tagIncest/TabooLearning the Family Business Ch. 02

Learning the Family Business Ch. 02


There was an electricity in the air when Mike entered the office the next morning.

"Good morning Mike," Maria greeted him with her usual wide smile. "Congratulations, I heard the Princeton's signed their offer. Your dad is going to be so proud."

Mike slipped past the steel reception desk trying to play it cool as he smiled back at Maria and headed to the bullpen where his cube was located. He caught up on his email and then headed to the break room where he ran into his sister and Stacy. Stacy wore a conservative tan suit coat over a white blouse and grey skirt today, nothing like the curve hugging ensemble she wore to the previous day's showing.

"Congrats, killer. Sounds like that Princeton deal is going to close. You must be excited," she chided him with a punch to the shoulder.

"Mike, I need to see you in my office," his father's voice barked over the intercom system.

"Sounds urgent. Catch you later, killer." Stacy slapped Mike's butt with a backhand as he began a slow march out of the breakroom. As he walked through the hallway, he could hear the other employees in the bullpen heckling him. When he reached his father's office, he could tell his father wouldn't have found their jokes funny.

"We've got a serious situation to handle, Mike. You see, one day you might run this company. Unless your sister beats you to it. That means you need to understand that you have keep your employees under your thumb. Just a few rule breakers can ruin this for everything. I'm sorry but I need you to stay in here while I handle this." His father reached for his phone and dialed an extension. "Maria, can you come see me."

His father glared at him while they waited in silence.

Maria leaned in the doorway a few minutes later. "How can I help you, Mr. Emerson?"

"Can you close the door, Maria?" his father flatly requested. "No need to sit down," he added as she began to slip into one of his office chairs after closing the door. "Now, Maria, you know I'm a stickler for rules."

"Of course. The rules exist for a reason," Maria replied with a tremble to her voice.

"I'm glad you understand. Mike, please go stand next to the window behind me. Maria, I'm going to have to ask you to bend over the desk.."

Mike's heart raced. He couldn't believe the words he was hearing from his father's mouth. He complied with the command and stood at the back of the office with statuesque rigidity. Maria slowly lowered her hands to the desk and then slid them forward until they reached the other side. Her mountainous butt cheeks were nearly bursting from her tight red skirt.

"Does he have to stay for this?" She asked, staring up at Mike with big green eyes.

"I'm afraid so. It's the only way he'll learn. Now, please lift up your skirt."

Mike's heart skipped another beat as he looked down at Maria's long straight brown hair that fell across her blushing face. After a long pause, she reached down to the hem of her knee-length skirt and pulled it up to her waist. She wasn't wearing any panties and he could see the tops of her plump tan butt cheeks. He tried to stay calm as the erotic tension in the room skyrocketed.

"Is there something wrong, Mr. Emerson?"

"Mike, come over here."

Rounding the desk, Mike pulled up behind Maria and looked down at her backside with his father. Her brown lower folds were visible from this angle, pinched between her tight tan thighs.

"See, no panties at all," His father said, gesturing toward Maria's backside. "You know there's a dress code, Maria. Administrative staff must wear underwear. Now I'm going to have to show Mike how we punish people who break rules."

"If you must," she replied with a note of resignation.

"Mike, take this key and go open the cabinet in the back corner." His father handed him a small key from his pocket and Mike used it to unlock the double doored metal cabinet and then gasped when he saw its contents. Inside the cabinet hung whips, flogs, canes, and vibrators of various shapes and sizes. "Bring me the wood paddle."

Mike found the square shaped wooden implement with a few wide holes cut into it hanging from the top of the cabinet and retrieved it for his father. He returned to his place at his father's side as his father got into position on the other side of Maria's bottom with the small paddle in hand.

"I don't know why you insist on being such a bad girl, Maria. You could really go places if you shaped up," his father lectured before delivering the first blow to her bare butt cheeks.

"Oooh!" she cooed as the first blow landed. Mike was starting to pick up on the idea that this wasn't the first time these two had played out this scenario. In fact, as another smack landed and rippled through Maria's ass, Mike realized she was definitely enjoying this. She moaned in ecstasy as his father landed another blow and sticky fluids were beginning to drip from her tight lower lips.

"Now, do you understand me this time?" Mike's father asked after landing one more blow.

