tagLoving WivesLending a Helping Hand Ch. 02

Lending a Helping Hand Ch. 02


(Please note that this story is a complete work of fiction based on my own personal fantasies. The characters within the story are however real and are described exactly as they are in real life, both in physical appearance and their personalities. Their names have been changed just to be on the safe side! I've got a number of chapters planned for this story, so please bear with me if this chapter does not go where you hoped, I'll get there eventually! I've also tried to incorporate some of the feedback I received from the first chapter, so I hope you enjoy the story and welcome any constructive criticism or comments.)

I awoke the next morning to find myself alone in our bed and the smell of cooking bacon wafting up to me. I quickly pulled on some boxers and slipped out of bed, heading downstairs. I entered the kitchen to the delicious sight of my wife cooking bacon wearing nothing but a tiny pair if black lace panties and a matching half cup bra that barely contained her large tits.

I walked over to my wife and wrapped my hands around her half naked body from behind, savouring the feel of her naked flesh against mine. Hearing a noise from behind I turned around to see our house guests making their way down the stairs. I really want to tell you that Lisa-Marie came into sight wearing nothing but sexy lingerie and a smile, but unfortunately her and her husband came down fully clothed carrying their overnight bag.

They left pretty quickly making some noise about having drunk to much and things going further than they wanted, then we were alone. To say we were disappointed was an understatement. Whilst what happened the night before had not been planned, we had both thrown ourselves into it and really enjoyed ourselves. However, rather than let it get us down, we ate breakfast in our underwear and went straight back to bed making the most of not having any kids around. By the time I went back to work on Monday, I'd cum inside my wife five more times and was thoroughly worn out.

It was a few weeks later by the time that Rachael had managed to smooth things over with Lisa-Marie and things went back to normal with our friends, but what happened that night was never mentioned again in everyone's presence. Having said that, Danny hinted pretty heavily that Lisa-Marie was the one who had called things off and I'm pretty sure that he was more than ready to keep going had she not put the breaks on.

Whilst Lisa-Marie and Danny seemed to want to forget about that night, it was all Rachael and I could talk about. Our sex life, which had been pretty good to start with just got better and we were now having sex every night. It wasn't long before Rachael made another suggestion.

There was couple in our group of friends that we were not really all that close with. Aleen and her husband David were both 31, just a year younger than me. I had known Aleen since we were at College together when I'd had quite a big crush on her. At the time I'd been very shy and had never made a move to ask her out, and then we eventually met our spouses so never actually got together. However that initial crush had meant that over the years Aleen had featured in more than a few fantasies of mine.

Whilst we hadn't stayed particularly close friends after college, one of my other close friends worked with her brother and so, we regularly bumped into each other. Aleen and my wife had gotten on well enough the times they met and, knowing about my previous crush Rachael often teased me about her, suggesting that she might carry a thing for me, or that she had caught Aleen eyeing me up.

So it was that Rachael concocted another plan. We'd been very disappointed at not being able to continue the exploration that we'd started with Lisa-Marie and Danny and Rachael clearly decided that Aleen and her husband would be prime prospects. Having Known Aleen for a long time I knew she was a virgin when she met David, so they were in a similar position to Lisa-Marie and Danny, in that they had no sexual experience outside their marriage. We knew from friends that they had recently started trying to get pregnant and Rachael used this as an excuse to get them over to our place and test the waters.

This time, Rachael didn't give anything of her plan away. On the night of the dinner, Rachael dressed herself in a breathtaking Light Blue matching silk Bra and Panty set. The Bra, which she admitted to buying purposely a cup size too small, was on the edge of failing to contain her large 34E breasts with flesh spilling over the edges. Her panties were no better at hiding anything, being so thin that you could clearly see the outline of the lips of her pussy through the material and the imprint caused by the small well trimmed patch of pubic hair she kept just above her slit. At the back the material exposed half of each of her full ass cheeks, clinging tightly to the rest.

Rachael then delighted in walking around like this for a couple of hours before Aleen and her husband arrived and refusing to let me even lay a finger on the tempting flesh she was brazenly displaying to me. Just before they arrived Rachael slipped upstairs and pulled on a sexy black dress that plunged at the front displaying enough cleavage to ensure that David wouldn't be able to help letting his eyes wander from time to time.

