tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLesson Learned

Lesson Learned


I wish that I could say that I am the most perfect angel, but I guess that I'm not. My world was seemingly picture perfect until a week ago when I was taught how blind I was in my world...

Let me start about a week and a half ago and maybe you can understand a bit better. I didn't think that my life was that interesting, really. I'm a high school senior at a medium-sized suburban high school. I'm 18 and have shoulder length blonde hair and gorgeous (so I am told!) blue-green eyes. I never thought much of my body, but I guess that you could say that it is nice. According to my mom, keeping slim and trim is easier at my age, so I always workout to keep my figure. I'm sure that I'll have to thank her for when I'm older! Of course, the genes that she left me are definitely worth thanking her for as well because I inherited my D size tits and round butt from her, especially if you look at my dad's droopy female relatives.

Like I said, I'm just your average high school senior...or so I thought. Its football season right now, and having good school spirit, I'm also captain of the cheerleading squad. Convenient enough, my boyfriend is one of the football captains (offensive linemen), so I get to see my man play up close and personal!

After the game last week, Mike (my boyfriend) and I went to the usual after game party at one of Mike's friends houses, and as usual, we went to our normal spot to make out after getting nice and buzzed from the party. Although this was our usual Friday night routine, Mike seemed overly ambitious to get into my pants, and I had to put the brakes on before things went too far. Normally, we make out for a while, and I end up letting him feel me up while I give him a handjob. Tonight, he was trying to force my head down on his dick, and after several failed attempts at that, he grumbled something about being tired and took me home.

Being the typical girl which overanalyzes everything, I started to question myself and our relationship. What did I do wrong? Doesn't Mike like me anymore? After I got home, took at shower, and got in bed, I settled down a bit and dismissed the night's activities to too much testosterone. I was sure that Mike would apologize tomorrow. Wouldn't he? But no he didn't. In fact, he didn't talk to me all next week, even when I purposely went to his locker Monday morning. He grumbled something and walked off. I was devastated! Why was Mike being this way? What did I do wrong to deserve this treatment?

After a painful day of agonizing over our relationship and how Mike was treating me, I decided to call and confront him about it because that was the only way that I could set at ease. I waited until after he would return from football practice and get his shower and dinner before I called because he would be in the best mood them.

"Hello, Mike?"


"This is Kellie."

"Yeah...I know who it is."

"Well, I wanted to talk a bit. You've been acting kinda odd lately. Is everything ok?"

"No...everything isn't ok! I'm fucking sick of your stuck-up ass!"

"But...but, Mike, why would you say that? We've been dating for 6 months now. I thought that...that..."

"What? That I loved you? Fuck, Kellie, I do care for you, but your just not takin care of business. Ya know?"

"But...what do you mean?"

"Kellie...are you really that blonde? I have needs, and you're not taking care of them! If I'm lucky, I get a handjob every once in a while, but the rest of the time, you are just a fuckin big cock tease."

"But Mike, you know that I want to save myself for marriage! I've told you that!"

"Well...that's just fine, but your gonna have to save yourself for somebody else."

"FUCK YOU, Mike Turner! You can just go fuck yourself!"

With that, he hung up the phone, and I broke down in tears. How dare he talk to me like that? I could have gotten any guy that I wanted, but he was lucky to be with me. I buried my face in my pillow and cried myself to sleep that night. For the rest of the week, I just ignored him, but with the home game on Friday, I didn't have a choice but to see him up close and personal.

Friday night came, and I started the cheerleading squad into our warm-ups as the fans started to fill the stands. About 20 minutes before the game started, Steve (who was one of Mike's friends and also a football player) came over to me and said that Mike wanted to talk tonight. If I wanted to see him, I should meet just after the game in the visiting women's locker room since that would be empty. After he left, my mind went wild. Why does Mike want to talk to me? Does he want to patch things up? For the rest of the game, I couldn't stop thinking about it! By the end of the third quarter, I had a plan. I would wash up a bit after the game, making sure to put on some killer perfume, and Mike would beg me to come back to him!

