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Legally Binding


Bartholomew Thorne had died peacefully two weeks ago. The industrialist, famous county wide for his timber business had been 85. Much revered and respected he had an extended family but only one son, who buy the will of God was at present in the best sanatorium money could buy. It was the day of the will reading and the group of interested parties sat a little shocked in the office of W Grimbald; the deceased long serving friend and lawyer. Grimbald a man in his 70s himself looked up over his glasses.

"There is no mistake. I'm afraid these were his last instructions. All possessions and monies apart from his real estate to be donated to his son's asylum."

The group held their breath. The family estate a baroque mansion and sculpted gardens paid for in the boom years of the twenties had graced the cover of many a style magazine. It was worth millions in today's prices. After a pause he continued.

"Mr Thorne's estate is to be retained so that one day if his son is cured, he will have somewhere to return to."

As nieces and distant cousins sighed and shrugged their shoulders one family member's eyes lit up. Sat at the front in an inappropriate blue plunge neck dress was Michelle, the sexy wife of Bartholomew's only son.

Michelle took a deep breath her chest rising in front of the old spectacled man. The man ignored the distraction, clearing his throat then continuing.

"There are a few private matters between myself and my client's daughter in law. Therefore if you may all excuse us now, thank you so much."

As the party left there were a few bitter glances and shaking of heads. Michelle had married into the family five years ago. She had been twenty five, twenty years the sons junior. At that time he had already begun to show symptoms of delusion, however the family firmly believed she had driven him over the edge. Accusations of affairs and deceit abounded, but he had been committed to the asylum long before any divorce proceedings could take place.

Once the door finally closed shut Grimbald looked up at Michelle. She was stunning. A natural blonde with sculpted shoulder length hair she had many features to admire. A high cheek boned face with long lashed eyes. Pouting lips colored a light aqua marine blue to match her dress. She was curvaceous her large hipped ass hiding the small seat she sat on, her long legs crossed. But Michelle knew her best asset was her firm, silicone breast; 38 inch possibly more. They nestled in her v neck fabric pinned by an expensive and sturdy lace bra.

She opened her mouth to speak, but looked a little surprised when Grimbald raised his hand.

"Wait Mrs Thorne, I've something to show you."

The old lawyer opened a drawer removing a paper bag with video cassettes in. Michelle sat a little nervous, was she about to see the fruits of some private eye paid to spy on her?

The video recording began. It was Bartholomew, her dead father-in-law staring at her.

"Hello my dear," he began not showing any emotion. "The will and testament has probably been a shock to most people but not you. I'm sure you've been advised that you could make a claim in relation to my son and his responsibilities to his wife."

He said wife with a sarcastic twist looking straight out from the screen.

"Even now you could appeal my wishes, but take my word it would be a long hard fight."

He coughed, and then continued. "So I've decided to cut you a deal you little witch. My property is to be signed over to you providing you meet my demands. The paperwork is in front of you; it's all legal and above board." He grunted in a little pain. "Let's make it clear I've never liked you and all that money I spent on having you followed and never proved anything. But I know you very well, believe me."

The lawyer sat impassively. Michelle a little agitated but fully in control of her expression. She gave a mock look of surprise her lips sensually parting ever so slightly in a silent gasp. She thought back. "No wonder your little spy never told you anything."

The investigator hired by him had made a catastrophic blunder early on and she had caught and confronted him. It turned out to be his lucky day. Michelle continued her clandestine meetings and once a month she let the PI fuck her brains out in a seedy motel somewhere. He'd been a fat old bastard somewhat like her crazy husband, but every month he got a pay-cheque and the attentions of the curvaceous Michelle; and she got foil her father in laws little games. She shifted on her seat a little uncomfortable remembering the PI's obsession for spunking on her shins and feet.

"Pity his heart gave way," her thoughts quipped; remembering how she'd left him stone dead in that motel room just a few months past.

The video continued breaking her dirty memories.

"So here it is. My friend and confidant Mr Grimwald will require you to follow my instruction to the letter. By tomorrow morning if you have, my estate will be yours."