"Oh, Mr. Emerson, I promise I'll be good," Maria panted. Her ass prominently featured several red squares where his father had struck her. She did not move, remaining bent over the desk while her chest rapidly rose and fell.

"That's enough for now. If you need to relieve yourself, I'll allow it," MIke's father added.

"Thank you, sir," came Maria's reply. While Mike and his father watched from behind, she quickly moved a hand to her swollen vulva and pressed her fingers between her lips and then rubbed herself aggressively until the desk was rocking from her movements. She finished with a quiet shriek and then slumped onto the desk before removing her dripping fingers from her folds. Mike's father crossed around to the back of his desk, opened a drawer, and then produced a singular tissue he offered her for cleanup before she straightened her skirt and headed out the door.

"Thanks for your assistance, Mike. You can go back to your cube."

His father made a line for the open cabinet and carefully stored the paddle. Mike stumbled out the door, his hormones still racing from watching Maria's paddling. He found his throat parched and turned to head back to the break room for relief.

"There's our little closer," he heard his step-mother say as he passed her office door. He stood stiff in the hallway, hoping she didn't notice the bulge in his pants. He wondered if she had heard Maria through the wall dividing her office from his father's.

"All these years we've lived under the same roof and I didn't know you had it in you," she said as he rigidly turned to face her office.

Mike's step-mother, Tamara reclined in her chair behind her large wooden desk while Stacy sat in front. Tamara's long blonde hair fell across the shoulders of her black suit jacket. Her white blouse covered her melon sized breasts.

"Come in here, stud," she requested and he drifted through her office door in a daze. "Close the door and take a seat.

Stacy smiled at Mike as he passed her to grab the other chair in front of his step-mother's desk.

"What a team! I've got another home and, this time, I think it'll take both of you to close the deal. You think you're up for it?

"Now that I've got this ace up my sleeve, I'm ready for anything," Stacy gave Mike's arm an enthusiastic squeeze. She lingered for a moment, giving her fingers time to explore the contours of his bicep.

"That's what I like to hear." Tamara grabbed a folder and opened it for Stacy and Mike to see. On the first page of the file was a color photo of a Latin American couple embracing each other from the side with bright smiles on their faces. "Gloria and Santiago Diaz are moving into town from Columbia. Mike's dad and I met them at a... function and they've all but finalized their decision. Do you think you two can give them a very special welcome for me?"

Stacy and Mike stared down at the photo. They stood in front of a golf cart. Santiago wore a green and white striped golf shirt tucked into his green slacks and had his arm wrapped around Gloria's narrow waist. Her pink golf dress hugged her small breasts and curvy hips.

"Don't worry about us, Tamara. It's in the bag," Stacy assured his mother.

"Great," Tamara closed the folder and slid it to the side of the desktop. "You're meeting them after lunch at the beach, so I bought some new trunks for you to try on, Mike. I hope you don't mind." She pulled open a desk drawer and produced a pair of very short grey trunks.

Mike blushed. His face felt like it was on fire.

"Here?" he nearly swallowed his question.

"Quality control is one of my specialities," Tamara answered. "Don't worry, I'm just here for support," she added as she rolled backward from her desk. "Now, I'm sure Stacy wants to see what she's working with. Can you stand up for us?"

Mike slowly complied, rising from his chair while staring at the zig zag patterns in the carpet.

"That's good. Go ahead and get that suit off. It's ok, we don't judge."

Mike slowly pulled off his jacket and tossed it on the chair. He loosened his shirt and tie and swallowed hard as he noticed Stacy had turned to look up at him. He pulled the shirt over his head and felt a hand on his belt buckle as he wrestled to pull his head free. He looked down to watch Stacy open his buckle, unzip his fly, and then throw his pants to the floor.

"You'll need the get the rest off if you're going to fit into the trunks, silly," his step-mother pointed out. He looked at Tamara and she held a pen to her lips, as though she was taking mental notes while he stripped for her.

The moment of truth had arrived. He could still chicken out - grab his pants, and run out of the room. Or he could see how far this activity was going to go. Mike inserted his thumbs into the elastic of his tight black briefs and tossed them to the floor. Stacy sat back in her chair and her eyes opened wide.

