tagBDSMLearning to Serve

Learning to Serve


The first of every month mistress sets a time aside for teaching rituals! She was very excited this time because she wanted to deepen our relationship and completely and totally take over me with her whole being. Part of the ritual was getting very clean inside and out. Two coeds were assigned by mistress as attendants for our bath and discipline sessions. We first took a shower in our own private bath off the main Roman Bath. We were each given enemas so our assholes were squeaky clean. Having a clean body soul and spirit is a must for the ritual!

Sometimes it is necessary to be scourged prior to the ritual to rid oneself of unforgiveness and any unconfessed sins so there will be nothing that will be in the way to stop the power of the ritual. For this ritual mistress insisted that we both be scourge strapped to the wooden horses in the Roman Bath at the foot of the pool. Mistress loves to watch slaves whipped and tortured while she bathes. Even though it is painful, the scourging does make me think about my life; the cleansing effects are very powerful. The first time I balked at the scourging, mistress personally administered the whipping using a single tailed whip, cleansing me until I begged for mercy. I was crisscrossed with welts and marks for weeks. As soon as she felt I could take another whipping she took me back to the playroom and scourge me again with even more intensity. I never said no to her again. Mistress relished my obedience to the lash. She welcomed me to come and kneel at her feet begging for a confessional whipping. Never refusing to lash my bare flesh, mistress made sure that I was more than repentant when she finished.

The sexy blond that took care of my bath entered dressed only in a strapon dildo and carrying a full enema bag. She had taken care of me before so I already had a respected fear of this young lady. She was an eighteen year old coed but well trained by mistress in the arts of female domination and discipline. Her nipples were erect and her body was oiled scented with perfumed flower nectar. Giving me a nasty respectable smile her hand reached for my sex. Grabbing me by the balls she led me into the shower immediately bending me over. Sticking the nozzle into my butthole, hanging the enema bag on the shower head, the fluids began entering my colon causing my stomach to immediately cramp. Standing in front of my face she grabbed my ears yanking my mouth over head of the dildo forcing me to suck her "cock" while I was bent over taking the enema. She aggressively shoved the 9in. dildo all the way down my throat cutting off my air causing me almost black out from the lack of oxygen. I was quite fearful because mistress gave the attendants an open book to discipline me as they pleased; as long as there were no permanent injuries and I did not give them my seed without mistress permission. Holding my breath for least a minute she finally pulled the head of the dildo out far enough so I could take a quick breath. I gasped for air and she pushed it right back in again blocking the passage. Mistress taught her this technique so that I would value one of the key elements of mother earth, "air".

The enema session lasted fifteen minutes as I gagged and grew light headed from the lack of oxygen. My belly was full and cramped from the unknown watery solution injected into me. I was quite embarrassed from the forced hosing she gave me. Laughing the coed confessed that I had just taken a nice warm piss enema fresh from her own bladder. Slapping me hard across the face she sent me to the toilet still giggling. I was light headed and red faced from the forced breathing exercises as I sat on the toilet breathing heavily and wondering what was next.

As soon as I relieved myself of her piss offering, the blond took me back into the shower and began soaping me all over, using her breasts and pussy to massage the suds all over my flesh. She had me wash her as well since we were already familiar with each other's bodies from other intimate times. My cock was constantly erect after the enema, so the blond took advantage of the situation. Soaping my erection up real good for lubrication she bent over and allowed me to enter her experienced butthole. This young coed loved to be fucked in the ass. She knew she was going to be fucking my asshole soon so she wanted some on the side as well. With a warning that I had better not climax I pushed the head of my cock into her tight anus very slow. As soon as she felt my plum sized head pass her sphincter muscle her asshole seemed to open up for me as it swallowing all 7in.of my shaft whole. Using her well trained anal muscles on the shaft of my cock, squeezing down like a vice, she began fucking my cock with slow in and out movements. I had to hold my breath again concentrating so that I would not shoot my wad. Cursing my name my young coed promised the scourging she was going to give me will definitely make me pay for fucking her ass. Working my cock for a good fifteen minutes she came fingering her clit as she fucked herself with my stiff dick.

Pulling off my cock the blond turned around and gave me a long lingering French kiss. She placed my hands on her strapon dildo telling me to stroke it to remind me that if I took a good whipping she would pleasure my asshole. She kissed me fully on the mouth as I fondled her "cock". We both dried each other off with fluffy towels and made ready for the next part of the ritual.