"Are you sure you won't just make Aleen feel a little self conscious showing all that cleavage" I asked "She's not exactly well endowed in the chest and might feel like you are flaunting your tits at her husband."

"Do you think she is any less sexy because she has smaller breasts than me?" Rachael replied.

"No, but Aleen might."

"I don't think so, and besides I've seen her staring at my tits just as often as she has your ass, so I've got a feeling it might help get her excited."

At that point any further discussion on the subject was cut short as the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of Aleen and her husband. As before I answered the door greeting them both warmly and following a brief exchange of hugs I turned my gaze to Aleen, pleasantly surprised to see that she had dressed very nicely for the evening.

I was instantly struck by the feeling that she looked taller and then noticed that she was wearing sandals with a large heel, raising her well up from her usual tiny 5"2 height. I watched as she slipped them off, dropping down to normal height, and allowed my eyes to wander up the exposed flesh of thighs, before they were covered by a loose fitting pastel yellow skirt, that rose up nicely as she removed her second sandal, exposing more of the flesh from her thighs. While not slim, Aleen was certainly not overweight either and her thighs were lovely and full with smooth supple skin. Her smaller, but full round ass was covered by her skirt and her upper body was covered by a tight fitting white top that clung to what was clearly a simple bra that helped emphasise her breasts, despite them being much smaller than my wife's.

As we made initial small talk I was reminded why I'd had a crush on her back in college. I'm not going to say she has the most stunningly beautiful face, because it's not true. In fact she's quite average in the looks department but there is a sexy innocence in her features that makes her always look as though she's horny. Whilst I knew she'd only ever been with David sexually, something about her made me absolutely certain that she would amazing in bed and that for me is far more sexy and enticing that a traditionally beautiful face.

The evening progressed with nothing exciting happening, except that I noticed both David and Aleen stealing glances at my wife tits. Dinner finished we retired to the lounge and poured some more drinks and as we got drunk Rachael steered the conversation around to sex. With drink lowering our inhibitions, both couples were revealing details of our sex lives and we soon realised that Aleen and Dave's sex life was every bit as good as ours. I could tell this was getting Rachael hornier and hornier as the evening wore on. At some point we ended up sitting on couches with each others spouse and Rachael took the opportunity to allow herself to lean into David as often as possible. By now David was not even bothering to hide his open ogling of my wife's breasts.

Suddenly Rachael suggested we play truth or dare and David shouted almost too quickly that it was a great idea. Quickly Rachael suggested that we play in pairs, with her and David setting truths and dares for Aleen and me and vice versa. The penalty for not being truthful or failing a dare was removing a piece of clothing. I was nervous at this point as this was probably where the whole plan could fall down, but to my surprise Aleen quickly said she was in. Rachael then leaned into David and with her tits dangling in front of his face and whispered into his ear.

David nodded his agreement and Rachael said "Truth or Dare" I looked at Aleen and she shrugged so I Choose truth. "Did the two of you have a crush on each other in College she asked" Rachael looked at me with a twinkle in her eye that said "got you" and I had to admit that I had. Then to my surprise Aleen also conceded she had as well. We quickly moved on and went through a serious of tame dares and questions before I asked David if he had been starring at my wife's tits all night. He instantly denied it and Aleen shouted straight back that he was a liar and it was time to loose some clothes.

David, looked sheepish, but didn't try to deny it again and quickly lifted his shirt over his head, then turned to Rachael. "This isn't fair" she said standing up "I shouldn't have to pay up for your lie"

"Your rules" I said, "Now strip!"

Rachael did a great job of looking indecisive and embarrassed at having to loose her dress, but I knew she was boiling with excitement inside. This was exactly what she was hoping for and by leading the way Aleen was hopefully more likely to follow through as well.

Reaching behind her, Rachael slowly unzipped her dress and allowed it to fall from her shoulders, catching it before it fell away from her breasts. Taking a deep breath she quickly peeled the dress down her body, revealing her deep curves, full breasts that really were now spilling out of her bra and the scandalous panties she was wearing that had a very obvious damp stain on the front.

