tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLearning to Ride a Bike

Learning to Ride a Bike


Lucy was twenty-four and had never ridden a bike. "That's right Chuck, I can't ride a bike."

Chuck was Lucy's coworker, best friend, and sometimes lover. At the moment, they were lounging by the pool at the apartment complex they both lived in. "I thought everyone learned to ride as a child," Chuck said as he rolled his head to the left to look at his best friend.

Lucy shook her head. "I never did. I tried several times but never got the hang of it."

"You have good balance so what was the problem?"

Lucy sighed and shook her head again. "I would over think it."

"You do that with a lot of things," Chuck said with a grin.

Lucy stuck her tongue out at him and he laughed. "You even over thunk that the first few times."

A light blush cover Lucy's face and upper chest as she thought about the first time she had attempted to give Chuck a blowjob. It had been a comedy of errors on her part. She'd had no idea what she was doing. She had been overweight and extremely shy in her younger days. Even college had been all work and no dates.

"That was inexperience," she whispered softly.

"That was no experience," Chuck whispered in return and sat up. "There is a pair of old bikes in my mom and dad's garage."

"What?" Lucy said and then sat up also.

"I love to ride bikes," Chuck said and stood up.

"Well, I... uh..." Lucy started to say and then frowned. "Since I've never done it, I don't know whether I like it or not."

"There is only one way to learn. Get on that sucker and pedal, pedal, pedal."

Lucy looked up at Chuck, her eyes wide. "Are you taking about riding a bike or our sex life?"

"You're the one that fell in love with being on top once you tried it."

Lucy blushed again, only deeper this time as she looked around quickly to see if anyone was nearby. They were alone on this side of the pool. She glanced up at Chuck to see him grinning down at her. The blush felt even hotter as she groaned softly. Being on top had added a whole new dimension to intercourse. Chuck's dick deep inside her, his hands on her breasts, his eyes on her. That last was something that thrilled her somewhere deep inside.

Chuck turned and stepped over the lounge chair to stand right next to her. There was the start of a tent in the front of his shorts. Her eyes went there and then up to his face. He grinned again and whispered, "You being on top turns me on as much as it does you."

Lucy groaned softly and stood up. The lounge chair had her legs spread wide for a moment before she turned and swung her leg over to stand on the opposite side of the chair from Chuck. "It's not just the being on top," she whispered as she adjusted the front of her suit where her standing up pulled the material tight over her sex.

Chuck was smiling as he watched her adjust the one-piece suit. When she finished he said, "I know you like being looked at."

Lucy shivered and then sighed. "No one ever paid any attention to me until I lost all that weight."

"That's not true. I always paid attention to you."

Lucy chuckled. "Yeah but I'm not just talking about my breasts and ass."

Chuck laughed. "I looked at all of you but I guess I did kind of stare at certain areas more."

"Moving here was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Between you and the complex gym...."

"Exercise and sexercise can do wonders for people."

Lucy laughed. "At least I didn't fall off the exercise bikes."

Chuck nodded. "Which brings us back to the subject at hand, you learning to ride a bicycle."

Lucy took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I'm game if you are but make sure to bring a medical kit."

"I don't think we'll need it. I have an idea or two to keep your mind from over thinking," Chuck said with a wink.

"Uh..." Lucy started ask what he meant but he cut her off.

"Go put on that white v-neck sundress you look so good in and meet me in the parking lot."

"We're going to do it in the parking lot?" Lucy asked and then groaned as Chuck grinned broadly.

"Kinky but no, we're taking my truck to my mom and dad's house to get the bikes and then out to a park I know of with a good smooth winding road."

"So, you don't want any witnesses to me killing myself."

Chuck laughed. "Go change and meet me at my truck."


On the ride over to Chuck's parent's house, he reached over and pulled the front of Lucy's dress away to look at her bra. "That would be a whole lot sexier without the bra."

Lucy shook her head and replied, "Not the way my breasts sag it wouldn't."

"That piece of elastic that runs around under your breasts wouldn't let them sag."

Lucy squirmed as she said, "And my nipples and dark auroras would shine right through the thin material."

"And look sexy as hell," Chuck shot back quickly.

Lucy groaned as she thought about people seeing her dressed like that. "I'd die of embarrassment."

