Leather and Lace


Leather started working my penis in his hands. "Your cock feels so sexy and smooth now, son," he said. "I love your thick foreskin and can't wait to feel you in me again."

"I want to feel you both in me," Lace admitted, "this girl is feeling left out."

"I'm sorry, I just am so new to this feeling," I said.

We dried off and headed to the basement where I learned they had set up a sex room. The room had toys lining shelves and tubs and jars of oils and lubes. There was a TV and Lace immediately started a video of her having sex with Jason. They guided me to a set of king size mattresses on the floor and I lay down while Leather picked out an anal toy that was thin but long. He lubed it up and had me bend over with my butt high in the air. Lace stuffed her vagina in my face and so I began to lick her vagina and clitoris. Leather slowly inserted the probe into my anus and then turned it on. The sensation felt so good I moaned loud. I could feel Leather begin licking my anus as he worked the toy in and out. "So smooth and tasty," Leather said. "You have a delicious boy-pussy, son."

I began fingering Lace. Leather started sucking my smooth testicles from behind and stroking me. He pulled the probe out and fingered my tight anus, feeling it from the inside. "So smooth," Leather said.

"Fuck me, sir," I said. I couldn't believe it when I said it. It was like he was teasing me. Lace laughed with pleasure as I begged to be penetrated. Leather didn't waste any time in obliging my demand. He pressed his little penis into my anus and at first it hurt but then felt like a really good bowel movement. He slowly slid in and out of me, forcing my chubby cheeks apart so that he could get his entire penis in me. He thrust in and out and I moaned while eating Lace's vagina. Her smooth vagina looked great as I lapped at her juice. Lace pulled away and spun around so we could 69 while her husband gave me his whole length. I could feel pre-cum lubing my anus as my sphincter milked his member of his sticky fluid. I could hear Jason on the TV ordering Lace to gag on his big black penis. I took my cue, "gag on my cock, you slut," I said and as soon as I did, she swallowed every inch.

Leather penetrated my anus with delight and seemed eager to spill his seed within me. I was eager too but wanted this to last. Leather sensed that I wanted it to last and he pulled his penis free of my anus and offered it to Lace who gobbled it down. I then got up and lay on my back, tempting Lace with my erection and she mounted me. Lace rode me hard as I felt Leather approach her from behind. He slid his penis in along side mine and our penises rubbed together. Lace leaned in to my ear and said, "I want you in my ass."

She pushed Leather back so that I could get up and I repositioned to get her from behind. I slid my penis into her tight anus as Leather stood over her and fed me his penis. It tasted like peppermint. "I used a special lube that relaxes your sphincter so it doesn't hurt. It also tastes like peppermint," he said. I continued sucking his penis and testicles while I anally penetrated his wife. Her moans accented his as my mouth began to learn his sensitive spots. His smooth penis began oozing more pre-cum into my hot mouth as I sucked harder and deeper. Lace began convulsing in ecstasy as she came hard.

On TV Jason's big black penis spit out its pearly white nectar onto a waiting Devita's mouth. I looked back up at Leather as my tongue worked his penis and he looked at me with lusting eyes. I pulled his penis from my lips. "Fuck me, sir," I said, "and don't stop 'till your hot cum is dripping from my well fucked ass."

Leather penetrated me from behind and thrust in quickly, burying his short length deep in my waiting wet anus. I could feel his penis spasm as he ejaculated his sticky sweet load into my butt. His semen dripped out and Lace spun around to lick his seed from my smooth scrotum. "Mmmm," she moaned, "you popped his cherry, Leather. He's soon going to need bigger cock to feed his tight ass."

Leather pulled his shriveling penis out and lapped at my anus with his wife. She fingered me and pulled more of his precious load out to her own lips and shared some with him. "Who wants my cum?" I asked. Leather answered by turning me over and sitting on my still erect penis. His wife's spittle acted as a lube as his sphincter milked my erection. I loved how he felt from the inside. Lace straddled my face and her vaginal ejaculate dripped onto my mouth as she started sucking Leather's small limp penis. I licked happily as she sucked him and he rode my penis better than she did, knowing where to pause to maximize the sensations.