Rachael did a little jiggle, allowing her breasts to bounce around in her bra, a quick spin to show of her full round ass and exposed ass cheeks and then sat back down on the couch next to Dave, making sure she was pushed against him as she did so.

"Right, your turn" Rachael demanded. "Aleen were you starring at my tits"

"Yes" Aleen replied without a pause "It's almost impossible not too. My turn to ask." She continued without a pause. "Rachael are you getting horny playing this game"

My wife did not miss a beat, taking the open goal that had been thrown at her to move things along a lot quicker. "No, of course not" she insisted.

"Aha got you" Aleen shouted completely unaware that Rachael had purposely lied to ensure she and David would have to take off some more clothes. "Those slutty knickers you are wearing are drenched at the front, you look as if you are about to cream yourself any moment!"

To my wife's credit she did a great job of pretending to be completely humiliated by having her state of arousal so blatantly revealed. Aleen just kept starring at her though and finally my wife said "Fine, I'll just have to take them off then!" and with that she stood up and slid her panties straight down her full thighs and threw them across the room into Aleen's lap.

If any of us were in doubt at how turned on my wife was we now knew for sure. The lips of her pussy were gleaming with her juices and the insides of her thighs were drenched from where she had been squeezing her legs together. Rachael quickly sat back down next to David and whispered in his ear.

David smiled knowingly and after quickly pushing his trousers off, leaving him in just a pair of loose fitting boxers he dared me to whistle a well known tune for Aleen to guess. My wife is clever sometimes as I can't whistle at all and seconds later I was pulling my shirt off closely followed by Aleen sliding her skirt down over her supple thighs, showing off a pair of tight fitting white panties. I couldn't help but stare as she did a quick spin, her round ass was framed beautifully by her underwear, causing my dick to jerk involuntarily and as she turned I could clearly see the lips of her pussy straining against the tight material.

Aleen sat down quickly and we all went silent for a few seconds as Aleen and I decided what our next move was. I then made a decision that, I needed to get Aleen to remove some more clothes before Rachael got naked, otherwise the game could end up finishing early. I dared Rachael to do something I knew she could complete and then David gave Aleen a dare that she failed.

I quickly slid off my trousers revealing the pair of Jockey shorts that Rachael had picked out for me. They were tight fitting and very thin material that hugged tightly around my engorged cock, blatantly displaying my hardness for anyone to see. I swear I heard Aleen gasp as she saw my cock outlined under my shorts, but I'm not sure.

She quickly grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it up and over her head, revealing a simple white cotton bra that covered most of her smaller breasts. I felt the instant rise between my legs as I hardened at the sight of Aleen's tight little body covered by nothing other than her conservative bra and panties. She might not have been wearing devilishly sexy lingerie like my wife was, but in some ways the simple underwear was just as hot!

Aleen, who had clearly gotten into things pretty quickly dared her husband to click his tongue, something she clearly knew he couldn't do and in less than a minute Dave was pulling his underwear off and exposing his semi-erect cock to my wife. Rachael just smiled and took hold of the waist band of her tiny knickers declaring that they were barely hiding anything anyway and seconds later they were lying on the floor and my wife's pussy was on display with her small patch of dark neatly trimmed hair pointing the way down to her delicious box.

Aleen's husband was no getting in on the trick of picking harmless dares that he knew his wife would be unable to complete and after a futile two minutes of trying to role her tongue, Aleen reached behind her back and unclasped her bra throwing it to the floor.

"Not much to see anyway" she stated, "not compared to Rachael's anyway."

There might not have been much to see in comparison to my wife's massive breasts, but fuck me she looked good. Aleen's smaller breasts still weren't that small despite what she said, a decent B-cup they were firm and smooth with large areola and big pink nipples that were standing out rock hard from her silky smooth skin. My cock was instantly fully hard and aching at the thought of running my tongue over Aleen's sweet little tits.

"Stop staring at Aleen's titties and get naked" my wife demanded, brining back to reality. Looking over at her briefly I smiled and eased my Jockey shorts over my hips and off, my hard cock springing free and standing at full attention as my shorts dropped to the floor.

