tagLoving WivesLaura's Glory Ch. 01

Laura's Glory Ch. 01


Chapter 1 - Monday

My name is Laura Reading, and I have a story to tell.

When my husband, Nick, and I moved into our new apartment our relationship was a bit strained. Our finances had become an issue and the stress of moving had us bickering more than usual. Our sex life which had already dwindled since our early glory days was virtually non existent.

"I'm heading out to work." he called out, adjusting his tie as he peered into the bedroom from the hallway, looking very sharp in his bespoke suit. Nick worked at an advertising firm about An hour away and I was currently working freelance as a graphic artist. At least, I was when I could get the work. Lately things were slow, and by slow I mean dead. I moaned into my pillow as I buried my head to block out the dawn sun.

"love you, Lor." he called out as he headed out, the lock echoing in our sparsely decorated apartment. I hopped out of our large king sized bed, slipped my thick framed purple Prada glasses on and grabbing my phone before running down the hallway to our spare room, my hideaway, and slid onto the smaller double bed, the sheets already warm from the morning light pouring into the room through the gaps in the bedroom blinds, the sunlight kissing my pale skin. The fingers of my left hand ran through my long, chestnut hair as I used my right to work my smartphone, opening my hidden folder and finding one of the many unsolicited dick pics I'd been sent. I select a large dark one today, the tip almost red, the veins thick and plentiful, before sliding my hand down to my chest, my hardening nipples already visible through the thin fabric of my grey singlet. I kicked off my black cotton panties and spread my legs wide, my hand slid lower, across my bald mons pubis and slapped at my already soaking pussy before I forcefully slipped three slender fingers inside. I pulled my legs right back as I thrust as deep as I could get, my thumb working at my clit. I placed my phone next to my head, staring at the erect manhood and wishing I had it inside me now. With my hand now freed, I gripped the bed frame as my masturbation increased in intensity, withdrawing my fingers regularly to lick my cunt juice from them, savouring my own flavour. I moaned like a bitch in heat as I slapped at my cunt, my back arched screaming as I came, my long fingers furiously rubbing at my cunt as I sprayed my cum all over the bed until I was completely spent.

I suppose a little backstory is required. Nicholas Reading and I met about 9 years ago. Back then I was still Laura Sutton, A 21 year old skinny white girl with short cropped bleached blonde hair and we worked at the same advertising firm. He was a strategist and I was working full time as a graphic designer at that point. We became good friends during a company wide bonding session due to our love of the same shit music and filthy sense of humour. I was still with living with my boyfriend, Drew, around then. He was stunning to look at. His dad was white, his mum West Indian and Drew was like some black Adonis. He looked like, and often acted like, God's gift to women but he was the worst. He treated me like shit and cheated on me all the time, but the sex was incredible. Drew is the one who created my need to be dominated and is singlehandedly responsible for my strangling fetish. And his dick... oh fuck, he was the biggest I'd ever had. We had been together, on and off, since I was 16 and he was 22. It was less than a year after meeting Nick that I discovered Drew in bed with Kelly McRae, my then best friend, and I'd finally had enough. I began a downward spiral of drinking, casual hook-ups, drugs and self destruction that lost my friends as well as my job, but Nick was my rock through it all helping me get clean and put my life back together. I was definitely crushing on him hard at this point, or lusting after might be a better phrase, but he had a girlfriend and, eventually, I started dating someone halfway decent and things seemed to be settled, then a few months later Nick told me that he broke up with his girlfriend because he was in love with me. A year and a half later, I was Mrs Laura Reading. six years later we were here, in our large apartment paid for by Nick's promotion.

My own work wasn't quite as successful these days. I'd had a few decent gigs over the years and I paid my way, but things had been hard lately and my artist's block had returned so I found myself staying home and masturbating. Excessively. I'd always enjoyed a bit of self love, but I'd be the first to admit that I was acting like an addict recently. I would get irritable if my husband was late in leaving for work in the morning because it delayed my session, Especially on Mondays after two days spent not continuously masturbating, my sexual frustration was so pent up by the time Nick went back to work that I was like a powder keg ready to blow. And each week was getting worse.