The phone rang and Lace got up and answered it, taking it upstairs so that our noises wouldn't be heard. Leather leaned down and kissed me, rubbing his little limp penis against my big belly. Semen still leaked from it and it turned me on as he rode me. "I'm going to cum, sir," I moaned. Leather got up and stuffed my penis into his mouth just before is exploded. He licked it up and down, letting my cum play on his tongue and lips like a dirty old man.

"You like dirty old men, don't you, son?" he said and I nodded. "I've got video of me being fucking by four older men from about ten years ago. It's one of the hottest and nastiest videos I've made. Would you like to watch it?" I nodded again. He sucked my penis till I went limp and I fondled his mature flaccid member.

"Have you been with many men?" I asked.

"Twenty or so," he said, "but I have never felt for them what I am feeling now. I want you to stay forever and I'm sure Lace wouldn't mind."

"But what about Jason and Brenda and Devita...?" I started.

"You'll get to know them and if you want you can be with them too but if you didn't you would just be for Lace and I."

Lace came back down. She put the phone back on the cradle and lay down next to us. "That was Jason," she said, "he was wondering if we wanted to party this weekend."

"What did you tell him?" Leather asked.

"I told him that we were busy but would get back with him," she said as we all laid there in the floor and fondled each other.

"His wife is cute," I said candidly, "she's no Lace but she's still fine."

Lace smiled at my compliment. "Her pussy is big and sweet too," she said.

"It would have to be with that monster cock that Jason has," I laughed. Leather got up and put in another home-made feature, this one having him getting it on with four older men. He was younger and had more hair. The men all took turns using his holes and hands and Lace leaned into me as I watched Leather eat load after load of salty sperm. "Quite a performance."

"He likes giving his best," she said.

After watching the video we went up to the garage again and they had another smoke. Lace stayed close to me and kept her hands on me at all times. "Leather, do you think Devita would like my cock?"

"Son," Leather started, "Devita is going to have to get in line. Jason is going to want a piece of you first and I think you are going to love the attention. If that's what you want."

I thought about it for a while. "I'm game," I said. Lace smiled and kissed me.

"Just remember," she said, "at the end of the day you sleep with us, especially me." She took a long drag off of her cigarette and put it out. After exhaling, she went back inside and called Jason, telling him that we would all like to hang out the following day and plans were made. Leather and I played with each others testicles while he finished his cigarette.

His hand groped and stroked my smooth genitals. I held his scrotum in my hand, admiring the size of his large testicles. "If you think mine are big you should feel Jason's. They are huge," he said.

Lace returned and she started feeling our scrotums like she was weighing them. "You both still have way too much cum in there," she said. "Leather, why don't you show him how I like to have you?" she said. They both smiled. I followed Leather back down to the basement while Lace grabbed some beers for us. Leather pulled a penis pump from a shelf. Leather lay on the mattresses and I watched as he began to pump his little penis up. His penis grew right before my eyes to a length and girth almost as large as mine. I was amazed and turned on. Lace started rubbing my penis, knowing that I was turned on. "It's nice, isn't it?" she said.

"Very nice," I said. I walked over to him with my beer and watch as he pulled his swollen member from the device. "How big is it?" I asked.

"It's about seven and a half. You hungry?" he asked. I took a few drinks of my beer and then leaned down to his throbbing piece of meat. I rubbed it and watched as he set the cock ring at the base. He pushed his big penis into my mouth and I liked how it throbbed on my tongue. As I sucked his big cock head, Lace fit the device over my penis. She pumped and pumped as I sucked and sucked his thick and throbbing penis. I could feel my penis filling the tube and I could hear her ooh and ah over its new size. I continued sucking her husband's cock as she fit a cock ring around the base of my now massive penis. As she removed the tube I could feel her hand explore my penis.

"I want that in my pussy," she said, "look at this, Leather. Look at how big his is." Leather pulled his fat penis from my lips and guided me onto my back. As I looked down at my own penis I couldn't believe it, it was about eleven and a half inches long and my foreskin was thick and juicy looking. Leather sixty-nined me while Lace rimmed him. His penis gagged me and I could tell that he couldn't fit me completely in his mouth. He worked my foreskin with his tongue and I struggled to swallow his entire length. As I succeeded, I heard him moan and gag on my penis. Leather bobbed on my penis and savored my pre-cum.

