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Lesbian Call Girl: Kaley


Author's Note: This is one in a series of stories based on the premise of selling myself as a call girl catering to rich and famous women. The premise may be a little shaky, but it's a fun concept and it reflects a real fantasy of mine.


It's always exciting the first time with a new client - exciting and a little scary. So many unknowns: Will she be as sexy as I think she is? Will she be responsive? Will she like what I do to her, be satisfied with my performance? And those questions are even stronger when the client is someone that I've been crushing on for a long time. Of course, I have a lot of crushes, but this is a big one.

All this is going through my head as I ride the elevator up to the 12th floor. I find the room - 1212 - and discreetly knock. The door opens, and there she is - Kaley Cuoco.

"Hi," she says simply, then, tilting her head in inquiry, "Milene?"

"That's me!" I reply. God, she looks gorgeous.

The first thing I notice about Kaley is her hair. I have so say, I was disappointed when she lopped it all off for the pixie cut, but now it has grown out a bit, with random clumps sticking out in various places. It looks more disheveled, much sexier. I like it.

Unlike some of my clients, who dress very sexily for our encounters (not sure why that is), Kaley's attire is very casual - blue jean shorts and a plain yellow tee. Her feet are bare. She looks as if she's just come from the beach or from a quick run of errands. In a way, this is even more appealing, like she's a "real" person and not a famous TV star.

Kaley offers me a seat and I settle into the sofa, while she opts for the chair across from it. I sense that this is going to be a little uncomfortable. Kaley is clearly a bit ambivalent about doing this. On the other hand, she did make the appointment, so I'm confident we'll get past the initial awkwardness - a pretty common thing in my experience.

"So how do we start?" she asks with a self-conscious smile and a slight blush. "I've never done this before."

"No problem," I say. "I'll lead you through it. I promise you'll have fun, you'll really enjoy it." She nods quietly as I go on. "But what do you mean by 'it' - never been with a girl or never been with a professional like me?"

"Well," she says with a little giggle, "both really!" There's a slight pause before Kaley continues. "I mean, I've had opportunities, believe me. Actually, I did have one experience, a casting director back in the early days. She talked me into it and I let her go down on me. I think she was good, really, but I was too nervous to really enjoy it. Haha!!"

"So," I respond, "if I may ask, what made you take the plunge and contact me now?"

"Well, I've always been a little curious, and I always hear that girls give the best head." She is looking down as she says this, but then looks straight at me as she adds, "It's been a while since I've had some really good oral." A little nervous giggle follows that statement. Reading between the lines, I surmise that for some time prior to her recent divorce, her sex life was far from satisfactory.

"Okay," I reply, "so let's start by getting closer. Literally, I mean. How about you come over onto the couch with me?" I pat the seat next to me to encourage her.

A big, slightly embarrassed smile lights up Kaley's face. "Okay." She sits down beside me, still smiling, but still not too close.

I take the initiative, moving closer to her, until our knees are touching. I place my hand on her thigh as I stare into her eyes, giving her the most seductive look I can. "Believe me," I say, "you're going to love this." I lean in to kiss her, but Kaley is obviously still not sure of this situation. She pulls away slightly, not rudely, but with a pained look on her face.

"Why don't you just... do me... okay?" Now she has an apologetic smile. "I'm not looking for a lover, just some really good head, okay?" Having said it, she seems a little embarrassed at her own forwardness. It's cute, really.

I can't say I'm not disappointed, though. I find her so adorable. I really wanted to kiss her, and that's my usual way to get started. But I am also dying to get at Kaley's luscious body, so it isn't all bad.

"Okay," I reply with an accommodating smile of my own, "I can definitely do that."

Kaley seems relieved and suggests we move to the bedroom. She gets up and I follow her in, admiring the view of her sexy ass bouncing all the way there.

Kaley is still standing as I sit on the edge of the bed. "I guess I should get naked, huh?" she says. I tell her to take off her shorts and top, but to leave her undies on for now. I like to take those off myself. She seems to like that idea, smiles, and quickly strips down to a very sexy set of black lace panties and bra. I can feel my breathing quicken as I look at her.

"You like?" she asks temptingly, her hands on her hips as she does a little dance in her undies.

I gaze at her in awe, at her full boobs pushing against the thin fabric of her bra, at the tiny panties barely covering the treasure that lies behind them. "Yes, I like," I admit. "You know you're incredibly sexy."