After the game, the rest of the cheerleaders and I went into the locker room to change, and I put my plan into action. The rest of the girls slowly left one by one, and I slipped out of our locker room and into the girl's visitor locker room. It was dark except for a light in the back room, so I fumbled around for a light switch. I found a light switch panel after a few seconds, but they didn't seem to work. I wandered a bit further into the semi-dark locker room, and all of a sudden, a pair of large arms reached around me from behind: one wrapping around my waist and one reaching up to cover my mouth from screaming. The arms started to drag me back to the back room where I saw the light earlier, and finally, I started to hear laughing from several male voices. Once he had drug me all the way back to the back room, I saw 3 of the seniors from the football team (Todd, Steve, and Rob) still in their football pants and nothing else. The arms that had once held me from running away threw me forward toward a large table set up in the middle of the room, and after I caught my balance, I turned around to see that it was Mike who was holding me.

"What the fuck was that for," I asked Mike. "What is this all about?"

"I've decided that you need some lessons in how to be a good girlfriend," Mike said while the other 3 just laughed. "You're gonna be the best girlfriend a guy could want after just one simple lesson!"

I was beginning to get really uncomfortable with Mike's tone of voice and his buddies laughing behind me. Mike started to come closer to me as I edged my way backward. I forgot about the table behind me and finally bumped into it, making me lose my balance slightly. Just then, I felt one of the guys behind me grab my arms and pull me backwards onto the table until my feet actually lifted off of the ground. All of a sudden, Steve jumped up on the table and pinned me down, face up with my arms down to my sides. My little 115-lbs. body was no match for this 200-lbs. offensive guard, and I was trapped no matter how I tried to fuss and fight.

"Mike…what are you doing?" I sobbed. "Please stop!"

"Nope, you've been a cock tease for too long," he growled "and you need a lesson in how a good girlfriend should behave!"

I didn't know what to do! I couldn't move with my arms and body pinned down to the table by the sweaty jock on top of me, so I started to scream for help because maybe someone else was left behind after the game. Maybe somebody would hear me!

"Shut that bitch up!" Mike yelled to his cohorts.

And with that, Rob undid his football pants and let them drop to the floor. Other than Mike's cock, I really had never seen one before, and this one was definitely bigger! It must have been at least 8 inches long and really thick. I had no idea what he was going to do with that thing, but I didn't want to find out either! I started to yell louder, and right after taking a big breath of air, he shoved his cock right into my mouth. I gagged at first but learned to breathe through my nose as he started to work his whole cock into my mouth. After a minute of his cock forcing its way down my throat, I felt Steve start to massage my tits through my cheerleading sweater and, finally, pull it along with my sports bra up to my neck. He really started to roughly maul my tits with his huge hands, first massaging my tit and then pulling on each nipple until I thought they would rip off. I had never had my tits handled like that before!

Mike and Todd seemed to enjoy themselves, standing around and watching as Rob fucked my face and as Steve abused my tits. They both took off their football pants and started to stroke their cocks, and that's when it happened. I tried to fight it for as long as I could, but it was as impossible as trying to stop your heart from beating. I started to get turned on!!! Between the abuse I was getting in my mouth and on my tits and from watching the other 2 guys jerk off, my pussy started to leak. It was subtle at first, but after only a few minutes, my panties were soaked!

Todd started to make his way between my legs for what I was certain was the end of my virginity, and just before he got his hands up my skirt, Mike stopped him. At first, I thought that Mike got to his senses, but then he said:

"Fuck that, dude. This bitch is mine. I've earned her cherry for all that I've put up with!"

I wanted to scream to tell him "NO!", but the cock stuffed in my mouth didn't allow that to happen. Mike pushed his way in between my thighs, pushed my skirt up to my waist, and ripped my panties off in one brutal motion.

