tagFetishLaura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 09

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 09


Annabel shivered as she followed Laura down the steeply inclined tunnel. Being naked from the waist down had seemed quite funny at the outset. Now with the chill of the tomb around her it was quite a different matter. Fortunately Laura was setting a fast pace and the effort of keeping up was helping to keep her warm. The only light source was the strong beams emanating from the powerful torches of the two women. Unfortunately the beam from Annabel's torch spent most of its time wandering back to Laura's round firm buttocks hidden from view inside her tan brown shorts. Even after their impromptu love making at the tomb entrance, Annabel was still horny. The recent memory of Laura's nipple buds inside her mouth was still too fresh as was the recollection of her lover's warm and very wet pussy tunnel. The very thought of Laura's vagina caused Annabel to trace an exploratory finger along the grove of her pussy lips between her legs. In truth she was still a little annoyed about the way Laura had taken the liberty of pissing over her hair whilst they had been rock climbing. In retrospect in might not have been such a bad thing had she known at the time the source of shower being sent her way.

Ever since their first meeting at the hotel disco, Annabel had been mesmerised by the sight of Laura have a pee. The way her golden stream would squirt strongly from the little hole nestled in her pussy lips and the way it flowed through the air was simply ecstasy to witness in action. Annabel also loved the way in which Laura was so thoroughly naughty in the locations she chose to squirt her piss fountain. Just watching Laura's hot golden relief pattering over her chosen spot was almost enough to make Annabel come. Now lost in a daydream of recollections of seeing Laura having a piss, Annabel continued her descent behind the famous tomb-raider. One particular time especially came flooding back to her. The two of them had been enjoying a romantic dinner in a very exclusive restaurant. Laura had been wearing a very tight and complementary black dress with a low cut top which revealed a deliciously tempting amount of cleavage. The fabric was so thin that Laura's heightened arousal could clearly be discerned by the sight of her pointed nipples sticking out through the material. Annabel had been wearing a white backless affair, the tanned flesh of her supple back an amazing turn-on to Laura who had followed her friend towards their table situated beside an ornate fountain. The water feature was an expensive affair; gushing water pouring from the urn held by a young nymph. In the pool below, several large goldfish swam lazily around undeterred by people moving past.

The sound of the playing fountain was a wonderful cover for the two women and for what they had planned. Laura naturally went first, spreading her firm toned legs under the table to expose her shaved pussy to the floor below. Seconds later a thin stream of clear urine was squirting from her pee hole and proceeding to fall in a fountain of piss to the expensively tiled floor below. Even though she couldn't see Laura's pee as it squirted from her lower lips, Annabel got an immense thrill from knowing her lower was having a secret piss at the table. When Laura had squirted enough of her pee for the time being she gave a quick wink to Annabel to signal her turn. With a deep breath and a tight squeeze the young Latino started a piss of her own. Between her brown tanned legs a shooting shower of hot piss started to squirt strongly from her pee hole. Within seconds her toilet shower was watering the floor below forming a second growing puddle on the tiles. After enjoying her pee for several seconds she sealed shut her piss flaps. It was to be a wonderfully long evening with many opportunities to resume peeing at the table when-ever they liked.

This was how the evening had progressed. When-ever they felt like having a pee, they simply parted their legs at the table and proceeded to squirt their urine fountains over the tiled floor below. At the end of the evening Laura 'accidentally' knocked their bottle of champagne to the floor. The resulting escaping liquid ran under the table and into their pee puddles hiding all evidence of their naughty exploits. Back at their hotel and before a night of exotic love making, the two women had stood side by side on the top landing of the fire escape stairwell. With their dresses hitched up above their waists, their uncovered pussies were free to send two wonderfully long and powerful streams of squirting hot piss down through the protective railings and downwards to the floor many levels below.

"Can you hear that?" Laura suddenly asked, coming to an abrupt stand still. Annabel snapping out of her erotic memories almost collided with her partner and only caught herself at the last moment. It took a couple of seconds and then Annabel heard the sound. Indistinct at first but then it was easy to discern the sound of distant running water. Laura beamed a big smile at her friend at reached over to give her a quick kiss on the lips. Annabel was all for returning the gesture but with more gusto but suddenly Laura's head snapped around.

"What's wrong?" Annabel whispered urgently.

"I though I heard voices," she replied. "There it is again. We are not alone down here."

"You mean those tribesmen again?" asked Annabel with a shiver that had nothing to do with the cold.

"Possibly. We need to find out. Keep your torch trained on the ground and get ready to turn it off if I give you a signal."

