tagIncest/TabooLed Astray Ch. 04

Led Astray Ch. 04


The next morning I woke to the feeling of a warm tongue sliding in and out of my pussy. Looking down I saw mother's eyes peaking over my muff. Her eyes darted to grandpa laying next to me. His cock was in a semi-hard state, I took it between my lips. Running my tongue on the underside as my mouth clamped around his shaft I felt it grow in thickness and length as I raised and lowered my head. Poppy's eyes opened giving me a big smile.

"What a wonderful way to waken... Thank you sweet granddaughter... Oh I see mommy is busy too... Come up her Gail and let your old father-in-law get a good morning taste of that sweet pussy."

Mom pivoted around keeping her mouth on my honey hole. Laying on her side, love lips at Poppy's face, we resembled a human triangle... Mom eating my pussy while I suck grandpa's cock and he licking Momma's cunt. The action became more furious as each tried to out do the other. I was the first to cum... followed by Poppy filling my mouth and then mother. Laughing, we fell back kissing the juices from our lips.

Mom invited me to shower with her. We giggled like two school girls as we lathered the others body, paying special attention to titties, pussy and butt cracks. Grandpa joined us as we were rinsing off so we were obliged to lather his dick and give him a two-fisted hand job. While dressing mom asked if I wanted to go shopping. After breakfast, well it was really brunch since we got up so late, we left instructing Poppy to behave himself. He handed his credit card to mom and told us to enjoy.

Mother took me to a special boutique which carried very erotic clothing and adult toys. Mom handed me a vibrator and an eight inch cock shaped dildo.

"Renee I think you're ready to have some of these for your own enjoyment... Let's see if we can't find some sluty outfits... hehe... You think they have matching mother and daughter attire? Your grandpa will love having two sluts to play with."

Laughing we tried on several combinations. We settled on garter belts, fishnet stockings, crouch less pantyhose, see through bras, thongs, sexy lingerie and a sexy maids outfit for me.

On the way home mom told me that daddy wasn't due back till tomorrow so we could play the rest of the day. Poppy was waiting for us with a big smile on his face.

"I found some of my old videos, I think you'll like these... Wow you sure did some shopping."

"What till you see what we got grandpa... "

Mom and I went into her room she undressed telling me to get naked and lie on the bed.

"There are a few other things I want to teach you... Stretch your arms above your head and spread you legs. Mommy is going to teach you to be a good little slut."

She took ribbons from the drawer and tied my hands and feet to opposite bed posts. She assured me she would not hurt me but wanted to give me a taste of light bondage. Mom turned on the vibrator and teased me by holding it against my pussy lips and between my butt crack. She held the tip of he vibrator on my anal opening and shoved the eight inch dildo in my very wet cunt, ramming it back and forth. Next she pinched my erect nipples hurting them, yet it still felt good and they got even harder. I had never experienced anything like it in my life... god I was cumming... And cumming.

"There now that wasn't so bad... What did you think?"

" Don't know what to say... It hurt but I liked it... And what a great cum. Do you like that mom?"

She told me her and daddy had experimented with light bondage but never got too rough. And yes she enjoyed it. Mom invited me to try the dildo on her. What fun... I fucked her with the with the rubber cock while she screwed me with the vibrator.

I put on a see through nightie and mom put on a short robe. We entered the family room and grandpa howled.

"What took you so long?... Hay, you two are the hottest sluts I've ever seen. Come over and sit with Poppy... I want to show you the video I found."

Mom sat on his left and I on the right. Mom took out Poppy's cock and motioned for me to join her in stroking. Poppy hit the play button. The video showed Poppy with two beautiful young Black women. Oh my god... they were twins. One was sucking his cock while he licked the other's pussy. Speaking of pussies... mine was getting wet. Mom and I decided the real thing was better. I began sucking his hard cock. Mom stood up.

"Hay dad you know what I would really like?... A good old fashion butt fuck! Are you up to it?"

Poppy nodded. Mom got the jell out of her bedroom and told me to lay on the floor. She knelt over me, her pussy just above my head. Grandpa knelt behind her. He smeared the lubricant on his finger. She moaned as he manipulated her asshole. Covering his shaft he slid it in. Mom wiggled back as I reached up with my tongue and began licking her hanging love lips.

"Oh shit... this is... good... this is sooooo GOOD." Mom cried out.

Poppy was banging her butt, I was eating her snatch. Mom dropped her head to lick my slit. It didn't take long for mom to cum... Then me. Poppy pulled out and the dam burst. He shot his wade over mom's ass and my face. Yummy!

"Oh Frank called while you were out... He finished up early and will be home around seven."

"Hell dad that's less than two hours from now. What the hell were you thinking... not telling me before now?"

