tagErotic CouplingsLaw 292: Dual Representation

Law 292: Dual Representation


By the time my night at the courthouse had ended, I couldn't think of anything else but the vision of sensual beauty that was currently waiting at my apartment. My mind was racing over what she was doing right now. In my mind, she had already slipped her blouse off, her bra tight against her supple breasts. She unzipped her skirt and slipped it off, leaving it by the door as she walked to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine. As she slowly sipped it, she absentmindedly let her fingers trace around her rapidly hardening nipple through the soft silk of her bra. As her nipple grew hard in my mind, I was having trouble controlling myself as the subway arrived and I hurriedly hopped on. She finished the wine and undid her bra, casually letting it slip to the floor, her firm breasts looking so perfectly tempting in my mind's eye.

I moved my briefcase to hide the raging erection that had developed as I imagined Bella lying on my couch and slipping first one finger, then two into her smooth pussy. By the time I arrived at my door, the Bella of my mind had already given herself two powerful orgasms and was lustfully finger fucking herself to a third. I then opened the door and was greeted with one of the most incredible shocks of my life. Bella was climaxing at the moment I walked in, but she wasn't doing it. She was breathing heavily as she looked over at the door, her eyes blazing with a renewed desire as she saw my swollen shaft through my slacks. Through heavy lidded eyes she looked at me and then gestured to her companion on the couch.

"I hope you don't mind Professor," she said, placing emphasis on the word "Professor", loving the air of power it gave me, and thus her as she drove me wild, "but I didn't want to leave my roommate alone tonight. Her name's Caitlin." At that, Caitlin poked her head up over the couch, a look in her eyes like the cat that ate the cream. The resemblance between the two was stunning. Her hair was the same lustrous shade, her eyes burning with the same raw passion. "She's getting her masters right now. She was feeling lonely and I felt bad, especially given where I was going tonight." At this Caitlin smiled, then looked me up and down.

"I hope you're not mad Professor."

"Not at all Caitlin. And please, call me Jared." I could barely catch my breath at the sight. Both of them were completely nude and had clearly been fooling around for quite some time before I got back. If it had been another man, I definitely would have been jealous, but this was something completely unexpected. I found myself growing more and more desirous with each passing second. I had never considered the possibility of finding this in my apartment. I licked my lips and dropped my briefcase at the door, landing on Bella's skirt and Caitlin's blouse. At this, Bella stood up, every curve accentuated by the soft lighting on in my apartment, and slowly walked toward me. A sensual walk, like a sexually charged tigress stalking her prey. She put her arms around me and kissed my passionately, her tongue plunging into my mouth, circling around mine as my hands roamed her back and squeezed her ass as I pulled her against my body.

My throbbing shaft ached to be released as it pressed against her damp pussy lips through my slacks. She started pushing my jacket off and undid my tie as Caitlin stood up and started moving toward us. I started massaging Bella's breasts as we kissed, her hands grabbing my shirt and pulling hard, buttons flying everywhere, our smoldering passion growing into a burning flame. Caitlin reached us and started kissing Bella's neck, her hand touching mine as we both worked to make Bella lose herself in the passion. Bella moaned in my mouth, sending shockwaves through me as I felt Bella's hands pull on the back of my head, pushing my mouth tight against her lips. At the same moment, I felt another pair of hands start undoing my belt and unzipping my slacks, letting them fall to the floor. Bella heard this and slipped her hands down to slip my briefs down my thighs. I ran my fingers through her hair, loving the feel of her soft, thick hair. She began to tremble as Caitlin slipped her hands up over Bella's breasts, her fingers tracing over her sensitive and erect nipples.

Bella finally managed to free my shaft from my briefs, allowing it to practically spring forward, coming to rest against Bella's thighs. Precum had already started to flow and it dripped slowly down her supple thigh. On feeling this, Bella broke from our kiss and nibbled on my ear. She softly whispered, "I think we should move to the bed so we have more room."

"Sounds good to me," I whispered back, my voice deep and raspy from arousal, "we haven't had the chance to try out a bed just yet." With that, Bella left my embrace and kissed Caitlin's neck, telling her to go to the bedroom with her. As they walked out, I could barely think straight. I quickly kicked off my shoes and socks and left my clothes there in the living room. Raw desire was practically clouding my vision, causing me to walk very slowly to the bedroom, my excitement building with each second as I wondered what I would see when I walked in. I reached the door and looked in. Bella's head was thrown back in ecstasy, her hands massaging her breasts, her legs spread wide. I saw Caitlin from behind, her head buried between Bella's thighs. From the moans coming from Bella, I could tell that Caitlin had an expert tongue and was using it to bring Bella to the brink of ecstasy. The sight of it caused me to grow even harder. As I watched them, I couldn't even stop myself from stroking myself as I watched. Precum covered my shaft making me slick and my hand move even faster. I moaned loudly as my hand moved faster, causing Bella to look over at me.