The two women continued their advance. The rock walls which were carved into the heart of the mountain where the tomb was buried now seemed oppressively close. The circles of light on the rough hewn floor seemed a small source of comfort as the sound of flowing water grew closer. After another minute worth of careful travel Annabel heard her first fleeting catch of human voices.

"Laura," she whispered in a low hiss. "I might be wrong but I think they are talking in French."

"Montier!" Laura spat the word, her spittle landing on the rocky floor. "That bastard must have found another way into the tomb." A glint of light reflected off the barrel of one of Laura's hand guns as she slid it from holster. "We must be very careful now. Follow me."

The tunnel continued its sharp descent until finally levelling off. A junction awaited them barely several feet further on. Almost at the same time Annabel noticed a change in their surroundings. A warm current of air was flowing up the right hand corridor a tangible amount of moisture in its breath. The feeling was wonderful on Annabel's bare posterior and uncovered pussy.

"This way," instructed Laura. They had barely begun to continue when Laura paused once again. With a sharp click she extinguished her torch and Annabel immediately followed suite. Rather than total blackness, a faint glimmer of light beckoned in the distance. After several seconds of adjusting to the weak rays ahead the two women set off, their footfalls barely making a sound. The water they had heard before was much louder now, obviously moving with quite some force. The amount of light was increasing also.

Finally they reached a corner and Laura took a peak around. "I don't believe it," she whispered in obvious surprise. With a bold step she vanished around the turn in the wall. Annabel hesitated for a second and then followed in Laura's wake. The vision which greeted her stole her breath away. The corridor they had been following emptied into an immense cavern. Bright sunlight flooded the enclosure from an open roof, the warn sun's rays beating strongly down into the shaft which had been obviously been caused by a shift in the mountain's massive weight many moons ago. A short beach of granite rock ran down to a blue lake which filled most of the cavern's expanse. Reflective light played across the surrounding walls whilst the call of many birds echoed downwards from the many trees and branches that were growing out from the rocky walls. The scene was stolen from a vision of paradise. Annabel could almost feel the relaxing water moving around her body as she mentally prepared herself ready for a swim.

"Stop!" Laura suddenly commanded, raising one arm to block Annabel's forward motion. "What have we here?"

Annabel looked to the right where Laura's gaze was fixed. It took a second and then she registered the objects on the rocky ground. A collection of backpacks and other equipment were laid sprawled on the floor. With a motion of a finger to her lips to indicate stealth Laura advanced carefully forwards, the muzzle of her twin hand guns now pointing the way. Where the objects on the ground were located, two massive boulders had fallen a long time ago, effectively creating a barrier in the beach. Over the sound of the crashing water which must now be coming from a waterfall on the other side of this natural barrier, was the sound of voices laughing and enjoying a good time.

Laura let out a quick giggle and pointed her guns at the assortment of kit around them. "I think we have the perfect opportunity for a bit of sabotage."

Annabel looked around and giggled also. "I think I need the toilet again."

It didn't take long to assemble all the electrical apparatus into one large pile. Cameras, GPS devices and even a laptop formed the collection that lay under Annabel's large, round and perfectly formed bum cheeks as she dropped into her pee squat. After a couple of seconds of straining a trickle of hot golden pee started to leave Annabel's pussy lips. Barely a moment later and the trickle became a fast flowing stream of golden urine as Annabel peed in earnest.

Laura could feel her nipples hardening in her top at the sight of Annabel taking a piss all over Montier's precious equipment. Annabel had such an incredible and fuckable vagina and already Laura was imaging some new and interesting ways to pleasure her lover's pussy. Meanwhile Annabel's toilet was continuing unabated. From between her fleshy lower lips, a thick stream of fast flowing, squirting piss was now forming a continuing fountain over the electrical items below Annabel's bare bum. The impact point of Annabel's urine shower was flowing in and around the laptop and over an obviously very expensive Nikon camera. Unfortunately, Annabel's piss was already coming to an end. Her cheeks were flushed with sexual arousal whilst her gaze had never left the sight of her pee squirting from her lower lips.

Once Annabel had finished her piss she stood up and moved to one side looking a Laura in expectation of a repetition of her behaviour. Laura shook her pretty head from side to side. "I have a better idea," she said. Moving past Annabel she leapt upwards, grabbing the top of the first boulder and pulling herself upwards. Immediately her twin guns were back in her hands and pointing downwards at something out of Annabel's sight. Not wanting to miss anything that might prove to involve Laura exposing her pussy and taking a piss, Annabel quickly followed in pursuit. As she mounted the boulder she found that Laura had gained herself an audience. Below was a shallow pool fed by numerous cascading water streams that fed from outlets in the mountain wall. Three men, all naked with their cocks and balls on full display were now gaping in disbelief at the two women. Already one man's cock was showing signs of stirring as he took in Annabel's exposed lower region. Beyond the men was Montier still obvious to the present of his new guests. He was laid full length in the shallow water which lapped around his bare legs whilst an ebony coloured woman was currently hard at work sucking on his hidden dick. The Negro woman's bum was stuck up in the air facing the two women, the contours and groove of her pussy lips completely on display.