"Hey boys…I think that she is enjoying this 'cause she's about as wet as I've ever seen her!" Mike joked to the others.

"Man, if you don't fuck her right now, I'm gonna," one of the others snickered.

"Fuck off…she is mine!" Mike growled back.

I felt Mike force his middle finger up my pussy, and as soon as I felt his finger invade my virgin pussy, my body started to go into convulsions from my first orgasm. I started to scream onto Rob's cock from my orgasm which sent vibrations onto his cock in my mouth. He started to fuck my mouth faster and faster with his cock, and I knew that from my experience giving Mike handjobs that he was about ready to drop a huge load. Mike responded to this by fingering my pussy to match the pace of the mouth-fucking that I was getting, and I lost all worry of the cock that was stretching out my jaw and pounding my throat.

"Oh my God…dude, I can't hold out much longer!!! I'm gonna cuuuuum!" Rob finally grunted.

The other 3 guys stopped what there were doing to watch as Rob as he started to shoot his load into my mouth. I gagged after the 1st spurt, so Rob decided to pull out and save me from drowning on his cum. The second spurt flew out just as he pulled out of my mouth and coated my cheerleading sweater and one of my tits. Finally, the third and fourth spurts flew out and hit me on the side of the face and in my hair. He must have shot a quart of the shit! I've never seen so much cum in my life!!!

Just when I thought that I was in the clear, I felt Mike's cock sliding back and forth over my pussy and clit only making me gush more wetness. While he was working me from that end, Steve thought that it was his turn in my mouth, and hopping off of my stomach, he dropped his pants to reveal his already hard member. Although his wasn't nearly as big as Ron's cock, Steve definitely had more than enough enthusiasm. He waddled up to my head as it hung halfway off of the table, grabbed 2 handfuls of my blonde hair, and rammed his cock down my throat. Thank God he wasn't that huge or he would have done some serious damage! With the new rampage on my mouth, I had forgotten all about Mike's activities on my pussy, but once he had his cock slick and slimy from my juices, he shoved his prick into my virgin pussy. I definitely wasn't used to something that large inside of me and jumped from his first thrust. Todd saw this and decided that he needed to get into the action and climbing on top of my chest, shoved his cock in between my titties. He wasn't as rough with them as Steve, but he grabbed one in each hand and pushed them together to make a nice tight fit around his cock.

The three cocks that were servicing me was just too much for me to handle, and my pussy started to contract around Mike's cock as I came for the second time. Although the cock in my mouth gagged my screams, all four guys could tell that I was cumming from the way that my body shook. I've never had an orgasm like that before, but I definitely liked it! Steve must have liked it too, but he was fucking my mouth like a wild man. Just as I sensed that he was going to cum, he pulled out of my mouth and shot his thick cum on my nose, forehead and into my hair. Between Steve and Ron, my face and hair was gooey and thick with their spunk, but I didn't hardly care anymore. My body was tired from the abuse that it had received in the 45 minutes that they had me and from the 2 tremendous orgasms that I had.

"Todd, get off of her chest," Mike said. "I've got another idea."

With that, Todd stopped titty-fucking me and got off of the table, and Mike pulled his cock out of my sopping wet pussy. Mike got up on the table, laid on his back and rolled me on top of him like I was a rag doll. Once I was on top of him, he thrust his hips forward and re-entered my pussy. I must admit that by this time I was addicted to his cock fucking me! Why had I waited this long? I was too tired to think about that by this time and laid on top of Mike as he kept thrusting into me. Being a bystander most of the time, Todd realized that his penis needed more attention and made his way up to the head of the table and force-fed me his cock. I think that Ron had fully recovered by this time because he was definitely back at attention. The scene that he watched between Todd, Mike and I must have got him all fired up because his cock seemed bigger than ever!