"Yeah, I know," she says with an unabashed smile, "but I still like to hear it!"

I motion for her to come to me and she does, stopping just in front of me at the edge of the bed. If reach out, take hold of her hips, and pull her toward me, then lean forward to place a soft kiss on her abdomen, just under her belly button. I hear a quiet "Mmmmm" above me and do it again, this time letting my tongue wander to play lightly in her navel. Her stomach ripples in response, and I know she likes it.

I stand up, still wanting a kiss. "Are you sure you don't want to make out a little?" I ask.

I get a wry smile, but a good response. "Yeah, maybe so," she says, "I'm kind of horny now!!" She laughs out loud at her own expense.

I pounce on the opportunity, Taking Kaley's head in my hands as I kiss her passionately. And she returns the passion, her tongue greeting mine eagerly in her mouth, her arms pulling me against her as she utters a surprising whimper of pleasure.

After a moment, she breaks the kiss, a satisfied smile on her face. "That's nice," she says. "Different than a guy - so soft."

I just smile back and start to kiss her some more, but she stops me. "What about you?" she asks. "Aren't you going to take off your clothes?"

"Of course," I answer. "I just didn't want to push you."

Kaley's response is a simple raise of her eyebrows, indicating her readiness. Then we swap places and she watches as I begin to undress. Moments later I am standing before her, completely nude. It's an odd reversal of roles for me - usually my clients are in my current spot - but it is nonetheless arousing.

I maintain eye contact with Kaley is I move toward her, signaling my intent to pleasure her. I sit next to her on the bed and my hands go immediately behind her to undo her bra. I succeed and am rewarded with a view of her magnificent, bare breasts. I thought they looked good in that bra, but they look even better now, firm and full, creamy white, with large, pink nipples that just beg for my mouth. I take one in my hand and gently squeeze it, savoring the utter softness of it. Then I lean down to take it into my mouth, sucking eagerly on the already firm nipple. Kaley gasps in response, her head falling back slightly, her eyes closing as she utters a hearty "Ahhhhhh".

I switch to her other breast, giving it the same treatment. Then I nudge her down on the bed, onto her back, and begin to suck on her tits in earnest. I move back and forth between them, licking the nipples, then pulling in whole mouthfuls of tittie, then biting gently at her swollen, pink tips. She seems to like what I'm doing, sighing with pleasure, her breath coming faster as I work over her delightful chest. As I continue to suck her, I let my hand wander down, over her stomach to that hot spot between her legs. I cup her mound and give it a little squeeze. I can feel the heat and moisture through her panties as my finger traces the line of her pussy-slit. I am rewarded with a quiet "Mmmmmm" from Kaley.

Kaley moves sensually on the bed as I caress her. I can't wait any longer - I have to taste her. Urging Kaley upward to the pillow, I scoot down on the bed to get between her legs. It's a king bed, so we have plenty of room. My eyes are fixed on the crotch of her panties. The black lacy fabric provides an alluring contrast to Kaley's paler thighs and abdomen. Of course, what I really want is what's under those panties - Kaley Cuoco's creamy wet cunt.

Taking my time, I start on her legs, raising them up, kissing her calves, then behind her knees, at the same time running my hands gently over the length of her legs. She seems to like that, and I can tell the slow approach is getting to her, getting her aroused.

"Mmmmm, you have good hands," she says quietly.

"Thanks," I reply. Then, parting my lips suggestively, I add, "My mouth is pretty good too." That draws a little squirm and squeal of delight from her. Yes, this is going well now.

I move up her legs, licking slowly and sensuously up the inside of the thighs. Kaley's thighs are deliciously warm and creamy soft. They quiver under my touch, and a quiet whimper escapes her lips. My own arousal level is growing by the second.

I'm in close now, just inches from her lace-covered pussy. I can actually smell it, the aroma of an excited female. Kaley is definitely ready. She raises her knees and I look up to a view that takes my breath away. Kaley's thighs form a pink valley around me. Through them, I see the smooth expanse of her stomach and beyond that, flattened slightly on her chest, are the beautiful twin mounds of her breasts, topped by the firm, pink tips of her protruding nipples, still glistening with my saliva. And as my gaze moves to her face, I find her eyes wide, staring intently at me, filled with anticipation.

She flashes a nasty grin and says, lustily, barely audible, "You're going to eat me out now, aren't you? You're going to suck my cunt." It's not a real question. She's just getting into it, turning herself on with dirty talk. It's turning me on, too!

