tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLaurie Meets the Neighbor

Laurie Meets the Neighbor


The continued adventures of Laurie...


She pushed the SEND button and the email was off. Attached to it were the pictures she had taken of herself in the classroom the day before.

"Yesterday..." she sighed to herself. Her thoughts drifted off to what she had done. Yes, back to what she had done. What she had those young studs do to her.

It had all started off so simple. She had set the timer and took the pictures of herself posing around her classroom, just like her online sex buddy had dared her to do. It had been such a thrill. She had been surprised at how wet and horny it had made her. She had figured that the danger of the situation would have caused her pussy to dry up but it had been a virtual flood.

And then she had gone home to the lawn boys.

She sat back in her chair, propped her feet up on the desk and sipped her coffee.

"Mmmmmmm" she said to herself as the thoughts of yesterday swirled through her mind.

Slowly, her legs began to fall apart, until her knees rested against the arms of the chair. She was wearing a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt and a pair of white panties. It was nothing fancy, surely not something she would wear on a date. This, however, was her house and her morning to do whatever she wanted.

Saturday mornings were her time for herself. In a few minutes she would take a long hot bath in the tub, but for now, the thoughts of yesterday were fresh in her mind.

Her legs opened wide and her fingers fluttered their way across her thighs. She felt herself growing moist as she remembered what had happened. She rubbed her pussy through her panties as she thought of how their cocks felt inside of her. She pulled the panties to the side and slid a finger through her juicy lips as she recalled how hot their cocks had been as she sucked on them.

She began stroking her clit as she recalled how their hot cum had splattered onto her tits.

She was close....so damn close to cumming.

"Bing Bong!" The doorbell rang, interrupting her plans.

"Damn it!" she muttered. "Who the hell is that so early in the morning?"

She went to the door and peeped through the eyehole to find her neighbor Stan standing there.

"What the hell does he want?" she asked herself as she opened the door a crack.

"Good morning neighbor!" Stan responded with a huge grin.

"What's up Stan?" she responded warily.

"Well," he began, "I was out picking up the morning paper and I noticed how nice your lawn looks today."

"Uhhh, thanks," she said, "The boys did it yesterday afternoon."

Stan rubbed his chin and said, "Yeah, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. You know, it's one thing for a sexy young school teacher living alone to have a couple of hot young boys...former students....mowing her yard." He paused and Laurie's heart stopped.

He smirked and continued, "It's a whole other deal to have that young single teacher fuck and suck those guys on her back deck. It would be a terrible shame for that to get out into the public."

He smiled at her discomfort and added, "Yeah, turns out you can hear and see all kinds of things through the gaps in the fence."

Laurie let the door open further. Her world was about to come crashing down on her.

"What....what...." she stammered, "what do you want, Stan?"

"Oh, I'll come up with something soon. For now, just step backward a little bit and take off all of your clothes."

"No! " Laurie whispered loudly

"Okay," Stan said lightly, "suit yourself." He turned to walk away.

"No, wait!" Laurie responded. "Okay. I'll do it. Just come inside and close the door."

Stan turned back and smiled. "Nope. See this way, I'm just standing here at your front door talking. No one can really see inside the door. Just two neighbors chatting. It looks so innocent. Not like you."

Laurie looked around her front door. No one was around. She had to trust him.

She took a few steps backward and pulled her shirt over her head. The bottom hem caught on her breasts and jiggled them as it pulled past her nipples. She stood there before him and the open door wearing only a pair of panties.

Stan smiled. "Go ahead. Lose the rest."

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and pushed her panties down to her knees. She pulled her thumbs out and the garment fell to the floor. She stepped out of them one foot at a time. She was standing there fully nude in front of her next door neighbor.

Stan casually rubbed the front of his shorts, where an obviously hard cock was pressing.

"Turn around slowly,' he ordered.

Laurie slowly turned, revealing her whole body to him. As she showed her backside to him, he exhaled softly, "Damnnnnnn, that's a nice ass."

Laurie finished her turn and said, "Is that enough? Can I get dressed now?"

"No, not yet." He replied, "Start touching yourself. Rub your hands all over your body."

Laurie just stared at him, not believing what was happening to her.

"Hurry up!" he said with a sharp whisper that made her jump.

She closed her eyes and began moving her hands across her breasts. "I can do this," she said to herself. "I'll just pretend I'm here alone."

She slid her hands over her breasts, across her belly, reached behind her to caress her ass. She did this for about a minute before opening her eyes to look over at him.

He grinned at her. "Is this turning you on?"

"No." she said flatly.

"Not even a little bit?" he teased. "The mere fact that you're here under my total control, totally naked and touching yourself in your open door doesn't make you a little wet?"

"Damn him," she thought as she did indeed feel a familiar feeling in her pussy.

"Not at all." She told him as her fingers lightly pinched her growing nipples.

He began whispering softly to her as she continued touching herself. He told her how he had her them in the backyard yesterday. How he had watched them through the fence. How hot it was to see her take those two young men on at the same time.

The way her told the story really got her going. She slowly slid to the floor, her body shaking as she laid down on the cold tile in the entryway.

She glanced over at him with heavy lidded eyes as he told her how he had pulled his own cock out as he had watched her sucking and fucking the lawn guys.

She slowly let her legs fall open. The effect this was having on her was obvious. Her pussy lips were puffy and swollen with arousal. She slowly ran a finger between the lips, releasing the moisture that had been building behind the walls.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned aloud as her finger slid into the hot liquid warmth of her pussy.

"That's it," he said, "just like yesterday when that hot cock slid inside of you."

Her finger began strumming away at her clit while her other hand pinched her nipple.

"Oh. Oh. Oh. I'm going to cum." She moaned huskily.

"Do it." He said calmly. "Cum hard while I stand her staring at your naked body as you play with yourself. Who knows what I'll have you doing next?"

"Mmmm, unhhhh, unhhh!" she practically screamed as the orgasm rippled through her body. She pressed her hand tightly against her clit as the tremors shook her.

Finally, she pulled her hand slowly away, her body shaking again as the pressure left her swollen and tender clit. She opened her eyes to see that Stan was smiling down at her.

"Go out to your backyard in about 15 minutes. No clothes. Meet me at the side fence. I've rigged a fence board to where it can be removed. You're going to suck my cock through that gap."

He turned and walked away. She reached over with her foot and pushed the front door closed.

"This is going to be so bad." She said aloud, but at the same time, she couldn't help but imagine what his hard cock looked like.

She gathered herself together and headed toward the backyard.

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