tagBDSMLearning the Hard Way

Learning the Hard Way


She closed her eyes as the hot water ran over her hair and skin, washing the soap away. She knew that she needed to hurry or they would be late, but she was dreading the evening. She just wanted to stay home and crawl into bed with him. Bed...her thoughts shifted to how much she wanted him today. He hadn't given her permission to orgasm for him all week, and it was starting to make her crazy.

She couldn't resist running her hand over her breasts and down her belly to rub over her clit. Letting out a deep breath, she slipped a finger inside of her pussy. God she needed an orgasm so badly. It wouldn't take much, she was so desperate for one.

A small sound made her open her eyes, only to see blue ones staring at her. He was leaning against the end edge of the shower, watching her.

"What do you think you're doing, girlie?"

She tried to even out her breathing and moved her hand away from body. "Umm....just washing myself?"

His eyes narrowed slightly, "Is that a question or your final answer?" She turned to shut the shower off and reached for her towel, drying herself off and wrapping it around her. Trying to avoid answering, because she couldn't lie to him.

He cupped her chin and made her look towards him, but she lowered her eyes. "Look at me," he ordered.

She raised her eyes to meet his and bit her lip, fidgeting under his stare. "Yes, Sir?"

"We are going to be late because you keep stalling, and you did not have permission to touch MY pussy."

She shook her head slightly, "Actually you only said that I couldn't orgasm, not that I couldn't touch myself."

His look told her that wasn't the right answer. "Really girl? Really?

Technically she was telling the truth about what he said, but she knew what she was doing in the shower wasn't okay.

"I'm sorry Sir, it's just that I really need one."

It only took her about a half a second to realize that she said the wrong thing. Damn it, she was always forgetting that.

"Need?" He tugged her towel off, letting it fall to the floor. "Bend over the sink, girlie. You've gotten away with that mistake too many times."

Gah, she knew not to say need, he had this thing about it. Even though she felt it was a need, she tried very hard not to say that word. She had been spanked for it before, and yet still forgot again.

"But Sir, don't we have to be leaving?" she tried to remind him.

"NOW girl." His voice held a lot of power when he said it like that.

She closed her mouth, and moved quickly to the sink, leaning over it.

He smacked her ass with his bare hand. "How do you answer me, girl?

"Yes Sir," she murmured, "I'm sorry Sir, I meant WANT, not need. I really want an orgasm....I'm losing my mind.

"Oh do give over girlie, that's a bit over dramatic," he said from behind her, his hand coming down hard against her ass again.

She didn't think so, but she kept her mouth shut as the force pushed her against the sink, the sudden sting making her gasp. She gripped the edges of the sink, trying to hold still.

He moved next to her, bracing his hand on her back to hold her down, and brought his other hand hard against her ass again. Again and again, his hand landed on one ass cheek or the other, until she stopped trying to count them in her head.

"Sir please," she pleaded as her skin burned, and each smack only intensified the feeling.

"I've spanked you for this before, and I don't think you've quite learned your lesson," he said, as he let his hand off her back and helped her to stand. She leaned into his chest, and he held her close, running his hands over her bare, reddened skin to soothe it. "Go lay over the foot of the bed, and wait for me."

She didn't look up at him as she moved away to walk into the bedroom, laying over the end of the bed, exposing her ass to him again. Why did she have to say that word....or touch herself in the shower for that matter, she thought as she watched him approached the bed. He had the heavy, thick leather strap in his hand, and she moaned in protest.

The strap didn't sting as much as the wooden paddle, but it was more a deeper hurt and always made it difficult to sit for days afterwards. Tonight was going to be a lot of sitting and he knew it.

"Please Sir not the strap, I'm begging you."

He ran it over her ass and down her thighs as he said, "Put your hands behind your back girlie, now."

She moved both her hands behind her back, only to feel him grasped them together in his strong hand. It calmed her, the feeling of him taking away more control, and she tried to relax further into the bed.

He brought the strap down at the crease between her ass and thighs, and she jerked up only to find that she couldn't move with him holding her there.

Sucking in her breath, she held it as he slowly increased the strength in which the strap slapped across her ass or thighs. She couldn't hold her breath any longer and cried out, begging him to stop.

