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Lending a Helping Hand


(Please note that this story is a complete work of fiction based on my own personal fantasies. The characters within the story are however real and are described exactly as they are in real life, both in physical appearance and their personalities. Their names have been changed just to be on the safe side! I hope you enjoy the story and welcome any constructive criticism or comments.)

It was about 5pm when I answered the door to see our best friends Lisa-Marie and Danny standing there holding a bottle of wine and a small overnight bag. I quickly let them in, my breath catching in my throat as I looked Lisa-Marie over. Until today I had never seen her wearing anything other than day clothes which were always very conservative. Typically Lisa-Marie would wear baggy jeans or a long skirt with a top that covered pretty much everything.

If I'm honest I'd always assumed she was trying to hide the fact that she was over weight as the baggy clothes always made a her look quite flat chested and a definitely on the chubby side. But looking at her now nothing could be further from the truth, Lisa-Marie is definitely on the heavy side no one could deny that especially seeing her in the amazing tight fitting dress she was wearing, but she clearly had all the right curves to go with it.

Lisa-Marie smiled a dazzling, shy and nervous smile as I openly stared at her. She must have spent hours getting ready with her long dark hair carefully curled resulting in it falling to her shoulders in deep ringlets framing her beautiful face, her makeup applied perfectly. As I lowered my eyes, I took in the sexy black dress that clung to her shapely figure. With only a single shoulder strap to hold it up, the dress plunged down showing the swell of a much larger pair of full breasts than I ever imagined her to have. As the dress dropped it clung to her soft stomach showing the little bit of extra weight that she was carrying, before flowing over her wide hips and over her full behind, to stop around mid thigh. Her full thighs were covered by black stockings that dropped to a pair of back heeled shoes lifting her from her small 5'5 stature to my own 5'7.

I turned as I heard my wife behind me, "Don't just stand their staring at Lisa-Marie, James," she scolded me, "Invite them in". They quickly came in and we exchanged brief hugs and kisses on the cheek for the girls, allowing me to drink in Lisa-Marie's heavenly scent as I did so.

It was then I noticed that my wife was dressed to impress as much as her friend was. A little taller than Lisa-Marie at 5"6 my wife's brown hair was partially tied up, with just a few strands of hair allowed to fall down to frame her beautiful face. She was wearing a dark blue strapless dress that made it very obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, her full 34E tits pushing tight against the thin material her hard nipples clearly poking out.

The dress hugged her full figure over her wide hips and curvaceous sexy ass, before dropping to mid thigh, showing off the naked flesh of her thighs to great effect. Suddenly conscious that I was feeling the stirrings of arousal in my pants, I suggested we move into the lounge for some drinks.

We all went through and chatted about everything and nothing for a while as we had some drinks. Rachael cooked dinner while we drank and then a few minutes before the food was ready Rachael grabbed her friend's hand saying that it was time for them both to slip into something a little sexier.

Danny Looked at me as Rachael led Lisa-Marie away, grabbing the overnight bag as she went and taking her upstairs to get ready. "You sure you want to go through with this?" I asked. "Man I'd do anything to make her realise that she's still sexy" Danny replied "and right now I'm clean out of any other bright ideas, so I guess I'll just have to see where this is going. Besides..."

"Besides what?" I asked

"Well, Rachael is seriously sexy and if nothing else comes from this weekend at least I'm going to get to see your wife prancing around in sexy lingerie!" We both had a laugh at that, before I indicated that we had better fulfil our end of the bargain and we quickly stripped down to our own underwear. Neither of us felt awkward about stripping down in front of each other as we both used to play on the same football team when we were younger. Both in our early thirties and despite having quit playing sport a few years ago, we had managed not to let ourselves go too much. Whilst neither of us could claim to be toned, neither did we have beer guts and Rachael took delight in regularly telling me that I had a hot ass.

We chatted a while longer as we waited for our wives to come down, but I barely heard a word Danny was saying as I was far to distracted with the realisation that we were actually going to go through with this.

