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Leap Day


A little over four years ago my wife, Lisa, was the object of attention of a client at work who seemed infatuated with her. He had flirted with her a few times and, in no uncertain terms, let her know he would be interested in seeing her if she was interested. He was a gentleman and not obnoxious or threatening but certainly not timid. Lisa and I had talked about it and explored how best to handle it. While any woman enjoys feeling admired and being the object of attention, she had no interest in jeopardizing our relationship and, while handsome and charming, wouldn't have been interested in a man his age even if she was single.

Lisa was 27at the time. She is a long haired brunet with a 36B-26-27 measurements, beautiful skin and a warm girl-next-door look. She was a rising professional in account management with a reputation for being very professional but also friendly.

Needless to say, I could understand how someone could find her very attractive. She had always had plenty of suitors in high school and college and had a fair amount of experience handling relationships. But Randy's charm had got to her a little. She didn't want to hurt his feelings. She did find him attractive and pleasant but wasn't interested in a romantic or sexual relationship.

I quizzed her on how he made her feel and teased her on how she was certainly the object of his fantasies and since he didn't know her very well; his interest was obviously physical and not emotional. While Lisa loves sex, she has always thought of sex in terms of complementing an emotional relationship. She had never been one to think of sex as just recreational, independent of a meaningful relationship.

I teased her a little about fulfilling this guy's fantasies by having a one night fling and she just grinned and responded with her "Don't be silly" response.

I encourage her to talk to him and just be honest with him and let him know that she was flattered but not available. I flippantly said, "Tell him February 29 just past and that leap day, since it is an extra day and doesn't count, is the only day you have anything-goes wild sex outside of marriage."

Lisa finally had coffee with him one day and politely asked him why a handsome, successful and attractive man was wasting his time flirting with a married woman years younger than him. It turned out that Randy was very apologetic, sorry he had made her uncomfortable by his interest. He revealed that the strong attraction was because she looked very much like his ex wife who he divorced 2 years earlier. He was a very horny 41 year old who, while had no regrets about the divorce and was dating some, still lusted after "that look".

Lisa felt somewhat sympathetic and assured him he was very attractive and would find someone to be totally dedicated to him. As they left the coffee shop Lisa repeated my flippant comments about it being too bad that leap day, February 29 had passed as that was the day her husband let her have wild sex since it was an extra day and didn't count. They laughed and parted.

Lisa ran into Randy every few months and he was the consummate gentleman, polite and friendly but no unwarranted attention or advances.

Our life continued on a very positive path with success at work and plenty of fun in the sack. That resulted in the birth of our beautiful daughter in spring 2006.

By 2007 Lisa was back in shape and looked fantastic with an ever pleasant glow of a happy wife and mother. During the pregnancy she had perfected her blow jobs skills and, while sex was less frequent because of the baby, our sex was better than ever. As the years had passed our sixth anniversary was behind us, there was more interest on both our parts in perfecting the physical sensations to complement our strong emotional love.

Gradually some very sexy lingerie and outfits, some sex toys, and select porn were added as love life enhancements.

In the summer of 2007 the anal sex barrier came crashing down one weekend and every since Lisa looked forward every month or so to a hard ass reaming while a vibrator stimulated her clit and pussy until she exploded in orgasm. Even when Lisa quit nursing, the pregnancy seemed to leave her boobs a half cup bigger and more sensitive. They overflowed her bra cups in a delicious manner and she enjoyed having them tended to. And life was good.

At the Company xmas party in 2007 I ran into Randy while waiting in line for deserts. After he saw my name tag he introduced himself.

"I'm Randy, the guy who was smitten by your lovely wife."

We visited comfortably and he updated me on his life and business, giving me a business card. As he took two desert plates he noted he had a date waiting but asked me to say hi to Lisa for him.

Then as he walked away he stopped and returned leaning close he said, "Next year is leap year and if your wife was serious about leap day being available for wild anything-goes sex just let me know."

I was puzzled for a few moments then remembered my comments to Lisa about leap day being a free day for sexual transgressions. I responded, "So she passed on that story?"

