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LeeLee's Attaker


Note to readers: The story below is based on actual events. Nothing You are about to read is fake. If you cannot handle true stories and only prefer fiction please do not continue reading, If not enjoy.

The auditorium smelled of must and moth balls, I hated it. School was the worst part of each day and now with my new breasts high school was filled with awkward stares and rude gestures from steroid filled boys. I was short and thick showing off my athletic body and curves thanks to my Puerto Rkcan and Nigerian heritage. With jet black hair to the small of my back it was no denying I was an exoctic beauty, but a band kid who was the star chess club member was not what the boys liked.

I went to school on the "ghetto" side of my small town and was an English Teacher's dream; Not one ounce of slang in my vocabulary. High honors and a great future ahead of me.

Being a school on the poor side, the school often took kids who were in there late teens or early adult hood for extra help to get their GEDs; they were known as "Alternate" and were kept in the back of the school where they couldn't interfere with the others. The only class near them was band and chorus rooms.

It was right after my most recent spring concert and I was assigned to clean the whole auditorium stage by myself. I closed off about 20 stands before some one walked in. He was tall and muscular, I never saw him around but his school I.D was a clear sign he went to school with me and I was at ease. He had a dark complexion and was handsome with an almost animated smile.

He approached me and grinned, "You need help?" I was to shy to even imagine a boy was speaking to me so kindly.

"I'd love some" I said in an almost faint whisper. He leaned forward to hear me and I could see his newly trimmed facial hair and smell after shave. I turned away from the smell in disgust.

"Do I smell?" He laughed loudly breaking the silence of the room.

"No!" I said nervously afraid to insult my first male encounter.

"You have a boyfriend? Or a crush? Someone who has your heart?" He smirked as the question brought my cheeks to a slight red. I grabbed some chairs hurriedly,

"No I only worry about school. None of the men in this school are even worth me glancing at." I heard the conceded tone leave as it was too late to take it back. Curse the Hispanic in me!

"Ouch! Am I not good enough for you?!" I could tell he was joking but he couldn't hide the seriousness in his tone.

It put fear into me for reasons I couldn't explain. I stopped in my tracks to face him, determined to see how far I could push I turned on my heels to face him. With my eye closed and my head up high I smiled and said a playfully serious no.

I didn't hear him and squinted one eye open to see if I taken it to far. He wasn't there though, and I was positive I never heard the door. Shaking it from my thoughts I went back to cleaning and turned around to run directly into his chest. I fell over myself and the chairs and laughed at my clumsy self, but he found no humor in it. He reached his hand out to help me never breaking eye contact. I refused, still being stubborn.

With a quick movement I felt wind blow my hair as he landed his right leg into my bicep. I fell back and cradled my new bruise. I wound up a kick but he caught my leg before I could land the blow to his lower thigh. I stilled not knowing what to do or say.

I was only 18 with the weight of 125. Athletic and strong yes, but nothing compared to him. He saw the submission in my eyes and held out his hand.

"Stand." He ordered me and I grabbed his hand and let him pull me into him. He knotted my hair around his fist and led me into the wings of the stage away from light or doors.

I glanced at the clock and saw I had about an hour and five minutes till anyone realized I was missing. Damn those extended double periods.

He led me to the wall corner

" You ever put a man in your mouth?" I felt tears roll down my face in anger and fear I knew what was coming and I had to find a way out.

"Get on your knees and ill be nice."

I looked at him as if I was searching for a human left inside this monster that had me. I spit in his face with everything I had smiling as I mimicked the scene from Titanic. He pulled my hair forward and brought his knee up 3 times until my body fell to my knees.

"Say ahh my little slut." I looked at him and opened my mouth before pushing my forehead against his Dick hard and fast. He pulled my hair down and to his right in one quick motion catching me off balance and having me tumble down the 5 steps to the auditorium seating.

"You filthy bitch you'll pay." I started to get up and run down the isle when he yanked my hair back causing me to fall on my ass he dragged me to the wall

"Open your mouth"

"No!" He banged my head against the cement walls.