He pulled my fat penis from his mouth. "Fuck my ass, son," Leather said, "Fuck me like a bitch." I pulled Leather's penis from my mouth as he positioned himself on all fours. "Stuff that fat cock deep into my faggot ass!" I started by rimming his anus which is already loose from all the sex we've had. I tongue inside his hungry sphincter and finger him. "Fuck me, son," he begged, "fuck me like a dirty faggot whore."

"Give it to him so deep he can taste you," Lace said.

I stuffed my monstrous penis into Leather's back door. He moaned in a combination of pain and pleasure. My scrotum rubbed against his as I reached the head of my uncut penis deeper into his anus. Lace crawled underneath Leather in a sixty-nine position and began suckling his fat penis as Leather leaned down and licked her clitoris. I pulled Leather back against my pelvis by his shoulders and thrust deeper into his anal cavity. His loud moans made me harder and harder. I could hear Lace gagging on his pumped and engorged erection and that made me harder as well. I pulled my penis from his hungry anus and leaned down to lick its gaping opening. I could easily get my tongue to taste the inside of his sphincter and I could feel Lace rubbing my penis to keep it hard as she gobbled on Leather's fat penis. I used my fingers to spread his anus open like a vagina and continued licking the inside.

"Oh, son," Leather moaned, "you're such a dirty boy."

I replaced my member deep into Leather and pulled out, teasing his sphincter with repeated penetrations until I couldn't take the teasing myself. I then began to wildly thrust my penis in and out of him like a piston. Our sweaty scrotums slapped together and made fantastic sounds. "I'm going to cum!" I admitted and Lace pulled me from her husband's buttocks and swallowed my penis head while I ejaculated into her thirsty mouth. After every drop had been given I leaned back and rested while she sucked Leather to completion. While watching her eat all of his semen I was reenergized and I moved in a position in front of her wet vagina. I dipped the head of my penis into her like a finger into a honey pot. She moaned and I slid the rest of my girth gift into her. She wasn't as tight as Leather but she was wetter and had better control of her internal muscles.

I noticed Leather leave the room to go to the bathroom and I pulled Lace closer. Her breasts were full and her nipples were erected and pressed against my chest. Within minutes of me penetrating her she was moaning in orgasm but I didn't stop. We kissed and I could feel her vaginal juice dripping down my testicles. "You are such a hot lover," she said. We copulated for a few more minutes before I pulled out and we cuddled.

The following morning I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking and a hand rubbing my morning wood. Lace was pulling my foreskin back and forth. "It's not as big as it was last night but it's still bigger than it was when you got here," she said as she licked my pee-hole. "I hope you're hungry," she continued between licks of my perineum, "Leather is making his famous eggs." She took my penis deep into her throat and gagged. She proceeded to mount me and rode me, rubbing her breasts in my face. I suckled her nipples while she slid up and down on my erection. "I want you to cum in me," she whispered in my ear, "I wanna feel what Leather feels when you dump your sticky load in him."

I scooted down on the bed and angled my erection so that I could thrust it freely into her waiting vagina. I pulled her close and began to move my hips up and down, sliding the length of my penis in and out of Lace's wetness. Soon, I was leaking pre-cum into Lace. "Are you on birth-control?" I asked.

"I can't get pregnant, honey," she moaned into my ear as she began sucking it. I thrust deeper and deeper. "Cum in me," she begged and shortly I released my load into her deep vagina. She pulled me close as I spasmed again and again. "That's a good boy," she said as we hugged. Lace rolled off of me and we cuddled a minute or two more. "I bet you have to pee," she said as she helped me out of bed and into the guest bathroom. She held my penis and aimed it as I peed. "I'm going to have to shave you again, we don't want that stubble giving anyone rug burn," she giggled.

I dressed and Lace and I went down to the kitchen. Leather was serving up breakfast. I watched as he fingered Lace vagina and licked it. "He feels good in you, doesn't he?" Leather said to Lace. He continued serving up the breakfast.

Lace smiled and looked at me. As we ate the phone rang. It was Jason. He and Devita were on their way and wanted to know if they should stop and pick up anything. Lace told them to pick up some beer and booze and then gave the phone to Leather who took it in the other room out of earshot. When he returned we finished our breakfast and Lace and I went to shower while Leather washed dishes.

As she and I showered I began to wonder how her and Leather met. "How did you two meet?" I asked.

