Leather and Lace


Soon Jason's rhythm picked up and he was plowing me hard. Every now and then he would force his entire penis into causing his big hairy scrotum to slam into mine with such force that it hurt sometimes. His testicles were the size of eggs and very weighty. Jason grabbed my shoulders and pulled me off of Leather's penis, thrusting his giant erection so deep, I thought I might cry. Leather leaned up and kissed me before he turned over on his belly and spread his butt cheeks. Jason guided me over to Leather and let me bury my face between Leather's cheeks. Jason slowed enough for me to penetrate Leather's loose and naturally lubed anus with my tongue.

Devita fingered the opening of my penis while Lace fingered her vagina and anus. I could taste Leather's well-used sphincter. Devita pulled me away from Leather's delicious hole. She brought her breasts to my lips and let me suckle their large areolas. Leather repositioned under me so that my penis entered his loose anus. Every thrust that Jason made pushed me deeper into Leathers rectum until Jason and I were to the base. Jason pulled his penis from my anus and I backed out of Leather slowly, letting the head of my penis tease his juicy hole. I thrust in and out several times, watching as Leather's anus would slowly contract after each go.

Jason took a penis pump and slid it over my penis. "Get it big and you can fuck Devita and I all night," Jason said. I proceeded to pump while I watched Devita suck him and Leather. Lace licked Devita's vagina and anus. As my penis filled the empty tube, Jason took more notice. He took the tube off and sucked on my penis, enjoying the foreskin. He shared it with Devita and I enjoyed watching both of their full lips receive my large white penis. "Mmm," Jason moaned as my pre-ejaculate dripped from his lips, "you are a tasty mother-fucker."

"I want you both in my pussy at the same time," Devita begged as she leaned back and spread her legs. Jason guided my penis to her waiting opening and sucked it to wet it. He then pushed my penis deep into his wife's hungry hole. As we copulated, Devita rolled me onto my back and allowed Jason to slide his fat member into her vagina next to mine. Our penis rubbed together and Devita and I kissed as I felt fluid release from her vulva. Lace straddled my head and I ate her vagina while Leather buggered Jason. We must have been a nasty sight. Soon I could feel Jason ejaculating in Devita and he ordered me to do the same. His semen lubed her hole and I ejaculated soon after. Devita moaned as more juice exploded from within her. Jason pulled his large penis out and pulled mine out. He sucked my penis clean while Leather continued anally violating him. As Leather made moans that he was about to finish Devita raised her openings high. Jason slid off of Leathers penis and guided it into Devita where he finally shot his load.

"I love all that man-malt in me," Devita admitted, "it makes me feel like a dirty slut." Lace began licking the drippings from Devita's gaping hole. I began rubbing Devita's clitoris and used the juice collected within her as a lube. I kissed her and sucked her thick lips. Her tongue explored my mouth as we looked into each other's eyes. She rubbed my still hard penis with her manicured hands and milked pre-cum from its hole. "You have the biggest cock I've ever seen on a white boy," she said, "I want you to fuck Jason while I suck his big juicy dick." She leaned down and sucked me deep. She didn't gag as her tongue licked my testicles. I held her head as she deep-throated my penis.

Jason had Leather prepare his anus with lube and numbing gel. After the lubing, I leaned in and licked Jason's black, puckered sphincter. "This black ass is gonna milk that cock of all it's juice," Jason announced, "when I'm done with your dick you're gonna wish every hole was this fucking deep and wet." I pulled my foreskin back and slid the head of my penis into Jason's anus, slowly exploring his butt with my probing rod. He buckled a couple of times but didn't tell me to stop. I soon found myself in good rhythmic thrusts. "Damn," Jason begged, "fuck me like you hate me. Hate fuck my black ass, white boy!" I thrust harder and deeper, smacking his testicles with mine. I pulled his hips back into mine while Devita enjoyed orally washing his penis.

I loved watching my white penis disappear into his black butt and I could tell that Leather and Lace enjoyed watching as well. They both seemed to take a break from their activities to watch me bugger Jason like a he was a whore. After a few moments of just watching, Lace climbed under me and began licking my anus with a loving tongue. Within a few minutes I found myself preparing for another explosion. Devita noticed.

"Pull out of him and cum in me, honey," she said, "I want more of your nut." I eased out of Jason and slid my pulsating penis into Devita's wet vagina. With a few thrusts I emptied my load into her while Jason stood over her. He waved his penis in front of me and it looked like a black, hooded cobra dripping venom. Jason's venom was sweet and I opened my mouth to accept it. Devita's wet hole drained my penis of its juice while I let my tongue explore the mouth of Jason's penis serpentine black penis. Remnants of semen oozed into my mouth as Jason pumped my cheeks and throat.

Devita pulled herself from my penis and watched me orally satisfy her husband with my novice throat. I gagged several times but felt secure taking his length deep into my tight esophagus. "You're a cock-hungry faggot, aren't you?" Jason said, not really asking but stating an obvious fact. I pulled his penis from my mouth and saw that it was coated in my sticky saliva. I suckled his testicles and stroked him as more clear venom dripped from his snake's mouth. He tasted sweet and I couldn't help but eat more. I sucked him for what seemed like hours while Devita, Leather and Lace continued with their own orgiastic activities. Jason seemed content with penetrating my mouth.

"Jason really likes him," Lace said.

"This boy's a good fuck," Jason responded.

