tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLaura's Demise

Laura's Demise


Laura knew from the beginning that her scheme was risky. But Laura had always been about risk. As a teenager, she longed to date the 'dangerous' guys that people warned her about. She teased them with her exquisite body and then refused to submit, just to see their reaction.

She entered the most difficult college that would take her because friends and family said not to. And in a decision that would change her life forever, Laura majored in International Finance because it was dominated by males. Unlike the immature guys she dated in high school, college professors loved Laura because of her exquisite body AND her sharp mind.

She was a prodigy by the time she graduated with honors. The rumors of sexual favors having taken her so far were only partially true. But for those who had partaken, Laura would never be forgotten.

A five foot six inch brunette with Barbie-esque figure, Laura was generally soft spoken. Which meant: when she spoke, people listened. When she walked into a room, people noticed. When she wanted something, she got it.

Thus, the recipe for her downfall.

Laura's career in business began with a flurry of successes. She had mentors who, of course, were more than happy to spend extra time with her to teach Laura the ins and outs of international finance. In return, they hoped Laura taught them the ins and outs of great sex. Some got an education, some didn't.

One who didn't was Malcolm O'Toole. Malcolm was practically forced into a life of achievement and fame by his parents' unfortunate choice of names. At thirty years old he was a guru in the area of foreign stock exchanges and saw in Laura a potential protégé, not to mention wife. Within three years, Laura could count Malcolm among those victims she had teased incessantly for the sole purpose of sucking all of the knowledge out of him.

Now she was thirty two and Malcolm was approaching forty. He had not forgotten Laura, long after she went her separate way as the new expert in the field. Each time he saw her on the cable news network predicting the future of the overseas money market, Malcolm vowed revenge. He didn't know how or when, but she would pay.

At about this same time, Laura began playing with something besides men's minds. It was an extremely risky form of investment that paid handsomely when the stars aligned, but was ripe for total collapse under a rare combination of situations—like a crumbling of the US housing market, rising oil prices, and a tsunami in Japan that put their economy on the brink of failure.

Nearly a billion dollars in investments that Laura managed for several important and wealthy clients was at risk. Some of the clients had relied on advice from Malcolm O'Toole, who had led them to Laura before their relationship soured. If Laura went down, she was liable to drag Malcolm with her.

He was not about to have her ruin his life...again.

Malcolm didn't want Laura dead. That would be too simple. He wanted her to experience some of the same physical and emotional grief that she put men through for all those years. Ideally, he wanted her to beg for mercy before it was over. That was a long shot, but Malcolm was intent on trying.

His first objective was to get her attention; make her realize that he was annoyed with her and that he wasn't going to ignore the situation. Malcolm would not do this personally. He would save that until the time was right. For now, he would send a surrogate; one with an attitude.

Malcolm's proxy, a former bodyguard and petty criminal named Zach, caught up with Laura at a major economics conference in New York. Laura didn't know him from the man in the moon, but Zach certainly recognized Laura immediately and began trailing her. His mission: find out who she socialized with during the three day symposium.

It meant long, boring hours during the day while Laura went from one session to another, but the evening made up for it when Laura went into full seductress mode. She used all of her skills to associate with as many global power brokers as she possibly could. After the first night alone, Zach had more than enough candidates to fulfill Malcolm's plot against Laura.

It was a matter, now, of determining which of the several men hanging around Laura knew each other and were staying in the same hotel. Another couple hours of work provided Zach with that information. He was all set.

The following day was especially long as Zach really had no new information to gather. He just had to wait until the last session and dinner were over. Then he needed to wait for Laura and the two men he targeted from her hotel to be out of their rooms.

Laura was normally getting back before 11 PM. Zach slid notes under the door of the two gentlemen, seemingly in Laura's handwriting, advising them to jointly visit Laura's room at midnight, and that Laura's door would be left open for them.

Then Zach broke into Laura's room and waited.

At 10:45 he heard her come in. From his closet hideout, he watched her toss her purse on the bed and head for the bathroom. Soon, she was back at the bed with her back towards him. Zach pounced.

Laura couldn't even fully turn around before the hulking intruder was crashing her onto the bed. His weight forced all the air out of her and Laura's attempted scream was futile. She lay face down with Zach's powerful hand over her mouth.