She smiled as she watched me, and then motioned me to come closer. I continued to stroke myself as I walked over to her. I looked down and saw Caitlin's tongue fluttering against her pussy lips, every so often flicking against her obviously sensitive clit. Before I even realized, Bella had grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. She then took each of my fingers, one by one, and licked and sucked every bit of precum off of them. She then leaned forward, still moaning from the sexual ministrations of Caitlin, and took my cock into her mouth. It took every bit of concentration I had not to tip over from the feel of her tongue against my shaft. Bella's moans seemed to go right into my cock and sent shudders through my body. She slowly licked and sucked on me as I looked down at her body, her innocent face bobbing up and down on my shaft, her breasts shuddering as she trembled from the feel of Caitlin's tongue.

I began to thrust forward uncontrollably, longing for an explosive release, to shoot stream after stream of hot sticky cum down her eagerly awaiting throat, to coat her flailing tongue with my juices. I was moaning loudly at this point, my eyes shut in ecstasy, unable to see Caitlin's hands massaging and caressing Bella's breasts as her tongue brought her closer and closer to climax. Finally, with one final flick of Caitlin's tongue I felt Bella's body go tense, her mouth sucking harder as her lips clamped around my shaft. Her cries of ecstasy shot through me like lightning triggering a mind blowing climax. My cock spasmed wildly in Bella's eager mouth, cum shooting out and covering her tongue as she swallowed every drop greedily.

I began to feel faint as my climax ended and my breathing was shallow. Bella and Caitlin reached out and helped me lie down on the bed between them. The bed was small for three and our bodies were pressed together, our flesh hot and sticky from a mix of sex and sweat. Bella rolled over and kissed me on the ear.

"So you really don't mind that I invited her baby?" She smiled that wickedly sensual smile that I had grown to love because she already knew the answer.

"I'll only mind if we're done for the night."

"Oh, I don't think we are. Caitlin hasn't gotten to climax with the three of us yet and that just wouldn't be fair if you ask me."

"Well, we should be all about fairness. I'm not sure if I'm ready for it yet though. You took a lot out of me."

"Mmmmm, well we'll take care of that Jared." With that, she looked over at Caitlin who smiled back at her.

"Yeah, we'll take care of that. Bella already had an idea about what to do in this situation." With that, Caitlin leaned over me toward Bella, her body pressing against mine and they began to kiss. Bella leaned up until they were kissing on top of me, their tongues intertwined as their hands explored each other's bodies. I could barely believe what I was seeing. Bella's hands then moved up to lightly pinch Caitlin's nipples with one hand while she pulled her tight with the other. Caitlin's hand moved down to squeeze Bella's ass, caressing her firm and supple curves. Suddenly, Bella tore herself away from that passionate kiss and moved her head down to Caitlin's firm breasts, slowly and softly sucking on her hard erect nipples; first one, then the other. All the while, her other hand moved down to her silky smooth pussy lips to tease Caitlin beyond control. Her painted nails lightly caressed her pussy lips, slowly moving up and down. Her fingers became coated in Caitlin's juices as she softly nibbled on her sensitive nipples.

Caitlin began to moan softly, the sound making my heart race as I looked down at Bella lapping greedily at those satin smooth pussy lips. She then slipped her tongue deeper and pressed her lips against Caitlin's swollen clit. The sudden sensation made Caitlin go wild and start massaging and groping her breasts. The sight caused my cock to begin to stir and grow, swelling slightly as I watched the intense Sapphic scene in front of me. Bella started licking faster and faster, flicking her tongue against Caitlin's clit, causing to moan louder and louder, practically screaming. Caitlin's juices began to cover Bella's lips, mixing with what was left of my cum still in her mouth. I licked my lips at the sight and moved a hand up to start groping Caitlin's breasts. My fingers ran over her sensitive nipples as I massaged the firm supple flesh of her chest. The stimulation caused Caitlin to practically shake with arousal as Bella took Caitlin's clit between her lips and sucked long and hard. At this, Caitlin entire body shuddered, her hand grabbing mine; pressing it down hard against her chest as she pushed Bella's face tight against her pussy lips. Her climax almost seemed to tear through her body, practically possessing her for a few moments until she finally opened her eyes and looked down at both of us.

"Mmmmm, that was great. Did it work to get Jared ready though?" She looked at my cock that had grown hard and erect from the sight of the two of them together. Bella looked at my swollen shaft and then into Caitlin's eyes.

"I think so, but we should check to make sure." With that, Bella looked at me, the burning desire in her eyes betraying her intentions. She pulled Caitlin down until they were both at approximately eye level with my groin. They both stared intently at my shaft for a moment before Bella spoke again. "I want to kiss you again.' She then pulled Caitlin toward her awaiting lips and my pulsing shaft. Bella's tongue began to snake up and down my shaft as Caitlin swirled her tongue around Bella's. They both dragged their lips up and down my shaft, causing a near sensory overload in my cock. Their tongues moved up and down my shaft, teasing the pulsing vein that runs my entire length. I could feel Bella's tongue slipping back and forth over my head, tasting every drop of precum as it dripped out of me. I then looked down just as Caitlin slipped the head of my cock between her lips as Bella softly stroked me.

