Laura & Twins


    Ben continued kissing his sister's legs, until he had reached her shaved pussy. He slowly kissed the top of her slit, letting the warmth of his mouth melt over her exposed skin. He continued planting small lingering kisses down her slit, slowly, gently licking between her lips between each kiss. As he cautiously knelt between her legs, he licked up and down his slumbering sister's cunt, letting his soft wet tongue enter her, and then letting it roll over and around her clit repeatedly. Laura could see his cock hardening and bouncing underneath him as he did this, and the sight was more than enough to get her back to the same wetness she had experienced before when watching Rosie strip.

    Ben slowly came up from Rosie's crotch, sucked the middle finger of his left hand, and then began to gently push it into his sister's cunt. How the hell is she sleeping through this? Laura watched Ben's arm moving back and forth, knowing that he was slowly sliding his finger in and out of his sister’s body. She began to breathe heavier, slowly heaving her gorgeous breasts up and down in the moonlight. Laura's ears strained to hear a faint sound. It was Rosie's wet pussy, accepting her brother's finger. Oh my god, she's wet too.

    Without pause, Ben continued finger-fucking his lovely sister, as he slowly repositioned himself at her side on the bed. With his right hand he softly ran his fingernails up and down her chest, circling each breast, watching her nipples harden, surrounded by chill bumps. Then he softly caressed the side of her face, and bent down to give her the most gentle brotherly kiss. The kiss started small and simple, but it lingered, and then deepened. Laura watched in amazement as Rosie's chest was heaving more by each passing second, as Ben continued to gradually accelerate the thrusting of his finger while kissing her.

    As if in a dream Rosie's hand came up from the bed to cradle her brother's head as she opened her mouth wide and kissed him back. She's awake, I knew it! Rosie sat halfway up, and began kissing her brother's neck. Her hungry kisses quickly followed his chest all the way down his waist to his throbbing cock. Taking the hint Ben laid down next to her as she took a hold of his shaft, and slowly kissed it from the base up to the head, watching it pulse in her hand each time she kissed it. Then she started again at the base, this time licking his cock on the under-side, from his balls all the way up to the top where she gently flicked her tongue against his rigid head. Rosie looked up at her brother briefly, and then plunged her mouth down on his hard cock, taking in every inch that she could. Then she began to bob her head, slowly at first, and then gaining speed. With one hand she held the base of his firm cock to guide him into her warm mouth, as her other moved to her own clit which she began to rub side to side furiously as she spread her legs to kneel beside him. Rosie let out a long quiet moan as she sucked her brother down as deep as she could. From across the hall Laura could tell that the vibration of the moan must have felt amazing, since it made Ben arch his back from the sensation, pushing himself even deeper into his sister’s loving throat.

    Laura could feel herself getting close to cumming yet again, so reluctantly she began to pace herself, slowing down the motion of her fingers. She wanted nothing more at that point than to cum along with Rosie and Ben, and not a moment sooner. She became braver with each second, pulling the cover down to let her own tits feel the cool night air. She gripped and played with them while watching the erotic display before her. She could see everything. Rosie's thighs were spread as she knelt by her brother, giving Laura a perfect view of her glistening pussy as the hot sister fingered herself. Rosie's moans slowly grew louder, till she had finally gotten her fill of foreplay. She knelt over her brother leaning down onto his chest, pushing him down flat on the bed. She reached behind her ass, and grabbed her brothers throbbing, wet cock and positioned it so that it barely touched her open waiting pussy.

"Fuck me brother" she whispered.

Laura watched in silence as a smile spread on Ben's face. Ben gripped his sister's ass, and held her there, preventing her from moving down onto his cock.

"Please, Ben, let me have you inside me! I've been good." Rosie whispered again, almost whimpering.

Ben continued to hold her, letting the tip of his cock tease her as it pulsed.

"Please... Fuck m..." Rosie couldn't make out another word, as her brother had pushed the entire length of his cock inside her. The movement was so sudden that Rosie nearly let out a loud moan.

