Leap of Faith


It was getting close to midnight and neither of us wanted the night to end yet. I cast about in my head for a place to talk that didn't smack of awkward teenage hangouts. In a burst of inspiration, I directed Zach to a place not far from the restaurant. It was a pier on the bay, a few couples and some die-hard fisherman populating the large T-shaped dock. We made our way to a shadowy corner and leaned on the railing, looking out over the water. I breathed deep the briny air and sighed happily.

"I love it out here," I murmured as Zach slipped an arm around me. It was chilly but clear and bright and I unconsciously moved closer to his warmth. He pulled me firmly to his side and tucked the edges of his overcoat around us. I'd forgotten my own coat in the car.

We leaned on the rail for uncounted minutes, watching the lights shimmer over the water, breathing the salty air and verbally circling each other. Later I couldn't recall the conversation at all, but I knew we each were testing the other, syllable by syllable building a bridge from attraction and growing trust to true intimacy. Somehow, I ended up facing the rail, leaning on it slightly with Zach directly behind me, arms around my waist and chin resting on my shoulder. The curve of my hips fit so neatly against him it felt like I hadn't been whole until he was there, holding me like this. He wasn't holding me particularly tightly, nor grinding himself against me, but it was obvious he was very aroused. I kept still for a moment, savoring the feel of a man close to me again, his breath on my cheek, the murmur of his voice in my ear. With no more stimulation than being held, I was almost giddy with desire, and I felt my heart rate increase.

If it felt this good with our clothes on, I wondered how he would feel against me naked. I was so in tune I could almost hear the same thought from him. Zach made no other move, and suddenly I realized he was waiting for a sign from me. Something to show him I was okay with going to the next level. A million things ran through my head. I could leave things as they were, let them unfold slowly, carefully, making sure I was ready and stable as we took each step. I could savor and test and watch things progress with exquisite care, logic and caution our guide as affection and attraction built. And trust. I should take it slow, and be smart. My head told me that, and some small part of my heart too, the bruised and lonely part that didn't want to chance losing someone again. I breathed quietly, warm in Zach's arms, and the silent debate in my head darted around like quicksilver. Before I realized I'd decided, my body, impatient with this unnecessary soul searching, turned around and dove off the cliff. More specifically, my hips flexed, just enough to stroke the length of him pressed behind me.

Logic and caution took a leap of faith in one small, sensual move.

I felt his reaction immediately. He pressed closer, enough that I shivered both with the sensation of being touched by all that male hardness and the realization that there was a LOT of it. I dizzily wondered if he'd fit. Zach's arms tightened around me, and his head turned slightly to nuzzle my neck. The shiver increased, and I gripped the rail in reflex. I glanced automatically around the pier, but no one was paying us the slightest attention, and Zach's overcoat shielded us from curious eyes. Then I moaned as Zach gently bit the spot where my neck and shoulder joined.

Soft kisses trailed up the side of my throat, his darting tongue teased the lobe of my ear, then nipped it, which made me jump a little. His hands had moved up in time with his mouth, and were cupping my breasts, rubbing in slow circles that made my nipples stand up and pay attention. My breath came out in little gasps and I realized I was unconsciously pressing my bottom against him, rocking my hips.

"Do you like this, Grace?" His low voice rippled through me, making me sigh. "Me touching you in public? Is it turning you on?"

"I…." Truthfully, after that first glance to check if we were observed, I had forgotten we were in public. I peeked around but saw no one watching and realized I was almost soaking wet. "Y-yes," I fumbled a little, my voice barely a whisper. "But it's mostly just…you," I added, feeling shy and confused, glad I wasn't looking at him.

Somehow with a flick of the wrists he turned me to face him, my back arched, his tall body looming over me. We were pressed tight, my breasts almost painfully smashed against his broad chest. I could feel the sharp edges of his tie bar through the thin silk of my dress. His hands slid down to cup my ass, yanking me even closer to him, and the heavy hardness of his cock rubbed against my belly. My gasp was swallowed by a kiss that seared to my toes. It was hungry and demanding and my hands slid up his back to cling to his shoulders. This was not gentle encouragement, it was a hot insistence that made me moan into his mouth. His tongue plundered the warm cavity of my mouth, and the fire he'd ignited in me rose into an inferno. I kissed him back with sudden fierceness, battling his mobile tongue with my own. I could feel a growl of approval low in his throat.

He shifted, and I was facing the railing again, automatically grabbing it to keep from stumbling. The move had been so quick I was a little dizzy, but before I could catch my breath he was pressed up against me, hands around my waist to steady me. His cock ground into me as he stepped us both closer, so I was nearly upright, forcing my arms to fold and rest on the rail. I felt him shrug his overcoat again so it was draped on either side of us, and then his hands moved. Softly skimming my body, outlining the curve of my hips, my waist, up to brush the sides of my breasts, then around to cup them, squeezing and weighing them in his palms. His left hand slipped under the vee of my bodice, expertly nudging aside the silky fabric of my bra, and the feel of the rough hand against my smooth skin made my knees weak. His right hand slid over my hip and cupped between my legs and I stiffened.

