Le Club Ch. 04


When breakfast was finished Lise helped Sis clear the dishes. I followed Bud out to the sunroom. He seemed a little antsy as he checked the temperature and chemicals in the hot tub. Finally, he turned to me, “When are you going to see if Denise is home?”

“Let me see if Lise is finished helping Sis in the kitchen.” They were sitting at the table, chatting and sipping coffee. “Bud is anxious to meet Denise.”

Lise stood up, “Leo and Denise should be up by now. Let’s go see if they want to come out and meet everyone.”

Sis gave Lise a bemused look, “I’ll put your cup away.”

Lise and I went out to the motor home. “So Bud is anxious to meet Denise?”

“That’s what he says.”

“Well, let’s not keep him waiting. I think she should wear a nice pants suit. Don’t you?”

“What’s Leo going to wear?” We undressed as we talked.

“I think a pair of gray slacks, a pale blue striped shirt and a blue blazer would be nice.”

“Is he going to wear a necktie?”

“No. I think that would be too European, at the moment.”

“You’re probably right. I think Denise will wear the dove colored pant suit.” I took the pant suit out of the closet and laid it on the bed. “It’s amazing the amount of closet space in this motor home.”

“Almost as much as in our Liselotte and Dennis flat in London.”

“Seems so.” I took out an auburn shoulder length wig. I’d let my hair grow out long several times over the past few years and my auburn hair had been cut and incorporated into several handmade human hair wigs. I was standing naked in front of the closet. “Which blouse?”

Lise, who was also naked, came up behind me. She reached over me and picked up a blouse on a hanger. As she raised her arm, I turned and buried my face in her hairy armpit. I sniffed and licked. “Lise dropped her arm, “That tickles, Denny.”

“I know. You smell and taste so good.”

“I like this pale pastel green blouse. It sets off your eyes and makes them look almost emerald.”

“O.K.” I put a towel on the bench and sat down at the dressing table. I polished my nails with a clear polish. After buffing them, I picked out some jewelry - small pearl earrings and a single strand pearl necklace. I began to do my eyelashes when Lise kneeled behind me.

“You’re lucky you have such long lashes. Some women would kill to have them.” She reached around and put her hand on my cock. “Turn around.” I turned sideways on the bench. She lifted the cockhead to her lips and kissed it. “I love sucking you, Denny.” I watched in the mirror as Lise closed her lips over the cockhead.

“Uh, this is nice. Lise, but I don’t think Denise will look very ladylike if she steps out of the motor home with a big hard-on bulging the front of her pantsuit.”

Lise looked up at me and laughed, “You’re right. Besides Leo has got to lay his clothes out and get dressed too.” She squeezed my cock. “Maybe Sis or I will finish this tonight.”

I finished putting on makeup - eye liner and eye shadow, a foundation to blend and soften my freckles and, finally, lip gloss. I took a suspender belt and a pair of sheer silk stockings from the lingerie drawer. After fastening the suspender belt around my waist and putting on and fastening the stockings, I slipped a silk chemise over my head.

Lise watched as I put the earrings in and fastened the necklace around my neck. I adjusted and settled the wig on my head. Lise laughed, “You look like you’re getting ready for kink night at the club. Don’t forget your panties.”

I looked at my reflection in the mirror and laughed, “I’m going for the effect. Wait until I put on my five inch heels and get my riding crop.” My smooth shaved cock and ball sac were framed and set off by the suspender belt and straps. I looked at Lise. She was wearing just a pair of gray and white striped boxer shorts. I put on a pair of demure white satin panties as Lise pulled a t-shirt over her head.

We finished dressing in silence. I slipped on the blouse and tied the bow at the neck. Then the trousers and a pair of hand made shoes. A pair of small bracelets on my right wrist, a wristwatch and some rings completed the outfit. I checked my makeup and wig as Lise/Leo slipped a pair of tassel loafers onto her/his feet. I put on the jacket and Leo slipped into his blazer.

We stepped out of the motor home and walked to the front door of the house. Bud opened the front door after we rang the door bell. We stepped into the front hall as Bud and Sis stared at us.

“Denny, er, Denise, you’re beautiful.”

Bud harrumphed, “I’d say Denise is a handsome, fine looking woman.”

Sis looked at Lise, “Leo is handsome too.”

Sis was dressed in a nicely cut and tailored pantsuit. Bud was wearing slacks and a sport shirt. “Let me get my jacket. We thought we would show you the sights around town and maybe stop for lunch downtown.. If that’s o.k.?”

Lise/Leo laughed, “Showing of the relatives, huh?”