Chuck grinned and glanced over at his best friend. "No you wouldn't. You'd get horny as hell and we both know it."

Lucy groaned softly again and nodded. "Then I would die."

Chuck laughed as he turned into the street where his parents lived.


As they left the last red light in town behind, Lucy turned and looked at the two old bikes in the back of the truck. They were old single speed models. One had the center bar and one didn't. Chuck and his dad had checked them out, aired up the tires, and oiled the chains before they loaded them up.

"Those are bigger than the one I tried to learn on," Lucy said as she turned to face Chuck.

Chuck's eyes dropped to the expanse of bare thigh that was showing below Lucy's dress. She had her right foot on the floor and her left leg up on the seat, her knee pointed at his thigh. He was smiling as he looked up at her face. "My mom's bike doesn't have the bar so it'll be easier to get on and off of."

Lucy turned and looked back again. "Ok, if you say so," she said softly. Her mind was more on Chuck's eyes on her than the bikes. She liked to tease him on occasions and this seemed to be one of them.

Chuck leaned closer toward her and ran his fingernails lightly up and down along her inner thigh. Lucy shivered at the feathery touch and squirmed on the seat. She smiled at him as she placed her left forearm on the seat back and her right hand on the seat. She lifted herself up slightly and scooted closer to him. Her dress moved higher up on both her thighs.

"Nice," Chuck whispered, his eyes on her thigh again as his fingernails ran over her inner thigh. "I love it when you tease me."

"I... uh... kind of like it myself."

Chuck chuckled and rolled his eyes. "You're way beyond like at times."

Lucy felt herself blush but that didn't keep her from pulling her skirt up several inches higher. When Chuck looked back in her direction, there was a hint of white high up between her thighs. He licked his lips and looked back at the road with a grin on his face.

They rode in silence for a few miles until Chuck turned off on a side road running north. "There's not much traffic on this road now that the heat of summer is here."

Lucy looked at him out of the corner of her eye. "Are you hinting at something?"

"You can tease better if you put your mind to it," Chuck replied as his eyes went to her lap.

Lucy squirmed as she realized he meant for her to take off her panties. She whimpered softly and said, "I can't do that. What if we had a wreck or something?"

Chuck just grinned and continued to look at the road.

Lucy whimpered again and squirmed on the seat again. "I can't," she whispered more to herself than to him.

"It's easy. Want me to pull over and do it for you?"

The thought of her lifting her hips so Chuck could pull her panties off flashed through her mind. His eyes would be on her sex right out here in broad daylight. She groaned deeply, her sex tightening up, trying to grip something not there. "You're pushing buttons," she whispered.

Chuck laughed and nodded. "If I took those panties off, I'd have to lick a certain button while I was down there."

Lucy moaned at his words and the thought of him licking her on the side of the road. "I'd die," she whispered.

"Nope, just come like mad if I took three or four licks."

"Two... two would probably do it," she whispered and then blushed deeply at what she had admitted.

"So you're taking the panties off instead of me?"

"I... I... I..." Lucy stammered and then got out, "I've never been outside without panties or a bra for that matter."

"Then it's about time you did. Anyway, you're in this truck, not really outside, per say."

"I... uh..." Lucy said softly and then looked out the front window and then the back. She didn't remember seeing a car since they had been on this road. "It is kind of deserted."

"There's not much up this way but a small park and a few farms. There's no lake or anything at the park, just a few camping and picnic areas. You can show off as much as you want and only have an audience of one."

Lucy looked around again and then moaned softly as she realized she had lifted her ass an inch or so off the seat. She sat back down and looked at Chuck. "But there is a chance of someone else seeing."

"There is always that chance. That's one of the things that makes it thrilling."

Without letting herself think about it, Lucy moved her left foot to the floor, lifted her hips, and shoved her panties down to her knees. Her dress was now bunched up in her lap with her left legs showing almost to her waist. With a soft moan she let go of the panties and leaned back in the seat. Her eyes were fixed on the white material.

Chuck's attention was divided between the road and the panties. About the third time he looked at the panties, he whispered, "Kinky!"

Lucy giggled, which was something she had never done before that she remembered. Her left knee rocked from side to side stretching the material and then relaxing it. As her knee moved, she could feel the lips of her sex rub against each other. She made a soft whimpering sound and stopped moving her knee.