" Open your fucking mouth!"He banged my head against the wall 4 more times. I threw up and felt a warm stream of blood trail down my neck. He pinned me to the ground and sat on me right above my groin and used one hand to hold my tiny wrists together while he wailed on my ribs.

" I'm going to make you wish you listened baby doll. Now you're mine." He wrapped his hands around my throat

" Beg for me to fuck you and I'll stop" I held my ground for about a minute before I could no longer take the burning in my lungs. He loosened his grip and gave a smile,

" I'm waiting."

"Please fuck me" I whispered. He ripped my pants off and stuffed my Wednesday underwear into my mouth.

"Why aren't you wet slut? You don't like me" I watched him free himself with one hand as he massaged my pussy with the other. I never seen a man before and I couldn't look away.

He was throbbing at the sight of me and I instinctively tried to squirm away but with an elbow to the ribs I was quickly reminded I was his. He removed the underwear from my mouth and replaced them with his four fingers till I gagged.

"Better make my fingers wet, we wouldn't want to hurt you" I didn't understand what it meant until he used my spit to lube me up. I felt his member press against me and thought about how it wasn't going to fit. He had to be at least 7 Inches long and an inch and half thick.

"Have you ever had sex slut?" I shook my head no quickly trying not to let him hear the fear in my voice. He lined himself up with my tight virgin hole and with one quick movement pressed his hand hard on my mouth and plunged himself deep in me. I screamed as the ripping and burning feeling took over my body in waves of spasms and tears.

I felt warm fluid run down to my ass. I swung with my free hands and landed blows until he couldn't stand my heavy hits and used his belt to tie my flailing limbs to the leg of a chair. I kicked my legs and wiggled doing anything to stop the pain between my legs.

"Please! No please I'll open my mouth . I'll listen no more please I'm sorry!" I sobbed and quickly mumbled the words, but watched as they fell on death ears as he plunged himself deeper and deeper with each thrust.

I screamed again and was punished with the underwear stuffed back in my mouth. He massaged my pussy and kept increasing his speed. I felt my body tense and with it my back arched.

I knew this feeling. I recognized it from the many curious nights I touched myself. My body was betraying me with an orgasm. He sensed it too and quickly stopped leaving me tired and thankful for the break.

"Your pussy likes me doesn't it?" He removed my gag "Tell me you like my dick!"

"Fuck you!"

"Have it your way then sweet cakes."

He pulled my v-neck shirt under my breast and teased my newly developed 32c breasts. My nipples grew hard under his touch and he pulled and twisted harder and harder "Tell me you like my dick and I'll stop the pain."


"What does MY slut like?"

" I like your dick.."

"NO! Say this slut loves your dick!" I sobbed hard but was brought back to reality with the searing pain in my nipples.

" OH GOD STOP! This slut loves your dick " I spat through tears

"Good now I'm going to fuck you and I want you to keep saying I'm a dirty cock whore." He started to fuck me again one hand on my clit the other loosely around my throat.

"Say it" I shook my head and was greeted by a new pain. He twisted my clit

" I'm your dirty cock whore" I said on repeat until he brought me to my first orgasm.

" Thrust into me, fuck yourself on my dick and don't stop till I cum. You had your fun it's about me now." He put both hands around my throat and choked me while I tried to thrust into him.

He would let me get close to passing out then smack my face to wake me. I felt my second orgasm build

"Nn nn, this one is for me." He rammed Into my cervix hard causing me pain Until I felt his dick twitched in me. He pulled out quickly and released himself on my breast and face. He rubbed his balls on my face and laughed as I squirmed.

I was just happy it was over I never realized him get back on me.

"One last thing for all the Trouble I went through."

He put his semi hard dick against my ass hole and I kicked furiously

"Stay still and I won't fuck your ass"

I stopped moving and twitched in pain As he pushed his head in past my tight ass. I waited for him to thrust but instead felt his body relax as he released a large load of hot piss into my bowels. The feeling was disgusting as I gagged from how sick he truly was.

He took my underwear and stuffed them in my ass and got up to look at his work. As if dissatisfied he spit on my face and landed a few more kicks to my ribs before walking out and leaving me tied to the floor.

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