Sis squeezed Leo’s hand, “Denise is a distant cousin who has been living and working in Europe. She and her husband are visiting during an extended tour of the States.”

“Got it.” Lise winked at me as we followed them out the front door.

The town had spread out and had grown into a small city over the years but the downtown looked just like it did when I was in high school. It still had the local family businesses, the drug store, variety store and cafes. One thing about Main Street was that it had always had shade trees and benches along it. I commented that I was amazed the small businesses had hung in so well. Bud commented that a lot of the old farm families and others were still in the area and they had a strong loyalty to their friends who owned and operated family businesses.

We had lunch at one of the cafes. Sis took delight in introducing us to people whom I had known for years. We received numerous invitations to the service club dinner and dance. When we returned home, Leo took off his jacket and kicked off his shoes. Lise and Bud popped a couple of beers. I wanted to change into something more comfortable. Sis followed me to the motor home.

She watched as I took off the wig and undressed. I still had on my makeup and jewelry but I had stripped down to the panties and suspender belt. Sis asked if I really wanted to go to the dinner and dance as Denise. “Sure, we’ve been invited and, besides, it’ll be fun. Leo and Denise haven’t danced since they left New York on vacation.”

“What is Denise planning to wear?”

I got out a nice mid-calf length skirt and a blouse with full sleeves.

“It’s beautiful, Denny. I love the silk blouse.”

“We’re about the same size, Sis. Why don’t you try it on.”

“May I? Oh, really.” Sis quickly undressed down to her panties and bra. I handed her a suspender belt and a pair of silk panties.

“Put these on.”

Sis stepped out of her plain Jane panties and fastened the suspender belt around her waist. I unhooked her bra. Sis let the straps slide down her arms then she dropped the bra on the pile of her other clothes. She stood still as I looked at her. “You’re a beautiful woman, Sis/” She blushed. “Cup your breasts for me.”

Sis blushed some more as she placed a hand under each of her breasts. “Beautiful. May I?” I leaned forward. Sis lifted her breasts to my lips so I could kiss and suck each nipple. I straightened up and we kissed. We explored each other’s mouths with our tongues. Her breasts flattened against my chest. I ran a hand down Sis’ back to her firm butt. She slipped a hand in my panties.

We broke the kiss. Sis’ face was flushed. I was getting a hard-on. “I’d better try on those clothes. Bud and Lise are probably wondering where we are.” She stepped back and, balancing on one foot at a time, she slipped on the silk panties. “Oh, Denny. these are so nice.”

I took off my jewelry and removed the makeup while Sis tried on the blouse. She looked in the mirror. “It fits perfectly and the silk feels so good against my skin.” The fabric was sheer enough that Sis’ dark areola and nipples shown through. “Oh, Denny, I just love your, er, Denise’s clothes.”

“There my clothes, Sis. Remember, I’m a cross dresser.” I stepped out of my panties and unfastened the suspender belt. “I’ll bet we can find an outfit for you to wear to the dinner dance, Sis.”

“Do you think so? It will have to be a pantsuit.”


Sis slipped off the panties and unfastened the suspender belt. She rubbed her hand across her belly. “Look at these hairy legs. I couldn’t wear a skirt or dress.”

“Let’s shave them and your armpits and trim your pussy patch.”

“Uh, what about Bud?”

“What about him?”

“He likes me with hair.”

“He’ll love you with shaved legs and soft skin.”

Sis smiled, “O.K. Let’s do it!”

We hugged and pressed our naked bodies together. We kissed and touched each other more as lovers rather than as sister and brother.

Sis put her pant suit trousers and blouse back on. She folded her panties and bra into the jacket. I put on shorts and a t-shirt. I gather up a nice bath gel and my shaving supplies.

As we walked into the front hall of the house, it was quiet except for some heavy panting coming from the master bedroom. The door was wide open. Sis and I peeked in. Men’s clothing was scattered all over. Bud and Lise had undressed in a hurry. Lise was on the bottom. Her long legs were wrapped around Bud’s back. They bounced together as Bud drove his ass down and fucked her hard.

As we watched, they rolled over so Lise was on top. She ended up on her knees. Bud’s cock was wet and shiny and slick with her pussy juices. As Lise rode him, it almost flashed as it disappeared and reappeared in the thick tangle of dark hair covering her pussy and ass crack.

Sis smiled at me and gently pulled the door closed.

We went to the other bedroom and undressed together. Sis laughed, “I guess we needn’t be too concerned about Lise and Bud wondering what was keeping us.” Her nipples were hard.

I began to draw a bath. After adjusting the water temperature and adding the gel, I looked at Sis, “Get in and soak.” She stepped into the tub and settled into the foam.