He paused, his hand running circles over her inflamed skin, and asked, "Do you need to use your safe word?"

She shook her head, and she felt his hand smack against her ass hard.

"How do you respond to me, girl?"

"No Sir, I don't need to use my safe word." It came out muffled against the bed, but he must have understood because the strap connected with her thighs two seconds later.

She wasn't sure how many smacks it was before she started sobbing, her legs quivering as they threatened to buckle underneath her.

He let go of her hands, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling her up into his lap. The pressure on her sore ass made her whimper, and she tried to adjust to take the weight off of it. It was impossible, he made sure to leave no part unmarked from the strap.

He ran his thumb over her cheeks, wiping the tears away before running it over her lips. She pressed her lips against his thumb, and then brought her hand up to lay against his cheek. "I'm sorry, Sir."

He leaned down and kissed her gently. "You were punished, all is forgiven. Are you okay?"

She actually felt better now than before, but she would never admit that to him. Although she was sure that he knew it anyways.

"Yes Sir, I'm okay. But my ass isn't," she moaned out as he shifted her on his lap.

He grinned, "I'm okay with that." He helped her stand, holding onto her until he knew she was steady. "Now go get ready quickly, because we are late."

She didn't want to get ready, but her ass hurt too much for her to argue with him.

It wasn't long until he was driving them to the birthday party for one of his relatives. She loved his family, they weren't the reason she didn't want to go. It's just that she preferred to stay home tonight, and spend time alone with him.

She put all her thoughts away as they pulled into the driveway. Everyone was already inside since they were late to the party. It was dark out, and she could see lots of people through the front window with all the lights on in the house. She hated being late, and wished he would just turn around and drive back home.

"Slip your panties off and give them to me."

She looked up quickly at him, and shook her head. God no, that seemed so wrong when she was about to walk into the house with his family.

"Do it now, girl," he ordered, his voice firm.

Whenever he ordered her with that tone, everything in her seemed to obey, even when she didn't want it to. She slid her hands up under her dress and tugged her red lace panties down and off, groaning when the weight of her body rested on her bottom.

"Give them to me." He held his hand out to her.

Placing them in his hand, she watched as he stuck them in his pocket.

"Umm....you can't take those in there! What if they fell out of your pocket?!"

He grinned at her, "Then that would be really embarrassing for you, girlie."

She huffed, "I'm protesting...."

The words died on her lips as he leaned over close, his hand tugging her dress up enough to slide his hand up her thigh. Her breath caught when his fingers ran over her pussy and dipped in slightly.

"Hmm...wet much, girlie?" There was amusement in his voice, and she groaned in protest as he moved his hand away.

"Please Sir...."

But he was already moving to get out of the car, coming around to open her door. She put her hand in his, and resigned herself as they walk to the house.

She did everything in her power to stay standing, even though people offered her seats. She just shook her head and said she was fine standing. What drove her crazy was the grin that he gave her every time she was asked. She helped the women in the kitchen for as long as she could, just for another excuse not to sit down.

She made her way back towards the room where everyone was gathered, and paused in the doorway to watch him. He was laughing with his dad and some friends. She loved to watch him, loved to see him happy. He was more than she ever dreamed, and she spent every day trying to show him how much she loved him. He never stopped making her laugh or driving her crazy, and she wouldn't trade it for a second.

He looked up and caught her staring at him, his blue eyes connecting with her green ones. She mouthed 'I love you' to him, and they just held each other's gaze. He patted the chair next to him, giving her that look that meant 'come here now'. She didn't care how much her butt hurt at the moment, she made her way over to sit with him.

Everyone was eating and talking. She tried very hard to join in, but all she could think about was how much it hurt to sit. She shifted again and bit her lip to keep from letting out a small moan. He put his hand around the back her neck, his thumb rubbing circles over her skin, and leaned over to whisper in her ear, "Hold still."

Yeah like that's possible, she glared at him and shook her head. "Stop grinning so much, it's not nice," she whispered back.

That only made him grin bigger. He was such a sadist and loved to see her tortured. She rolled her eyes at him, which she knew he hated, and looked away.

