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Laura & Twins


Laura and the Twins

Night 1:

    She handed the cabbie his dues through the window with a small hint of hesitation. This is it, no turning back now. As the taxi drove off down the quiet neighborhood street she was left standing on the sidewalk with her luggage. Looking down at her folded piece of paper, she checked the street number for the fourth time and then glanced at her watch. 8:30 pm, I hope I'm not too late for them. With one deep breath she pulled on her backpack, grabbed her battered leather suitcase, and headed for the front steps.

    Laura had always wanted to travel, but she was never able to save up enough money to do so until now. She knew that by herself she couldn't afford to pay for plane tickets and expensive hotels. To make it easier she had settled on using buses and had recently joined a website for "couch surfers." At first the idea of staying in the home of complete strangers was a frightening prospect for Laura, but she had always been fairly quick at making new friends online. After spending only a couple days planning and posting in the forums, she found the Landons.

At first glance she had assumed that Ben and Rosie were just another cute couple. The pictures in their profile showed them in various exotic locations across the country, often hugging and smiling or wearing silly hats and making faces. When she read on, she was more than a little surprised to find out that they were actually siblings. Ben and Rosie were brother and sister, renting a small home just a few blocks away from their college. Apparently they were able to save a great deal of money by renting a place together instead of using the overpriced dorms on campus. After a few instant-messaging sessions Laura was pleased to learn that the two were very friendly and loved sightseeing. Since they were in the middle of a semester they had decided to give back to the couch surfing community by offering their couch for the first time. Laura was unanimously invited by the Landon siblings to be their first traveling guest, and Laura felt very flattered by the invitation.

Taking another deep breath she leaned into the door bell button. Moments later the door opened and she found herself staring up at a beautiful young woman.

"Laura! We've been expecting you!" Rosie said with a smile.

Laura quickly noted that this particular 21 year-old dirty blond girl's online photos didn't do her justice. Rosie looked slightly taller, and a little more developed than Laura had imagined in her extremely short pink shorts and tight "too cute" labeled t-shirt. Laura blushed for a moment,

"Um, did I come too late? You look like you're ready for bed."

"Oh no, you're right on time. Ben's home too. Come on in!". At that moment Ben arrived at the door wearing baggy shorts and a t-shirt that said "insufficient memory".

After a friendly hug from Rosie, Ben offered to take Laura's luggage and she followed behind him as he led her into the warm little house.

"This is the living room, and there's the kitchen." He led her down the short hallway with three doors. "That's the bathorom," Ben pointed to the door at the end of the hall.

"This is Rosie's room," he nudged to the left. Laura peeked in the open door and could easily tell this was the girls room. It was bubbly and happy, just like her personality with cute anime girl posters everywhere.

"And this will be your room" Ben swung open the door directly across the hall from Rosie's room.

"I thought I was going to get the couch?" Laura asked.

Rosie chimed in, "No no no, we can't have any guest of ours sleeping on that tiny couch!"

Laura looked in and saw that it was obviously Ben's room, with computer desk, blue colored sheets and a couple centerfold posters for good measure.

"Trust me," Said Rosie, "it's the most comfortable bed in the house."

"Ok, if you insist, but where will your brother sleep?" asked Laura sheepishly.

"Oh, don't worry about him, he'll sleep anywhere." Rosie chuckled in a strange tone, forcing Laura to make a double-take.

Ben helped Laura move her stuff in, letting her know where the empty dresser drawer space was in case she needed it.

"Thanks, but I doubt I'll need that. I'm only staying the night, not moving in" joked Laura.

"Well, you never know" he replied. "It's a beautiful city, you might want to stay a while longer." he smiled, "Go ahead and get comfortable, then come to the living room we've got some movies & popcorn for tonight"

"Ok, I will!" she replied cheerfully.