When the water level was over her legs, I turned it off. Sis smiled up at me. “There’s room for two. Get in with me.” I got in behind her. Sis leaned forward as I kneeled behind her back. She leaned back so my cock pressed against her skin. I put my arms around and found her breasts with my hands. She looked up at me, “That’s nice.”

We soaked in silence. Sis stirred. “Let me get up on my knees.” She kneeled and I moved close to her as she leaned back against my chest. My semi-erect cock slipped into the cleft between her ass cheeks. “That’s nice, but let’s straighten our legs so we’re sitting.” We moved around and straightened our legs. I leaned against the back of the tub. Sis was sitting on my lap and my cock was buried deep between her ass cheeks.

She shifted her position a little and she used her toes to turn on the water. After the water was shut off again, She leaned back against my chest. “Hold my breasts like you did before.” I cupped a full breast in each hand. “I can feel your hard cock between my legs and pressing against my pussy. It feels very nice.” She leaned back so our faces were side by side.

“This is nice, Sis, but if we’re going to shave you, we’d better get started.

She raised her arms, “I’m ready.”

“Let’s drain the tub and rinse of the bath gel.” Sis used her toes to flip the drain lever. After the water drained, we helped each other to our feet. I pulled the shower curtain closed and Sis turned on the shower. We rinsed off the foam. “I’ll get my shaving gear. Is there a pair of scissors handy?”

“I cut Bud’s hair. There’s barber scissors and everything in the bottom drawer of the vanity.”

I got the scissors and returned to the shower. I licked and nuzzled my nose in Sis’ furry armpits before trimming the hair as short as possible. We used a washcloth to wet the stubble and shaving gel and a new blade to shave each armpit smooth.

I started at the top of each thigh, applied shaving gel and worked my way down each of Sis’ legs. Her leg hair was soft and fine and lighter colored than the red hair which covered her pussy. Sis sat on the edge of the tub so I could comfortably do her inner thighs. As I shaved the inside of her thighs, I couldn’t resist rubbing my cheek against her pussy and occasionally licking and kissing it.

Sis stood and rinsed under the shower. “Now for the ‘piece de resistance’.”


“Your pussy. Time to tame it and trim your pubic patch.” Sis placed her feet apart as I combed the tangles out of her curly pussy hair. I used the scissors to carefully clip along the crease between her pussy and her thigh. “Any particular shape you want?”


“Sure. How about a heart? I can trim you into any shape you desire.”

“Bud will be shocked by the fact my pussy is trimmed and my legs and pits are shaved. Trim it straight across. At least, he’ll think that’s workman like.”

I trimmed it straight across and then used the razor to closely shave the edges along the crease and across the top. I also shaved off a thin line of red down that extended from her belly button to the top of her pubic thatch. “Turn around and bend over.”

Sis did as I requested. I spread her ass cheeks. “We ought to shave the hair coming back from your pussy and ringing your little rosebud.” She inhaled as I pressed a fingertip against her pucker.

She bent forward and looked between her legs. “Let’s leave some untouched hair for Bud.”

My cock started to rise as I pictured Bud’s big cock stretching and penetrating my sister’s tight little butt hole. ‘Hell, I’d like to penetrate her and push my cock up her ass,’ I thought. Sis straightened up and turned around. I used the comb to remove the last of the clippings after I rinsed off the shaving gel and patted her dry. “All finished.”

Sis stepped out of the tub and stood in front of the mirror. She raised her arms and turned around. “It seems strange not to see any hair under my arms. She lowered her arms and stroked her thighs, “but I like it.”

“Sit down.” I indicated a low padded stool next to the vanity. Sis sat. I knelt in front of her and pushed her knees apart. “I see a few wild hairs.” After clipping them, I pressed my face against her pussy. After licking her one time, I spread her outer lips and gave her a long lick. My sister was juicy and tasty. Sis sighed and placed a foot up on my back.

After working my way to her soft inner lips, I stopped a moment and looked up as Sis wet a fingertip and began to run it around a nipple. I resumed my licking, sucking and kissing as I searched for her clit. She touched my head. I looked up. “Denny, you eat my pussy so good.”

“I smiled, “Don’t interrupt me while I’m eating.”

She laughed as she took her foot off my back and spread her legs wide. She put her hands on either side of her pussy and spread her lips. “Bon Appetite.”

I was trying to tongue fuck her and rub her clit with my nose when I felt, rather than heard, the bathroom door open. I turned and looked up. Bud was standing in the door. “Making a snack of snatch, Denny?” He stepped into the room. Lise was behind him.