Chuck reached over and pulled the panties down below her knees. Lucy's eyes followed his hand until the panties fell out of sight. She could feel the cloth around her ankles as she looked over at him. "I... I... I..." she stammered and then groaned softly as she felt Chuck's hand on the inside of her knee.

She expected his hand to move up between her thighs but that didn't happen. Instead he pulled and lifted on her knee. She felt her panties hang on her sandal and wiggled her foot. The panties came loose and her knee ended up back on the seat pointed at Chuck's thigh.

Lucy glanced down quickly. Her sex was still covered by her bunched up dress. She shivered and then wondered what she would have done if her sex had been uncovered. Any answer was put off as Chuck hit the brakes hard and slowed to turn into a driveway at an old farmhouse.

When he stopped and then started to back up, Lucy looked at him funny. He grinned as he got the truck out onto the highway and started back the way they had come. "I missed my turnoff," he said as he glanced at the dress in her lap. "I was distracted."

"Uh... ok.... I thought there had been a change in plans."

"Not yet," Chuck replied with a grin as he started to slow the truck again. He turned into a narrow road with a sign that said Willows County Park.

The road was straight for a ways and then angled to the right to open out into a parking lot with covered pavilions around the edges. There wasn't a car in the lot. Chuck drove across the parking lot and took an even narrower road at the back. The road had a one-way sign at the entrance.

"This goes in a circle by the campsites," Chuck told her.

The road was winding as it went through the woods. They passed a dozen campsites. All of them were empty. When they returned to the parking lot, Chuck pulled to a stop in the shade of a big tree next to the entrance to the narrow road.

He left the truck running but put it in park. He turned slightly to Lucy and ran his eyes up and down her body. "Now for the second part of my plan for you to learn to ride a bike."

"And that is?" Lucy asked but had a good idea what it was as his eyes were on her breasts.

Chuck's eyes came up to look into Lucy's as he said, "That bra has to go."

"But... but... but..." Lucy stammered as she looked around the wide-open parking lot.

"There's no one here but us and we can see someone coming from a long ways off."

Lucy leaned forward and looked past Chuck at the road leading in. She could see all the way to the bend. Looking at Chuck, she asked, "How is me not wearing a bra going to make it easier for me to ride a bike?"

"It's very simple. With no bra or panties on, you'll be more worried about someone seeing you than over thinking riding a bike. All that time on exercise bikes will kick in and off you'll go."

Lucy's eyes got wide at the thought of her panties being off. She groaned softly and rocked from side to side as the idea of being outside without her bra or panties kicked in. Then the thought of riding that crooked road without them crossed her mind and she groaned even louder.

"What if... uh... someone comes in to go camping?"

"Unless they have a motor home with air conditioning and a generator, there's not much chance in this heat."

"But... but... but..." Lucy sputtered and then groaned softly as she rocked harder. Her clit was tingling where it rubbed against the folds of her inner lips.

Chuck reached out to put his hand on her shoulder to stop her rocking. "You're going to come sitting right there if you're not careful."

Lucy giggled loudly and put her hands over her mouth. She lowered her hands and took a deep breath. "Better here than trying to ride that bicycle."

Chuck grinned and nodded. "Uh... yeah. I see your point."

Still grinning, Chuck turned off the truck and got out. He walked around the front of the truck and opened the passenger door. "Slide over here," he said.

"Uh... what are you up too now?" Lucy asked in a soft whisper.

"Come over here and find out," Chuck replied in a like voice.

Lucy shivered and moved her left foot to the floor. She remembered her panties and leaned over to take them off her right foot. As she straightened with the panties in her hand, Chuck reached out and took them from her. Her pressed the balled up cloth to his nose and took a deep breath. He licked his lips with an exaggerated motion as he lowered them.

"You smell delicious," he whispered.

Lucy groaned as she shook her head sharply. "You can't.... Uh.... You... uh..." she said and then groaned even deeper as he licked his lips again.

"Better here than on the bike," he whispered a moment later.

Lucy groaned and moved over closer to the door. "You... uh... out here, in the daylight, I... uh... wouldn't last long enough for you to touch me."

