tagLesbian SexLesbian Couples Matching Club Ch. 03

Lesbian Couples Matching Club Ch. 03



(Mature Women Edition)


(Diane & Carole)

"Guess what, Carole? I will be off work in about half an hour. My boss was kind enough to give me the time off today. She is awesome! I am so happy! Are you ready, Baby?" Diane, the tall blonde bombshell asked the huge boob long dark haired Carole, her match from the Lesbian Couples Matching Game.

"Yes, I am ready, honey! Anne just left to be with Rolande, her lesbian match, for the weekend. Maybe you will cross her on your way on that crappy two-lane route driving up here." Carole said smiling.

"I probably will, who knows?"

"So, where are we going?" Carole raised the question with some excitement building inside her.

"It's a surprise! I am sure you will love it! I will take good care of you and I can't wait to see you. I'll be there in a little over an hour." Diane said becoming more energized.

"Drive safely, Baby! I will be here patiently waiting for you! And I can't wait to see you too!" Carole said blowing a kiss on the phone to Diane before hanging up.

A little over an hour. Enough time for her to have a short nap lying on her couch before the lovely Diane picks her up.

The meticulous and accurate lady that she is, Diane did not want to mess up counting all the dollar bills that were slipping through her delicate fingers. She enjoyed working as a teller at the local bank. Rumours were also going around that she might get a promotion. Not taking anything for granted, she will only believe it until it happens.

Before leaving, the one and only thing she had in mind was her upcoming weekend with Carole. Deep down she wished that she could have been matched with her best friend Lisa, who got married after college and has now one child. However, she was quite happy having a date with Carole, who she's known from some time ago and who graduated high school two years before she did.

Before getting into her car for the one-hour drive to pick up Carole, the tall blonde stunner made a trip to the ladies' washroom, looking at herself in the mirror. Even after all those years, Diane has remained quite a gorgeous sexy woman: dressed up with a silky-smooth brown blouse, tight beige short skirt revealing her huge bulging butt and sexy legs, and wearing shiny beige high heels. With all her luggage ready and in the trunk of her car, she just really could not wait to be with her lesbian match.

Lying on the couch with her eyes closed, Carole imagined what this coming weekend would be like. She was already dressed up in a red blouse showing her immense cleavage, tight blue jeans, and wearing shiny black high heels. She never told her lover Anne that she and Diane were heading out of town.

Both women had strict rules and one of them was the golden one: their bedroom was their sacred sanctuary, either partner was not allowed to bring another lady into "their" bed. All Carole had to do was wait, allow Diane to take care of everything, and let herself go.

The annoying buzzer sound woke up Carole in a hurry. After getting off her couch, she went by the door to push the button of the intercom, allowing the person to enter the apartment building. As she heard the knock on the door, Carole opened it impatiently. She was so delighted to see Diane, giving her a nice long hug, and kissing her magnificent lips tenderly. Holding their hands tightly, both ladies flattered each other on their outfits they were wearing.

After carrying Carole's suitcase, putting it into the trunk of her car beside hers, Diane opened the passenger door for her date. Before sitting down, Carole thanked Diane while caressing her huge booty briefly. She is such a tease Diane said to herself. It was going to take another three-and-a-half-hour drive before both women reached their destination.

Following the short traverse of the decaying old steel bridge, both women crossed the border and headed east. The breathtaking views and incredible panorama of the dark blue ocean were astonishing. Carole was mesmerized by the waves from the deep blue sea. She could not help herself by holding Diane's hand and caressing her smooth legs while the tall blonde was trying to concentrate on the road.

Still driving, both women shared some of their favorite things and pastimes, which one of Diane's surprised Carole. The tall gorgeous blonde can work at the local bank, but she admitted that she loves hunting. Last year, she killed her first moose, gutted it out with the help of friends, and had its head mounted as her first hunting trophy. Her prized possession is hanging on the wall above the fireplace of her cottage back home.

As for Carole, since she has gained a bit of weight and still looked incredibly beautiful, she loves swimming, going to the gym, and spending her life with Anne, who she has known since elementary school. Very trusting, Carole also shared some intimate things with Diane, like her lesbian lover is probably cheating on her with another lady. If she caught Anne with her older sister Lizette, it would be a disaster. Like she told Diane: what you don't know won't hurt you. And as long as they were together, everything was just fine.

Her sexy legs being fondled by Carole's soft hands, Diane took an exit leading to a very quiet park. Diane drove on a dirt road where she parked beside a huge tree. She just could not wait any longer. Carole was exciting her way too much.

"Oh Baby! Look what you make me do!" Diane said as she grabbed Carole giving her a deep open mouth French kiss.

Carole could feel her date unbuttoned her blouse quickly as they were still kissing. She knew that Diane is the greatest admirer of the females' upper endowments, those feminine gifts that make the tall blonde bombshell drool over immensely.