Bud’s semi-hard cock was slick with his cum and Lise’ pussy juices and secretions. I thought, ‘I’d like to make a snack of that.’ Sis had the same thought. She gestured to Bud and he stepped closer to her. She lifted his cock and opened her mouth. I watched her throat muscles work and her cheeks suck in as she tried to swallow her big brother’s fresh fucked cock. I buried my face in my sister’s pussy. She got juicier and tastier as she got more turned on by blowing her big brother.

Lise kneeled behind me. He hand snaked between my legs. She pressed her thumb against my butthole as she fondled my balls. She put her face next to mine, “I’ll take over here if you’d like.” I turned my face and we kissed.

“Sure. How’d you like to be eaten out?”

“I’d love it, Denny.”

I looked at Bud and Sis. He held Sis’ head as he fucked her face. Sis was moaning softly as the thick cock pumped in and out of her mouth. Saliva dripped off her chin. I turned around and sat down then slid down on my back. Lise straddled my head and shoulders. I watched Lise lick Sis’ pussy then she lowered her hairy pussy and covered my face.

Her thick curly hair was sticky. She smelled hot and musky. Cum was seeping out of her slit. I raised my face and began to devour the cream pie that Lise and Bud had cooked up.

My snack was interrupted as Lise shifted her position. I looked up as she grasped Bud’s cock and guided it into her mouth. Bud groaned as Lise’ lips slid down to the base of his cock shaft. Sis got down beside me. I put out a hand and touched her smooth thigh. I resumed licking and sucking the cream filling out of Lise’ hair pie as Sis pushed my hard cock deep into her mouth.

Bud pulled his cock out of Lise’ mouth. He stooped and grasped Sis’ shoulders as he pulled her to her feet. Lise swung her leg over me as she pulled her pussy away from my face. Bud bent Sis over in front of the vanity. She steadied herself with her arms as Bud got behind her. He stuck a finger in her pussy then he lined up his cock .

Sis squealed, “Oh, yesss! Gawd yes!!” as Bud’s long thick hard cock drove into her cunt. Her tits jerked and bounced as Bud fucked her hard. He was grunting and panting and Sis was squealing and babbling as they began to cum together. Bud must have blasted two or three wads deep into Sis’ cunt when he jerked his cock out.

Lise jumped to her feet. Bud shot a wad onto Sis’ ass then Lise grabbed his cock and fastened her lips around the cockhead.. She gulped as fast as she could but Bud’s cum was leaking out through her lips as Bud shouted, “Oh, shit! Fuck and suck! Suck and fuck!”

I got to my feet. I wiped the cum off Sis’ butt. She and I licked my finger clean. We hugged and kissed and groped each other as Lise cleaned Bud’s cock. Bud helped her to her feet. We all looked at each other with sort of sheepish looks and self-conscious grins. Then we trooped through the house and across the patio to the hot tub.

It was just after dark and I was sort of surprised that Bud and Sis didn’t even hesitate to walk across the patio in the buff. Once we were settled in the warm water, Sis looked at Bud, “That was nice. You really lasted a long time, Buddy.”

Bud grinned, “I’m learning.”

“Well, it was a nice fuck and I want more.” Bud blushed.

We soaked for another twenty minutes or so then went back inside the house. We ate a light snack then called it a day.

The day of the service club dinner and dance was busy. Sis spent the morning getting her hair done. Lise helped me touch up places that need to be shaved totally smooth. She gave me a pedicure and I did my fingernails. We used a clear polish and buffed them to a nice sheen.

Sis had picked out a nice suit and blouse from Denise’s collection. She and Bud wanted to watch Lise and I change from Lise and Dennis to Leo and Denise so we all got dressed in the same room. Lise and I stripped naked. Sis followed suit. Bud stripped to his boxer shorts. Lise helped me dust myself with a nice powder. We did the same for Sis. Sis opened a shopping bag and removed a suspender belt, a beautiful lavender bra and panty set ,and pair of expensive silk stockings. She grinned, “I hope Denise approves of these.”

They’re beautiful, Sis.” I took the panties in my hand and rubbed them on my cheek. “They’re really beautiful, Sis. Denise is envious.” Sis’ blush was also beautiful.

Lise handed me a small pouch with two flat straps and a round cord. Bud asked, “What’s that?”

“It’s like a g-string except it’s sort of a retainer. To hold my dick and nuts in place.” I fastened the ends of the straps together around my waist then positioned the pouch in front of my crotch. Lise kneeled behind me. I spread my feet apart. She reached between my legs with one hand pulled my cock down and back between my legs. With her other hand she pulled the cord between my legs so the pouch held my cock in place. She clipped the cord to the back of the straps..

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