Randy smiled and said, "She sure did and I didn't forget." "No strings and you are welcome to be part of it if you would like."

And with that Randy headed to his table taking his place next to a very attractive blond woman.

When I returned to our Table Lisa asked what took so long to get two pieces of Cake. I told her I ran into Randy and we visited. She turned and saw him sitting across the room with his date and waved. She said she still sees him every few months and he is always pleasant. She said it was good to see he has a date.

That evening when we got home and I had paid the babysitter I retired to the master suite. Lisa had removed her dress and was standing in her red lace bra and panty set with black thigh high stockings. She was luscious looking with her cleavage bulging from her demi bra and her long soft hair framing her smiling face. As she stood there I mentioned that Randy mentioned 2008 was a leap year with February 29th just a few months away.

She looked at me with a puzzled look then her face turned red almost matching the color of her lingerie.

"He remembered my comments?" she said.

"Certainly did, and mentioned that if we still celebrated anything-goes leap day he would be very eager to get together. " I said.

I had slipped off my shirt and pants by this time and embraced Lisa in a hug and kiss. She was trembling and her flesh was warm. We kissed deeply and headed to bed. I was rock hard from seeing Lisa in her lingerie and thinking about what Randy had said. Lisa seemed affected as well as she was soaking wet and hot.

In moments I was between her stocking covered legs pounding 6 inches of very hard cock into her hot pussy while fondling her beautiful tits. After several strokes I worked two fingers between Lisa's ass cheeks and penetrated her ass as I thrust deeper. We both exploded and collapsed.

Saturday morning I fucked Lisa in the shower and told her she should forget wearing underwear today as I had designs on sucking her pussy and tits more latter in the day. In a rare act of submission she said, "Fine, then you pick out my outfit."

The sexual high continued that morning as I hiked up her skirt and sucked her pussy while she was on the phone with our neighbor. While running errands in the afternoon I fondled her boobs while driving, mentioning that I bet Randy would love to get his hands on those beauties. At home I did her doggy style over the back of the couch while our daughter took her nap. As I slipped in I quizzed her about whether she thought Randy was well hung.

That evening I brought Lisa off with oral sex before unloading deep in her throat in what might best be described as a face fuck rather than a blow job.

So ended one of the most sexually active days in our life.

Nothing was said about Randy, leap day or our sexual appetites for the next month as we got through a busy holiday season. One evening late in January while lying in bed after a good romp, I asked Lisa if we should think about getting together with Randy for some fun on leap day.

She giggled and said, "Well just the thought of me being with Randy seems to have put our sex life in high gear since the Christmas party. What would be the reason to do more?"

"Just think of him as a dildo with a warm body attached. Think of all the fun we could have with a new sex toy." I commented.

As I spoke Lisa reached over and grabbed my rock hard cock. "Seems that the idea of me getting laid by Randy is exciting for you." Lisa giggled as she climbed on and rode my cock to a second orgasm. As she slammed down on me driving me in to full depth she said, "Would Randy be my sex toy or would I be his sex toy?

"A little of both." I responded.

"You would set the ground rules then relinquish yourself to him for the day with me there to veto anything unsafe - and enjoy the show."

We had been talking about Lisa going off the pill to get pregnant with a second child and I mentioned that this might be something of a final fling before monogamy, pregnancy, nursing, etc., would preclude any such behaviors.

It was at that point that Lisa realized I was taking the possibility seriously. Lisa obviously found the prospect exciting and found Randy physically appealing as a very fit and dashing older gentleman. She thought he would be much safer than anonymous sex and there was virtually no chance of an emotional attachment as their personalities didn't sync. But she was still apprehensive.

A few nights later Lisa asked if I really believed that Randy was taken with her because she looked like his ex wife. That issue seemed to engender sympathy from Lisa and if true, would confirm he wasn't just a jerk who came on to lots of married women. I decided to send Randy an email inquiry but without telling Lisa.