She felt his chair scoot back, and turned to see him offering her his hand. "Excuse us for a second," he said to the people near by. She felt herself flush as everyone looked their way. Taking his hand, she followed him from the room and down the hallway.

"What are you doing?" she asked hesitantly from behind him.

He opened a door and pulled her inside. It was some kind of utility room or closet, she couldn't tell which because there was no light on. A second later, he pushed her against the door and pressed his body into hers. His mouth covered hers, making her moan in response and she returned the kiss passionately. His hands cupped her breasts roughly, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She could never be close enough to him. He pulled his mouth away from hers, his hands moving down to tug her dress up and slipping between her legs. She moaned and arched against his hand.

"Is this what you want, girlie?" His voice was next to her ear and she shivered.

"Yes Sir, please Sir..."

He plunged two fingers deep inside of her, making her cry out. His mouth covered hers as if to muffle her cries, as he slid his fingers in and out. It had been too long since she had an orgasm, and she was so on edge, it wasn't long before she was feeling herself spiral. She pulled her lips away from his long enough to plead.

"Please Sir, I'm too close...please Sir may I cum?" It came out rushed and breathless.

"Yes girlie..."

He didn't get to finish his sentence before she climaxed, pleasure rushing through her as everything in her tightened. God, she so needed that. Sagging against him, she tried to catch her breath.

He withdrew his fingers, and suddenly she felt them touching her lips. She shook her head no when she realized what he wanted. Those fingers were just inside of her, and she didn't want to taste herself.

"Now young lady, open your mouth."

She opened her mouth for him, and he slid both fingers in between her lips. The sweetness from her own pussy met her tongue, but she wrapped her lips around his fingers and sucked slightly for him. His breath hitched, which only made her put more effort into it, knowing that it was turning him on. She sucked as if it was his cock in her mouth, and the thought made her moan against his fingers.

"Fuck girl..." She heard him whisper as he pulled his fingers from her mouth.

"Please Sir, let me...please?" She wanted him, wanted to bring him pleasure, please him. More than anything.

He shifted them both so his back was to the door and she was in front of him. "On your knees."

She could hear him undoing his belt and unzipping his pants as she sank to her knees. She reached out to feel her hand up his leg in darkness, finding his cock and wrapping her hand around the base. Leaning forward, she eased the head into her mouth slightly, then licked down each side to wet it.

"I want to see you....close your eyes for a second...okay now open them," he ordered.

The light was on and the brightness made her blink a few times.

His hand came down to weave into her hair, his grip tilting her head up until she was looking at him. "Keep your eyes on me, girlie."

Seeing the intense hunger and need in those blue eyes, made her hot all over, made her want to give more to him. Not breaking eye contact, she wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked. The pressure from his grip in her hair made her take more of him, all the way back until he was pushing against her throat. She could taste him, and every time he hit the back of her throat, the heat in his eyes seemed to intensify. Moaning at his look, she tried to take him deeper. She sucked and swirled her tongue as she moved on his cock. She loved to do this for him, it made her wet and hungry to give him more. She swallowed against the head of his cock, making him groan.

He helped her find the rhythm he wanted, fucking her mouth as she moved his cock in deeper and then pulled back, again and again. Her eyes grew liquid as she watched him, everything in her grew heated and wanting. She could feel his body growing taunt as he suddenly held her head still, jetting his cum down the back of her throat. She sucked and swallowed all that he gave her, keeping her eyes still on his.

He let go of her hair, running his hand down her cheek as he pulled from her mouth.

"Good girl. Are you okay?" he asked, as he helped her stand and started to zip his pants up.

"Yes Sir," she said quietly, looking down to adjust her own clothes. She wondered what people thought they were doing, and felt her cheeks grow red in embarrassment.

"Oh my god, I can't go back out there..." She shook her head when he went to take her hand and open the door.

"You have to girlie," he said with a grin, tugging her hand until she followed and shutting the door behind them. "Just act natural."

Natural...sureeeee, like she could pull that off. Everything she felt or thought, reflected on her face, she could never hide anything. She seriously wanted to bury her face in his chest and not look at anyone.

