trying their best to hide the bulges in their boxers. I was quite disappointed when at last we were dry enough to dress again.

We at last made our way back to the lodge where we were staying, and not surprisingly, we were the last team to arrive. After the meal that evening, we played games and drank some light wine. Around ten o'clock people began to wander off to bed. Brad and Eric invited us to their room where they had an extra supply of wine. I was not a big drinker in those days, and after a couple of glasses, I was feeling a little light headed.

I don't quite remember how it started, but the next thing I knew, I was in Brad's arms and his tongue was down my throat. I shivered with expectancy when I felt his hand under my sweater, and soon he was cupping my lightly covered breast. Over on the other bed, Gail was engrossed with Eric.

Brad, it seemed, was quite experienced, and my bra clasp posed no difficulties to him. Soon I was groaning as he rolled my sensitive nipples between his fingers. Quickly, my shirt and bra were removed, and I saw the look of hunger in his eyes as he looked down on my naked breasts. Then his lips were on them, sucking the hard nipples in turn. It felt wonderful.

I did have a moment of concern when I felt his fingers tugging on the fastenings of my jeans, but by then I knew I wanted to experience everything. I knew where he was going, and when he managed to at last get them undone, I raised myself off the bed to allow him to slide them down my legs.

Now I was left with only a brief pair of panties. I was in unexplored territory; no one had ever gone this far with me before. I had allowed them the pleasures of my breasts, but when exploring hands had wandered down below my waist, I had always stopped things. Now it was different I wanted Brad to go further. I wanted Brad to go all the way.

I felt his hand drift slowly across my stomach. I breathed in, holding it tight, and then his hands were on my panties. I bit my lip trying not to cry out. My fingers were clenched tightly on the bedclothes. Then his hand at last touched my pussy. I sighed and clung to him as I felt him cup it in his hand, parting my legs slightly. My whole body shivered with excitement.

Slowly he traced a finger up and down my tight slit. I could feel the dampness of my panties sticking to my skin. Then he was easing them aside, and at last he was touching me. I felt a finger slid inside me. I groaned and gripped him even tighter. Then his finger moved upwards and I almost screamed as I felt his finger on my most sensitive part, the tender nub of my clit.

I reached down and quickly eased my panties over my hips and down to mid thighs. I did not want anything to hinder his progress. Now he had two fingers inside me and his thumb was doing exciting things to my clit. I had never experienced such feelings. How wrong my father had been about the sins of the flesh; they were wonderful.

Then Brad began to struggle trying to use one hand with his own clothes. I helped him as he stripped off his shirt. He pulled open his belt and I pushed down his Jeans. It was at that moment I felt the hardness of his erection pushing against me. He took my hand and placed it over his hard cock. I gasped! He was so hard! I gripped it tightly, but my fingers would not quite go around it. It was a strange and exhilarating experience to be holding a man's cock in my hand for the first time.

He placed his hand over mine and rubbed my hand up and down the hard length of his cock. He was so big! As I continued to rub him, he pushed his boxers down, and now we were both naked. He leaned over and kissed me tenderly. "You are very exciting," he said breathlessly.

"I want you. Please," I said.

Then he was lying between my legs. He raised my knees, and I closed my eyes and gripped tightly onto the bedclothes as I felt the wonderful sensation as he rubbed the head of his cock up against the lips of my pussy. I could feel his juices mixing with mine. I spread my legs as wide as I could as I felt him begin to enter me.

Suddenly his progress stopped. He looked down at me. "My God, Laura, you're a virgin!" he said.

I nodded and smiled up at him and kissed him. "But hopefully not for long." He smiled and gently eased himself forward. I thrust my body up to meet him. There was a sharp pain and then he was through. I cried out and wrapped my legs around him pulling him urgently into my body, a woman's body at last.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first sexual experience, and my first orgasm. I thanked him as we lay in each other's arms afterwards recovering. After we recovered, he took me for a second time. This time he showed me the doggie position. I found the extra penetration exciting and was turned on even more when I saw Eric sitting on his bed beside the sleeping Gail watching us and rubbing his hands along a hard erection.

He smiled as he came over and sat on the bed beside us, still rubbing on his cock with one hand. He reached under me and began to caress my hanging breasts, pulling on my already extended nipples. The feeling was now unbelievable with Brad fucking me from the rear and Eric playing with my breasts. I soon reached another wonderful orgasm.