"Shh, we have a guest" Ben whispered, as his sister’s mouth gaped open in a silent moan of extacy.

After a few moments of labored breathing she whispered back, "Ben, I don't give a fuck! Your cock feels so good inside me. Please, just let her hear it."

"No, we don't want to wake her. Or scare her off." Ben whispered, this time more sternly.

    Rosie nodded with her eyes shut and biting her lip, lost in the feeling of her brother's manhood deep inside her. Ben slowly began to set a rhythm of thrusting his cock up and inside his sister's waiting cunt. He continued to hold her ass, and occasionally pull her down onto his shaft. She leaned down over her brother to let her breasts rub against his naked chest. Rosie's breathing became louder with each thrust, so Ben attempted to silence her by kissing her deeply as he continued to slowly fuck her from below.

    After a few minutes the thrusting began to pick up speed, and across the hallway Laura could even hear their bodies meeting with each thrust. In one smooth motion, Ben rolled his sister over onto the bed, and stood up beside it. He pulled her ass around to himself, forcing his sister to get on all fours. From Laura's point of view the couple was perfectly lined up facing her. Past Laura's dirty-blond hair, and her hanging breasts she could see Ben grabbing his cock between her legs, rubbing it up and down the length of her slit, and then pushing himself back inside her. Ben held his sister by her sides once again and began to fuck her in earnest from behind. He was getting faster and deeper with each thrust, seeming to have forgotten about the girl across the hall. The bed beneath them began to squeak a little bit as he picked up his speed.

    This is way too much! Laura began finger-fucking herself in time with each of Ben’s thrusts, imagining that she were in Laura's place. She could hear Ben's balls gently smacking Rosie's pussy as he pounded her from behind. The couple no longer cared how loud they were, completely lost in the moment. Rosie began to moan as her brother reached down, pinching her nipples as he continued to fuck her from behind. Ben's breathing was getting louder, and he switched to griping onto his sister's tight ass with his nails as he plowed his hard cock into her.

    Laura could tell that both of them were about to cum. It's about time! She began to get herself ready to do the same by rubbing her drenched clit, and spreading her legs.  I need this, so bad! Even more brave at this point, Laura pulled the covers down even further so that her wet pussy was exposed, but still hidden by darkness. She wanted to be a part of what she was seeing, but this was as close as she could get. Ben pulled his sister's ass back against himself, pushing every inch inside her, harder, faster and louder than before. Finally he pulled her against him one last time, grabbing her breasts and pulling her nipples as he pushed himself as deep as possible into his sister's pussy. His body convulsed, and from his expression it was obvious that he could feel the cum within him rushing down the length of his cock, deep into his sisters hot cunt.

    The sudden pulse of such a strong current of cum rushed Rosie into her own orgasm. Her arms weakened and shook beneath her as her brother's cum mixed with her own juices and began to drip down her inner thigh. She moaned loudly, her voice broken and weak. As she moaned she looked up, glancing into the room across the hall. Hidden in the darkness Laura was staring right back into Rosie's eyes. Oh fuck me... In that moment Laura's own orgasm hit her. The sight of Ben's dripping cum and Rosie's eyes filled with pleasure shot Laura to the moon. She tried desperately to keep staring at the couple cumming together across the hall as her own body quietly jolted in the dark. She could feel her own juices like never before, as if it were gushing out of her around her fingers as her pussy squeezed like a vice. She closed her eyes, trying to contain herself in silence, letting the long powerful surges of pleasure subside in their own time.

    When Laura finally gained her wits, she quietly pulled the covers back over herself, and looked across the hall. Ben was already gone. She could only see Rosie laying on her side facing the other way. What the hell is going on? For what seemed like hours she questioned herself. Did he leave while I was cumming? Did they see me, or hear me? Or was that all a dream? No way did I make that up! Exhausted both physically and mentally, Laura was eventually able to drift back to sleep, this filled with new dreams of incestuous sex.

