tagNonHumanLaying Her Clutch

Laying Her Clutch


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


The Twelve Kinks of Christmas

Egg Laying (Oviposition)

"Oh, Ropes..."

Chemical chuckled as the cougar nuzzled up her breasts, a predatory gleam in her eye. The demon cougar's white eyes glowed faintly as he licked his lips, tongue curling over fangs that she knew, from past liaisons, felt absolutely divine sinking past the dragon's green and black scales. The green scales, a startling, toxic green, stretched all the way down her front from the underside of her jaw, claws, horns and the tips of her wings capped with hot pink, which stood out in stark contrast. Her name was apt for her form as she appeared, indeed, to be something unnatural - something 'chemical'.

She groaned, shifting up onto her knees as the mattress creaked beneath her. Yet the four-post bed had seen worse - far worse - and the dragoness had no fears that it would not hold their combined weight, even with her stomach. Her belly swelled, full of eggs that he had put there while his mate had been busy elsewhere, her young ready to be born. With unusual tenderness, the dragoness caressed her bump, sliding her paw over each egg in turn as she tried to imagine which would contain her dragonet. For only one egg out of all she had to lay would contain a dragonet, curled up and waiting on the world to welcome it. Traditionally, the remainder of the eggs would become the hatchling's first meal, containing nothing but sustenance for the hungry little one.

Ropes' four tentacles, evidence of his demonic heritage, curled and uncurled gently in the air, one snaking around to kiss her cheek lightly, a fleeting touch. His cock barbed like a traditional feline's shaft, eased over her scales as he lifted her up, his intentions and mind on one thing and one thing alone. Chemical hissed, rolling her head back as the cougar nibbled down her neck, avoiding her mess of green hair tumbling down from between her horns.

"What will Fyr think of you here with me?" Chemical murmured, arching up as the cougar positioned himself behind her, her legs bent in a deep squat. "She'll wonder where you are again, Ropes... Her husband out without her, doing all manner of things that she doesn't know about..."

The cougar laughed, cock rubbing across the dragoness' pussy lips, flushed with blood and gleaming with evidence of her own arousal. She arched, pushing her rump back and down, allowing him inside her as he slid deeper and deeper, easing into her tight passage with barely any friction.

"She may already know," he growled, hips driving up as he knelt, thrusting into the squatting dragoness. "She sees me gone... I think she even likes it."

He laughed, throwing his head back, both paws on Chemical's round stomach, evidence of his virility and strength.

"Maybe she's got her fingers buried in her cunt right now, just thinking and lusting after what I'm out here doing. We'll never know, will we?"

He purred, nuzzling the back of her neck as he thrust, grinding in deep so that the tip of his cock brushed her cervix. And, as he touched the barrier, something moved. Chemical stiffened, drawing in a breath that did nothing to alleviate the pressure in her lungs as her stomach churned. What was happening? Was it time already? Her tail slapped Ropes' side, suddenly frantic as her body told her that it was too soon time to lay what he had seeded in her belly. The cougar chuffed in her ear, thrusting gently as his barbs raked through her sex every time he drew out, tail and tentacles lashing the air madly.

"Ah..." Chemical rolled her head, eyes suddenly wide. "Ah - Ropes!"

The cougar grinned, baring his teeth.

"Let them come!"

She shuddered.

"But you're here - inside me!"

She squirmed, striving to get free, but the cougar latched on to her, teeth digging lightly into her neck to hold her in place. The dragoness' chest heaved, bright pink nipples bobbing with every harried breath as her eyes bulged, eggs readjusting themselves in her womb as her body prepared them for hatching.

"You're not going anywhere," he growled, fingers caressing her stomach - soon to be nothing but smooth, sleek scales again. "You're staying right here until each and every one of those eggs is out of your womb and in your nest."

She had little choice in the matter, too focused on the changes in her body. Sweat trickled down her scales, making them gleam in the dim light of her boudoir as she huffed and pushed, struggling to bring new life into her world. Being a dragoness, she did not have to face the lengthy labour times of most mammalian furries, for which she finally found lease to be thankful for. Although there was too much churning and rocking in her stomach for her to tell what was happening in the depths of her room, she knew her muscles were working to position the first egg at her cervix, the barrier softening as it prepared her draconian body to allow it passage.