I collapsed onto the bed exhausted but satisfied. Brad rolled off the bed and made his way to the toilet. I felt Eric's hand caressing my butt, sliding down between my thighs into the wetness seeping from my pussy. The touch of his hand was arousing me again. I parted my legs to give him further access, and groaned when I felt his fingers slide into the warm welcoming wetness of my pussy.

I glanced down to see him still stroking himself. I placed my hand over his and he moved his to allow me space to grip him. He was not quite as large as Brad, but hard and long. I looked up and saw Brad come back into the room. He looked at the pair of us and smiled. "Are you ready for more?" he asked. I nodded.

"Well, I will let Eric have you as long as I get something in return." I looked at him as he took his now semi limp cock in his hand. "You go down on this while Eric screws you." I knew what he wanted, but it was something I had never thought I could do; take a man in my mouth. But what the hell, I was a woman now, and this was what women did for their men.

Brad got up onto the bed and propped himself up against the bed head, spreading his legs apart. I positioned myself on my knees as I had been shown and looked down at his cock, the cock that had already been inside me twice. I took it in my hands. This time it was softer. I leaned down and tentatively lifted it to my lips. I licked the end-- it tasted slightly salty.

I felt Eric's erection beginning to open me up, and I steeled myself as I felt him slowly ease himself into the tightness of my welcoming pussy. He gripped my thighs and began to fuck me slowly, enjoying the experience.

As I ran my tongue over Brad's cock, I felt it beginning to rise and thicken. I at last opened my lips and allowed him inside my mouth. I couldn't believe the excitement I was now feeling as Eric slowly pumped into me from the rear and I sucked on Brad's quickly growing erection. When I felt Eric quicken his pace, I guessed he was about to cum, and I worked harder on Brad. I did not know what to expect. Would he actually cum in my mouth or would he pull out? Suddenly Eric cried out and I felt the sensation of his warm juices flooding into me at almost the same moment. Brad gripped onto my head and thrust it down onto his cock. I almost choked as he rammed himself deep into my throat, and then he, too, came. My mouth and throat were filled with his warm, creamy, musky tasting juices. I gagged and swallowed and felt the sensation of them sliding down my throat.

He released my head and I pulled back, his juices running from my mouth and dripping in long, sticky streams onto his legs. I have to admit that my first night of sex was very fulfilling; I had totally enjoyed the whole experience. During the next few weeks, many other similar nights followed, some with Brad on his own, and others when I was shared by the two of them.

I don't know if it were down to my strict upbringing, but I enjoyed my new sexual freedom. I loved pushing the boundaries of all that I had been taught to stay away from. I loved the freedom of nakedness, and the restrictions of not wearing clothes.

Much to the guys delight, I was happy to parade around naked or semi naked when I was over at their place. At home in my own room, I rarely wore clothes and loved to stand or lie around naked, especially when dad was about outside my room.

I hardly ever drew the drapes and would happily undress in full view of the window. We lived on a small private housing estate, and my room was overlooked by several other houses opposite. I could often see curtains being twitched and I knew people were out there watching me. What I liked best was the night time. I would stand close by the window naked with just the local lights or the moonlight for illumination. I would touch myself, and caress my breasts. I knew there were people out there watching me. I could often see movements in the shrubbery.

It all came to an end that fateful day when dad got a letter, unsigned, from somebody telling of my nocturnal exhibitions. He stormed up to my room and burst in, finding me in just my panties. He screamed at me, waving the letter, calling me a Jezebel and a whore. "Cover your whore's body," he shouted, "and get yourself out of my house; you have shamed me." Mother came up to see what the fuss was about. I had grabbed a towel and was unsuccessfully trying to cover myself with it. With some difficulty, she pulled him from the room and allowed me to dress. By the time I got downstairs, mother had calmed him down somewhat, but he refused to speak to me and insisted that she take me along to the doctor to see why I was doing such things.

Things were strained in the house after that, and just after my 19th birthday, I decided to move out and share a flat with Jane, a work colleague. At last in a place of my own, there were no restrictions and much to Jane's amusement, I rarely wore clothes around the house,

I also had a sexually fulfilling social life and had moved on from Brad and Eric. I enjoyed sex in all its forms, and I was never short of anyone to share my bed with. There was never anyone special in my life at that period, and I flitted from one man to another. Some men found me too much like hard work after a few weeks, due to my sexual demands on them. To others, I was a great one night stand, but not someone they would want to settle down with.