Night 2:

    Laura awoke the to the sweet smell of fresh pancakes. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she quickly got dressed and made her way into the kitchen. Laura stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Rosie from behind. As she worked over the stove Rosie was wearing only polka-dotted panties and a short white t-shirt. Laura stood there at the end of the hallway for a moment, admiring the lithe body of the other woman. When she had built up the courage, Laura quietly said "Good morning."

Rosie turned around with a megawatt smile, "Good morning! I hope you like pancakes?"

"Of course. Who doesn't," Replied Laura, " Do you always cook in your underwear?"

Rosie chuckled, "Not always. But don't worry, Ben is gone. He's got classes today, and then has to work. This is my day off, so it's just us girls today."

"Sounds like fun!" Replied Laura with a smile, "Thanks again for letting me stay the night. I'll get out of your hair soon."

Rosie looked back at Laura curiously, "You're not leaving me yet are you?"

Something in her voice made Laura feel guilty instantly, "well, we only agreed on the one night..."

"Please don't go yet," Rosie protested, with a look of true sadness in her eyes. "School has been so boring, and I haven't even gotten a chance to get to know you better."

For a moment Laura wondered what she meant by that, but brushed the thought aside, "Well, I don't want to be a burden"

Rosie giggled, replacing Laura's guilt with a warm tender feeling inside, "You could never be a burden Laura."

Laura blushed at the sound of her name passing through Rosie’s lips. Get a hold of yourself Laura, she isn't bi, she has a boyfriend. Her brother in fact! Laura gulped as her mind wandered back into visions of the night before. She could feel her cheeks and ears heating up as Rosie looked at her. Why am I so damn nervous around her? I only saw her... but she doesn't know that. Does she?

Rosie grinned, "Come on, I'll try to make the stay worth your while."

Stop! She didn't mean it like that! Laura painfully willed the imagery out of her mind, trying desperately not to read too much into Rosie's words.

"Well, maybe just one night more. If that's OK with you?" Laura replied timidly.

"Great! Now, time for breakfast!" Rosie responded musically.

    The two young women sat at the table and started to talk over the stack of pancakes between them. Laura told Rosie about how much she was enjoying her trip so far, and where she might like to go next. Rosie waxed long over all of the travels she had made with her brother, giving suggestions along the way. Somewhere in the discussion she told Laura that Ben and she were actually fraternal twins. Laura, genuinely curious began to ask Rosie how the living arrangement was working for her and her brother.

"Well, it has it's awkward moments," Rosie replied, "but I have enjoyed getting to know my bro a little better. And I think he likes to look after me."

I'll bet he does.

When the pancakes were gone Rosie got up, and started to clear the table.

"I'll take care of this, you go and get changed. Then I'm going to take you sightseeing."

"Alright, thank you!" replied Laura, as she made her way to the bedroom.

    True to her word Rosie took Laura out of the house to go see the sights, and she made an excellent guide at doing so. Laura took her camera along with her and geniunely enjoyed taking shots of Rosie and herself together. Several times Rosie took Laura by the hand to lead her into a building or down the street, making Laura's heart skip a beat at the touch of her soft hand. Rosie showed off the famous local mall, which of course included a very well stocked Victoria' Secret. The two girls found a few interesting pieces, some nice and comfortable, and a few that were designed purely to be looked at.

"I need to try on this bra," stated Rosie, as she went up front to request a dressing room with a white lace bra tossed over her shoulder.

"Ok, I'll wait," replied Laura. But as Rosie closed the door, she couldn't help but move up near the dressing rooms where she might occasionally sneak a peek at the bottom of Laura's booth, where her feet were visible, slipping out of her shoes.

Suddenly the door to Laura's booth opened a crack, and her head popped out to look back at Laura, "Hey, what are you doing?"

Laura's face began to burn. She caught me. Come on, think of something! "I was, just, going to wait on you." replied Laura, trying her best to look puzzled rather than embarrassed.