"Boss!" shouted one of the men over his shoulder whilst his eyes flickered nervously between the barrel of Laura's pointed guns and the naked display of Annabel's exposed flesh.

Montier groaned, never once opening her eyes. His expression was that of one lost in rapture. Raising one hand he gave a submissive gesture in the direction of the man who had spoken.

"Boss, I really think you need to see this," the man said again this time with enough urgency in his voice to convince Montier to open his eyes and take a look at the goings-on around him. As he did so he gasped loudly in disbelief at the sight of the two women stood up on top of the boulders. The black woman, realising something was wrong, broke contact with pleasuring Montier's penis and looked around. Her expression immediately turned to fear as she saw the guns being trained on her. Scrabbling up from the shallow water she backed away repeating a word in an unfamiliar language. She had large tits, almost as big as Laura's, with deliciously round nipples that sat surrounded by welts of dark brown skin.

"Laura Roft!" Montier gasped in surprise. Recovering his composure he tried to speak again. Laura silenced him with a side to side wave of one of her guns. She was triying to keep a straight face but the sight of Montier lying in the water with a massive erection holding his large dick skywards was a little difficult to take seriously.

"I sorry lads, but your boss needs you to take a swim." She nodded in the direction of the large lake which merged into the pool water below the boulders. They didn't need much encouragement. By now all three of them were fully erect, trying to hide to hide their dicks behind cupped hands. Laura guessed that she wasn't the only one who wanted to fuck Annabel.

As the splashing of the retreating men died down, Laura turned her attention to her nemesis. The man's cock was limp now, fear having the required effect. The naked black woman was still cowering by the wall, one of her large breasts poking out from between her clenched arms. A smile came to Laura's face as she suddenly caught sight of a stream of golden liquid falling from underneath the woman's posterior and pattering into the water beneath her. The woman was obviously pissing herself with fear, her golden toilet leaving her hidden pussy lips and raining downwards. Laura looked over to Annabel to see if she had noticed. She had. Her gaze was firmly fixed on the black woman.

"Annabel." Laura had to repeat herself again. "Annabel. Go to her. She is obviously terrified."

Her semi dressed lover nodded needing little encouragement to go and comfort the attractive, naked and pissing black woman. As Annabel descended into the water below Laura leapt down with a well executed roll in the air before landing with a splash in the pool below. Advancing on the naked man she brought herself directly up to his face. "I have a little present for you," she said gently and then started to squeeze on the hold in her bladder. The reaction on Montier's face was a picture that Laura would treasure forever as she commenced her piss. Her pussy flaps parted to allow her strongly jetting shower of clear coloured piss to wash all over Montier's face and head. The man stuttered and made to escape the shower of Laura's pee but the barrel of her guns soon persuaded him otherwise. Laura was so lost in her act of retribution that she was oblivious to the goings on to her right.

As Annabel had made her way over the terrified black woman her attention was torn as were to look. In front of her the dark skinned was still peeing into the water below her round curved bum cheeks. On the left it was quite obvious that Laura intended to take a piss all over her nemesis. It was this distraction that allowed the following sequence of events to take place. The black woman's eyes had been firmly fixed on Annabel's movements. The flowing stream of pee issuing from her mass of black curly pubic hairs had nothing to do with fear. She knew of Laura's reputation for staining the tombs of forgotten kings with her urine showers and had guessed correctly that it would be a wonderful diversion. Happily as it turned out, this other mysteriously half naked woman, shared a similar affinity for golden showers. As soon as Annabel was close enough, the black woman sprung. With incredible speed born from an athlete's training, the dark skinned woman leapt from her crouching pee squat and flew through the air towards Annabel. She barrelled into the semi dressed reporter and the two of them splashed down into the chilled mountain water.

"Fucking bitch!" The black woman shouted as she grappled Annabel from behind. A dark arm wrapped around Annabel's neck at the same time she felt the woman's large breasts press into her back.

"You! Laura Roft. Put those fucking guns down now and stop pissing over my boss or I will break you friend's neck!"

Laura spun in shock at the turn of events. Montier, now thoroughly covered in Laura's spent pee, immediately seized his opportunity. Grabbing the barrels of both of Laura's guns, he forced them upwards and he leapt for his feet. Seconds later and Laura was flat on her back. With a deep sense of fore-boarding she stared down the barrels of her own handguns.

... to be continued.

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