I had gotten a job as a legal secretary, and it was at a company Christmas party that I first met up with Alex. He was a supervisor in the accounts department, not overly attractive, but I had found him a pleasant guy to chat with on the occasions we had met up in the staff dining room. The company Christmas party was always a bit of a drunken affair, with limitless amounts of drinks being provided by our many grateful suppliers and customers. Alex had latched on to me and we drank together and danced. As the evening wore on, things got a little more intimate, and he groped my body as we shuffled around the crowded floor. I was already feeling slightly horny when he suggested that we might find somewhere a little more private.

We found an empty office and immediately his hands were all over me. He squeezed my breasts and pushed himself hard against my body. I was excited to feel an already healthy erection pushing against me. My skirt was up around my waist and my thong around my knees as he assisted me up onto a desk. He pulled off my thong and thrust himself between my legs, fumbling to loosen his pants.

Then his cock was out and pressing against my open pussy lips, spreading them. I gasped as I felt him slide inside me. My God, he was so big, I thought to myself, as my love tunnel stretched to accommodate him. He gripped me tightly and began to fuck me. At first, apart from the size, it was like any other fuck I had experienced, but to my surprise, I orgasmed quickly, and Alex continued to thrust into me relentlessly.

Several more orgasms wracked my body, but still he continued. He ripped my dress open and pawed at my breasts, pulling my bra down to expose them. He pulled and twisted my extended nipples as I cried out in ecstasy, thrusting my ravaged body up against him.

This man was insatiable, like nothing I had ever known. In the end, I was crying for release. We were both drenched in perspiration from our efforts. It was then he came. It was like a fountain exploding inside me. I was filled to overflowing; cum pooled on the desk and ran down my legs ruining my stockings as he eased himself out of me. I wrapped my arms around him and clung to him. "That was incredible," I gasped.

He kissed me tenderly on the neck. "I've wanted to do that for so long," he said.

He looked at me. I must have looked a mess with my dress up around my waist hanging open to reveal my breasts, my legs still wide apart, and my thighs and stockings running with his juices.

I tried to pull my dress together, but he stopped me. "Strip for me, Laura," he said. "I want to see you naked." I slid off the desk feeling the wetness spread under me. He watched as I removed what was left of my clothes and stood naked before him. He looked at me, then reached out and cupped my breasts. "You have such a wonderful body," he said as he slowly and tenderly massaged my breasts.

I looked down at his cock still protruding from his pants. It was slowly rising again like a thick purple headed monster, and I took it in my hands and drew them gently along its length. "You want some more?" he said.

I nodded, hungrily. "Please," I said, squeezing him with my hands.

This time he took me from the rear, laying me down over the desk. Again, it was the same; multiple orgasms and he seemed to go on longer than ever this time. I thought the pleasure would never end. At last we managed to clean ourselves up and get dressed and on slightly unsteady legs I returned to the party.

Some people had drifted away and just the hard core drinkers were left. Things now began to get a little wild. Olga, the Swedish blond receptionist, got up on a desk and much to the delight of the men, proceeded to do an extremely sexy striptease. When she was naked, she jumped down into their welcoming arms and allowed them to avail themselves of her ample assets. The last I saw of her was when she was being led away by a couple of them to a more private location for further investigation.

There were cries from the men for some of the other ladies to join in and with a little encouragement from Alex, I was assisted up onto the desk. I looked down at the sea of faces around me chanting for me to "Get 'em off." And for the second time that evening I began to remove my clothes. As I slipped out of my dress, I remembered back to those nights back home in the privacy of my bedroom when I had stripped for those unseen faces.

Eager hands clutched at my discarded dress as I tossed it into the crowd. It was a wonderfully exciting feeling knowing that everyone wanted to see me naked. I caressed my body, rubbing my hand over my pussy mound, then responding to the cries of, "Yes, Yes." I slowly loosened the clasp of my bra. It was exciting now feeling my breasts were at last free and I tossed my bra into the crowd. I cupped my breasts, squeezing on the already extended nipples, and the crowd below me cheering.

Apart from my stockings and shoes, I had just one item left, my brief white thong. It was still damp from my earlier experience with Alex. They screamed they wanted it off; they wanted to see everything. I had never felt such excitement. I could feel I was oozing wetness. I thrust my thumbs under the thin band and stood there for a moment. "Off, Off, Off," they screamed.

I gripped it tightly, and then with a tug, I ripped the brief item from my body totally exposing myself to them. I could feel the wetness running down my legs. I nearly swooned with the excitement as they all cheered and cheered.

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