Randy was quick to respond to my email and indicated he was excited that we were considering his proposal. He attached three photos. One was a head shot of his ex and it revealed a strong resemblance to Lisa. Same nose and cheek bones, similar eyes and similar hair styles though Lisa's hair was lighter in color. The second photo was a full body shot in shorts and a blouse. The similarities continued as both woman seemed the same height and had what looked like very similar figures. The third shot was a picture of the woman, Cindy, standing on a balcony in a bra and panty set with matching garter belt and stockings.

Randy said he had never shared the photo with anyone and hadn't looked at it in years. The women's figures were very similar – and very attractive. The skin color looked identical, Cindy looked a few pounds lighter but Lisa's extra pounds were nicely placed on her bust and butt. And in the photo Cindy was wearing a shelf bra with much of her breasts and her full nipples exposed. Even the nipples and areoles looked similar.

And Cindy was wearing a collar.

I shared with Lisa that Randy did in fact have an ex that looked very similar to her but I hesitated in sharing the photos. That shelf bra and collar might scare her off – or it might excite her. After procrastinating a few days I forwarded the email with the digital photos to Lisa. I watched Lisa open the email. She was impressed that Randy offered to host us in suites in a nice hotel on the San Antonio river walk – a luxurious setting discretely removed from our hometown of Austin.

She opened the first two photos and agreed they did look alike. Then the third photo and Lisa blushed and didn't say anything.

A few weeks past and Leap day was only ten days away. Randy had politely repeated his invitation and I casually forwarded the inquire to Lisa. Lisa texted me with a short note, "You sure you could deal with me being with Randy?"

I responded, "Absolutely, would love to see you serve and be serviced by the two of us."

I didn't get any response from Lisa and time was running short. I told Randy to go ahead with the room arrangements and schedule Friday, leap day, off just in case Lisa agreed.

Sunday afternoon I got an email from Lisa also copied to Randy. The subject line said, "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

The body of the email was a photo of Lisa in a bra and panty set with matching garter belt and stockings virtually identical to the one in the photo that Randy had sent. The only difference was that Lisa had her hands over her breasts. She had a collar on and the caption said, "Looking forward to leap day – then you can see and have the rest."

My heart was beating a hundred times a minute as the anticipation and excitement set in. The fact that Lisa had gone out and found matching lingerie and sent a picture indicated she was committed.

That evening at diner Lisa asked if I got her email. "I certainly did." I responded. "I've never seen you in such a hot picture."

She reached over and rubbed my crotch with an instant response. "You do seem excited." She reported with an ear to ear grin. She sashayed off noting as she walked away, "I arranged babysitting and took Friday off. We will leave Thursday after work."

That night in bed was the closest to premature ejaculation I have ever come as I unloaded a huge load of cum in Lisa's very wet warm pussy after two quick strokes. Lisa giggled about how excited I was and teased that it was a good thing she had reinforcements planned for Friday.

The week seemed like it was a month long as I anxiously awaited Friday. We headed out Thursday after work. Lisa refused to show me what she packed but told me we had tickets to a play at 8:30 and dinner reservations with Randy at 11:00pm. I casually said that Friday was leap day and Lisa informed me, "Leap day starts at midnight."

We checked in and dressed for the play and dinner. Lisa looked beautiful. She had on a new olive green dress that was tight and short with lots of cleavage and a slit that showed off the tops of her stockings.

The show was a comedy which helped as I struggled to concentrate. We headed to a restaurant that Randy had reservations at. When we arrived he was already seated with appetizers to share. He rose to greet us lavishing complement on Lisa. Dinner was pleasant as we comfortably chatted and relaxed with a few drinks. Diner was delicious and we were famished as we usually ate dinner by 7pm.

We ordered the house special chocolate mousse desert after the seafood entrees. As we waited for desert Randy leaned to Lisa and whispered in her ear. She giggled then excused herself to go to the ladies room. With Lisa gone, Randy thanked me for being willing to share Lisa and assured me he was only interested in a fun day and would have no further designs on Lisa.

When Lisa returned she took her seat then reached in her purse and discretely handed me her panties and bra as she giggled, "Its past midnight and leap day now." Randy was laughing as well as we both eyed her more closely zooming in on the hardened nipples clearly visible through the thin dress fabric. Randy was delighted that Lisa was willingly following his directions. He complemented her on how nicely her breasts were shaped even without a bra and noted how much he was looking forward to enjoying them. As he talked Lisa blushed even more but her nipples seemed to get even harder.