"Shhhh…" he soothed, nibbling on my ear and kissing just under the jaw. "I won't take you here. I want our first time to be perfect, just us. But…." his questing fingers stroked me through my dress and panties and I shuddered. "Just a little taste…" he breathed into my ear and I was helpless to stop him; I wanted him to touch me now. I couldn't move much but my feet shifted slightly, almost of their own volition. I moaned in protest when he moved his hand away, but he was only pulling aside the split skirt and before I knew what was happening, his hand was against me, flexing against my hot slickness, a finger sliding inside. I gasped and moaned and felt his teeth score my neck. My hips started to move, rocking gently against his big hand.

A second finger joined the first, plunging into my wetness and I spasmed, muscles clamping down. He probed deeper, curling his fingers and stroking with a sure touch until I was panting and trying to squirm, but he held me firm. His other arm snaked around my waist, keeping me upright. I didn't trust my legs to hold me up and leaned back, my head falling against his shoulder. His lips seared my throat and his fingers kept a steady motion that was driving me insane. When his thumb brushed my clit I shuddered again, then barely kept from screaming as it circled slowly, pressing that sensitive nub until I came so hard I was afraid I bruised his fingers. My knees buckled but he just tightened his arm and held me up. He didn't remove his hand from my panties right away, but his fingers slipped out of me and he rubbed gently, bringing me down from trembling ecstasy to something closer to sanity.

My sigh was interrupted when he removed his hand and I was turned around again to watch wide-eyed as Zach slowly brought his index finger to his mouth and sucked it clean, watching me intently. Touching his second finger to my mouth, my lips automatically parted and he slid it in. Our eyes locked, I sucked his finger sensually, enjoying the tangy sweet taste of me and the look on his face. He took back his finger, cupped my face and kissed me long and deep and I melted. Finally with great reluctance he pulled away and rested his forehead against mine.

"You taste sweet and exotic," he said, his voice a low rumble. "Like very good quality vanilla."

"The really expensive stuff you don't dare buy because you'll be hooked and never be satisfied by the six dollar bottle again?" Some imp in my brain teased him.

"Oh yeah," Zach grinned at the sally. "Nothing cheap about you. And I can afford the good stuff."

"Thanks," I said, not certain what we were talking about anymore. He noted the look and smiled, pulling me close. He took my hand and placed it directly on the front of his slacks.

"Feel that," his voice rumbled my ear, making me shiver. "You do that to me. I wanted you the first time I walked into the office. It's been torture keeping my hands to myself."

"Really?" I smiled, pleased.

"Really," he grinned at my small vanity and kissed my nose. "And Grace….I'm not going to anymore."

I didn't have a reply to that, just looked up at him, eyes shining. He kissed me again, slow, exploring every crevice of my mouth, making me tremble and move closer. My hand was still trapped between us, and he ground just slightly against my palm. Even through his slacks I could feel the hard shape of him, the slight throbbing that transmitted itself to my palm like the hum of an electric motor. My fingers tightened automatically, and I heard something like a deep purr.

"Touch me," Zach breathed in my ear.

"Here?" I squeaked, wanting to badly but suddenly aware again of where we were.

"Yes," he chuckled, but I heard the demand. I sneaked a look around but the dock was only occupied at the far end, two fishermen with their backs to us, and we were in shadow. Still, we were fairly exposed and I giggled nervously.

"That's naughty," I scolded, but stopped when I met his eyes. They were dark and hungry.

"You'll find," he growled, "I'm very naughty. And you will be too."

"Oh," my mouth suddenly felt dry. "Will I?"

"Oh, yes," he nodded gravely. "Why are we still talking about this?"

I felt mesmerized with his eyes boring into mine, and my fingers almost on their own found his zipper and tugged it down. I slipped my hand inside his fly, eyes widening in surprise when I found only him, and gripped gently. He was velvet and steel and too large to get my hand all away around. His eyes closed briefly, a small smile on his face. I stroked slowly and felt the rumble in his chest as he purred again. He kissed me hard, then leaned his forehead against mine, breathing a little fast. I watched his face, delighting what I was doing for him, and concentrated on a slow sensual rhythm. I don't know how long we stood there, but after a time he stopped me with one big hand, pulling my smaller one from his pants and kissing the palm. I felt his other hand quickly zip himself up.

"Enough, or I'll cum," he teased my fingers with his lips and tongue. "I want the first time I cum with you to be in you."

He got no argument from me.

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