    Once Ben had left the room, she quickly changed into her most comfortable PJs and joined the brother and sister in the living room. The smell of popcorn filled the air, as the the TV was turned on to bathe the dark living-room with flickering light. Rosie commented on how much she loved Laura's pajamas, and demanded that she come sit next to her. There was only one sofa in front of the TV so Laura didn't have much choice, and was seated in between the two with Rosie on her left and Ben on her right.

    To Laura's surprise the movie ended up being a very steamy romance. Through the first sex scene she felt a little bit uncomfortable between the two siblings, but to her surprise they didn't take their eyes off the screen. They were both completely silent, aside from the occasional crunch of popcorn, seemingly engrossed in the flick. Ben kept the bowl in his lap, which meant that Rosie had to reach over Laura to get to it, and every time she did this her left hand brushed against Laura's thigh. At first Laura thought nothing of this, but each time it happened her hand seemed to be further and further up her leg. Why is she doing that? Is she in to me? Laura's subconscious attraction to Rosie was starting to make her feel a little bit hot. The fact that Ben's muscular arm had somehow ninja’d itself around her shoulders didn't help much. Not to mention that they were essentially watching soft-core porn as if it were any other show.

    Laura tried her best to keep her mind off of sex, but it wasn't helping and she was steadily getting more and more excited. She reached for the popcorn in Ben's lap, but in the dark she completely missed and her hand met with Ben's crotch. It took her a split-second to realize that her hand had actually landed on his bulge. The more shocking part of the matter to her was that it was hard, and it jumped the same instant that she touched it. Embarrassed, and hoping to god that he didn't notice, she quickly grabbed a small handful of popcorn and tried to pretend that it hadn't happened. If Ben noticed, he didn’t let on. How could he not have felt that? Maybe he's just being polite? Or, did he move the bowl on purpose? The possibilities and implications spun through Laura’s mind, over and over.

    About an hour into the movie a particularly raunchy scene started to play out on the big-screen in front of them and Laura began to feel a growing moisture between her legs. Between Rosie's warm hand, now placed innocently on her thigh and the thought of Ben's hard cock beside her was driving her beyond crazy, beyond reason. She started to fantasize that the threesome they were watching on the screen was her and the two siblings, instead of random actors. Without thinking her right hand stealthily made it's way between her legs. She rubbed herself only once, and only for a split-second. The power of the sensation nearly took her over right there on the couch. Apparently she had been teased far more than she realized, and had nearly soaked clean through a spot in her thin PJs.

"I think I'm going to head off to bed," Laura said feigning a small yawn.

"Are you sure, I think the movie's almost over." said Ben, as a particularly loud feminine moan echoed from the television, making Laura giggle to herself.

"Thats OK, I think I've already seen the ending to this," she lied. Laura really wanted to stay, to keep watching but her current state was agonizing, and on the inside she was completely embarrassed by her arousal.

    Laura quickly found her way to her temporary bedroom, turned off the lamp next to the bed and slid under the covers. She left the door ajar, reasoning to herself that if she’d closed it they might jump to the right conclusion, and know exactly what she intended to do next. She bunched the cover sheets over her midsection to make sure that if she were seen the movement under the covers wouldn't be too obvious. The bed and sheets smelled like Ben; clean, but manly as well. She couldn't take it any longer, her hands dove into her PJ bottoms, and while she gripped her inner thigh with her left hand, her right hand rubbed the growing wet area of her panties, as the erotic sounds from the TV in the living room still echoed down the hall.

    She started by recalling how Ben's cock felt in her hand, and how much she would like to have that inside her. With the traveling she had been doing, it had been far too long since she'd came, and all this stimulation had driven her to the brink. She slowly pulled her panties down her thighs to give herself better access, and slowly began to tease the tender velvety skin of her pussy. She rubbed up and down her slit, letting her natural juices cover her clit which felt as though it was throbbing, already poking itself out to be touched. After a few moments she began rubbing faster, up and down, and then left to right. Once her middle finger was completely wet she plunged it deep inside herself, letting her other hand take over the duty of rubbing her clit in a circular motion. She always knew exactly how to stimulate herself and how to make herself cum. Tonight however, she was unusually starved for sex. She wanted more than the usual; she wanted to be fucked. The one finger inside her turned into two, flicking and pumping inside herself in sporadic sets of rhythm, making her hips writhe uncontrollably under the covers. With her left hand she reached under her pajama shirt and gave each erect nipple a pull, and then returned to rubbing her wet clit as the juice from her fingers tingled against each nipple. Heat was spreading across her body, rapidly engulfing her every vein in an imaginary flame.