I keep the mood going. "Yes, I'm going to suck your cunt," I say, letting my hands roam up to squeeze her tits. "I'm going to suck it so good. I'm going to do it better and longer than you've ever had it. That's what you want that, isn't it?"

Kaley bites into her lower lip. Her breathing is heavy with arousal. Her hips rise and fall in anticipation of what I'm about to do to her. She give a little nod and whispers, "Yeah... do it."

I don't need any encouragement, but her words still turn me on. Kaley gasps as I place wet, teasing kisses on her inner thighs, just inches from her pussy. I lick in little circles there, driving her crazy. And then I do it, opening my mouth wide to place it over the thin vee of black silk, sucking it in, running my tongue over the wispy fabric. Kaley moans quietly as I taste her cunt through her panties.

I lick her for a while like that, my tongue working over her panties, pushing in so the fabric slightly enters her vulva, but finally I can't wait any longer. I need the real thing. With one finger, I pull her panties to the side to expose her pussy. Kaley moans quietly and opens her legs a little wider, giving me better access to her wet, needy snatch. With a moan of my own, I lean forward and take that hot flesh into my mouth. My god, she tastes good! I lick back and forth in Kaley's slit, my tongue taking long, slow swipes, moving easily over her slick, wet treasure. She whimpers deliciously in response as her hips begin a slow, up and down motion. "Oh damn!" she whispers, "That feels so-o-o-o good."

"It gets better," I say, and my hands move to take her panties off. My finger slip into the waistband, but before I can take them down, Kaley pushes them down herself, almost frantic with the need to get them off. Suddenly her legs are spread wide and I get my first unobstructed look between them. My god, Kaley has a beautiful cunt, so pink, so moist and fleshy and swollen with desire. I feel a shiver of lust go though me at the sight of that succulent morsel of womanhood. And I plunge right in, my tongue moving eagerly in her juicy hole as shameless "yum-yum" sounds escape my lips.

I should be embarrassed for losing my cool, but I don't care at this point. I just want to eat Kaley's luscious pussy. And she wants me to do it. Her thighs close slightly around my head and her moans get louder, more urgent.

I move my tongue up to concentrate on her clit, then slip two fingers into her hot cunt. She moans at the intrusion. She likes the penetration. I keep it up, licking her and finger-fucking her at the same time and she loves it. My god, her pussy is so wet! It's wonderful

On a whim, I slide my fingers out of her to try something new. I move my middle finger at the entrance to her ass and push in, just a tiny bit. I hear a quiet "Mmmmm" from above and so I keep pushing forward. My finger, already well lubricated with her pussy cream, slides easily into her asshole. Kaley groans with pleasure, and in seconds, my whole finger is all the way up her ass. I wiggle it inside her and she whimpers delightfully as I feel her asshole contracting around my finger.

"Oh god," she moans, "how did you know??? I love that!!"

And I love that she loves it. I go back to my previous pattern, this time sliding my finger in and out of her tight butthole while I lick all over her female parts. Kaley gives a little cry of ecstasy each time my finger goes all into her ass. Finally, she reaches down to grab my hand and forces my finger all the way in, holding it there, keeping me buried in her butt. She's shaking now, intense shivers of pleasure running through her as she nears her orgasm.

Normally, I would drag things out at this point, tease her to a better orgasm, but I can tell Kaley needs to cum, so I pick up the pace. I keep my finger buried in her ass while I lick and suck her inside and out, stimulating her lips, her clit, every part of her juicy snatch. Her breasts are heaving up and down as she gasps for breath, her eyes closed, her mouth open. Then I feel her hands on my head and I know she's almost there. She moves her hips, stroking herself back and forth against my mouth, and suddenly it hits, Her cries fill the room as she bucks and grinds and fills my mouth with cunt cream. I keep my head right there as the pleasure rushes through her, slowing my licking but not stopping. She begins to settle down a little, but I keep going, tirelessly loving her until I extract another mind-numbing orgasm from that lovely body. Finally I let her down, gently slip my finger out of her bottom and place soft kisses on her cunt, my tongue moving gently, lovingly lapping up all the juice she has to give me. Kaley whimpers and shudders as the aftershock move through her body. Then finally she's quiet.

"Oh wow," she says between gasps, almost to herself, "that was amazing. I can't believe you made me cum twice like that." She gives a little giggle and adds, "I liked the finger!"