Grimbald pushed the contract in front of her beautiful blue eyes. The video rapped up his message. "Take a good look and make a decision. Act like the whore I know you are or fuck off and find the best legal team you think you can afford." The screen went dead as Michelle glanced at the contract.

"Accept to perform lewd acts on demand. Permission granted to executor, waver of right to prosecute or in any way imply sexual assault?"

As she read aloud the list seemed endless.

"W Grimbald as executor of contract!"

She finally came to the key part. On completion she would be made legal guardian of her husband's future home. She looked up, the man's glasses misting a little with perspiration. She dropped her hand to her side in disbelief at what she'd read.

"But this is... it's disgusting. Obscene, no I..." The Lawyer remained impassive collecting his things into a neat pile.

"Very well Miss I expected as much, therefore all estate assets are now frozen until appeal. I expect it to take years regarding the argument will surround your husbands mental state."


Michelle blurted out slightly louder than she wanted to. She collected her composure embarrassed but determined to keep a level head. There was a long pause and then she continued her blue eyes burning into the wizened old man.

"Very well, where do I sign?"

Once the ink had dried the lawyer searched for the next tape marked no 2.

And once again she saw her father in laws face.

"As I expected you dirty bitch. I have to admit I'm a little envious of my friend here. There's no doubt what my son saw in you." Michelle looked sheepish eyed at the lawyer. The deceased man continued. "Grimbald has the details of when and where. But first a little show of faith from you. I suppose your wearing some tight sluttish number. Well this is what I want you to do..."

The tape finally went dead. Michelle was blushing from the instructions, her knees tight together. "She couldn't, not here in the office surely not?" Grimbald had locked the door and sat down.


She looked over her shoulder then nervously began to pull down her dress straps. The dress fell away from her bust collecting in her lap. She was pale but perfect skinned her hot melons rising and falling in the black lace bra. The video had been quite clear.

"Release your big tits from that rag you call a dress and cup them together. Push them real tight together make sure your fucking nipple nuts point straight out, and lean forward towards the desk. Grimwald will explain the rest"

The room was getting hot as Michelle slowly undid her bra. Her chest sprang forward as the cups fell away the silicone domes indeed pointing out at slight angles towards the far corners of the room. Her nailed long fingers cupped herself beneath the bulges, squeezing them together pushing forward obediently. She was a little nervous. She'd always been in control, now this was a new experience. As she saw the awe struck face of Grimwald she decided she still had the edge.

He opened a letter marked tape one and read it out.

"Suck on her nipples. Use your teeth to nip and pull. Grope her flesh feel the weight of each dome in your hand." The lawyer looked up at her wide eyed face. "Lick the skin, they must shine with spittle. Each nipple must be erect and of satisfactory arousal before you finish. Then..." He paused closing the letter," hmm well I think we are clear so far."

He stood and leaned over the table his hands replacing Michelle's on the sides of her tits cupping them tightly. Michelle gripped the edge of the desk pushing her shoulders and chest forward.

"Ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

His grip was a strong deliberate grope, rotating the domes twisting her flawless skin.


She grunted nails biting the desk her eyes looking straight at the slightly embarrassed man. Her own face was blushing the old mans tongue rough and sweaty on her tits. First he spat then rubbed her skin, her nipples turning a darker pink with the damp. There was a knock at the door, Michelle trying to pull back embarrassed. He ignored it his bespectacled face lapping at the fat nipples. He bit each twisting them like huge door knobs, sucking hard, long slurping noises of satisfied tasting echoing around the room. The person knocking gave up.

Michelle looked down at her squeezed puppies, Grimwald pushing the nipples close together to get both almost in his mouth at the same time. "Ugggggg!" She bit her painted lip, her back arching at the tugging. "Uggh ahh that's a bit ugghhh!" The lawyer paused.

"The instructions were quite specific." He gripped a fat nipple with his lips and teeth tugging it out, stretching it an inch or so, Michelle moaning. "Oohhhhhhhhh ugh!" The nipple sprang back the flesh hardening. He repeated the action with the other sucking longer, Michelle having to almost tug the tit from his mouth before he pulled her dial size teat from her breast. "Awwwwwww fuck that hurt!"