My wife and I are your typical married couple in our early thirties with two children. We've been together for around 10 years and married for 7 and despite the kids we still have a very active sex life and like to experiment and try out new things together. It was this fact that led us to where we are today.

We've been friends with Lisa and Danny for several years, Danny being our age and Lisa-Marie slightly younger at 25. They had each confided in us separately that after having kids their sex life had almost dried up. Danny thought that having kids had turned his wife off sex and Lisa-Marie thought the extra weight she had put on meant Danny no longer thought she was attractive. So they were both unhappy at the state of their sex life, but neither could bring themselves to talk about it.

Having met when Lisa-Marie was still in College they were both virgins when they met and neither had, had a serious relationship before. They had a whirlwind romance and were married young and quickly had kids. It seems that their sex life mostly dried up around 4 years ago when Lisa-Marie first got pregnant, but hadn't really been an issue as they we dealing with being new parents and then a second son shortly after the first. However now things had settled down, it was starting to get them both depressed.

My wife being unable to resist helping anyone in need came up with a shocking plan, invite them both over for the weekend, no kids and we would all spend the whole weekend shut indoors wearing nothing but our underwear. She instructed Lisa-Marie and Danny to go lingerie shopping the day before, dragging me out to do the same for her. The idea was that the excitement of openly spending time with each other in nothing but our underwear would turn them on and get them going and hopefully Lisa-Marie would start to realise that she was a lot sexier than she thought.

I wasn't so sure about it, I liked both of them fine, but whilst Lisa-Marie was pretty and young, from what I had seen of her body, she did indeed look as though she had let herself go. It felt to me that Danny would get the better end of this deal looking at my wife in her lingerie. Despite having had two kids of her own, Rachael had a fantastic full figure, large soft breasts, wide hips and a slim waist with just enough weight on her and a large round ass that I love to grab hold of during sex. Added to that, she loves wearing sexy lingerie and I knew Danny would be in for a treat seeing my wife.

However Rachael couldn't be dissuaded, telling me that it might even help us spice things up, suggesting that it would be a turn for us to know our best friends would be having sex in the room next to us at night. Thinking back, I couldn't believe how happy I was that I'd not talked Rachael out of her plan. Seeing Lisa-Marie tonight in that figure hugging dress, thinking that soon I'd see her wearing nothing but sexy lingerie she'd bought the day before had me more turned on than I'd been in years. Rachael was right, I reflected, once we turn in tonight the sex is going to be amazing.

We then I heard a knock at the door and Rachael slipped into the room. My jaw dropped, despite my wife often wearing sexy lingerie for me, tonight she looked absolutely amazing; her large 34E tits were squeezed into a padded black Balcony bra that only served to make them look even bigger than they actually were, with her hair spilling over her shoulders to rest on the swell of flesh. The soft flesh of her tits was actually threatening to spill out of the bra with the top of her areola visible and her large pink nipples were barely contained.

I looked at Danny who was blatantly staring at my wife's amazing tits, before turning my attention back to my wife. I looked down enjoying the sight of her exposed smooth stomach and then the high cut matching black panties. As I looked at her I could clearly see the outline of her pussy through the thin material of her panties, before she slowly turned giving Danny and me a delightful view of her full ass. Her ass cheeks were barely covered by the thin material of her half thong panties and the curve of her soft buttocks was clearly visible at the top of her soft full thighs.

Rachael then stepped to one side and called Lisa-Marie in. There was a few seconds silence and then Lisa-Marie called that she was not sure she could do it. Rachael slipped back out of the room briefly and while I don't know what she said it seemed to work as moments later she returned to the room followed shortly after by Lisa-Marie.

I watched as Lisa-Marie walked slowly into room like a deer caught in the headlights. One arm was draped across her chest, whilst the other hung loosely down her middle in an attempt to not be so exposed to us all. She stood awkwardly for a second, before allowing her arms to drop to her sides giving us all a good look at her.