The combination made my arousal grow even more insistent as Caitlin's lips became covered with my sticky juices. The sensation made me moan with pleasure, nearly making me throw my head back and close my eyes, but willing myself to keep watching this display. Bella saw my glistening juices on Caitlin's lips and pulled her away from my throbbing cock. She then pulled Caitlin close and kissed her deeply, running her tongue over Caitlin's lips, tasting the sweet saltiness of my juices on her. Caitlin grew ever more insistent and nibbled lightly on Bella's lips. Bella looked down and saw the head of my cock pulsing, precum dripping down the full length of my shaft. She looked up at my face and licked her lips. My breathing was labored at this point and my logic was cloudy, but I knew what she wanted. Bella looked back at Caitlin and whispered, "I have got to have that inside me right now." I looked at the both of them and knew I didn't want that to end but I absolutely had to fuck Bella at that point.

"How about I take you from behind Bella? I want to fuck you while you lick Caitlin to another climax." At that, Caitlin looked up at me with a smile that mixed elation and fiery desire.

"Now I see why you like this guy so much." Caitlin quickly got up as I grabbed Bella and kissed her passionately, loving the mixture of me and Caitlin on her tongue, causing a small shudder to shoot through my body. My tongue swirled around hers, taking in every last sensation before I reluctantly pulled away and turned her around. I loved the look of her supple ass as I guided her down, leaving her bare smooth pussy exposed to me. She leaned down more to ease her lips closer to Caitlin's eagerly awaiting pussy lips. She extended her tongue to trace along her lips as I eased the head of my cock closer to her entrance. I traced the head of my cock up and down, smearing precum all over her pussy lips. Bella tried to push back to get more of my cock inside her, but I wanted to tease and tempt her as much as she and Caitlin had done to me. I reached out and squeezed her ass and pushed her down slightly, forcing her face closer to Caitlin, her lips grazing against her clit. I heard Caitlin moan slightly as I watched her bite her lower lip and massage her breasts. I flicked the head of my cock against Bella's clit causing her body to shake. "Do you want my cock in you Bella?"

"Oh, fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you can." I lost control after hearing her talk so dirty to me and plunged my shaft as deep as it would go into her tight wet pussy. She enveloped my shaft completely as I slowly dragged my cock in and out of her. As my full length entered her, I ground my groin against her clit. The force caused her to moan and pushed her tongue into Caitlin's pussy. Bella drank up Caitlin's juices as I began to move faster and deeper. I leaned forward and pressed my chest against Bella's back and slid my hands around her body. I groped and massaged her full, silky smooth breasts, luxuriating in the feel of her rock hard nipples against the palms of my hands. I could hear Bella moaning as she pressed her lips against Caitlin's soaking wet pussy, only able to imagine the passionate sensations shooting through her nude writhing body at this moment. Our communal moans filled the room and echoed off the walls, surely waking anyone else in the building as our bodies began to move in a singular rhythm, the thrusts of my fucking matching the fluttering motions of Bella's tongue on Caitlin's pussy. My cock began to swell and pulse as I heard Caitlin's moans grow in volume and intensity. Having experienced the expert ministrations of Bella's tongue personally, I knew Caitlin was close.

I slid one of my hands back across Bella's body and began to tease her clit with my fingers, my hand getting sandwiched between our bodies as I pounded into her harder and deeper as my other hand continued to massage and grope her breasts. Bella's lips pressed hard against Caitlin's clit making her body shake, Bella's moans vibrating through her pussy until Caitlin's body tensed, her eyelids fluttering and her eyes rolling back into her head. I could feel Bella's pussy begin to clutch at my shaft as I continued fucking her, my finger flicking back and forth over her sensitive clit. Finally, with one powerful thrust her pussy practically exploded, tightening around my shaft as I continued to fuck her madly. At this point all conscious thought had disappeared and I continued to pound madly into her on pure animal instinct. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls as Bella's climax continued to shoot pleasurable sensations through my body. Finally, almost without notice, my shaft exploded, cum shooting out in wave after wave, my juices mixing with hers deep inside her tight little pussy. Our mixed juices started to drip out and down her thigh as cum continued to pour out of my throbbing shaft.

Finally, with a long deep breath my climax subsided with Bella's, all three of our bodies spent from the sexual exertion we had just concluded. We collapsed on the bed in a heap, our faces lit with smiles of exhaustion and pure satisfaction. I hugged Caitlin in appreciation for the amazing pleasure we had all just experienced and then turned to Bella and kissed her passionately and tenderly. As our lips parted, Bella looked at me and smiled.

"So you really didn't mind my inviting her?"

"Not at all." I then turned and looked at Caitlin again. "And if you ever want to transfer into the law school, let me know. I'm sure you'll get a stellar recommendation from me."

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