The lawyer was finally satisfied with his work. Michelle's breasts had hardened even more the nipples aroused their rims fat and darkened. Her flesh was wet with his spit and growing perspiration, the afternoon light glistening on the prize assets.

He opened the letter again. "Are you sure you wish to continue?" He asked. She glared back frustrated by his games. "Do you think I'd let an old bastard like you do this for nothing, get on with it!" He sighed as if he had no choice in the matter. "Very well, I will finish the letter. As I was saying, should be of satisfactory arousal before you finish. Then bind her nipples together with the wire supplied. Tie them tightly so they bulge pull the wire so the nipples almost touch forcing a very deep hot cleavage."

He produced the wire moving quickly to her side. She lifted her hand to stop him but he slapped it down. "No games, you must obey or you will not honor the contract."

The wire wound round one nipple and he pulled it tight. "Awwwwwwww fuck, oh, oh uggggggggggg!" She raised her hand to the swollen point as his hands twisted the wire around her other erect end. "Aggggggg shiiiitttttttt!" With both wound up he pulled the thread and the boson closed the nipples burning as the moved closer and closer together.

"Awwwwwwwwnooo no more, enough! Awwwwww!"

They were two inches apart her melons squeeze together to form a deep dark crevice. She groaned and wriggled on the chair. She tried to lean further back but that only stretched her chest making her wince.

"Ohhhhhhh God get on with it please!"

The lawyer stood back as Michelle s fingers touched the steel thread securely clasping her hard nuts. "That is the first task completed well done." She tried to unravel the cord but it was rigid. "Leave your tits entwined and put your dress back on." He ordered. He looked at the bulging nipples and added. "I'd leave your bra here; it'll be more comfortable for you." Michelle suddenly realized he wasn't going to remove her binds.

"Here?" She coughed in horror. She continued to pull at the cord but it was to tightly knotted.

"It'll need some clippers to remove, there's a pair waiting at the Mansion." Grimbald said as he wiped his steamed up glasses.

She groaned in embarrassment and discomfort. "You fuck, I... I'll." He picked up the contract and put it into his wall safe. "Yes it would be embarrassing if you screamed or tried to say I forced you. But you signed the waver. I'd never practice as a lawyer again, but I'm an old man. The document would exonerate but disgrace me. You on the other hand would forfeit your inheritance. Please call out it will make my dead friend very happy. It would be all the papers; you know the public love a scandal."

She bit her lip in pain easing the dress back over her melons. Slowly and gingerly she stood the clamped tits rising like in a crazy wonder bra. "Ooohhhhhhhhh!"

He finished the instructions on the first letter. "Pull the nipples together so they form a very hot cleavage. Make her redress, don't remove the clamps. She must be in discomfort her heavy sacks tugging down as she stands the nipples burning with the steel grip." He admired her as she stood awkwardly her hands not daring to touch her own sore tips.

"Now Michelle we'll take the tapes and letters and drive up to the old house."

Michelle sat rigid in the old German car as it bumped along the uneven hillside road. The car had no air con and Michelle s body was soaking wet, stuck to her blue dress, the humidity over ninety percent. She bit her lip at each gravel bump her nipples aching from the wire bind almost numb by now. Grimbald wiped his brow, his rimmed glasses glinting in the bright afternoon light. He looked over from time to time his eyes tracing down to her slowly rising and falling bosom. He could see the squeezed nipples pressing against the blue material Michelle's painted face taut as she tried to control the discomfort. He'd met the young woman on many occasions. She was always so confident, oozing charisma and attitude. He felt his body stirring thinking of the embarrassment she was enduring today.

She didn't look back at him, instead watched the imposing structure that was the Thorne's family home get closer and closer. As they past through the wrought iron gates the huge columned building towered above them. The car pulled up to the wide stepped entrance Grimwald getting out first to open Michelle's door. Mrs Thorne eased her long legs out standing with a little difficulty. Her tits were now definitely numb and she was thankful they had finally arrived.

Immediately, Spence the families mid aged butler had appeared at the door standing to attention. He didn't make any comment just nodded as Grimwald told him he needed some pliers, adding, "nice to see you Mrs Thorne," as he hurried inside.