Diane loves sucking, squeezing, kneading, cuddling, licking, and hefting her lesbian lovers' huge breasts. Right now, Carole's braless humongous boobs would be lovingly worshipped.

Going for the gusto, Diane's hot lips and wet tongue were savouring Carole's swinging sacks. Her gorgeous face was fully covered by her lover's soft tantalizing globes. Carole could feel Diane's passionate lips sucking the life out of her big tits. The long dark haired chesty lesbian was caressing Diane's soft hair and kissing her forehead repeatedly as she still felt her lover's mouth on her vast bosom.

"Let's go outside, Baby!" Carole said as she kissed Diane's lips, opening the passenger door, and walking slowly behind the car.

Diane did not hesitate to follow Carole as she grabbed her from behind, fondling, caressing, and lifting her massive breasts. Carole could get both hands-on Diane's humongous booty while still being kissed on the back of her neck and her face. Carole turned her head slightly meeting Diane's lips and licking her tongue endlessly.

Once again, the tall blonde was unable to wait any longer. She turned her lover around, kissing her lips continually until she opened her blouse revealing her big boobs. Diane held Carole's glorious glands as she continued licking, sucking, and kissing them with all her heart's content. Indeed, Diane could suck on those huge boobs all day and all night.

Suddenly, Diane's lips felt Carole's stomach with repeated smooches going up and down. Still kissing past her belly button, Carole watched her date slowly undoing her belt and the button of her tight jeans, and with her teeth Diane grabbed the zipper pulling it down gently. Then the tall blonde pulled Carole's pants all the way down to her ankles.

Carole could sense Diane's hot breath on her pussy, accompanied by her wet tongue licking her flaming twat continually. The intense sucking her huge boobs felt could now be felt all the way down her pussy and clit as Diane started sucking very hard wanting every single drop of love juice out of her. Tilting her body back with her eyes closed, Carole crammed Diane's head into her thighs, coming powerfully not once, but twice, within a few intense minutes. Diane's lovely mouth was filled with her lover's succulent squirts. And she wanted more.

With the thumb of her right hand, Diane began rubbing Carole's clit gently, licking it at the same time. And to complete the orgasm hat trick, Carole gushed out her juices again into Diane's wide-open mouth. Carole's ear-splitting screams echoed throughout the park. Tender kisses overflowed Carole's wet thighs and body as Diane stood up slowly kissing Carole's lips tenderly and affectionately, making her lover taste her own cum.

Both women hugged tightly, kissing each other tenderly, enjoying this incredible moment.

"Now you are going to tell me where we are going, Baby?" Carole asked as she kissed Diane's lips.

"We are getting close, be a little more patient. You won't be disappointed, I promise you." Diane said with conviction.

"I know I won't be, that's for sure!" Carole replied kissing Diane once more.

After their impromptu lovemaking session, both ladies drove all the way along the ocean to a charming hotel on top of a hill by the sea. During their Lesbian Couples Matching Party, Diane heard Carole talking about an old dream she had when she was a teenager. She always wanted to go see the famous "pierced rock": a huge sheer rock formation on the tip of the peninsula.

After they checked in at their hotel, they went on the balcony each holding a glass of red wine. Carole was absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the far away rock -- which she could see from the balcony, the best seat in the house, of their hotel room.

During their dinner at a local pub, where the proud owner displayed a few hunting trophies of his own, Diane told Carole that bright and early in the morning, they will take a boat with another group of tourists and navigate to see the pierced rock up close. Carole was overwhelmed, crying tears of joy, hugging and kissing her date for making her old dream possible. She confessed to Diane that she won't be able to sleep tonight.

After going for a nice walk along the beach, both ladies entered their hotel room. As they laid in their bed, they fell asleep into each other's arms instantly. The long drive, their quick stop at the park, the dinner they had at the pub, and the nice romantic walk, they looked forward to the next day.

The sun rose high above the pierced rock and the peninsula as Diane, Carole, and another group of tourists approached the huge rock. Carole felt like a teenager again, being in awe the entire time she was on the boat at the sight of the natural wonder. She sure could not thank Diane enough for such an amazing surprise, which she considered a very special gift.

After another dinner at the pub, another long walk on the beach, and some wonderful passionate lovemaking, both ladies were now heading home early on Sunday morning. Diane dropped Carole to her apartment. They held hands, saying to each other that they did not want that amazing weekend to come to an end. They hugged and kissed wholeheartedly in the car before Diane got out to grab her date's suitcase. She accompanied Carole at the door of her apartment where once again they hugged and kissed. Carole waved at Diane goodbye and entered her apartment.

As she walked in, Carole noticed that her lover Anne was not back yet from her weekend with Rolande. It suited just fine for the moment. She would run herself a nice warm bubble bath, drink a glass of red wine, relax, and chill out from that extraordinary weekend she had to the sounds of soft melodies on the radio.

She would have a lot to tell her lover.


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