    She could feel herself getting ever closer to the edge, and she would be cumming within seconds now, but suddenly a shadow past her door. Laura froze, with her fingers poised inside her wet cunt. She instantly closed her eyes just enough to pretend as though she were asleep. She watched through the thin slits of her eyes as Rosie opened the door to the brightly colored bedroom across the hallway and walked in. Shit, I was so damn close! Reluctantly, she pulled her fingers away from her throbbing pussy to wait till the coast was clear. To Laura’s surprise, Rosie left her bedroom door wide open. Then she discovered that there was a perfect line-of sight from Ben's bed to Rosie's. Damn it, I won't be able to cum if you can see me from your bed. Laura shot out imaginary daggers from her eyes at Rosie, but to no avail. Close your fucking door! Laura silently raged, and desperate to continue her masturbation.

    Rosie did not close her door however, and she didn't simply slip into bed either. Instead, to Laura's amazement, the dirty-blond pulled off her shirt, and then made a quick glance over her shoulder to see if Laura was awake. Laura still had her eyes open just enough to keep watching without being noticed, as Rosie stepped next to her perfectly made pink-covered bed and slowly removed her bra. Laura felt her heart beating even harder than before as she watched this beautiful college girl undress right before her eyes. She silently moved her hands back to her crotch and resumed rubbing herself, making sure not to move enough to be noticed. Ok, I changed my mind, keep the door open.

    Laura gazed at Rosie's amazing 36C round and tanned breasts, with perfect eraser-sized nipples surrounded in tight bright-pink circles, pointing out from her body effortlessly. Oh my god! Laura's eyes followed every inch of skin as Rosie pulled her short shorts down her silky smooth legs, revealing a pink thong and a round ass that rivaled her wonderful breasts.  She's going to sleep in the nude? Rosie turned to her bed as she pulled down the thong, unknowingly giving Laura a picture perfect view of her shaved pussy as the thong released itself from her crotch.

    Laura could not hold back her orgasm any longer. She rubbed her clit mercilessly as she began finger-fucking herself even harder than before. Part of her wanted to be quiet to keep from being caught, and another part of her didn't care anymore. So... Close... She was only moments away from reaching her goal, and had no desire to stop. Her back arched ever so slightly as she gazed at the nude woman across the hall. A feeling of electricity coursed through her entire body, she felt numb, and then stiff and numb again as her eyes gave in to the bliss, and rolled back in her head. Briefly unavailable to maintain complete silence, her mouth opened to let out the quietest but most heartfelt moan of ecstasy. Her pussy tightly gripped her two fingers, as she felt her own hot juices drench them from the inside. In that moment she lost all control of her body, and all she could feel was her body softly moving beneath the covers, and the raging torrent of her own orgasm. Nothing within her could contain the pleasure that flowed through her with waves of incredible magnitude. She closed her eyes tightly, finally letting go of the nude vision across the hall, as her mind dove into the new memory of seeing Rosie's perfect pussy.

    Within moments she forced herself back to reality to roll over in bed, trying to squelch her orgasm and perhaps make it look as though she was just merely stirring in her sleep, just in case Rosie had noticed her squirming. Please think I'm asleep, please!