"Well darling I just forgot... You know the mind goes before the old pecker... At least I hope so."

Mom sent me in to take a shower and she and Poppy talked. When I came out she gave me the black garter belt, fishnet stockings, the maids outfit and her three inch black heels. Poppy took me upstairs and helped me get in to my sluty outfit.

The time for daddy to arrive was near so we crouched at the top of the stairs like two kids waiting for Christmas. It wasn't long before the door opened. Mom greeted dad in her white lace body suit. It was crotch less and had opening for her boobs to hang out.

"Hi... what the hell is this?... Why are you dressed like... "

"Don't you like it?... Renee and your dad are out so I thought I could give you a welcome home surprise... I'm so horny Frank."

Dad removed his suit coat and mom literally tore his shirt off leaving his tie around his neck. She began to kiss and lick his chest... biting and pinching his nipples. Daddy was loving it. Mom slid to the floor and pulled down his pants. His cock flew up like a jack in the box when she yanked down his shorts. Mom jumped up and reaching back, grabbed his cock leading him to the bedroom. Leaving the door open she pushed dad on the bed. We snuck down the steps to witness mom tying him to the bed.

Dad looked so cute all stretched out still wearing his tie, his cock at attention. Hmm very similar to Poppy's, which he was now stroking. Mom put a blindfold on dad kissed the head of his throbbing cock and motioned for me to come in the room. My lips replaced my mother's as I licked my daddy's dick from base to head and back again.

"Oh Gail... oh momma your tongue feels so good... god baby suck it... Suck my cock..."

I opened my lips and engulfed my father. My nose nestle down on his balls. Wanting to give him the best blow job of his life, I slid my hand in my sopping pussy and eased the well lubricated finger in my daddy's asshole. I grabbed his balls squeezing each time my mouth descended and my finger probed his ass.

"OHhhh my god... Oh baby you've never... Ohhh Oh honey I'mcummng... Momma, your daddy's cummmm... Ohhhh... Hell woman that's the best blow job you ever gave me!"

Daddy broke his hands free and tore off his blindfold.

"What the fuck?... O my god my daughter is sucking me off... RENEE what... Gail?... dad?... "

Mom was stroking grandpa's rod as they sat on the bedroom couch laughing.

"Pretty good isn't she son?... how do you like your little maid? "

"Yah Frank, your dad broke your little girl in and taught her how to suck cock... among other things."

"But she's my daughter... and dad... you're fucking my wife too?"

"Oh daddy I wanted to suck you... I love your cock... Was I good?"

"Yes baby... you were wonderful... but..."

"Daddy, grandpa took my pussy cherry but I'd like you to fuck my virgin ass... Would you daddy?... Would you butt fuck me?... Please."

"Are you sure honey?... Daddy would love to fuck his little girl's hiney."

I knelt on the edge of the bed and daddy stood behind me. After fingering and greasing my rosebud he placed the head of his cock at my opening. Holding his rod he wiggled and eased the knob in. 'Ohhh' He was so big.

"You okay baby?... Let me know if it hurts too much... god you're tight..."

"No... no daddy keep going... Ohh uhh... Yes daddy. Yes... All the way in... Ooooo..."

I felt his fullness... I thought my asshole would split. But Oooo it felt sooo good. Daddy began a slow rhythm picking up the pace with each thrust. His balls slapped against my pussy. Poppy had mom kneeling on the couch fucking her doggie style. Oh it was wonderful... my daddy butt fucking me and grandpa drilling mom.

"Oh baby... your daddy is gona... Ohhh cum... oh fuck... I'm cumming in my little girl's ass... Ooohhhhhh..."

I felt daddy's hot cream fill my butt as he erupted. Falling forward on the bed, dad put his arms around me and we kissed. I told him how I wanted to feel his big cock in my pussy. With a big smile he nodded. Grandpa and mom joined us on the bed. It was a sea of arms, legs, pussies, tits, butts and cocks.

Grandpa suggested we form a family daisy chain. Poppy licked mom's cunt while she sucked daddy's cock who ate my pussy as I mouthed Poppy's prick. Some one hollered switch and we changed to gramps eating me, I'm on dad, he doing mom and she Poppy.

That was the beginning of a very special summer. For the most part we walked around the house naked. If someone wanted a suck or fuck it was there for them. My favorite was when daddy and grandpa would do me at he same time. Nothing like a cock in the cunt and one in the butt or mouth. I must admit I also enjoyed watching mom getting a double penetration. Of course mom and I got our licks into each other, if you know what I mean.

I was going away to college in the fall and I knew my family would give new meaning to "parents week."

(I want to thank the readers for your story ideas and encouragement.)

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