Grabbing me by the balls I was dragged into the Roman Bath. Mistress was already there with her maid servant; who also wore nothing but a strapon dildo with the flogging whip in her right hand. Mistress desired that both of us be whipped over the wooden horse, bound and helpless as we watched each take to lash. Mistress volunteered to be first; her long haired brunette quickly strapped mistress into the horse and stepped behind to begin the scourging. Asking if mistress had anything to confess before the scourging so that she could be fully cleansed of any guilt, her disciplinarian waited for an answer. Mistress wanted to be chastised for disobedience to the goddess in all areas of her life; she desired to serve the goddess and to become more proficient at female domination. She told her lady not to hold back the lash and to use this time to serve the goddess to chastise her for disobedience. I pushed face down prostrating myself as a whipping began.

The sound of the flogger on bare flesh was deafening, with each blow Mistress cried out loud as her back, ass, and legs were beaten. I watched her flesh turn red and begin to swell marking her whole body with tiny welts. Her body writhed from side to side in rhythm of the lash. There was no mercy as Mistress began crying out to the goddess which made her persecutor bear down harder with the whip, causing her to cry out louder. By the time the scourging stopped mistress was shaken deeply in tears and out of breath. With an unsympathetic attitude her aggressive attendant spit on mistress asshole for lubrication and impaled her anus with the 9in cock strapped to her waist. With one well place upward thrust of her sexy hips she buried the dildo in mistress nether body cavity.

As mistress took her ass fucking, my coed attendant yanked me by the balls to the second horse facing mistress. Forcing me over the seat she strapped my ankles and wrists so that I could not move. I too was asked for a confession. Answering honestly, loud enough for mistress to hear; I said that I was a disobedient slave, unworthy of her attention. I needed a good whipping for all my disobedience and unwillingness to give more of myself. I give myself to the goddess and ask for no mercy. As mistress heard my confession she smiled as her whole body convulsed from the rear ending she was getting.

Standing behind me the naked dildo strapping blond with whip in hand raised her arm and cursed my sins asking the goddess to bless the whipping. Mistress insisted I pay for my sins seven fold. I was to take seven sets of twelve lashes on my bare back and seven sets of twelve lashes with a razor strop across my bare ass cheeks. Mistress enjoyed my cries and painful contortions as I fought my bindings as the blond pounded my back with the flogging whip. The flogger that was used on me was made of rubber with 39 1in. wide straps. The sting was more prominent than the deer hide flogger used to whip Mistress back. I could feel the blond getting closer and closer to me pushing the head of her dildo into my anus as she whipped me. Loving this technique of buttfucking and whipping at same time she had learned from mistress. By the second set of lashes she had already empailed me up on her dildo and was fucking my ass. Every time she launched forward with the dildo, she whipped my back with the flogger; a great technique and a great feeling of pleasure and pain. As my ass was being opened my back was being inflicted with welts from the lashes. My coed attendant loved giving pain; by the time she graduates she is going to be one mean mistress.

After receiving all 72 blows of the whip she stopped fucking me and grabbed the razor strop. Striking my ass immediately I cried out on the first blow and didn't stop until she completed all 72 latches across my bare ass cheeks. I was shaken and on fire I could hardly move, my eyes were soaked from crying. Mistress across from me had a big smile on her face even she was still being fucked in the ass. A huge puddle of pee was on the floor because mistress had relieved herself as she was fucked. The coed behind me dropped her razor strap and pushed her 9in. dildo back into my butthole. Part of my penance was being to be ass fucked for a very long time bent over the wooden horse in front of my owners. I was not used to being ass fucked especially in front of other people, which was very embarrassing to me. The pressure on my own bladder from bending over the horse and being ass fucked was too much for me and I began to piss out of my erection like a fire hose watering the floor under me.