My breath caught in my throat as I stared at my wife's best friend standing in front of me in nothing but amazingly hot lingerie. My eyes flowed from her beautiful face with its petrified look, down over her shoulders and took in what she was wearing. Danny hadn't been exaggerating when he told me his wife had curves, free of the boring baggy clothes that Lisa-Marie always wore my eyes feasted her full voluptuous body, which she had squeezed into a sexy Black Basque. While the Basque covered her body from the waist up, it did nothing to hide her plump soft breasts that were squeezed into it as they spilled out of the top. Below the Basque, her full stomach was held in, with just a hint of her extra weight spilling out underneath the Basque displaying tempting soft flesh, before her black panties covered her pussy. The Basque itself had slim straps attached to the top of a sexy pair of black lace topped stockings covering her full thighs and only revealing a brief patch of soft pale white flesh.

I couldn't take my eyes of Lisa-Marie and judging by her husband's audible reaction, he felt the same way. Despite Lisa-Marie's underwear covering the vast majority of her body, she still looked as sexy as my wife did in her lingerie that covered very little at all. Rachael had clearly done an amazing job of directing her friend to pick lingerie that would hide the parts of her body that she was uncomfortable with, whilst displaying enough to make Danny and me for that matter, incredibly turned on by her.

"That's enough staring boys" My wife chastised, "time for some dinner" We all sat down and ate dinner at the table and somehow managed to finish the meal as if it were no different to any other we had eaten together, despite us all sitting in our underwear. Throughout the whole dinner I couldn't take my eyes of the girl's cleavage that bulged and moved every time they leant over threatening to escape the confines of their underwear. I spent the whole meal with a raging erection, which wasn't helped by my wife planting her foot in my crotch from across table and insisting on rubbing my dick every time she saw me starring at her friend's cleavage.

We finally finished the meal and we all retired to the lounge with a few last drinks. We curled up with our respective spouses on a sofa each and chatted for a while. Rachael and I soon allowed our hands to explore our exposed flesh as we chatted to our friends, finding ourselves more turned on by the minute. More than once Rachael whispered to me that I was going to have to give her a good seeing to after we went to bed as she was "horny as hell"

Finally conversation turned to Danny and Lisa-Marie's relationship and after a while chatting about how they both felt, they finally realised that they both wanted the same thing, but their inhibitions were just stopping either of them from making a move to do it. As we talked Lisa-Marie expressed how self conscious she felt about her body and how hard it was for her to let us all see her wearing only the lingerie she was in. She admitted that she felt so uncomfortable that she hadn't been able to let Danny see her naked since Leo was born.

The also talked about their joint inexperience sexually and that neither of them really knew what to do. Their sex lives basically consisted of a bit of touching and kissing and then missionary sex. Whilst they said they had tried using a couple of different positions, they had struggled to figure out what to do and had given up each time returning to just using missionary.

It was then that Rachael said that it was time to fix that. We all stared at her for a second, before she went on saying that we wanted to help, not just making Lisa-Marie feel a bit sexier and for her to be comfortable letting Danny see her body, but to also teach them to enjoy sex together.

I stared at my wife open mouthed. Until now I thought all she had planned was to spend the weekend with our friends wearing nothing but underwear to create some excitement and to get Lisa-Marie over her complex about not being sexy. Now she was saying that she wanted us to teach them how to have good sex!

"What do you mean" Lisa-Marie asked, voicing the question we all had.

"Well, James and I have an excellent sex life and we could show you what we do and then we'll be there when you try it to help you and make sure you can figure it out and enjoy it. Besides, I can't explain how horny walking round in front of you both in my underwear has made me and I just know that getting naked and having sex with James while you watch is going to get me so turned on, the sex will be amazing!

It must have been the drink talking, because my wife would never have said that out loud sober, no matter how true it was.

"So we get to watch you and see what you do and then when we try it, you let us know if were doing it right?" Lisa-Marie asked.

"That's it, nothing else. And you don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable" Rachael explained. "So what do you think? Would you like us to teach you a few things?"

Lisa-Marie and Danny looked at each other and nodded, then finally looked at Rachael and shy, innocent Lisa Marie shocked me by saying "Ok, were in."