I rolled over in the large bed and admired myself in the mirrored wall. I slowly slipped off of the bed and tugged at my singlet, the damp fabric clung to my skin as I peeled it off, my hands on my shapely breasts, massaging them as I watched my reflection. I looked much better at 30 that I had at 20. Back then I was a skinny waif of a thing. My breasts were a B cup, maybe a small C. Since then I had gained some much needed curves to my 177cm frame, although my stomach was still, thankfully, flat, my thick, natural chestnut hair was over halfway down my back and my tits were a fuller, bouncier 34Ds of fun. My long dark purple nails pinched my pink nipples, tugging on the silver barbells piercing them. I moaned loudly and grabbed my phone and turned slightly, my hand positioned on my hip as I posed. My hair tussled and my lips pouted and I took a few photos.

I still loved Nick very much, but the sex we had these days was always boring. No foreplay, no experimenting. It did very little for me besides make me wish I was masturbating on my own, so that's what I did. I did some design work for a sex shop in the city and they'd given me a lifetime discount so I bought a heap of toys and slutty outfits to play with, and that had been enough, until it wasn't. I'd gotten drunk one night and started looking up past sexual partners, seeing what they looked like now, masturbating as I recalled the sex we'd had. I found Drew on Facebook and added him as a friend. He was married now, not to my ex best friend thankfully, with a baby son and other on the way, and he looked good. like REAL fucking good. He had never been a slouch but he had clearly been hitting the gym hard. He messaged me first and it was easy slipping back into bad habits as we started chatting regularly. I'd never cheated on Nick before, but I was getting close now. Despite Drew having a family we had gone from chatting to flirting pretty quickly, although I tried to maintain some distance, he could come on strong, especially at night. I wasn't sure how much longer I could resist.

I thought about sending him the photo. That would be it, then. We would be fucking very soon afterwards. My finger hovered over the send button as I thought about his big, black cock, my other hand between my legs, my manicured fingers sliding back and forth the length of my pussy, pinching my labia. I cancelled the message and collapsed onto the bed, my legs shaking.

I jumped into a cold shower, doing my best to cool the fire in my loins. It did little more than calm my urges, but it was enough for now. I stepped out of the shower, and strutted about my home completely naked, dripping water onto the hardwood. I poured myself a large glass of red wine and slipped out onto the balcony, nestling down into one of the loungers to dry off in the sun. We were nine floors up, so no one on the street could see me lying there naked, letting my pale white skin become a little sun-kissed, but some of the people in the adjacent apartment blocks might get a nice view. I placed my wine glass on the small table next to me, and my spectacles next to that, and sighed as I relaxed, flicking on the radio. I hated myself for doing this. I desperately wanted to calm down but I here I was, sunning myself in the nude, thinking about neighbours spying on me and I was getting myself turned on all over again. I lay there, turning over to let the rays get to my back and plump rear, until Nick called on his around twelve o'clock. He apologised for waking me this morning and promised we'd go out to dinner at the weekend. I strolled back inside as we spoke, our conversation more like two friends than lovers these days. I wondered if sending him my morning photograph would excite him the way my body used to. He hung up to go eat lunch and I poured myself another glass of wine and picked at some leftover roast chicken in the fridge.

Fuck it, I thought. If I desperately wanted to act like some sex starved horny slut, then why the fuck should I deny myself? I collected my laptop and went back to the guest bedroom, my discarded clothing still on the floor. I hopped onto the bed opened up my computer and heading to a porn streaming website, searching for "black cock" as I settled down, pulling my thick purple rabbit vibrator from my drawer and easing the controls to a faint vibration. I rubbed the tip against my moist folds, pressing it against my swollen clit. I let out an animalistic moan, spreading my legs wide as I skip through the setup and foreplay of the porno, teasing myself until I saw the young woman taking the huge man meat inside and then thrusting my toy deep inside my love tunnel. My free hand caressed my breasts, massaging them desperately, teasing my nipples. I turned the volume all the way up so I could hear the wet slopping and filthy language over in increased intensity of my vibrator.

"Oh, Drew!" I gasped, plunging the gyrating cock as deep as I could, the vibrating rabbit ears pressed hard against my clit. I heard my phone's message alert, but I ignored it. I continued to fuck myself, my fingers pinching my solid nipples, pulling at them. My phone went off again, throwing off my rhythm.