Mike's penis started to give me a little more life as I felt that all familiar feeling in my cunt, and I started to grind back down onto him. For the first time in the night, my hands were free to roam at will, so I reached up and started to play with Todd's balls as they slapped against my chin. Todd began to slow down a little bit as I started to give him a more voluntary blow job, and he and I both really started to get into it. Mike had almost totally stopped his thrusts into me now because I was really in control as I slammed my pussy down onto his cock. With each stroke, my clit rubbed on his pelvis, and I started getting hotter and hotter.

All of a sudden, I felt this really odd sensation on my ass, and I realized that someone had just stuck a finger in my asshole! Finally, I realized that Ron was no where to be found, and looking behind me, I found that it was he that was playing with my ass. In a way, I found the extra penetration erotic and let it go, returning Todd's cock to my mouth. After a minute or two of this, I felt Ron remove his fingers from my ass and felt what seemed like a baseball bat pushing at my anus. I stopped sucking Todd's dick only to see that Ron was trying to force his massive cock in my ass! He stopped only momentarily to wipe some of his spit onto his cock and started pushing the head of his cock at my tiny anus again.

"Ron…NO!" I squealed. "You're too big for that! I don't know if I can do it!!!"

Just then, Todd grabbed me by the back of the neck and shoved his cock back into my mouth. Amazingly enough, Ron finally pushed the head of his cock past my anal sphincter and into my ass, and I thought that I was gonna split in two!!! Mike's cock in my pussy was one thing, but the baseball bat in my ass absolutely filled me to the breaking point. Mike and Ron both stopped to allow me to get adjusted to the sheer volume of cock that was filling me before starting their rhythm inside of me. Amazingly enough considering the other events that night, they were fairly gentle at first and slowly starting picking up their pace.

Todd was watching the whole scene, and I think that it was just too much for him. For the third time that night, I felt the cock that I had in my mouth tense and swell in anticipation of a huge orgasm. I pulled his cock to the front of my mouth to have time to pull out when he came, and I started stroking his cock with both hands. The first shot caught me off guard as it almost filled my little mouth, but I pulled his cock out of my mouth just in time to have him plaster my face and hair with three gushes of hot semen. Mike was feeling the urge too, and I felt him start a brutal pounding into my pussy. His extra thrusting set me off too, and I had my third and final orgasm as he blew his sticky load my pussy. My orgasm made seemingly every muscle in my body spasm in pleasure, including those in my ass surrounding Ron's cock. With a loud grunt, Ron thrust one last time into my ass and held it there as I felt 3 or 4 large spurts of his cum erupt into my rectum.

I think that the guys were pretty tired because we laid on the table for a minute or two before anybody said anything. Todd was the first to break the silence to take his leave.

"Dude…I gotta run," Todd said. "We gotta run and lift tomorrow morning."

"Yeah man," Steve chimed in. "I gotta go, too."

With that, all three of the other guys pulled on their football pants and left the locker room. I rolled off of Mike and laid on top of the table exhausted and absolutely satisfied. I turned to face Mike but did not know what to say.

"Well, are you gonna be a good girl from now on?" Mike asked.

"Oh Mike…I'm sorry that I've been such a cock tease," I said back in a little voice. "I never would have acted that way if I knew that it made you unhappy. Plus…I didn't know what I was missing!!!"

"Well then…I think that its time to take you home."

We walked out to Mike's car, and he drove me home in silence, kissed me goodnight, and said that he would call tomorrow to see how I was doing. When I got out of the car, he drove away, and I just stood there for a minute to gather myself up before I walked into my parents' house. My hair and face was a sticky, gooey mess from all of the cum that had been shot on it. My panties were gone from Mike ripping them off and were probably still laying on the locker room floor. My ass, pussy, and mouth were unbelievably sore from the night's activities, and there was a significant amount of semen that was leaking out of my pussy and ass that was now running down my thighs. I was an absolute mess.

"I wonder if there is another home football game next week?" I asked myself out loud. I ran into the house to check the schedule, and I wondered what lessons I could learn after next week's game!

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