"He is a sight to see, isn't he, Stacy? All that soccer and swimming did his body good. And he's got a beautiful penis, just like his father." There was something about hearing his step-mother compare his dick to his father's that made him feel so wrong and, yet, so turned on at the same time.

Mike mentally fought off an erection as he pulled up the trunks. They left little room for his slightly engorged penis and hugged his ass in the back.

"They're kind of European. I think they'll do. Wouldn't you, Stacy?" Stacy nodded and snickered.

"But we have another matter to attend to. You see, Mike, your father is someone who keeps people on a short leash and is quick to use the lash to motivate them. I, on the other hand, prefer the carrot for motivation. I think you two have something to attend to?"

"You know it," Stacy responded. She smiled up at Mike, flashing her wide white toothed grin and pulled his trunks down his thighs before he had a chance to protest. "I always wanted to know what you felt like," she said, running her fingers down his limp meaty shaft.

Stacy stood up and slipped out of her jacket, tossing it to the desk. She stretched upward, arching her back to give Mike a nice view of her bubbly cleavage and then leaned into him. She planted a kiss on his lips with her smooth full lips and then lowered to his neck where she kissed him again. The trail of kisses descended his sternum to his toned abs and then just above the small patch of blonde pubic hair above the base of his rising penis.

She took his pulsing shaft in her hand and stroked it gently while she kissed around the base.

"Don't forget his balls," his step-mother urged from behind the desk. He felt ashamed and thrilled at the same time as the busty woman who helped raise him watched her daughter's best friend deliver his reward.

Stacy pulled his trunks down past his knees and went to town on the base of his plum sized balls. She pulled at his smooth scrotum with her lips and he felt her tongue dance across the bumpy surface. Her hand continued to stroke his throbbing shaft. After he reached full mast and his balls were dripping with her sticky saliva, she leaned back and pulled her blouse straps down her arms, reached to the neckline, and then pulled her blouse and bra forward in one motion. Her milk chocolate colored missile-like breasts popped free from her bra and fell in front of her chest and she teased her dark nipples for him with her fingers.

Stacy rose from her knees and then turned around and leaned over her chair back, offering her tight round backside to him as she pulled her dress up to her hips. He pulled the stringy white thong between her cheeks to the side with a finger, pressed her dark lower lips apart, and eased into her eagerly awaiting slippery hole.

She moaned as Mike pressed the heart shaped tip of his penis inside her.

"That looks like fun," his step-mother chirped as he pressed deeper inside Stacy until her meaty ass was banging up against his pelvis.

"That's right, Mike, give it to her," Tamara continued to urge him on as his thrusts took him progressively deeper inside Stacy's warm wet opening. He could feel her juices building up on his cock and spilling out onto his legs.

He stood over Tamara's ass, watching it ripple with every thrust. She turned her head and watched him banging her for all she was worth.

"Give me that big hard cock, Mike. I'm going to come soon. Don't stop," she begged. Finally, she bit down on her fingers and tensed her face, clearly holding back a wail. Mike slowed hips as he felt her stop grinding on his dick.

"OK, now I want to see how much cum Mike has stored up in those huge balls," his step-mother requested.

"Sure thing. Come over here," Stacy instructed. She turned and sat in one of the metal office chairs and paced her hands under her tits and offered them up to him. Mike knew just what to do and he slid his pale slippery cock between her dark soft breasts and bucked.

"Don't let us down, Mike. I want you to dump all your cum on my big tits, ok?" Mike did his best to hold off but he eventually couldn't take the overwhelming sensations running through his body and finally let out a fountain of hot white cum that cascaded down the sides of his erection and across Stacy's breasts.

"Oh my god, Mikey!" she exclaimed with another wide-eyed look as another pulse in his penis sent a shot of semen into the air and onto her chin. As the rest of the semen oozed down his shaft and joined the rest of his ejaculate pooling on her breasts, Stacy leaned forward and sucked hard at the tip of his dick. His knees buckled for a moment as he felt the suction empty his aching penis.

"Well done," his mother complimented from behind her desk. She reached into another drawer and pulled out a box of wet wipes that she offered Stacy across the desk. Mike tried to catch his breath while Stacy cleaned up his creamy gift from her breasts and face.

"I'd say you two are ready for this afternoon."


