Leaking Love


What neither of us realize is that slowly her panties are shifting to the left. With each forward thrust her panties move a centimeter, and with each down thrust they move back only half a centimeter. Her panties are loose, and her pussy is shaved and soaked all the way through with my slick precum, so neither of us notices what is happening.

Then it happens. The edge of her slick panties lines up along the lips of her vagina as I pull back. I thrust forward slowly, but I feel warm pressure this time. I look down just in time to see the lips of her vagina envelope the head of my penis as I penetrate her. I continue to slide forward, my precum aiding me in sliding inside her. I look up at her face, her eyes are closed and her mouth is making an "Oh" shape. Eventually I bury myself in her, her pussy is so hot and wet. I pump once, and she pants. I pump again, and she coos with pleasure. I begin to pump in and out of her pussy steadily, and she pants as more sweat trickles down her red face. I am fucking my mother.

She lets go of her breast and grabs on to her inner thighs along side my pounding cock. I let go of her breast and hold onto the bed board as I pump faster. Her huge breasts bounce back and forth as her pussy sucks my cock. The room is filed with the sound of my mother moaning and panting, and the slapping sound of my thrusting. I pull back, and thrust all the way in. I hit the back of her vagina, and can feel a small pea size hole. I pump again, and I feel it still there. I am getting close now. I pump twice more, this will be it. I don't know if my mother stayed on the pill after dad left or not, but it's too late. I thrust as deep as I can, forcing the tip of my penis into that little hole. I inject my sperm into my mother's unprotected womb, and she screams. I hold my self there, forcing more cum into her womb before the pressure pushes me back. I continue to cum into her vagina as it contracts from her climax, slowly drawing out as I fill her with cum. Then my head pops out, and a rope of cum streams out of my penis and creams my mother's left breast. My cum spews out of her pussy and forms a large puddle on the bed beneath me. Slowly the ropes of cum become less and less, until I stop, but not before I have covered my mom's chest with a layer of thick sticky cum.

"AHHH, I CAN FEEL IT IN MY WOMB! IT'S NOT COMING OUT. ITS STAYING IN!" she yells. She holds her stomach just above her vagina and bites her lip, still orgasming. I fall to her side, and start to slowly nibble and suck on her nipple while she comes down.

After a few minutes she comes down, and then holds my head as I suck her nipple.

"I love you so much sweaty," she says softly into my ear.

"I know mom," I say after I let go of her nipple.

"Get out so mommy can clean up, okay honey?" she asks.

"Sure mom," I say as I get up.

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