We were finally unstrapped from our wooden horses and taken back to the private bath for a soothing cold shower and massaged with a special healing ointments. We were given nourishment and a small glass of red wine which seemed to help us relax. Once we recuperated, mistress called for her two most hung Nubian studs. The attendants' hearts began to beat faster knowing they would be on the receiving end of 12in. cocks. Mistress two boys arrived and five minutes escorting the young coeds to a private bedroom behind the reflection pool. While mistress and I took a quick swim in the pool, by the third lap we could already hear the girls crying out as their asses were penetrated and fucked deeply which pleased mistress immensely knowing how much her coeds had caused us pain during our penance. She told me that the girls have a lot to learn especially about discipline.

Luring me out of the pool we both dried each other off and headed for the second bedroom next to the pool. The room was dedicated to the goddess Diana. A large statue of her greeted us at the door we both lay on our bellies and kissed the feet of the statue. Mistress ordered me to crawl to the bed while she boldly walked naked inviting me to her with open legs and arms. We had paid our dues and suffered a penance delivered to us through the whip and the dildo. Now we could boldly perform our loving ritual with the blessing of the goddess. Inviting me up on the bed to join her I stepped into her web knowingly that I would be ensnared by her spirit losing more of my individuality to my mistress.

Kissing me firmly on the lips mistress sent me into a trance. Relaxed in a deep sleep I began to live inside her fantasy dream. A beautiful feminine naked being glistening like the sun, wrapped her arms around me, and began kissing me just like mistress. My cock became rock hard as the mystery lady pushed me on my back straddled my hips, slowly lowering herself on my cock, swallowing my erection with her mouth like vaginal muscles.

As she clamped down upon my shaft I was suddenly surprised that she also had a cock that was now probing my asshole like a snake. The head of her member seemed to have eyes as if it knew where to hide, sliding deeper inside of my anus. The tighter her vagina held my cock the deeper her cock probed my asshole. I was being fucked from both ends at the same time by this seemingly angelic being. My whole body was paralyzed and I could not move, yet I was in a state of ecstasy. All the sudden I could feel the entities tongue began to slide down my throat and choke me. I could not breathe except that the entity was somehow keeping me alive.

My cock was being kneaded by her vagina muscles and her large penis was fucking my asshole, which was growing to the size of a python making me feel very uncomfortable inside. To my astonishment her tongue that was almost down my throat split in half; it went down my esophagus and the other half traveled down into my lungs. The part that went into my belly was beginning to feed me a very soothing nutritional subsidence; the part that went into my lungs was actually feeding me what seemed like pure oxygen making my brain remember everything. Out of her vagina muscles I felt another probe began to enter my urethra burning the inside of my penis.

Her vagina was stroking the outside of my shaft as the burning probe stroked up and down the inside of my penis. I could actually feel my urine being sucked out of my bladder. Her snakelike penis traveling deep into my colon began to spit an unknown substance inside of me making my stomach cramp. I felt as if my whole body was being taken over by this angelic spirit. I tried struggling at first but the nurturing I was getting from all the strange feelings and fluids relaxed me so much I gave in to her. After the probe inside my penis swallowed my urine, it began to probe even deeper and I could feel it inside of my left ball. She was searching for my fresh semen. My balls began to throb as every last cell was being sucked from me.

Once the left ball was empty I could feel it travel to my right ball sucking it dry as well. The emptiness felt as if I was kicked in the balls yet I was so relaxed I didn't even care that all the energy was being sucked from my body. All my sustenance has been taken care of by this beautiful being; she was breathing for me, feeding me with her loving nectar, and pleasuring my cock with her vagina, as she vacuumed my sperm for her creative forces. My prostate gland was being stimulated by her snakelike cock as it spit intoxicating fluids that was being absorbed into my body. Once all the sperm was sucked from my testicles the entity began releasing her tentacles from my body. I was totally drained but very relaxed.

The loving spirit seemed to back away into the sun and then totally vanished. I awoke from the trance and there was mistress on top of me naked nastily smiling. Looking down at my cock it was flaccid as if it had been deflated. My peehole was inflamed and my asshole was oozing an unknown substance. The sweet taste of honey was in my mouth. My balls were completely drawn into my body and aching painfully. Sticking out her tongue it magically looked as if it were split in two hissing at me like a snake. Mistress pussy was dilated as if she had just been fucked. Her clitoris was sticking out of her hood a proud two inches as if it had just been fully stimulated. I tried to ask her what happened to me but she only touched her middle finger to my lips silencing me, whispering to me this was only the beginning of my ritual submission to her. I fell asleep in my mistress arms!

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