"Don't make a sound, bitch," he warned her. "If I hear one peep out of you I will break your neck. Understand?"

Laura nodded.

"Your good buddy Malcolm sent me. You remember him, don't you?"

Zach didn't expect a response and he didn't get one.

"He's really distraught over your latest scheme and thought maybe he could convince you to make sure all his clients' money is safe," Zach said. "Tonight he wants you to think about the consequences of losing a single dime of their investments."

Laura continued to struggle and the movement of her ass caused his cock to react. She wore a silky blouse and a skirt. Luckily, the skirt was preventing her from using her legs as weapons against him. But the excitement of the capture was catching up with Zach, and he had limited time to prepare her for her visitors.

"I'm going to remove my hand. Scream and you die," he told her.

With his hands on her neck, he waited for Laura to settle down. Then he said, "Roll over."

Zach got off her just enough for her to get on her back, but not so far away he couldn't silence her quickly if necessary. Once she was facing him, he straddled her at the waist.

"Good girl. Now pay attention and nobody will get hurt," Zach said calmly. "You're going to have guests at midnight. You know them. You will not have to let them in. When they arrive, you will act as if everything is normal. You will let them do whatever they want and you won't say a word about me. Got it?"

Laura nodded.

"I'll be nearby," Zach continued. "If I hear ANYTHING that sounds like a struggle in here, I can't guarantee your safety. I suggest you act as thought everything was planned."

"But who...," Laura started to say.

"Shut up! I don't want to hear a word the rest of the night. Got it?"

Laura's fearful expression gave him his answer.

"Now, let's get you ready," he said.

Zach began to unbutton Laura's blouse. He watched her large, brown eyes widen as he undressed her. Her long hair was strewn around her head in a wild, sexy way and Zach felt himself getting harder and harder. Laura's tan skin contrasted with the sleek, pale bra that covered her full tits. He pulled the blouse out of her skirt and opened the last button.

Zach tossed the sides of the blouse to the side and exposed her chest. He ran his fingers over her bra and tits, crumpling them up in his massive hands during rough squeezes. Then he tugged on the blouse and pulled it off her arms, tossing it onto the floor. After one more fondling of her tits, he reached under her and unhooked the bra. It joined the blouse on the floor and Zach stared at Laura's beautiful tits.

"So this is what all those guys were after," he said with admiration.

Zach leaned down and took one in his mouth. His tongue ran over the nipple and his lips closed around the smooth skin. Laura could only wait for him to finish.

That's when Zach slid farther down Laura's body.

"No. Please," Laura cried.

"Ah! What did I say?" Zach warned her with a point of his finger.

Laura fell silent as Zach's hands found the inside of her legs at the bottom of her skirt. The fingers rose up her thighs until finding her panties. He briefly touched her pussy, then pulled the hands out and started to remove the skirt. Quickly, Laura was on the bed in only her panties.

Zach wasted no time in removing them, as well.

He stood beside the bed, peering down at the magnificent naked body of Malcolm's adversary. Every inch of her oozed sex and Zach's cock was proof of Laura's effect.

He pulled down his zipper and took it out.

"Sit up," he demanded.

With Laura positioned directly in front of him, Zach said, "Perhaps later we will meet again. For now, a quickie will have to do."

He grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth onto his long, thick erection. Laura spread her lips and took the shaft inside. Zach immediately started to fuck her mouth with rapid, forceful thrusts that left Laura gasping for air. They settled into a rhythm and Laura felt the throbbing cock reach what she thought had to be full erection. Two minutes became three and Zach's groans grew louder. His grip on her hair tightened and Laura knew it would be over soon.

Zach grunted, held the cock against the back of her throat, and unleashed the first of many shots of cum. He started fucking her mouth again and each thrust was accompanied by a new load of warm semen. Laura swallowed as quickly as she could, but a stream of cum still leaked down her chin.

When it was over, Zach simply put the cock back in his pants and told Laura to lie down. She saw him reach into his back pocket. Laura recognized the object he pulled out as handcuffs and Zach yanked on her arm until her wrist was near the headboard. A few seconds later, she was cuffed to it.

"You'll be having guests around midnight. Enjoy," he said.