Chemical groaned and arched, torn between conflicting pleasure from her lover and the need to push, to force her eggs out. It could not have been called pain for her, but merely was uncomfortable, instinct taking over as she ground that first egg through her cervix, the narrow point first, as Ropes' cock nestled fully within her twitching cunt.

"I feel the first," he said, lapping across the back of his neck where his teeth had pierced through her scales. "He's coming. This is your dragonet. This is your egg. This is your next generation."

Chemical shook her head, eyes closed. Hair stuck to the back of her neck where sweat pooled between her shoulder blades, a glistening trickle on her skin.

"How do you - ah! - know it'll be a male?" She panted, back arching at a vicious angle. "It could be a dragoness."

Ropes licked up the side of her neck, pale eyes flickering with humour.

"Some things I simply know."

Chemical shuddered and snorted, smoke trailing from both nostrils, as her body pushed, forcing that egg down against Ropes' cock. Whether he wanted to stay inside her or not, her body demanded that he make room for her and the cougar reluctantly slipped back, cock withdrawing as her muscles guided the precious egg out into the light of the world and day.

She rolled her head, horns clipping beneath his chin, and gasped as Ropes pulled fully from her sex, allowing the egg to pass her lips, stretching them wider and wider and wider - and then dropping the egg safely to the bed. Large and heavy, the purple surface was speckled with gold flecks, but already her body was churning, muscles working to push out yet another, forcing its way past that fragile barrier of her softened cervix. There was no way Ropes could push back in - not by that entrance, at least.

"I see you're occupied there, lover," he purred, "but thankfully there is another hole I may take pleasure from while I help you lay."

Chemical didn't have time to react as the cougar's slick cock rose to her tail hole, pushing the tip in as her other muscles tensed, leaving the crude entrance illicitly relaxed. She hissed and arched back, shuddering as the sudden penetration made an egg shoot down her passage with barely any resistance, pushing open her lips and dropping securely to the bed with the first. Her pussy would tighten again, she knew, but she was thankful in the moment for the assistance in laying her clutch. It would have been a trial indeed if her body was not so inclined to help her. She groaned, the next egg pushing past her cervix. Or if she didn't have a cougar cock buried under her tail to encourage the eggs out with the subtle shift and grind of his hips.

Egg laying, however, had always been known to have one very special effect on dragoness'. Chemical twisted and gasped as fire tingled beneath her scales, body heating up as Ropes growled dominantly, thrusting harder and faster beneath her tail, the edge of pain from his crude penetration sharpening her pleasure. As two eggs, one following the other in swift succession, pushed their way out of her body, she roared out a climax, tail thrashing and slamming into the cougar's side. He shuddered away from the blow, snarling as he latched his teeth into her shoulder, holding her still as her body jerked, out of her control, caught in the throes of orgasm.

One by one, her eggs dropped into the world through the pinnacle her erotic high and she crooned breathlessly, nestling the heaviest and largest - that very first egg - in the midst of the clutch, pushing and scooping them together with her hind paws. Instinct took over - she could not have said that she would have known what to do if instinct had not been on her side that evening - and she hissed motherly, hunching over the eggs as the cougar thrust, filling her tail hole with a throaty, feline groan. Seed oozed out around his shaft as she panted, dripping onto the eggs nestled below them as if to christen them for their arrival into the world.

Easing from her rump as she crooned over her eggs, Chemical shot him a wild grin, teeth flashing as twilight settled over her home, little to no natural light twinkling through the drapes. He let his still-hard cock slid over her backside, only to prod her sore sex, the tip nuzzling between her lips. Chemical parted her lips in a needy groan that she had not known she'd had in her, tail winding about his waist, desire as clear as the full moon rising in the sky outside.

The cougar laughed, baring his teeth as the dragoness, once again, took another dragon's mate in her pussy without her say-so. Tentacles snaking around her breasts, Ropes squeezed and massaged them as he drove in deep, claiming her as her dragonet twisted about within his egg beneath their coupling, eager to make his way in the world.

"Time to make another clutch!"

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