Desert was delicious and as we asked for the check, Randy asked for a quart of chocolate mousse to go, noting that he loved chocolate covered tits in a voice loud enough for the waiter to hear. Lisa's eyes rolled back in her head as she blushed. I reached over to pat her thigh only to find Randy's hand also in Lisa's lap.

We walked a couple hundred yards toward our rooms on the River Walk. Lisa looked hot. No panty lines and clingy fabric molded to her braless boobs. Randy had his arm around her waist with his hand occasionally fondling Lisa's ass as they walked a few steps ahead of me towards our room.

My cock started to throb as I watched him enjoying Lisa's charms. As soon as the door to our room was closed Randy embraced Lisa and kissed her passionately as his hands roamed over the sleek material of the stretch satin dress. He rolled the dress from her body and whistled his appreciation as she kicked it over to me. She was naked except for thigh high stockings and sandals.

Randy told Lisa to lie face down on the bed so she could watch me.

She gathered a pillow and lay down; all the time her blue eyes watched my reaction as Randy removed her sandals and rolled down her stocking.

He then stood up and smiled at me as he removed his shirt and trousers. This was something that I had wanted to happen as the pulsing from my now solid cock confirmed.

Randy took the chocolate mousse and opened the container and approached my wife on the bed.

She let out a small moan as he placed a generous amount of mousse on her left breast.

Lisa looked stunning as she lay there, only a chocolate covered tit and her small pubic landing strip contrasting with her nude body. Lisa was completely compliant as Randy went to work.

Randy slowly rubbed the chocolate on her tits with both hands all the time telling her how good she looked. Lisa whimpered and he teased her nipples and fondled the firm flesh of her shapely boobs.

I was now so turned on I just stood and stripped off, my cock was solid now and both Lisa and Randy said nothing as I sat back down and started to stroke my manhood.

Randy was now getting more excited as he began kissing the chocolate covered tits. First softly and teasingly but soon he had his head smothered in the valley between her tits licking chocolate like a chocoholic. For a good fifteen minutes he feasted. Lisa was squirming as his ministrations had her increasing aroused.

Knowing there was not resistance; Randy took a second large scoop of mousse and placed it on Lisa's pubic mound. In seconds he was massaging the chocolate into her valley. He told her to turn over and emptied the remaining mousse from the container on her ass. He continued massaging then began licking and sucking the chocolate from Lisa's body.

I watched now transfixed as Randy turned her back over and moved his hands around her stomach and then slowly up to her tits. For a second he stopped to take in the stunning view before him, she lay there in total submission, just waiting on his next move. He slowly moved down and rested his head between her legs; just before he started to work on her with his mouth he looked at me and said, "Enjoy".

Lisa's body writhed as he started to tongue fuck her, his fingers reaching up and pulling on her erect nipples at the same time.

As I watched her gasp at his touch, I slowly moved closer and whispered to her " if he makes you cum then the two of us will fuck you all night", she started to moan louder "oh fuck' oh fuck", there was no holding her back now, she came hard her body writhing uncontrollably, anyone passing by the corridor or in the next room would have heard everything. She was begging for Randy to fuck her at this point.

Just as she was calming down and stopped bucking he moved her on to her hands and knees.

I watched her face, as he removed his shorts and moved behind her.

I watched her eyes widen as he grabbed her hips and his hard cock slipped into her effortlessly. I watched her face as she grimaced from the pounding he was giving her. I stood, steel hard cock in hand and asked Randy if he would mind some help. He nodded approval and I quickly moved my cock to Lisa's open mouth. I felt myself getting even harder as I pushed my cock over her lips. She eagerly accepted and was now filled at both ends for the first time in her life. I began to cum. Lisa kept me in her mouth swallowing everything that I had to give her.

My legs buckled with the exquisite pleasure and I sat back and watched her being fucked like a slut in heat. After a few minutes of incessant fucking Randy quickened his pace and filled my wife's pussy with his seed.

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