The sun beat down on Stacy and Mike as they stepped out of her car and onto the quiet sandy beach entrance that afternoon. They each carried a backpack with their towels and swimsuits inside.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz?" Stacy greeted the beautiful light tan skinned couple standing at the base of the stairway that led to the beach.

"Please, call us Gloria and Santiago. Otherwise you'll make us feel old," Gloria laughed as she pecked Stacy and then Mike on each side of their cheeks.

"Definitely. Well, I'm Stacy and this shy young man is Mike and we just thought we'd hang out a bit and see if we can convince you to buy that house."

"Sure, let's just see where things go, shall we? I think there are changing rooms just up the hill," Santiago offered as the group began their short climb. Mike could nearly see up the back of Gloria's short yellow sundress as he climbed behind her. Every few steps, one of her thick bouncy ass cheeks would escape the bottom for a moment, only to slide back out of view.

The men and women split up when they reached the changing houses. Mike followed Santiago into the men's side. Santiago dropped his small bag onto a bench that ran around the wall and then stripped off his khaki shorts and t-shirt. He wasn't shy about parading through the room with his low hanging uncircumcized penis dangling between his legs as he headed to the urinal so Mike decided now wasn't the time to be modest, either.

After Stacy and Mike escaped the office for the day, Mike used the opportunity to ditch his tie and coat. That meant he only had to pull of his pants, briefs and shirt before he was standing naked in the changing room.

"You must work out," Santiago remarked with a nod to Mike's ripped abs as he returned to his bag to pull on his small blue speedo. "Say, you ever, uh, with her?" Santiago motioned with his hands, giving a clear indication of his meaning.

Mike couldn't help but blush as he pulled up the small trunks his step-mother had picked out for him.

"Ah, you dog. Tell me her tits look as thick and juicy as I think they do," Santiago said as he continued to carve up the air with his hands.

Mike laughed. "If he only knew the truth of it," Mike thought.

Santiago whistled when they caught sight of their companions outside the changing rooms. Stacy wore a throwback bikini with cheetah print bottoms that covered her bubble but, extended up over her curvy hips and stopped just below her belly button. Gloria had changed from her sundress into a white monokini whose straps barely covered her small pointed breasts

Mike and Santiago followed the women down the path to the beach, watching the women's asses bounce and sag as they walked. When they reached a smooth patch of sand with a wide view of the roaring surf, Santiago pulled a blanket from his bag and spread it on the ground.

"You know, there's no one else here, I don't think I need this," he explained as he reached one hand to his waist and stripped off the small speedo, unleashing his manhood to Stacy's delight.

"Now you," Gloria said, looking at Mike as she ran her arm around her husband's waist. Mike knew this would be expected of him at some point, just not so soon, but he dropped his trunks and let Gloria and Santiago take measure of his thick penis which was resting on top of his bulging testicles.

"How nice," Gloria complimented him. "You're not bisexual are you?" Mike froze for a moment.

"Not that I know of," he said, trying to play it cool.

"That's too bad. I think you and my husband would look so beautiful together. But, this will do. Sorry, I wasn't sure what to think when you're mother offered you to us at that party. Your father seemed so open."

Mike's head was suddenly spinning at the idea that his father had a wild side under that stiff exterior. He'd already seen him paddle Maria today and now he had discovered he might not just play with women. The sight of Gloria pulling her straps away from her small perky nipples was enough of a distraction for now, though. She stripped her unikini away from her body and let Mike take a good look at her dark brown nipples, thin waist, and wide hips. She turned around, letting him stare at her smooth thick ass as she swayed back and forth. Her long curly brown hair flowed with the breeze.

"My turn," Stacy announced. She reached to her back and unhooked her white strapless top and let it slip down over her breasts. It fell to the blanket at her feet and she reached for the bottoms. When she was finished, she threw her arms in the air and spun in a circle so their companions could get a look at her bare body.

"Shall we swim?" Gloria asked. The foursome jogged to the water's edge. The ocean water was cool on this early spring afternoon and Mike felt genitals sting as they sank into the surf.

They waded out into the waves then swam a short distance until they reached the sand bar. Santiago reached the bar first, popping up and throwing his arms up triumphantly. Stacy was just behind him, grabbing him by the waist and spinning him around as their feet splashed in the surf. The tide was moving out so they found themselves only shin deep in water at this distance from the beach.

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