Zach gathered up Laura's discarded clothes and shoved them into a dresser. Then he took one of her shoes and used it to barely prop open the door to her room.

With that, Laura was left alone in the silent gloom. She tried in vain to get out of the cuffs or slide the cuffs off the headboard. But it was useless and she settled into a frightful wait for...what? She didn't know.

The next two men she saw would be Andre and Peter, South American and English financial consultants who only knew of Laura by reputation until earlier in the conference. A few chats and an hour or two at the bar had brought them closer. Now the men were holding direct invitations from Laura to visit her room at midnight. They were to come together, and neither was willing to question such an intriguing summons.

So at twelve, they found each other and took the elevator to Laura's room. As they expected, the door was open. They quietly entered, moved the shoe aside, closed and locked the door. They walked the few steps it took to get past the entranceway and allowed their eyes to focus on the dimly lit bed.

"Well, well, well," Peter exclaimed. "What do we have here?"

Andre flicked on a light above the dresser. Laura's nude body, fastened securely to the headboard, was now plainly visible and both men inspected it from afar, inch by inch.

"My God, Laura," Andre said. "Somebody's liable to come in here and take advantage of you. If I didn't know better, I'd say you actually wanted it to be us."

"Just don't hurt me," Laura begged in a shaky voice.

"Depends on how you define 'hurt,'" Peter said, approaching the side of the bed.

Andre was close behind him and Laura instinctively slid her body farther away from them.

"Oh, you can try to escape," Peter told her. "But I suspect you don't want to get away."

He reached for the cuffs and made sure they were secure by tugging on them. Laura pulled her legs up almost into a fetal position, her free arm draped across her breasts.

"Where's my camera when I need it," Andre said. "I don't think my cell phone would do this justice."

Both men were in their mid to late forties. Both were average looking, but athletically built, which was what made Laura pay attention to them in the first place. If this encounter turned sexual, which she assumed it would, at least she wouldn't be revolted by their bodies.

They certainly were not revolted by hers.

"Move your arm, sweetheart. And roll flat on your back. Let's have a good look at you," Peter said.

Laura gradually uncovered herself and stretched out on the bed. As frightening as it was to have Zach on top of her, this unveiling of her body to the two bystanders was even worse. She was helpless and vulnerable. Their eyes were piercing; their expressions wicked.

"Beautiful," Andre proclaimed. "So, tell us, Laura. Do you want it rough? Is that the purpose of the handcuffs?"

She shook her head. "No! I...I...no, please. Don't hurt me."

Peter smiled. "Quite the actress, isn't she, Andre. Begging very much like a woman about to be raped. I think that's the fantasy she'd rather play out."

Andre nodded. "Sounds like it to me. Who goes first?"

Peter reached into his pocket for a coin. "Call it," he said.

The coin was in the air as Andre announced, "Tails, of course."

Peter caught the quarter and showed it in his palm.

"Heads! It's my lucky night," he said with glee.

Andre groaned and watched Peter take off his shoes. Andre walked over to a chair and sat down until his turn came. Being a spectator wasn't going to be that bad, either, he said to himself.

Peter undressed at an unhurried pace with Laura watching every move he made. The bulge in front of his boxers gave away his stimulated state long before he was pushing them down his legs. When he stood at the side of the bed naked, Laura was taking fleeting glimpses of his ever-hardening cock. It wasn't as big as Zach's, for sure, but was still substantial with its thick head starting to point upwards.

Peter promptly climbed onto the bed and moved between Laura's legs, which he spread wider by grabbing her ankles and gently pulling. Laura's heart raced at the prospect of being taken by Peter, and then Andre, without any means of resisting. It was not the usual excitement she got before sex. This had a tinge of apprehension mixed in. Laura wasn't used to having somebody else in control.

Peter took a second to look at her neatly trimmed pussy, with the dark hair barely inside the outline of her very small bathing suit. The lush lips around her cunt and clit were pink and moist. His cock ached to be inside her.

Laura looked up at the man as he hovered over her and then aggressively lowered his body onto hers.

"Is it rape you want?"

Peter gripped her free wrist and forced it above her head. Laura claimed it wasn't.

"Hard, violent sex. Is that it?"

"No," she whined.

