tagInterracial LoveLaura Gets Her Wish

Laura Gets Her Wish

byThe Devils Advocate©

It was an incredible sight to behold. At first she wasn't sure about the encounter and then didn't think she could handle it, but here was Laura sucking on not one, not two, but three huge black cocks. Did I say sucking? Try slobbering, as she kneeled down beneath the ebony prongs that hovered over her. Laura sucked the cockheads, licked the shafts, deep-throated the long, fat tools. She even licked their balls. And we're not talking just any black cock. They were long, and thick, and young; not one cock was over the age of nineteen. Three handsome young men with dick galore who were having their enormous cocks passionately sucked on by a forty year-old white woman. And not just any white woman. Laura is tall and lean with shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes, perky breasts and a wonderful ass.

"I'm ready," Laura said out of breath, releasing the last slick cock from her well-used mouth. As she stood up and then laid down on the bed, the three studs drew near. With her mouth slightly open Laura's eyes darted from one cock to another as if surveying the prized pricks. The young men began pumping their saliva-coated shafts to even greater heights, and uncontrollably, Laura spread her legs and began to masturbate her already wet pussy at the thought of the upcoming fuck of her life. Then one stud jumped on the bed, got between her legs, and pushed his black muscle into Laura's soaking-wet cunt, causing her to moan with delight. After several lean strokes he shot his load and was quickly replaced by stud number two, who fucked Laura even harder and faster, both screaming in ecstasy as he unloaded up her cunt. Then came the third young man, youngest of the group, but actually with the biggest dick; huge to be precise, protruding out from his young, slim frame, who then entered the cunt of his first older woman. As he fucked the mature, experienced cunt, Laura thrashed about crying out in ecstasy, not caring his age, just begging for more, harder and deeper. And then, he too, came inside her.

Finally the moment of truth. Could Laura take them all? At the same time? She lowered herself down on one young cock and took a second cock into her mouth. With her upturned tail and cheeks spread wide apart, Laura was about to enter virgin territory. Oh, she'd had cock up the ass before, but not with one so big, so thick. With the youngest stud's black beauty all slick with her vaginal juice and their collective cum, he slowly began working the mammoth tool up the creamy white backside. Deep up her anus it went, filling her rectum, packing her bowels.

Then they began. With Laura finally able to accommodate their size, the cocks moved up and down, to and fro, in and out, sliding long and deep. And Laura gave as good as she got: moaning, groaning and slobbering over the large black meat in her mouth while the other two cocks stretched her cunt and asshole to the limit. Eventually Laura gave in. Her moans turned to cries, her eyes became glazed and the young black man beneath her knew why.

"Oh shit, yeah," he groaned, as Laura came all over his cock. As she shuddered in orgasm, the fucking by her three studs grew more frantic. Her mouth was being stretched as the cock fucked it, and as Laura salivated all over it. The huge cock in her cunt was humping up and down, nearing orgasm. And the monstrous shaft in her ass was by now having no trouble moving in and out of her asshole, stretching it beyond anything she'd experienced.

Laura's orgasm was so intense she nearly collapsed in ecstasy, but six black hands held her up in order to receive their own pleasure. The cock-pounding grew more incessant until finally the explosion. One black cock twitched and shot its load down Laura's throat. Braving Laura's fabulous orgasm, the black cock in her cunt jerked, unloading up her cunt. And the shaft in her ass finally hit paydirt, pouring cream deep into Laura's bowels. The youth's orgasm was so intense, he pulled Laura back onto the base of his cock so he had his massive tool up her rectum to the hilt as he poured into her.

As the young men got off the bed, Laura laid their exhausted, sore as hell and fully sated. Later, as they left, Laura sensuously kissed each young man good-bye and they went home.

The preceding is what happened the night of my wife's fortieth birthday. We agreed to open up our marriage and after asking Laura what she wanted for her birthday she said, "I want to try a black guy." Laura didn't know of any but I did: Eric, who bags groceries at the supermarket I manage. At first my wife wasn't so sure being that Eric was only nineteen but agreed to give it a go when I told her "Eric says he has nine inches. That's what you really wanted, right?" The real surprise was bringing over Eric's best friend as well as Eric's younger brother, the one with the real huge cock. I planned that surprise. As you've already read, it worked out great. Laura was dressed real sexy, in a tight black mini and despite her nerves, the young guys couldn't take their pawing eyes off her. Soon thereafter, the guys were naked and erect and Laura's eyes bulged as large as their cocks. She quickly forgot about me and a minute later she was on the floor, kneeling under them, servicing their cocks. I sat back and jerked-off at the sight. My wife is now hooked on black cock as well as younger men.

As for me, I've got a birthday coming up and would like to try two women at once. My wife says it's already been arranged, and pretty soon I'll get to fuck my wife and the cute young Latina who works in her office, who much to my delight has always thought I was cute. I can hardly wait!

Meanwhile Laura's itching to fuck her young black men again, but she would like to do it without me there. She says it's part of a "cheating wife" fantasy. And Eric has been pestering me at work: "When we gonna do it again? When we gonna do it again?" I'll work out a time to go to a ballgame with a buddy so Laura can spend several hours with her black guys. I can accept her fantasy conditions but I'm asking for something in return, though, and Laura has no idea what depravity I'm concocting. I've already worked that out with my ballgame buddy, asking him if he'd like a chance at my wife.

Instead of being repulsed, my young nephew's eyes just lit up at the thought of fucking his sexy aunt. The handsome kid can't wait. Will my wife go for it? I think so. I hope so, because I really want to see that! And wouldn't you know it, my nephew wants to fuck his aunt in the ass.

"Does Aunt Laura like it up her ass?" he asked me the other day.

"Yes," I replied, with visions of huge black cock pounding my wife's ass. "She loves it."

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