"FUCK!" I grabbed my phone and saw that I had received two messages from Drew. He was bored at work and wondered what I was up to, all alone at home. As I was typing a quick reply, I got another message. This one was a photograph. Drew appeared to be sitting in a bathroom stall, his shirt open to show off his massive dark muscles, his big, hard dick on full display. I dropped my phone onto the bed as I crouched over it on all fours, the porn forgotten as I was suddenly reunited with an old friend. I could smell it. Taste it. My mouth was watering almost as much as my cunt and I started again, my thick battery-powered boyfriend sunk deep into my pussy. That'd be when I heard the noise.

It sounded like a moan coming from a wooden walk-in robe at the far end of the room. I held my breath as I slowly removed my toy from between my legs and slipped off the bed. I quickly pulled the panties and singlet back on before I grabbed a lamp to use as a weapon, and slowly approached the door. I reached out and jiggled the handle but it didn't turn. I noticed a small keyhole on the knob and remembered the overcrowded keyring we got when we bought this place. I put the lamp down carefully, tiptoeing out the room, my insatiable lust now forgotten as I made my way to the kitchen. I tried to calm down, stop myself from hyperventilating as I searched the kitchen drawers for the keys. once found, I clutched the keys to my chest to stop any excess jingling, and turned to leave. I stopped as a thought struck me and I returned to the drawers, carefully selecting a razor sharp kitchen knife to fend of any would be rapist. There were a great many keys on that ring. Keys for security doors, windows, garbage shoot, lockers, storage areas. It seemed, now that I was feverently trying to silently unlock that door, that there were altogether too many keys. At last, I found it, a barely audible gasp escaping my lips at I twisted slowly, the lock clicked and then I pulled, my hand shaking slightly, my knuckles white as I clung to my knife. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't what I discovered.

The storage space was dark and big enough to walk into, traveling back a good three or four metres, and empty for the most part. Empty but for the massive, and I do mean massive, cock on the back wall. I gasped in surprise, thinking I'd found some dildo left behind by a previous tenant, but at the sound of my voice, the thick member twitched. I slammed the door, panic rising as I realised that some stranger had their dick pushed into my home.

At first I thought about calling the police, or even my husband. My mind raced as I tried to rationalise what I just saw. I locked the door and sat back on the bed, carefully removing the key from the ring. I didn't want to spend ages trying to find it next time. I picked up my phone from the bed, unlocking the screen to be confronted by Drew's 8 ½ inches, my stomach turned at my own betrayal. I checked the time after deleting the image; 10:21 am. I returned to the kitchen and poured myself another glass of red wine. I tried to collect my thoughts as I grappled with the discovery of an in-use glory hole hiding in my closet. And not being used by any old penis, but by the Holy Grail of penises. The sort of man-meat you only saw in porn movies. The cock young women whispered about in groups. Or was I? Maybe I was wrong? It was dark in there after all. I knocked back my glass of wine and poured myself a yet another. I had to return for a better look.

It was all that, and more. I got closer this time, trying to get a better look at the offending appendage. If it wasn't a full foot in length, then it was close enough. the girth of this beast was even more impressive, as I estimated it at almost as thick as my wrist. I could make out a faint light coming from the hole around the shaft and could just make out the sound of someone breathing on the other side. I got closer still, now on my hands and knees as I approached, holding my breath in case he heard me. I could see the movement now, the slight inflation and deflation of his manhood. I crawled on, noticing the details of this magnificent member come into focus as my eyes adjusted to the reduced light.

Just then I shrieked, my hand hand just dropped straight down into a puddle of fresh cum. My heart almost stopped as I realised he now knew that I was there. I heard him grunt and another load shot out of his erect manhood, this time splashing onto my face and chest. I scrabbled back, trying to get out as quickly as I could, slipping and sliding in the mess. I could feel his warm jizz oozing down my face, the taste of him entering my mouth. I glanced back at my assailant as I left the cupboard, the thick cock still switching as his seed continued to leak out, all over the hardwood floor.