Rosie giggled, "Will you get in here girl?" and reached out to take Laura by the hand, pulling her into the booth before closing and locking the door. "How will I know it fits me well, if I don't have someone here to give me her opinion?" Rosie whispered, all seriousness in her voice. Just then she pulled her shirt up over her head in one smooth motion. Laura was taken back at how free spirited Rosie was when it came to nudity. Maybe, she wants me to see her like this? Laura shook her head, pushing the thought from her mind as she watched Laura undress out of the corners of her eyes. It took everything within her to keep her eyes in check as Rosie's breasts bounced free from her bra. This was a much closer view of Rosie's bare body than the night before, and Laura was amazed by it’s flawlessness. She had smooth milky skin, no tan-lines to speak of and just a few light freckles between her... Oh god, stop staring at her tits!

Rosie pulled on the new white bra, which cupped under her 36C breasts perfectly, lifting them, and pulling them together slightly, but without leaving anything to the imagination as they were almost completely see-thru. Laura tried to turn her attention to herself in the mirror, if for no other reason than to take her mind off of the perfect pair of pink nipples beside her.

"Hey," Rosie nudged Laura on the shoulder to get her attention. The touch was brief, but still sent a trickle of pleasure down Laura's spine. "Well, what do you think?" asked Rosie, contemplating her own reflection. Laura realized now that she had a perfect excuse, and turned to stare at Rosie's chest, now lifted up and pushed out on display.

"Uhm, it looks amazing", Laura finally let out, her voice nearly breaking.

"Really? I don't know," Rosie grabbed each of her breasts, repositioning them within the bra, "Do you think this material shows too much? My nipples feel like they're going to poke straight through them."

Laura's eyes drifted down the silky smooth crevice between Rosie's breasts to rest on her clearly visible, and hardening nipples. "I don't think anyone would complain about either." Oh God, did I just say that?!

Rosie beamed, "Really?"

Laura silently swallowed when she realized her mouth was watering. Am I really drooling? Seriously? She snapped her eyes back to Rosie's face in the mirror, and was embarrassed to find that she was staring back at her.

"Uhm, yea, you have really nice tits Rosie", God, please, don't think I'm weird.

Rosie giggled, "Thanks, you have a pretty nice rack yourself."

Laura felt a warm sense pride from being complemented by the most beautiful woman she'd ever met, "Thanks," Ok, relax, it's just girl talk. She is NOT going to jump your bones in the Victoria's Secret. It was too late though, Laura's mind had already begun to built the fantacy, and she told herself that she would have to do something about it later. Later, maybe when I'm in her brother’s bed again. Much too soon the old bra and shirt were back on, and the lack of naked skin in the room seemed to snap Laura back to reality.

"Alright, I'll get it, and the matching panties too, thanks for the help" Rosie whispered into Laura’s ear as they exited the dressing booth.

They started to leave not long after that, laughing about how strange it feels to strut through a mall with such bright pink bags. Every male eye they passed seemed to be locked onto them, the minds behind them wondering what the ping bags might contain. After the mall Rosie took Laura to a well known local bistro.

"You'll like this place, they have the best desserts in the world!" Laura said as they were seated together at a booth.

    Laura began to feel as if this was more than just a girl’s day out, and was loving every minute of it. Why is she having such an effect on me? Laura took another glance at Rosie, and suddenly something clicked in her memory. She looks just like her! The hair was a different color, but still shoulder length, and her skin had fewer freckles. Rosie looked amazingly similar to a girl Laura knew back home. This girl wasn't just any girl, however. This was the girl. The one that she would have run off with at a moments notice to live happily ever after with, if it weren't for men always getting in the way. It was the girl of Laura's dreams, the one she would have became a lesbian for, if it meant hot sex with her anytime she wanted and long loving kisses every night. It was all so obvious now, why she'd found Rosie's online pictures so enticing, and why she felt as if she couldn't breathe when Rosie hugged her to take a picture. Her personality was a bit more bubbly than the girl back home, but otherwise, deep down she was very much the same. No wonder I can't stop staring...

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