"Umm....I'm going to get something from the kitchen," she murmured, pulling away from him. He let her go, his look saying he knew that she was hiding out, but he was going to allow it.

She made her way into the kitchen, making them both some tea and composing herself before heading out to the table to join him.

Everyone was talking and eating dessert, they didn't even notice her. She set down his tea and took her seat. He put his arm around her back, and his eyes moved over her face as if to make sure she was okay. She gave him a half smile for an answer, and then joined in on the conversation.

It wasn't too much longer before they made their escape, and drove home. When they walked into their bedroom, she heard him say.

"Girl, KNEEL. NOW."

She knew that tone and didn't even turn to look at him, just dropped to her knees. She lowered her head, waiting. It surprised her that he wanted to play after going out, but then she wanted nothing more than please him tonight.

She could hear him moving around the room but all she could see was the wood floor. It was not comfortable to kneel on and she was having to bite her lip to keep from moving.

Suddenly she could feel him behind her, and the ball bag came into view as he lowered it in front of her face. She opened her mouth to protest, but he was already pressing it against her mouth. He buckled it on and tightened it.

"Stand girlie and lean over the bed."

She stood, and laid over the bed. His hand rubbed over her ass, giving her a smack on her already reddened cheek.

"Spread your ass cheeks for me." He smacked the same spot again when she hesitated, making her move faster.

She reached back both hands, and spread her ass cheeks for him.

His fingers rubbed over her tight hole, making her stiffen in response. "Easy girl. Please me, and take what I give you," he murmured from behind her.

She relaxed into the bed, focusing on pleasing him by holding still. She felt the cold lube and a plug being pushed inside. He pressed the button and it started to vibrate. She groaned around the ball gag, pressing her pussy against the bed trying to get some relief.

His hand came down hard on her sore ass. "Up girl, strip naked and lay on the bed."

She stood and slowly stripped her dress and bra off in front of him, then crawled up onto the bed and laid on her back. He pulled her arms up over her head, tying them with rope to the bed frame. She could see him putting the ankles cuffs on, tugging each leg outward and tying them so she couldn't move. All she could feel was the butt plug vibrating in her ass, making her need him to touch her pussy. She wanted him inside of her, but she couldn't beg with the ball gag in her mouth.

He picked up the crop and ran it over her body, trailing over her nipples and down to run over her clit. She arched up and moaned around the gag, not taking her eyes off his face.

Then he snapped the crop against her nipple, and the repeated slaps over her chest and stomach, moving down to her thighs. She shook her head when he got close to her pussy, but he snapped the crop against her clit despite her protests. She squirmed and begged him with her eyes to stop. He slapped it again and she pulled at her ropes, groaning in protest. It was a sharp pain, but also made her feel every sensitive nerve that begged to be touched.

"Oh girlie, I think you're drooling," he said, grinning at her.

She shook her head in protest, turning ten shades of red and wishing he would take the ball gag out. It was humiliating, and she turned her face away so she couldn't see him.

The crop hit her pussy again. "Look at me girl, don't hide from me."

She moved her head back towards him, staring into his eyes. She felt intensely vulnerable laying her naked before him, letting him see her at her base needs, and powerless to hide away from him. It was like he could see into her soul and all that was flawed and imperfect, each part of her that she didn't show anyone.

He laid the crop down, and crawled over her, settling his weight on her. She tried to move, wanting him to be inside of her, but he slipped the blind fold over her eyes and kept her pinned there, unable to move. She felt him reach over to the side table, and then he shifted to lay beside her.

Freezing cold wetness dripped over her skin seconds before the ice touched her. She squirmed and moaned as he ran the ice around her nipples, making them harden. His teeth grazed her nipple, only to move and bite her other breast, his tongue trailing up to lap around her other nipple.

She writhed and groaned, her body almost feverish with desire. He trailed the ice cube down her stomach to her pussy, running it over her clit and then between her lips. The cold was deep inside her but all she cared about was his fingers were too. The cold disappeared quickly, she was so on fire inside. He fingered her slowly, driving her crazy with want. He reached up and hit her g-spot, curving his finger as he moved them, rapidly in and out until she could only feel the climb of her orgasm.

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