tagBDSMLearning to Be the Bottom Ch. 01

Learning to Be the Bottom Ch. 01


*Let me know if you liked the back story sorry if this lacks detail I will have a better story soon!*

You may or may not know me from the last story, I'm Sam. I'm a 31 year old single man with a well-paid job as an electrician and contractor with 20 other guys. 2 of them were in the last story; Jake and Dylan. They aren't really in this story, but this will explain how we got together and why I have such an...interesting sex life.

Before I was bi I was straight and had a girlfriend named Sophie who looked like my sister I kid you not! She had almost white blonde hair with deep blue eyes and she was the perfect height for me to kiss her head and the most ideal weight for me to pick her up, hold her against a wall and pound her. Yeah that's how my sex life went for the most part; me being on the top then everything turned when she wanted to be on top and get kinky. Now I'm going to mention we tried bondage before but it ended up with me being tried for rape...so you can imagine I was a little hesitant to try it again. Still I agreed to it.

We started out by going to my basement where I had set up a few bondage set like things and she tied me onto the bed I set up with ties on the head and foot boards. I laid on the bed trying to keep it cool but instantly I was turned on as Sophie strutted out of the next room in a black bra and crotch-less set. She stepped over to the bed where she stood at one side with her hands on her hips

"What are you here for?"

"To be your slave and to let you use me how you wish"

"How do you end that!?" she bent over and grabbed a flog and hit my chest as hard as she could. The tails hit my chest making my skin sting and burn! I pulled on the restraints trying to pull away from the pain.

"Mistress...I'm sorry Mistress please use me!" Sophie smirked and sighed pacing next to the bed. She whipped me again, then again making my skin burn and sting with every hit to.

When she stopped there was still and overwhelming sensation of being whipped still burning my skin. She put her fingers on my lips then ran them down my chest where she pinched my nipple! I called out in pain then she kissed my lips harshly and slapped my cheek. I felt something pushing on my lips so I opened my mouth slightly. Sophie slid a ball gag into my mouth and strapped it around my head firmly. The ball held back my tongue making it hard to breathe. Luckily Sophie started to do more around my erection distracting me from the lack of the ability to breathe.

Then I felt lips close around the head of my penis and suction pulling pre-cum out of the slit. The mouth took my 11 inch deep in its throat holding it sinking their teeth into my cock lightly. The pain forced a scream partly out of my mouth, the ball gag muffled all sounds and gave my teeth something to do. Then I knew it was Sophie on my cock, she bobbed her head then got off the cock slapping it. Once again pain! This pain was more than being flogged so it was imaginable I would be screaming like I was. She then picked her foot off the bed and stepped on my penis! Her high-heeled shoe dug into my flesh cutting off blood circulation and all feeling except for pain! I scream and bit into the gag, the shoe was removed and Sophie was lowering her pussy to my face. I couldn't lick her or do anything so I felt completely at her mercy, now is when I realize she didn't use a ball gag she used a strap-on like gag with a fake cock like thing sticking off it. She lowered her pussy onto my face cock putting her puckered up ass-hole over my nose.

"Do you like this slave!?"

She was now bent forward fucking herself on my mouth cock while stroking my cock.

The friction of her hand while smelling her sex made me explode 2 weeks-worth or cum into Sophie's hand. Sophie whipped the cum back into my pubes and slapped me hard pulling the gag out of my mouth "You whore did I tell you to cum!?" I gasped and apologized repetitively as she started to punch my pectorals.

After my punishment she pulled me up off the bed and tied me up with a rope over and under my pecs, and my arms behind my back with each wrist over my elbows. She walked around to the front of me and ran a hand through my hair

"One more thing....make me cum then you can fuck me." I nodded and she lowered the ropes allowing me to stay on my knees. Then she moved in front of me and laid down spreading her legs for me to enter her. I crawled forward and slid my prick into her twat, her spongy wet pussy walls squeezed my cock resisting all 11 inches pushing into it. I managed to get 9 inches into her and slowly started to fuck her the best I could. My cock slid out about an inch then went in again moving her feet just a little bit

"Come on pussy fuck me harder!" I bent over her and slammed my hips into hers as hard as I could without hurting my knees. Her pussy squeezed tighter pushing me out slightly as she came hard. She rode her orgasm out as long as she could moaning and panting while clawing my back.

When she was done cumming she crawled off my cock and untied me then seductively said "Now you get to fuck me" I kissed her hard winding my tongue into hers. I pushed her head into the bed and inserted myself into her and started to fuck her twat hard, power-fucking her pussy. She came 3 times while I pounded her until my balls emptied again into her pussy. Sophie laid next to me pushing into my chin letting the cum drip out of her used sex.

"I love you Sam...let's do this again!"

"I'm up to it if you are!"

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