In the hall he returned with the pliers in hand. Michelle snatched them from him suddenly feeling less intimidated. "I'll take those." She said walking to the curved staircase. "I'll do this myself!" Grimwald didn't answer as Spence unfazed called up to her."I've prepared your normal room madam. Diner will be in an hour."

Michelle didn't reply as she marched down the corridor to her sumptuous guest bedroom. Once in the exquisitely draped room she began to carefully unravel her nipples from the steel cord. She yelped and cussed until finally her bust sprang back straight, her ends swollen and tender. She looked around the room. She hadn't been here for over a year; Bartholomew banning her soon after his son, her husband had gone completely ga-ga.

She looked in the wardrobe. There were still a few dresses she had never had chance to collect hanging up. She smiled. Grimwald had looked unsure in the car. Maybe if she'd have cried a little he'd probably have given up. She'd seen how he'd looked at her; he was a man wasn't he? And she knew how to handle men. All she had to do were play the dead fuckers silly games and Grimwald would give her everything she wanted. "Maybe she should have just blown him in the car? Ah well too late now." She mused to herself.

Just after five Michelle descended the staircase like a movie star at a premiere. She had a long split silver dress with matching silver heels. Her hair was tied up in a bun, individual ringlets hanging down to frame her face. She'd chosen a seductive pink lipstick her pale face giving her an angelic innocent look. Her bust was feeling a lot better her nipples relieved by continuously applying ice cubes for nearly all the last hour.

Grimwald stood up from the long dinning table to greet his beautiful guest. She sat, Spence pouring some wine before serving their food. The old lawyer was tapping his fingers nervously, Michelle smiling at him. They ate almost in silence Michelle watching him closely. He was out of his depth she was almost certain. As their food was cleared and they were left alone she decided to apply a little more pressure.

"I'm sure this is very unusual for you. Abusing women! Women who have no other choice." She said in a matter of fact way, her blue eyes looking straight into his. Grimwald saw the sarcasm in her voice, but controlled his reply.

"Indeed it is Miss. Shall we proceed?"

At that point Spence reappeared and announce the person entering the room behind him.

"Miss Claudia is here sir."

"Miss Claudia?" Michelle's eyes widened in surprise. "Who?"

She turned towards the heel clipping noise. Across the room a tall olive skinned figure approached. She had long dark hair and a slim athletic figure. Her brown dress was tight and elegant accentuating two admirably firm tits. Michelle gave her the once up and down. She was probably in her late thirties with too much makeup and swayed her hips almost theatrically.

Grimwald gave the new guest a kiss on the hand offering her a seat between him and Michelle.

"May I introduce Claudia. This is your late father in-laws close friend."

The woman said hello with a South American accent, her eyes like dark pools.

Michelle instantly thought of claims on her money, and she couldn't help blurting out what she felt. "Close friend, yeah I bet she was. No Brazilian whore going to get her claws into what's rightfully mine." The woman just smiled serenely.

Near by was a TV that had earlier been wheeled into the ornate dinning room; looking out of place among all the baroque furniture. The set suddenly came to life the second video from the deceased beginning to play.

"So you're going through with the deal."

It was the face of Bartholomew again." Good. I've seen you dine here many times flashing you're eyelids cooing to my friend and generally slutting around. So I'd like you to live the fantasy you regularly created." He paused." I see you've now met the other guest. Claudia was a loving friend and confident of mine in my last year. So don't waste you're time playing miss innocent with her, she knows all about you in gory detail." The older woman smiled knowingly.

"Oh and just in case you're thinking about your deal. Claudia's has already been amply taken care of. She's here tonight as a favour to me, nothing else." He blew a kiss in recognition to the brunette sat near by. Then the video when black.

Grimwald produced the second envelope taking out the letter. He scanned it once then read it aloud. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Spence approaching carrying a sliver platter tray. Her eyes caught sight of what he had on the tray. He'd held it low and resting at the edge was his exposed cock and balls hooked out of his zippered pants.

Michelle heard the words read out by Grimbald.

"While remaining seated, service the butler. Bring his cock to stiffness, paying special attention to his balls and helmet rim. I've given orders for him not to wash it in the last couple of days. So be sure to clean the build up from under his foreskin with you're tongue."

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