"Right, no time like the present" Rachael said, standing up and heading upstairs. I looked at Lisa-Marie and Danny and indicated for them to follow my wife. I followed right behind them, not believing what was about to happen.

As I followed them towards our spare bedroom my eyes fell to the large sexy panty covered ass of my wife's best friend as it swayed down the corridor, the waistband digging into the soft skin of her slightly plump waistline, as she walked hand in hand with her husband to the spare room. I quickly went to stand next to my wife, waiting to see what she was going to do next.

Rachael didn't waste a second, she quickly turned to face me and stepped forward the cups of her bra pushing into my chest as she pressed her large breasts against me. Our mouths opened to each other as we shared a passionate kiss, my hands dropping to cup her ass, barely covered by the tiny Brazilian thong panties she was wearing. As we kissed Rachael moved slightly to nibble at my ear and whispered to me that I should remove her underwear.

Returning to my lips, Rachael began kissing me hard again and I could instantly feel the sexual arousal burning off her. I allowed my hands to slip away from her hot ass and move up to the clasp of her bra and quickly snap it open. Rachael allowed the straps to fall from her shoulders and the bra slipped between us falling to the floor, allowing her naked tits to squash against me. One of my hands slipped round my wife's body and gently cupped her soft breasts savouring the soft flesh in my hand, before allowing my thumb to rub across a hard nipple, eliciting a soft moan of pleasure from my wife.

I then felt my wife's hand slowly slide across the front of my jockey shorts, her fingers teasing my hard cock, before she quickly took hold of the waist band and slipped them off me, leaving me completely naked in front of our friends, her hand gently stroking the shaft of my dick. We made out for a few more minutes, before I gently tugged at the waist band of her panties. We broke our kiss for a moment as I looked at my wife, confirming one last time that she wanted to carry on.

Rachael answered my question by pushing down her underwear herself, quickly slipping the panties over her hips and down her soft thighs, I stepped straight into her the head of my cock squashing into her stomach, the base of my cock nestling into the short strands of her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

We finally broke our kiss, smiling at each other as we separated our bodies, then turning to face our friends standing in front of us, finally displaying our completely naked bodies to Lisa-Marie and Danny. They both stood in front of us openly starring at us, expressions of arousal painted all over their faces.

I watched Lisa-Marie's reaction to my nakedness and could see she was clearly staring at my hard cock, her eyes betraying a feint element at surprise as she stared at me.

Rachael smiled, "Ok you two, enough staring. You've seen us get naked, now it's your turn."

Lisa-Marie took an obvious deep breath, clearly steadying herself ready for what she was about to do. Until now Danny was the only person to have ever seen her naked and now she was about to strip off in front of two of her closest friends.

Danny was the first to make a move, clearly a lot less hesitant about what was going to happen than his wife. Grabbing his boxers he slipped them quickly over his hips and down to the floor, revealing his hard cock. Now, I'm no stallion, but I was very pleased to see that whilst Danny's cock was only little shorter than mine, I was noticeably thicker.

Remembering the look on his wife's face as she saw my hard penis for the first time, I realised that she may have been wondering what it would feel like to have my thicker member inside her. My cock twitched involuntarily as the thought of my wife's young curvy and inexperienced friend wanting me increased my arousal even more.

Danny quickly looked at his wife, "Come on Hun" he encouraged her, clearly not wanting to let this opportunity slip away "It's your turn, you've not got anything to be embarrassed about."

Lisa-Marie looked at my wife, searching for re-assurance and got it quickly back. "Come sweetie, Danny's right, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. You've got a really hot body; the thought of seeing you naked is even turning me on, so I can't imagine how hot it's making the boys here!"

I couldn't believe my wife just said that she was getting turned on at the idea of seeing her friend naked, I'd never heard her mention anything like that before, but it just served to get me even more aroused, to the point I was literally bursting.

After a few seconds, during which I was sure she was going to turn round and walk out of the room, Lisa-Marie finally reached down and slowly unclipped the Basque from the top of her black stockings. As she did so Lisa-Marie leaned forward slightly allowing me a delightful view of her full breasts, before she straitened up and looked at her husband.

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