"I kind of figured as much," Chuck said as he reached out and turned her on the seat to face him. Sliding over and turning had her skirt mostly at her left hip but her sex was hidden from his eyes.

When Chuck looked down at her lap, Lucy did the same. Her breathing missed a beat. She wasn't sure if it was relief that she was covered or disappointment. She moved her feet from side to side and then hooked the heels of her sandals on the sill of the door. Her knees were six inches apart but her sex seemed to be covered.

Lucy looked up at Chuck's smiling face quickly. "If I squatted down, your sex would be right in front of my face," he whispered.

When Lucy gave out with a little gasp, he reached up and slipped the shoulder straps of her dress off her shoulders and pulled the front down below her bra. "Shall I or do you want to take it off?"

"I... I... I..." Lucy said quickly as she turned at the waist and looked toward the entrance road.

With a quick grin, Chuck reached out with his right hand and popped the hooks loose on the back of the bra. Lucy gasped loudly and grabbed the front of her bra as it loosened up over her breasts. She held it in place as she turned back toward Chuck.

"I... I... I..." she said again and then groaned as Chuck reached up and pulled the bra straps off her shoulders.

"I'm watching the road," he said reassuringly as he slowly started to squat down, his hands going to the hem of her dress.

Lucy's mouth worked but nothing came out as she watched Chuck slide the hem up and up and then above her sex. The dark hair was trimmed short and neatly so it didn't show around the edges of her bathing suit.

When Chuck put a hand on each knee and pushed outward, she didn't resist. As her knees went wider and wider, she groaned long and loud as she pulled the bra off and lay back on the seat. All thoughts of the road in or other people vanished as his slick tongue glided along her inner thigh toward her sex.

The thought that he was looking directly at her pussy in broad daylight in the middle of a public park and was about to lick her there, made her lift her hips off the seat. Her legs and hips were shaking she realized but that was washed away as his tongue touched her slit and moved to roll and flick her clit.

The orgasm was sharp and sweet and rolled on and on as Chuck continued to roll her clit around. The few times that she had allowed him to lick her pussy had always been in a dark bedroom. The orgasms had been quick with a sharp yell from her followed by her pushing his head away very soon after. This time she was flexing her hips and totally silent.

Chuck looked up along her body to see she had a breast in each hand massaging and squeezing them. Her body was arched up with only her shoulders on the seat. He was smiling as he lowered his head and ran his tongue around the opening to her sex. It was sweet and very, very wet. He plunged his tongue inside as deep as it would go.

Lucy let out a soft yell and flexed her hips up and down faster, fucking herself on his tongue.


Lucy sighed and opened her eyes. She was still lying on the seat with her legs spread wide. Her hands were covering her breasts and her dress was pulled down to cover her sex. Her mind was still wrapped in a pink fog from all the chemicals floating around in her brain. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"So you did live after that monster," she heard Chuck say from somewhere outside the truck.

"I'm... not... sure... yet," she said between deep breaths.

The deep breaths seemed to clear her head some and eased her heavy breathing. Slowly she sat up and looked around. The parking lot was still empty and Chuck was standing a short ways away next to the two bikes.

As she pulled the straps on her dress up and got her breasts settled in the front, she looked around for her bra and panties. She didn't see either of them. "Where are my bra and panties?"

Chuck grinned and replied, "I put them in a safe place."

Lucy moved forward on the seat and stepped out of the truck. She held onto the door for a moment. Her legs were wobbly. She took a moment more to straighten the front of her dress. She looked down to see the dark circles under her nipples clearly visible through the thin cloth. Her nipples made tents in the material.

With a shiver, Lucy looked toward the entrance road. What would she do if someone came into the park? She looked at the front seat of the truck as a half smile crossed her lips at the thought of diving inside and hiding.

"Are you ready?" Chuck asked.

"Uh... not really," Lucy replied.

"We'll push the bikes up the road to the first bend and then we can begin your riding lessons."

Lucy turned to get back in the truck and then took a long deep breath and let it out slowly. Her mind wasn't on riding the bike, it was on the monster of an orgasm she'd had on the seat of the truck. It had been like none other. The why of it was easy. Being outside, the bright sunny day, the possibility of someone seeing her naked. It had all added up.

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