"It was fun for me, too," I tell her honestly while moving up onto the bed beside her. "I can do some more whenever you're ready."

That draws a laugh. I guess no one has ever eaten her out for an extended period. Oh well, I think, that's their loss. I won't make the same mistake. I can't get enough of her. My hands are still wandering over her body, caressing her thighs, cupping her breasts. My mouth moves to one of her nipples and I suck her softly, my tongue moving over the tender bud, drawing a lovely, shuddering "O-o-o-oh" from Kaley. I move to her other tit and get the same response.

"If you keep that up," she mutters, "you're going to have to go down on me again."

"Oh gosh," I say with a sly smile, "that would be just awful, wouldn't it?" She just smiles while I continue to enjoy her titties. But not for long - Kaley's arms go around me and pull me close. We engage in a deep French kiss as our bodies move silkily against each other until she's ready for more.

I go down on Kaley again, and she cums just as hard as the first time. Then I ask her to sit on my face. Oh my god, it's wonderful. I am absolutely engulfed in her lusciousness. The soft warmth of her thighs surrounds my head while the moist heat of her cunt fills my mouth. My hands grip her butt cheeks as she feeds me. Looking up, I see her beautiful tits heaving and her face contorted with pleasure. I nibble on the soft folds of her pussy as the moans and whimpers start anew. Before long she is grinding into me, fucking my face. My hands move up to cup the softness of he breasts while her hands move down to pull my head deeper into her crotch. And then she's off again, crying out as her body shimmies and she drives her cunt ruthlessly into my mouth. I feel her juices dripping onto my tongue and greedily gulp them down.

Kaley stays on my face a bit longer as she shivers with pleasure. Then she slips off of me and lies back on the bed. She is still recovering when I push her legs up and back and get ready to do her one more time. Kaley gives me an amazed look. She can't believe I'm still going at her, but she doesn't stop me.

I can't help myself. I'm high on her, aroused out of my mind, and I can't stop. I lick all along the backs of her thighs, then return to my favorite spot between them, licking everything in her crotch, long strokes up to and around her clit, then down and up several times in her pussy, and finally lower, to tickle her tender little asshole. To my delight, she really likes that, so I do it some more, giving her a quick rimjob while she gasps with pleasure.

I ask her to turn over and she does, onto her stomach. At last I get a close up look at her magnificent backside. My god, Kaley's ass is incredible. Of course, it helps that I have been drooling secretly over it for several years as I watched The Big Bang Theory, but in person, right in front of me, it is too good to be true - two perfect, round buns, smooth and creamy, not huge, but big and full enough that I know they will totally engulf my face when I push it in there. The contrast with her waist, those wide cheeks sprouting from her beautiful, narrow midsection, only makes them more attractive. I can't wait to experience that ass!

Kaley can tell that I like it, and she's proud of it. She wiggles it in my face, giggling as she teases me. I stare briefly at Kaley's butt crack, and then place a soft kiss right at the top of it. Kaley's murmurs, Mmmmm yeah," and a quiet moan escapes my lips as I feel my excitement rising.

Now I can't hold back. I have to see it. Both of my hands go to those beautiful cheeks and I slowly spread them apart. I actually gasp at the sight of Kaley's asshole. It's so beautiful, perfect - a delicate, smooth oval of pinkish tan, nestled in the deep crevice of her ass.

Kaley looks back at me over her shoulder, smiling smugly at my reaction. "Wow, I wasn't expecting this. You like my butt, huh?" she asks.

"Oh god, yes," I reply, running my fingertip gently over her hole. "And you're going to love what I do to you back here. I promise." I'm not usually so bold, especially with new clients, but my rising lust has completely overwhelmed any inhibitions I still have.

"Promises, promises," Kaley says, wiggling her butt again with a playful grin. She's still teasing me, but I can tell she's very excited about what I'm about to do for her. She plops her head down on the pillow, relaxing and waiting. "Go ahead," she says breathlessly, "I'm ready."

I'm definitely ready too. I've been dreaming about Kaley's ass since she called to set this up, admiring it from afar long before that. But I start slowly, caressing her butt cheeks, letting my open palms run lightly over them, rewarded with another soft "Mmmmm," from above. I bend forward to place a soft kiss on her left cheek, licking it a little, then rubbing my face into the soft, silky flesh. God, it's amazing! Kaley remains quiet, but I notice a change in her breathing, signaling her growing arousal. I keep at it a while longer, enjoying her butt while I let her anticipation increase her passion.

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