Occasionally I would sneak a look at Lace, Leather and Devita. Devita was getting penetrated by Leather while Lace rode her face. Soon, I was hard again and Jason laid back and had me sixty-nine him. His throat expertly worked the glands of my penis and eventually we were thrusting into each other's mouths. I could feel his muscles tense as he readied the delivery of his juicy sperm. I prepared my mouth by sucking his penis like a straw and the anticipation made me close in on my own orgasm. Suddenly, we were exploding seed into each other's mouths and I carefully swallowed every drop. I forced his penis deep into my throat one last time and as I pulled him out, I sucked every bit of juice I could from it.

When I got up, Jason was smiling and had semen dripping from his full black lips. "That was fucking good!" he exclaimed and he got up and guided me over to where Leather was spasming sperm into his wife. "Normally, I like to clean up," Jason said, "but this time I think I'll let you. You've earned it." He laid me down and soon, Devita was straddling my face. Her vagina immediately began dripping it's cargo into my waiting mouth. Load after load that had been pumped into was now mine to enjoy and I loved every ounce. She leaned down and gave me a suck while I fingered her and begged for more man-juice.

After a few lusting minutes, I could see that there was no more honey in Devita's jar. She climbed off of me and soon, we were all up in the living room drinking and having conversation about everything from goals in our life to favorite movies. Eventually Jason and Devita had to go and we said our goodbyes. Devita promised to send me nasty pictures of herself in my e-mail and Jason promised that we would all meet again.

After they left, Leather, Lace and I retired to their room. There, Leather and I double penetrated Lace before we fell asleep. I lay between them and they both held me tight.

The next morning I woke to the sound of Leather shaving in the bathroom. I approached and he turned and told me that Lace had gone to the store to get some stuff for dinner. He then noticed that I was waiting around. "If you have to go to the bathroom, just go," he said, "you don't have to be shy around me."

"It's not number one," I said.

"That's okay," he said as he turned on the fan, "I'm not worried about it. Go poop."

I made my way over to the toilet and as I sat down he set his shaver down and kneeled in front of me. He began to work my penis in his hand. "Ever had a blumpkin?" he asked.

I shook my head no.

"It's when you get your cock sucked while you poop." He stroked me some more. "Do you have to pee too?"

I nodded.

"Go for it," he said and he aimed my penis into the toilet. I peed and he shook my penis off. He began sucking me and he cleaned the remaining pee off without question. I got hard very quickly in his mouth. He cupped my testicles and sucked deep. Within a minute or two I could feel myself relax enough to evacuate. His mouth brought me to completion quickly and as I exploded into his mouth I dropped my stool into the toilet. I came hard and he ate every drop. We kissed and I could taste my morning load.

I prepared some toilet paper but Leather took it from me. "Let your slave do that, sir," he said. He reached under and wiped me. After a few passes he dropped the paper into the toilet and had me stand. Leather had me bend over so that he could visually inspect it. He wiped again, gently and when he finished he stood me up and we hugged. Our penises rubbed together. "You're one of the best male lovers I've ever had," he said and we kissed. Our tongues mocked the actions of our penises.

We heard Lace come home and we both went down stairs to greet her. "I have a surprise for you," she said to me. She pulled a box from a bag. In the box was a mask mad of denim. "You can call yourself Denny," she giggled. I put it on.

"I gave him a blumpkin," Leather announced to Lace.

"How did you like it?" she asked me.

I grabbed Leather by the bulge in his underwear and pulled him over. "I enjoyed every bit of it," I said. "He cleaned me up real good too." I bent over the counter and pulled my underwear down so that they could both see my anus. Leather got the hint. He spit into his hand and rubbed it on my smooth opening. Afterwards he slid his erection into me and thrust madly. "Fuck your master's anal cunt!" I demanded. Lace enjoyed the show as Leather pumped in and out of me. I moaned as he penetrated my anus repeatedly. I could feel his pre-ejaculate lubing me from inside. "Harder!" I ordered and soon he we pumping his load deep into my love pocket. Leather pulled his dripping penis from my dripping anus. Lace cleaned him off and then cleaned me out.

After breakfast, we went back down into their sex room. Leather put on a tape of Lace. She had several men around her and was being done every way possible. Leather and I took turns penetrating her vagina. It became a gaping wet hole after a while and Lace offered her anus for us. We accepted and we penetrated her anus. Soon we were both in her and our penises rubbed over each other. I kissed Lace as I ran a finger in and out of Leather's mouth. He sucked my finger like a little penis, licking it up and down. Lace's tongue explored the inside of my mouth. Leather pulled out of Lace and I could feel him lick where my penis entered her anus.

I pumped vigorously and could feel my testicles preparing a small load. Leather pulled me from Lace's backdoor and sucked it before putting it back in. I squirmed and shot into her. Leather began fingering me while he cleaned my penis. Lace and I continued kissing while Leather readied my anus for his penis. I felt Leather slowly guide his erection into me and pump. It was only a few pumps before he finished.

After Leather finished we all laid on the bed rubbing and caressing each other. "We should do these weekends more often," Lace said.

"Absolutely," I agreed.

Leather suckled my nipples while he played with my sticky foreskin. I continued kissing and fondling Lace.

After a while, we all went upstairs and I gathered my things. Lace gave me a video of her masturbating, "something to get you through the day," she said. I kissed them both and gave them hugs.

The ride back to my dorm room was dull in comparison to my weekend. I had to hide the video in a place that my roommate wouldn't find it. When he asked where I had been, I told him I had been at a friend's house.

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