Laura's Demise


Adrianna teased her for a moment, and then brought the vibrator back around to the front of her pussy.

"Spread your legs," Adrianna ordered.

Laura obeyed. She felt the pulsating get closer and closer to her clit. She closed her eyes when she knew it was about to hit it. Then it happened.


"Shhhh. Quiet," Adrianna said.

Laura moaned as her clit exploded under the stimulation being applied. Deep inside her body Laura felt tremors that were new to her. Her cunt was dripping wet and screaming for something to enter it.

Adrianna moved the vibrator lower. Then she leaned over and began to lick one of Laura's tits. At the same time, Laura felt the bulbous head of the device spread her pussy lips apart and settle at the entrance to her cunt. Adrianna sucked on her nipple and bit her tit a little harder.

The tip of the vibrator threatened to penetrate. Adrianna's mouth and tongue worked on her tit with greater intensity. Laura was squirming.

"Do you want it to fuck you, Laura?"

She knew her name. Something about that eased some of Laura's fears and she hesitated.

"Do you?" Adrianna asked again.

Laura could only nod.

"Beg me."


"Say my name, Laura."

"Please, Adrianna."

"Please what?"

"Please fuck me."

"Get on the bench," Adrianna told her. "With your head at this end."

In such a position, Laura's pussy would be pointing to the audience. The bench was barely wide enough to comfortably hold an average person. It was covered in thick padding and stood at a height that Laura would soon learn was for a purpose.

Once Laura was settled, Adrianna returned to her side, close to her pussy. The vibrator quickly took its place once more between Laura's legs, which were spread wide enough to almost hang off the sides of the bench. As before, Laura felt that penetration was imminent.

That's when the man came up to Laura's side and took over the job of licking and sucking on her tits. Lost in the delight of his ministrations was the fact the vibrator was ready to fulfill its real purpose.

Adrianna watched the head vanish. Laura screeched and was immediately warned to be quiet. Another half inch of the vibrator entered her and Laura gripped the sides of the bench. Adrianna applied more pressure and slowly but surely a full three inches was inside Laura's cunt. She stopped for a moment and then pushed again.

Laura could not possibly withhold the squeals of pain and pleasure that overtook her. Adrianna seemed to ignore them, making sure the vibrator was hitting every corner of the victim's cunt. The man bit her nipples harder, a seemingly minor act to Laura considering what was taking place around her pussy.

Soon, the man left her, only to return from the locker with a leather whip that he began to use on her tits. After a few light slaps, he moved down and aimed the tentacles at Laura's clit. That got her attention and new screams rang out.

Laura started to wriggle back and forth, nearly falling off the bench at least twice.

"We need volunteers," she heard Adrianna call out to the audience.

Within seconds, a middle-aged man and woman were standing next to Laura's head, reaching for her arms. They gripped the wrists and pulled them up so that Laura was fully stretched out. She struggled without any effect.

Laura felt an orgasm build. At least she could cry out without...

"From this point on, Laura, you will remain completely silent. Any sound will be dealt with harshly," Adrianna told her.

With those words, Adrianna and her companion began to strip. For the man, it was simple. He took off the bathrobe to reveal a raging erection. Adrianna was soon naked except for her stockings. The vibrator was left on its own inside Laura's cunt, continuing to arouse every nerve around it.

It was with considerable relief that Adrianna slowly withdrew it. Laura felt empty, but far less likely to cum in the next few seconds. Then the man moved between her legs.

"Your first partner tonight is Randall," Adrianna told Laura. "Do NOT cum under any circumstances."

It was the word 'first' that got Laura's attention. Then the sight of his cock heading for her cunt caught her eye and she tried to imagine how she would not cum. Her arms were still being held and Laura was powerless in any attempt to avoid what was being done to her.

Randall didn't waste much time. He spread Laura's legs and drove his cock into her with sudden and swift efficiency. Laura stifled as many whimpers as she could while Randall began to methodically fuck her.

Adrianna moved to Laura's side and leaned over the bench so that Laura had a tit at her mouth.

"You can let her go now," Adrianna told the other couple. "And please join us."

Laura put her arms at her side while Adrianna lowered her tit into Laura's mouth.

"Take it, Laura. Hold it in your hand."

Laura complied with the order and squeezed the tit, sucking on the large nipple and stroking it with her tongue. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the two audience members taking off the last of their clothes. How many more would there be? When could she finally cum?

Randall continued pounding into her, his hands gripping Laura's ass the entire time. Laura had to wrap her legs around his waist just to relieve the pressure on her leg muscles, and it only heightened the friction she was already feeling. Sucking on Adrianna's tit was actually a good distraction from the desperate need to cum.

Then the man who had been holding her arm was masturbating a very hard cock on the other side of the bench. At one point, Adrianna withdrew her tit and allowed the man to force Laura to take the cock into her mouth. A minute later, Laura turned to head only to find the man's female partner presenting her tit for Laura's attention.

The small orgy was interrupted a few minutes later for all to watch Randall pull out his cock and stroke it furiously. It was aimed directly at Laura's stomach. Randall's loud, guttural grunts and groans announced the inevitable. Long streams of white cum began to shoot out, landing in a wide swath from just below Laura's tits to her pussy.