I ran to the bathroom to wash the hot cum from my face, pulling my soiled shirt off. I tossed it onto the bathroom floor and turned on the hot tap to wash the cum from my hands, I looked up and saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My face was covered in his cream. Thick globules dangled from my chin and jaw, my hair slick with it, my lips glistening with his glossy seed. I reached up with one hand, transfixed by my pornstar appearance, my fingers caressing my face and feeling the texture of the cum. My other hand already in my panties and my fingers gently massaging my clit. I gasped, head tilted forward as I part my legs enough to tease my pussy lips apart, I flick my clit, my other hand now inching across my face, my fingertips touching to my slick lips, my tongue tasting the first new man since I met Nick. I cried out as I came harder than I had in years, squirting onto the bathroom floor, my fingers still going as I tried to climax again and again My covered hand now on my breasts, massaging the strangers cum into my tits, pulling at my swollen nipples as I thought about that huge, throbbing dick in my cupboard. As I masturbated furiously, my fingers thrusting into my throbbing cunt, I heard my 'neighbour' moan. I could hear him orgasming as he listened to my slutty screams. I was deathly embarrassed as I realised that I forgot to shut the doors and he could hear everything, but I couldn't stop what I was doing. Instead I went harder and faster, screaming louder. I knew what I wanted, what I needed, but I couldn't admit it to myself. Not yet.

"I'm sorry, Nick." I whispered, as I left the confines of the bathroom, dripping cum as I ran on tiptoes back across the hallway to the spare room. The magnificent member was still there, spattered with cum like a badly iced cake. It's absolutely ridiculous to say, but it was love at first sight. I watched as it softened, shrinking to a size that still eclipsed most men. I wanted so badly to cheat on my loving husband. Nick was the greatest man I had ever known, but a part of me was willing to throw that all away to have this monster be mine. I crawled towards it, breathing heavily as I slid into the ocean of man milk, pressing my tits to the floorboards and lapping some of his spunk from the ground like some cum obsessed animal. A reached out my hand towards the junk now hanging lifeless from the hole. I wanted to take it into my mouth, to stroke it with my hands so that it can recover its full splendour. But I didn't want to cheat on Nick. All this shit with Drew was stupid and I had to stop. I was going to fuck up the best thing that happened to me all because I was going through some horny slut phase. But still, I couldn't bring myself to leave the wardrobe. I watched as the dick slowly withdrew, and a cap slid over the glory hole, making it from view. I was going to have to scrub this mess before Nick got home. I decided there was no need rush as I slid my hand between my legs and lowered my face to the floor.

I went for another hour that day, adding my own juices to the sperm bank that my closet had become. I eventually had to drag myself to the shower and scrub myself down with cold water to calm my outrageous libido. I slipped into an old pair of skinny jeans and a ripped, faded band shirt then tied back my hair and set to work cleaning up.

When I was done, I called my friend Suze to catch up on her weekend gossip. I wanted to tell her all about my day, describe the perfect fuck tool in as much detail as I could and have her share my awe, and it killed to know she'd never understand. We chatted about her boyfriend's upcoming birthday and planned our outfits for a concert we were going to in a few weeks. We agreed to meet up for lunch in the city on Wednesday and then I hung up, collapsing back on the bed. Suze could be a bit uptight, but talking with her always managed to calm me down. There Was still a niggling regret in the back of my mind, but I pushed it aside to go and make a quick dinner.

When Nick got home I surprised him with a beef stroganoff with wild mushrooms, and me in a little black Marjorelle Darling dress with a plunging neckline than he had bought me, with a pair of black Tony Bianco pumps.

"Is it our anniversary?" he asked nervously, putting his bag down and embracing me, his lips lightly touching mine and reigniting my fire.

"Can't a girl do something nice for her husband?"

"Oh my God. You're cheating on me, aren't you?" I glared at my man, before smiling as he laughed at his own joke. My guilty conscience had finally put in an appearance, but quickly retreated as we ate, and talked about our days.

He tried his best to make the non-creative side of advertising sound as interesting as he could, and I listened, and asked question and acted as though I wasn't bored in the least, then I lied completely about my day to make me seem like less of a whore. As we spoke, I couldn't take my eyes from his. They were the most beautiful green I'd ever seen. It was one of the first things that physically attracted me to Nick. His eyes and his full, oh so kissable lips. He was a very handsome man. He was in great shape, even if he wasn't all buff, and his hair was a sunlight golden colour. I stared at his amazing, clean shaven, jawline as he talked numbers, my eyes following the curves. His eyebrows looked professionally sculpted, but I swear he was barely aware he even had eyebrows, let alone groomed them. Staring at my husband was creating a longing, a lust, unlike anything I'd felt in a long while. Not even that mammoth cock in the wardrobe came close to what Nick did to me. I stood up and silently approached him, leading him by the hand to our bedroom, unzipping my dress as we went so that when we got to our bed, I was wearing nothing but my heels.

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