    Laura waited there in silence, slowly drifting down from her brief, but intense climax. Finally she heard Rosie get into the bed across the hall and turn her light off. Making use of the darkness Laura silently removed her wet panties, and dried herself on her PJ bottoms. She bundled up and discarded her wet clothes next to the bed. At this point Laura was starting to feel rather hot, to the point of sweat beading on her forehead. She was unaccustomed to the warm weather of this area of the country, and the heat from her orgasm only added to it. Well, if Rosie can do it, so can I. Laura quietly slipped out of her PJ top, leaving her completely nude under the covers of a stranger's home, farther from home than she had ever been. The feeling was liberating to her, and the covers felt so soft and cool to her skin that she soon felt herself drifting off into a dreamy post-orgasmic slumber.


    A rustling sound from the living room broke the silence. Laura, opened her eyes, seeing a strange ceiling above. For a moment she had forgotten where she was. Looking across the hallway she could see Rosie laying in bed on her side, eyes closed, and breasts fully exposed to the blue moonlight. The sight was amazing and Laura made an effort to wake up simply to enjoy it. Then the light coming from the living room went out. Apparently Ben had been up this whole time, she thought to herself. How long was I asleep? Her suspicions were confirmed a moment later as she heard Ben's heavy footsteps approaching. Again she pretended to be asleep, keeping her eyes open only barely enough to see across the hallway. Her room was darker now that the living room lights were off, and she knew Ben wouldn't be able to really see her, but still a surge of nervous pleasure ran through her. As Ben walked into view in front of the door, his silhouette turned and seemed to stare into the darkness where Laura was laying. Laura's heart skipped a beat as her brief arousal turned to fear. Don't you dare come in here!

    Laura was still very naked underneath the sheets, and really didn't know this man at all. For a moment she worried that he might try to take advantage of her. And then for a tiny moment that worry changed to excitement. Her thrill at the thought was short lived however, as Ben turned to look the other way, into his own sister's bedroom. Laura watched on as Ben seemed to gaze at the sight of his slumbering nude sister. This is a little weird. Why is he looking at her? But I can't really blame him, she is a hottie. Then, Ben began to pull up the ends of his shirt. The moonlight seemed to be cast into the hallway just to light up his body as he continued to undress right in front of Laura. I have got to be dreaming.

    Ben pulled down his shorts and boxers in one motion. His body was turned just enough that Laura could follow the curve of his back, over his round ass, down his muscular legs, and then back up, to his... Nice cock. Ben's manhood stood to attention, released from his shorts. He wasn't much bigger than average, but looked slightly thicker, and longer than what Laura was used to back home. Ben left his clothes in a small pile in the middle of the hall and continued to stand there, staring at his sister. Laura could not see his face, but could easily tell what he was thinking about by the way his cock was throbbing up and down. He wants to fuck his own sister!? Laura felt herself getting excited once again, her nipples hardened, pushing up on the the thin sheets covering her. She slowly, silently let her hand find it's way back between her legs. This time without shame she began to rub herself. Ben stood there for what seemed like minutes with Laura's eyes glued to the dark shapes of his ass and bouncing cock, and then he silently walked in to Rosie's room and out of Laura's sight.

    What the fuck are you doing!? The sheets covering the bottom half of Rosie across the hall slowly began to move down her body, disappearing into the darkness. Laura quietly repositioned herself to get a better look. Ben was pulling the covers off of his sister, and he seemed to be doing it just slowly enough to keep from waking her. Then he slowly crawled onto Rosie's bed, ever-so-softly rubbing his hand up her thigh. Ben took a hold of her legs, and very carefully rolled his sister onto her back. Laura stared in amazement as inch by inch Ben widened his sister's legs on the bed, taking extra care not to wake her. No fucking way! Then he began to silently kiss her legs, and with each kiss he inched further towards her inner thighs, and her soft pink pussy.

    Laura found herself amazed beyond measure at what she was seeing. It was like a dream to her, but at the same time she wondered if this had all happened before, and if Rosie knew about it. Should I say something? Should I stop this? But her inner voice of reason had left her. She was too embarrassed, too intrigued, and too horny to try to even try to stop what she was watching. Neither could she stop playing with herself as she watched.

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