Then all eyes switched to the other man, who came in torrents from beside Laura, covering her tits in more cum. In the end, he moved the cock to her mouth and made her lick the last few drops from the tip.

"Get up," Adrianna ordered.

Laura slid her legs off the bench, uncertain how much of the sticky cum would stay on her if she stood.

"Over here."

Laura hesitantly walked across the stage to where Adrianna stood. There appeared to be a drain in the floor at the spot where Adrianna had her stop. Adrianna reached behind a curtain and Laura waited. Then she felt the water; a few drips at first immediately followed by a steady shower of warm water from above.

"Clean up and we will continue," Adrianna told her.

Laura didn't know if the shower was for her convenience or a show for the crowd, or both. Either way, she pulled her damp hair back and started to wipe any remaining cum from her tits and stomach and pussy. She expected that the simple act of wiping equated to a good show, and she didn't out of her way to exaggerate her actions.

Before she was done, and without any verbal invitation, the remainder of the audience came onto the stage. There were perhaps twenty people, ranging in age from their twenties to fifties. All of them were handsome men and women in decent to good shape and, as they began to strip as a group, Laura could not find a single one that disgusted her.

Adrianna did not turn off the water until everyone on the stage was naked. One of the youngest women was handed a towel and she eagerly began to dry off Laura. Considerable attention was paid to Laura's tits, pussy, and ass, apparently to the delight of the men who sprouted early stages of erections after watching. The woman finished her task by taking a lusty mouthful of Laura's tit while planting her hand on top of Laura's pussy. It reminded Laura of how badly she still needed to have an orgasm.

The group stood in a semicircle around Laura, who waited for the next move. It came unexpectedly and from behind. A pair of hands were on her tits. Then a cock was pressed against her ass.

"Good evening, Laura."

She recognized the voice immediately. It was Malcolm.

"Are you ready for the real show to begin?" he asked, massaging her tits a little rougher.

Real show? Everything else had been preliminaries?

Malcolm took hold of Laura's arms and lifted them at the same time that she heard a rattling of chains, or something, from above. She looked up and could only watch in despair as Malcolm inserted her wrists into the shackles. Once secured, he let go and walked around to stand in front of her.

"The repayment plan starts tonight, Laura...with interest," Malcolm said. "I would be very disappointed in the position you've put yourself in with my investor friends if it wasn't for the fact you came crawling back to me on your hands and knees begging for help. And speaking of begging..."

He rubbed her clit and saw the agony on her face.

"When you are ready to cum, just let me know," he said. "Ask me nice and I'll consider it. But first, some more retribution for your unwise exploits."

Malcolm turned to face the others on the stage. "Ladies first," he said. "Don't hold back."

Like a swarm, the seven or eight ladies present surrounded Laura and assaulted every inch of her body. Hands, tongues and lips were everywhere. Two were between her legs. Three more were at her tits. A couple more were behind her exploring her ass. The more Laura twisted and struggled, the harder they held her in place and brought her closer and closer to cumming.

"Oh God, stop. Please stop!" she moaned.

Adrianna was between Laura's legs. She allowed the pleadings to go on, knowing that Malcolm was in control now.

Laura's shackles contained enough slack to let her bend over quite a way. As a result, several of the women forced Laura to suck on their tits. Some of them masturbated while being licked by Laura and she knew at least one of them had cum during the process.

Meanwhile, men had raided the locker and were using various items to flog and penetrate Laura as the ladies gave way.

"No! Please," Laura cried out as an object entered her pussy.

Malcolm knew it was almost time. Men began to take turns substituting their cocks for vibrators and dildos. Sometimes they entered from in front; sometimes from behind; sometimes in her cunt and sometimes in her ass. One by one they came in or on Laura.

Then Malcolm was standing in front of her. Laura looked dazed.

"Are you ready to cum?"

"Yes," Laura said.

Malcolm's hand was on her clit. Then his cock was ready to enter her and he was holding her by the ass. Without further warning, he violently thrust into her and Laura screamed out.

"Tell me you want to cum, Laura."

"Yes. Please let me."

He fucked her harder and faster. Laura winced from pain and the need to climax.

"Beg me to let you cum."

"God, please Malcolm. Please let me cum now."

She wasn't sure another fifteen seconds would pass before she came.

"You lying, cheating bitch," Malcolm growled. "You don't deserve this. But cum for your audience. Cum hard, Laura."

She yelled out from all of her pent up frustration and started to orgasm. The only sounds were her and Malcolm. The entire audience was standing a few feet away, watching in awe as Laura writhed under the shackles. A few people masturbated. The rest watched.

Malcolm soon joined Laura in a long, loud orgasm. He held her tightly and slammed his cock into her faster and faster. Their bodies slapped together for another sixty seconds before it was almost over. Laura's face was flushed and ringlets of hair on her forehead showed the effects of perspiration. In the end she just hung from the chains, limp and exhausted.

The final acts were a few more men stroking their cocks until cum spewed over her body in both the front and back.

Malcolm's point had been made. Mess with him or his friends and there would be consequences. Might she benefit in some way? Perhaps. Might she have to pay more interest in the long run? Perhaps.

It was a risk Laura had always taken.

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