"Oh my god" Aleen gasped, before going bright red as she stared down at my naked cock, just inches from where she was sitting.

We sat there for a second, before I remembered that it was our turn to provide a dare. I looked at Aleen, only to find she was still staring at my naked cock, so I decided to take the plunge. "Rachael," I said firmly. "I dare you to suck Dave's cock.

Rachael beamed at me as she squirmed in her seat. I could see the way she was squeezing her thighs together, clearly trying to hide the fact that her pussy was now soaking wet with her arousal.

"Are we really going to do this?" Aleen asked nervously, finally tearing her eyes away from my cock.

"Only if you want to" my wife replied gently. "I think you are both incredibly sexy and both James and I would love it if you'd join us. But it's up to you and you don't have to do anything that you are not comfortable with."

Aleen sat there for a second. "Dave?" she asked gently.

"It's up to you Hun," he replied "I love you, you know that and nothing that happens tonight would ever change that, regardless if we continue or not."

Aleen looked up at me and then even more surprisingly down at my hard cock. "Ok" was all she said.

Rachael then directed Dave to lay back along the couch with his head resting on the arm and she promptly proceeded to straddle his thighs, her naked pussy rubbing along his leg leaving a clear trail of her juices as she did so. I felt Aleen tense as my wife climbed over her naked husband and I looked at her, raising my eyebrows to check she was ok. Aleen smiled at me and I wrapped an arm around her naked shoulders pulling her supple body against me. She allowed her hand to fall to my thigh as we continued to watch the show that my wife was now putting on for us.

Slowly Rachael reached out and wrapped her hand around David's throbbing erection. As she did so I realised, much to my own surprise that he was quite a bit smaller then me and suddenly Aleen's surprise and audible gasp when I revealed my own erection made sense.

After sliding her hand over Dave's cock for a minute, Rachael lent forward, her large breasts dangling onto Dave's thigh and slowly took his cock into her mouth. Dave let out an audible groan as Rachael's talented lips wrapped around him and slowly began to slide round the head of his engorged member.

I slipped my right arm further around Aleen's naked shoulders and allowed my left hand to fall lightly onto her upper thigh as we watched my wife and her husband on the other couch. Aleen looked at me briefly smiling and her own hand slid a little further up my thigh before she returned her attention to the slow and sensual blowjob that my wife was giving her husband.

As we watched Rachael slowly allowed David's cock to slip from her mouth, causing him to moan with disappointment, but he didn't have to wait long before he was rewarded. Rachael crawled over his body, allowing her small patch of pubic hair to trail lightly over his naked cock. David moaned in pleasure at the light tough of hair brushing over him, before Rachael pushed down allowing the engorged lips of her pussy to slide along his length coating him in her juices. David moaned louder and Rachael leaned back, slowly rubbing herself over his cock, before adjusting slightly and allowing his hardness to lodge against her entrance. I felt Aleen tense up as she suddenly realised that my wife was going to slide her husband's naked cock into her wet snatch. I carefully allowed my left hand to slide up Aleen's thighs, parting them gently to allow my fingers to slowly trace the outline of her pussy through her white panties.

Rachael rocked slightly against David's hard cock for a few seconds teasing him mercilessly, before finally pushing down and impaling herself on him. David moaned out loudly as my wife's wet pussy engulfed him. Reaching back behind her, Rachael unsnapped her bra, allowing her big bouncy tits to fall free. David hands immediately swept up to grope at her dangling tits. It was now Rachael's turn to moan as Aleen's husband mauled her sensitive breasts and she began to slam her pussy down into his cock.

I was as horny as hell watching my wife impale herself on another cock, it was the dirtiest and sexiest thing I'd seen in my whole life and it was all I could do to resist cumming when I felt Aleen's hand gently wrap itself around my engorged dick. I turned to look at her briefly as our hands gently worked on each other and I lowered my head and kissed her. At first she was hesitant and then as I allowed my fingers to finally press against her clit, her passion took over. Soon I was leaning her back into the couch as our tongues entwined in each other mouths, my hands slid down over the smooth skin of her supple thighs pulling them up around me as I felt her hard nipples digging into my chest.

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