"We met in one of those groups that meet for sexual addiction," she said. "The stories of how he used to get himself off at the gym while he watched other guys in the shower always got me wet. That's where he had one of his first public encounters with a guy. It was one of the guys who worked there and it was late at night and they were both in the steam room and one thing led to another and they were giving each other hand jobs." Lace told me all this while she lathered up my body. I lathered up hers as well and soon I found my penis getting hard as she lathered it too.

"How did you meet the others?" I asked.

"Same way we met you," she said, "we used to do this thing in chat rooms where I would suck him off in front of the camera and let people watch. One night, Jason happened to be watching and he let us watch him jack off. After a few nights of that we invited him over and to our surprise he brought his wife Devita. She has to be the hottest bitch I've ever been with. She still surprises me with some of the nasty shit she does."

"Like what?" I asked.

"One night she had me pee on her. Another night she got on the net and chatted with these guys. She talked them into showing us their cocks on cam." Lace continued lathering me up as she told me of her naughty experiences. "These were all straight college guys from what we could tell. We got on cam and it became a game of if you want us to do it, you have to do it. If they wanted us to kiss they had to kiss and so forth. The next thing I know they are all sucking each other while her and I take turns going down on each other. It was hot. I still get e-mails from a couple of the guys telling me about how since then they've been to gay clubs and experienced other men."

She pulled a razor down from a shelf and began to shave me. She gently stretched my scrotum and shaved it. She then had me bend over so she could shave my buttocks as smooth as it was the night before.

When we stepped out of the shower, forty-five minutes had passed. We could hear Leather talking to someone in the living room and when we went down we found that Jason and Devita were there.

I felt a little shy suddenly but Lace helped to introduce me. Jason was about six feet and four inches tall. His hair was set in corn rows and he was freshly shaved. Devita was about five feet and seven inches. Her breasts were full and her hips were nice and thick like her butt.

"Leather said he broke you in real good last night," Devita said.

"He says you are quite the dirty boy," Jason added.

I smiled. We had some drinks to help loosen up and soon Devita was naked. "Didn't I tell you?" Lace said to me, "she's a hot one." Devita began rubbing on Lace.

"How's my dirty bitch been?" Devita said to Lace as she kissed her.

"I've been enjoying this one," Lace said as she pulled me close.

Devita reached her hands into my shorts. She fondled my genitals, exploring the smoothness, even reaching under to feel the smoothness around my anus. "Jason has been eager to try him out," she said as her fingers tickled my scrotum. Jason came over.

"How does he feel?" Jason asked.

"Big and smooth," Devita said as she smiled. "I think Lace just shaved him." Jason pulled my shorts down and cupped by testicles. He rubbed my smooth scrotum and the size of his hands dwarfed my genitals.

"He's got to be the biggest white boy I've ever held in my hands," Jason said as he fondled my foreskin, "and uncut to boot." He turned his attention to my anus. Jason rubbed it and let his fingers feel my puckered sphincter. Leather went downstairs and called the rest of us down. Jason helped me take my shirt off as we went down the steps.

When we reached the bottom, Devita and Lace took their clothes off. I was amazed at how sexy Devita was. Her dark skin in contrast to Lace's pale complexion made her look like an ebony goddess. "You like what you see?" Jason asked. I nodded. Jason rubbed my penis as it engorged with blood. Leather was already naked and rubbing his penis when Jason guided my head down to it. I began sucking Leather's penis as Jason rubbed the numbing lube on my sphincter. I could feel him finger it and lick it.

"Do him good, Jason," Devita said as she and Lace rubbed each other's vaginas. "Make that white boy beg."

Jason's fingers were large and I could feel him using two and three as I loosened up. His tongue wet my hole and whet my appetite for his penis.

"Please fuck me," I begged. The look on Devita's face told me that she was surprised that I was eager to receive his big black rod. She guided Lace's face to her crotch and Lace began to lap at her pink lips. Jason pressed the large head of his penis into me. At first it hurt but as he eased it in, I loosened up more. He reached under and stroked my hard-on, making sure to use the foreskin's sensitivity to his advantage. I sucked Leather in deep as Jason drilled my rectum with half of his length. I soon found my fingers deep in Leather's loose hole. Devita reached over and stroked me so that Jason could concentrate on my anus. He spit several time on my butt-crack, letting it run down and lube me. Devita's hands felt good on my smooth skin as she jerked me hard.

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