Peter's cock was on her pussy, sliding up and down in a preview of what he had in store for her. He shifted down so it was closer to her cunt, but he never let go of her arms. The tip of the cock spread her fleshy lips apart and found the opening to her cunt as if drawn by a magnet.

"I think you're lying, Laura. I think you've been waiting all night for this."

Before she could say anything else, Laura felt the cock split her open and drive deep into her cunt in a single, vicious thrust.

"Ahhhhh!" she cried out.

Peter's groans were joined by powerful tugs on her arms as he used her for leverage.

"God! No!" Laura sobbed, remembering Zach's warning about being too loud.

Peter ignored her. He drove his cock into her faster and harder, spreading her legs with his knees and reveling in the surprising tightness of her cunt. After a dozen or so thrusts, he moved down and sucked on her tits, biting at the nipples and producing more muffled shrieks from Laura.

Andre watched intently, occasionally rubbing his cock through his pants, knowing his time would come. He considered the many options he would have in taking her, trying to pick from several favorable choices.

Meanwhile, Peter continued to rock Laura and the bed with his intense fucking. What he would miss in longevity he would make up for in vigor. Laura may not have been playing out the rape role, but Peter certainly was, and with great pleasure.

He put his hands under her ass and tilted her at an angle that resulted in the best friction against his cock. Laura clung to the handcuff during the pounding, uneasy with the knowledge that her own body was responding to Peter's fucking. The last thing she wanted to do was have an orgasm and let the damn intruders, and Malcolm, think that they won.

Luckily, Peter couldn't hold out that long.

"Ohhh, yeah," he moaned. "Almost there, honey."

Andre had taken out his cock and was stroking it with long, slow tugs in anticipation of his turn. He was convinced he would take a more prolonged approach than Peter. But then, who knew what would happen once he was on top of the lovely Laura.

"Fuck, yes! Yes! Get ready," Peter told Laura.

In the midst of animalistic grunts, Laura felt her cunt being filled with Peter's cum. His cock was covered in it, and she felt a small amount drip between her legs towards her ass. Peter drove into her with slower, harder thrusts, each one depositing more semen in and around her pussy. His hulking body eventually settled down on top of Laura and his semi-erect cock dripped more cum on the inside of her thigh.

"Oh my God. That was awesome," he said. "Thanks for the invite, sweetheart."

He rolled off her and gave one last bite of her nipple. Meanwhile, Andre had undressed and stood at the end of the bed with his long, hard cock pointing at the intended victim.

"Your turn," Peter told him. "Enjoy."

Andre walked next to Laura.

"Roll over," he told her. "Get on your knees and let me see that ass."


One week later, Laura was scheduled to meet with a half dozen high rollers to calm their investment fears. There was, of course, great cause for their concerns. Truth be told—and only Laura knew the truth—the gentlemen only had about twenty percent of the money they thought they had. If any or all of them attempted to cash in at that moment, Laura was going down.

Four of the investors were friends of Malcolm. Very good friends. Good enough that Malcolm was comfortable in holding a conference call with them a couple days before the meeting.

"Don't let her BS you," Malcolm warned them. "Push her to show the earnings statements. If she does, don't believe what you see. Tell her you want the real thing, not a spreadsheet she made from numbers pulled out of the air. And she'll try to impress you with all the buzz words and slang. Don't buy into it."

"How far can we go with the threats?" one of the men asked.

Malcolm hesitated before saying, "All the way, within reason. I mean, don't get yourself thrown in jail for threatening murder. But I know this bitch. You can go a long way. For years she used her body to get places. There's no reason you can't use it back."

"She wouldn't quarrel over a little physical exploitation?" another investor asked.

Malcolm laughed. "I know from recent experience that she'll put up a fight, but she'll understand why it happened. I encourage you to rough her up if necessary."

The men had all the information they needed to assure a fruitful meeting with Laura. They would get what they wanted one way or another; either answers from Laura about their investments or payment of another kind.

Laura's first line of defense, as always, was with a dress that would take most men's minds off anything else. It was a form fitting dress that stopped well above the knees and had a plunging neckline. Any attempts to lean over or stretch out her arms caused her breasts to nearly burst out. And if she reached far above her head, there was no guarantee it would cover her ass. It would do perfectly for this audience.

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